Independence_12x8_150resIf you didn’t listen to yesterday’s podcast of The Wheels Down Politics Show, let’s just say you aren’t one of those, “in the know”.

Of course as former State Senator/smartass Scott Lautenbaugh pointed out, “J.L. Spray and the GOP Rules Committee Controversy” is probably the worst of J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts series. (Though “Scott Lautenbaugh and the Petition That Wouldn’t Leave” is still highly suggested.)

Nonetheless, as the Rules Committee meetings, and the Convention itself, approaches, you are warned that you may be left out of the conversation, say, if you were gathering with others to consume pancakes at a park on Monday morning.

If you form a blank stare when others ask your thoughts on Curly Haugland and Kendall Unruh, then you should…nay NEED… to listen to the podcast with J.L. Spray.

And even if you’re not a Pancake Eater, you still want to be one of the ones who can discuss the issues intelligently.



Speaking of the Convention, Senator Ben Sasse still questions whether Donald Trump will wrap things up in Cleveland.

He told Brent Martin of the Nebraska Radio Network that he doesn’t think either Hillary or Trump is a lock, saying,

“I don’t actually believe that it’s yet resolved,” and then noting, “I’m not meaning to make any news or say anything provocative, I’m just saying there’s a lot of historical contingency here that we don’t yet know.”

One would assume he’s referring to the Haugland and Unruh proposals — or possibly a Hillary indictment on the Dem side.

But you can listen yourself to the podcast to see whether J.L. Spray agrees with that assessment, at least on the GOP side.

In the mean time, Sasse is still the go-to guy for any discussion of #NeverTrump.



The Public Policy Polling poll that I referred to — and was polled in — is now up.

You can find nearly all of the questions here, though they did leave out the final ones regarding employee-owned businesses and their relation to baseball, hot dogs and apple pie (seriously).

The one that everyone is talking about, and that I referenced on the Twitter, is:

If the choices for President were Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, and a Giant Meteor hitting the earth which would you choose?

Hillary Clinton 43%
Donald Trump 38%
Giant Meteor hitting the earth 13%
Not sure 7%

Some things to note on that poll…

If it’s just Hillary vs Donald:

Hillary Clinton 48%
Donald Trump 44%
Not sure 7%

But if you add in the Libertarian and Green candidates:

Hillary Clinton 45%
Donald Trump 41%
Gary Johnson 5%
Jill Stein 2%
Undecided 7%

And then if you just ask, Republican vs Democrat:

Democrat 45%
Republican 44%
Not sure 11%

They list the Margin of Error here as 3.4%, so one would think you’re looking at nearly a statistical dead heat.

Of course if you add in SMOD, it’s really all over with anyway…


Gill it up

Depending on whether there will be a post here on Monday, I will share with you, once again, one of my favorite stories from Stephen Ambrose’s book, Undaunted Courage, about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

In this excellent telling of the exploration by Lewis and Clark, Ambrose gives the following description of July 4, 1804:

On July 4, the men ushered in the day with a firing of the cannon.

At noon, the party pulled ashore at the mouth of a creek of some fifteen yards wide, “coming out of an extensive Prarie” on the left (west) side. As they ate, the captains questioned the voyagers. No, they knew no name for the creek.

The captains thereupon named it, their second experience in bestowing a name. They called it Independence Creek.

The expedition pulled over for the night at the site of an old Kansas Indian town. “We Camped in the plain,” Clark wrote, “one of the most butifull Plains I ever Saw, open & butifully diversified with hills & wallies all presenting themselves to the river covered with grass and a few scattering trees, a handsom Creek meandering thro.”

The captains ordered an extra gill distributed.

As they sipped their portions, they took in their surroundings and were quite overwhelmed. The country was covered with a sweet and nourishing grass, interspersed with copses of trees “Spreding ther lofty branchs over Pools Springs or Brooks of fine water. Groops of Shrubs covered with the most delicious froot is to be seen in every direction, and nature appears to have exerted herself to butify the Senery by the variety of flours Delicately and highly flavered raised above the Grass, which Strikes and profumes the Sensation, and amuses the mind.”

At sunset, the men again fired the cannon.

It was the first-ever Fourth of July celebration west of the Mississippi River.

As you fire up the grill, watch the parades go by and kick back with your favorite beverage while watching the rockets’ red glare, remember Lewis and Clark and their crew.

Out on the midwest plains they too fired their cannons, had an extra gill of whiskey, and admired the beauty of the land.

Perfect way to celebrate America.


Early and often

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The Wheels Down Politics Show – J.L. Spray and the GOP Convention Rules controversy

(Click above to play in the browser or Direct download by clicking here, or by searching Wheels Down Politics on iTunes.)

J.L. SprayJerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska delegate to the GOP Convention Rules Committee, J.L. Spray.

Nebraska National Committeeman, and Nebraska Delegate, J.L. Spray talks to Jerry about the upcoming meeting of the GOP Convention Rules Committee and how it will affect the rest of the convention and the nomination of Donald Trump.

Spray talks about how any Nebraska rules would or could affect how Nebraska delegates vote and what they might see in Cleveland.

Then they get into two of the competing theories for allowing delegates to vote however they’d like , as opposed to the current “requirement” of voting for Trump on the first ballot.

They discuss the “open delegate” concept of Curly Hoagland of North Dakota as well as the “vote your conscience” concept of Kendal Unruh of Colorado.

J.L. gives his thoughts on what could happen, and what is likely to happen in Cleveland. And he also gives his thoughts on what probably should happen.

In closing J.L. also gives some ideas about what could or should happen regarding Republican primaries in election seasons to come.

On Twitter@gopjls


You can find this, and all of our podcasts at and by searching Wheels Down Politics on iTunes.

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ISIS, Commies and the Left

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.38.41 PMIt has happened at nearly every terrorist attack lately.

There is this vast search for the “real” reason the radical Muslim(s) killed a mass of innocent people. They yell, “Allah Akbar!”, express their loyalty to ISIS, murder …and then a certain segment of America rings their hands and tries to find the REAL reason these people killed.

Then we fail to hear the words “radical Muslim” or jihad. Instead there’s workplace violence, the NRA and how we need to defeat this enemy with “love”.

And while all of this seems so ridiculous to Republicans and others on the right, I’ve had this feeling that I’ve heard all of this before.

Ah yes.
The 80’s.

Now for you kiddos who either weren’t alive back then or were still playing with Cabbage Patch Kids, sit down and let Uncle Sweeper give you a little history lesson.

See, these days, you’d think that EVERYONE hated Communism. Everyone MUST have hated Brezhnev and the Berlin Wall and those dirty Ruskies, right?

Oh, no no no no no no.

See, back in those days, if you agreed with the Reagans and others of the day that we needed to abolish Communism, you were a knuckle dragging Neanderthal who just wanted to see the world wiped out by nuclear war.

And besides, The Russians Love Their Children Too! Why do you keep poking the Bear? They have their own way of life! Let them have it! Who’s to say our way of life is better? Let them be!

Let them BE!

Now to be sure, youngins, this was not ALL Democrats. This was, mainly, your hard-core Leftists. You know, like the type who sought a fellowship with the Nicaraguan Sandinistas (cough Bernie Sanders! cough).

And why? Maybe because they saw a little of themselves in the committed Commies. Atheists. Socialists. PLANNERS! (Oh, if we could just all get on the same page, what a workers paradise we would have!)

There was a feeling that after the failure in Vietnam, there must be a better path than battling it out with your enemy. More hand holding! More love!

We didn’t need this war mongering!

But Reagan and the Republicans never let up on the Commies. They continually hammered them, and didn’t try to apologize for them. Reagan and his crew also knew that they needed to persuade the people who were governed by — and were ultimately responsible for — the Communists. Reagan spoke in Moscow’s Red Square with the knowledge that he had to hammer the leaders, yet bring the people to his side.

But he never let up on the leaders.

Which brings us to today.

Since things didn’t go the way we’d hoped in Iraq, the Left tells you, “there must be a better way!” We have to show how much we love! How our culture doesn’t hate theirs! We need to show them that we can all Coexist! (See, here’s the bumper sticker!)

If Sting were alive today (what?) he’d be telling us that ISIS loves their children too. (Right before strapping the suicide belts on them.)

And the hard-core Leftists likely see just a twinkle of something in the radical jihadists. Of course they’re not in favor of killing innocents. But that anti-American part…mmmm…maybe there’s something there. And there is this sort of feeling that if they could just get the “radical” part out of their religion, all would be cool.

There also needs to come a point where we tell the Saudis and others that their version of religion sucks. That the religious police shouldn’t be running the show. That women can do things like drive cars and show their heads. That there are people who are gay, and imprisoning them is wrong. (And yes, both Republicans and Democrats have been weak on some of our “allies” on this.)

Now Lefties don’t go getting your genuine hemp undies in a bunch. I’m not saying you’re ISIS lovers.

But I am letting the younger generation know that this sort of group-think, let’s-all-get-along, don’t-be-so-mean-to-our-enemies scene has been on the American stage before.

It was weird and unsuccessful then.
And it is a weird déjà vu now.


Ginger vacancy

Word outta Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford’s office:

Former State Senator Amanda McGill, Ashford’s District Director, is leaving to become “Community Impact and Strategic Initiatives Director” for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society.

McGill will be replaced by…Communications Director, Joe Jordan.

No word on who is replacing Jordan.


Pound for Pound…

Hey, look at that, the British markets rebounded.
Must be racists.


Always rebounding

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SMOD 2016?

SMODLate yesterday I got a call on my landline that was listed as, “Unavailable – Out of Area”. I answered anyway, and it turned out to be an automated poll. I stayed on the line.

The associated recorded voice dove into political questions, mainly focused on the Presidential race. They included…
Hillary or Donald.
Hillary, Donald or Gary.
Hillary Donald or the Greenie.
Hillary + Elizabeth or Donald.
Hillary + Kaine or Donald.
Hillary or Donald + Newt.
Hillary or Donald + Christie.

And it went on and on for probably 10 minutes.

But one question in the bunch got me to Tweet it out (and get more reaction than I’ve had on the Twitter in a while):

In case you don’t follow the chuckle-worthy writers on the Twitters and elsewhere, “SMOD” means “Sweet Meteor of Death”. (Or “Sweet Meteor O’ Death” per the associated Twitter account.)

That would be a planet ending rock hitting our Earth with such force as to end any and all Presidential campaigns (even Bernie Sanders’).

At that point I began wondering just what outfit I was being “polled” by, or if at the end I would find my Social Security number had been siphoned from my wallet via POTS.

But they kept going.

At one point robot-talking-guy asked if I was in favor of employee-owned companies. (Hy-Vee comes to mind, I guess.) Whether I approved or disapproved of employee owned companies. Whether employee owned companies that share profits are a good thing. Whether government should encourage more employee-owned companies. Whether employee-owned companies are truly American.

Then a jag:
Whether I liked baseball.
Whether I liked hot dogs.
Whether I liked apple pie.

Whether, like baseball, hot-dogs and apple pie I was in favor of something as American as employee-owned companies.


The survey ended there, and they identified themselves as Public Policy Polling.
After I Tweeted it out, @PPPpolls Twitter-czar noted…

PPP came out today with some results noting Hillary vs Trump in battleground states.

Don’t know about the rest of their methods, but I would be curious to know how much more of their polling is of the goofball sort, or the “apple pie” type “consistency” methods of questioning.

And where they’re going with it…


Judge for yourself

Leavenworth St. noted yesterday that Don Walton at the LJS seemed to focus on “the Senate” (i.e. Republicans) taking too long to confirm Judge Robert Rossiter to the Federal bench.

Un-noted, was the fact that it took Democrat President Obama a year to nominate Rossiter after receiving the recommendation from Senators Johanns and Fischer.

And Walton did not mention Fischer’s efforts over the past year to get that nomination through the Senate, in his brief story today.

However, in Joe Morton’s OWH story today, much praise is heaped on Senator Fischer for her efforts. Her work was praised by Senators Grassley and Leahy of the Judiciary Committee, as well as Senator Ben Sasse.

Someone oughta tell Don.


Something to talk Abboud

News today outta Camp Trump, with a Nebraska flavor.

Michael Abboud, of Omaha, will be a new communications coordinator in the Trump campaign.

Abboud was previously a Republican National Committee communications department staff member doing rapid response and oppo research.

Politico says that he will…

“…focus on rapid response and daily messaging, the campaign announced, common political tactics that the Manhattan billionaire’s camp has only just recently begun to employ.”

Prior to working at the RNC, Abboud managed Pete Pirsch’s 2014 Attorney General campaign in Nebraska. A Creighton grad, he is the son of former State Senator (and national GOP convention alternate delegate) Chris Abboud.


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The rest

A+ on these
A+ on these

Don Walton writes in his LJS column today — before his lament that the Yankees just can’t decide who to spend their billions on next — that the Senate has taken too long to confirm Judge Rossiter to the Federal bench.

Walton’s complaint (about Rossiter, not the Yankees) is that the Republicans took a year for confirmation. Yet, he does NOT note that this practice was started when the Democrats were in power, and continues to be a card played by each side.

It should be noted however, that Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer recommended Rossiter to President Obama in August of 2014 and the President didn’t nominate him until June of 2015.

Didn’t see that in Walton’s column, did you?

In the meantime, it’s been reported (in other places) that Republican Senator Fischer worked tirelessly for the past year to get a a vote — especially working her friendship with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to make it happen.

Sometimes it is interesting to get more of the story.



The GOP Convention in Cleveland is starting to rev up just a little with the Trump camp and some Dump-Trumpers putting together their competing plans for the convention.

Politico has been following this closely, and from their estimates, team “Dump” doesn’t have the delegate votes to make anything happen.

They polled the 112 members of the GOP Rules Committee — which includes Nebraskans J.L. Spray and Joyce Simmons — and found that there is little appetite to allow freeing up delegates in the first ballot to “vote their conscience”.

Anything that the Rules Committee would come up with would have to be voted on by the entire body anyway (1,237 is a majority of the delegates). But the Dumpers have said that if they fail in Rules, they will try a floor fight, in any case. And some have suggested that if that occurs, it will lead to more confusion than anything else.

The whole thing should be fascinating, but the CW — today, anyway — is that there isn’t enough support for a mutiny to make it happen.

And then there is the Ralph Waldo Emerson adage, “If you’re going to strike at a king, you must kill him.

Trump gets even with those who send out a uncomplimentary Tweet. One can only imagine his wrath at floor-fighters.


The rest of the story

Robynn Tysver writes in the OWH today about Bernie Sanders’ press secretary Symone Sanders of Omaha leaving his campaign.

Tysver does mention that Sanders worked for Democrat Governor candidate Chuck Hassebrook’s campaign — but she didn’t add that (Symone) Sanders was expected to speak on Hassebrook’s behalf at the recent Nebraska Democrat state convention.

The word on the street was that new Chair Jane Kleeb called in all of her chits with the Sanders campaign to prevent Symone from coming to speak in Kearney for Chuck (as Chair).

A pity that someone from Nebraska couldn’t get the chance to speak, just because of Jane.



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The Pelosi Shutdown

european-union-eu-flag-missing-star-brexitYesterday Brad Ashford told the LJS that he didn’t join the Democrats’ House of Reps “Sit-In” because he “does not support shutting down Congress on any issue.”


So now Brad Ashford doesn’t support Speaker Pelosi’s “Congressional Shutdown”. But he does support Pelosi’s shutdown of due process and the 2nd, 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution (which the ACLU is even against).

Then again, this is the guy who said he would be whatever party you want him to be, and would support either Hillary, Jeb or Kasich.

He’ll get back to you.


Wayne’s World?

I feel like there’s a new version of the GOP Rules that come down every other day that absolutely make it clear that Wayne Bena will be the Presidential nominee in Cleveland.

That being said, the latest from National Review is that 28 members of the Rules Committee could make things interesting…

RNC rules require the support of just a quarter of Rules Committee members — 28 of them — to issue what’s known as a “minority report,” which would throw the matter of unbinding delegates to the convention floor for an up-or-down vote. That in and of itself would cause a stir on the first day of the convention.

Of course, then you’d have to convince a majority of the delegates to jump on. And then there’s the fact that Trump has had…well a decent past few days. Throw a few more of these together and this kind of talk will continue to wane.

Then again just about anything else could happen as well.

Stay tuned for a clear declaration from Mr. Bena one way or the other…


The British are leaving! The British are leaving!

In light of the Brexit vote, and the fact that you’re not allowed to NOT have an opinion about it today…an interesting analysis of the E.U. by National Review‘s Jim Geraghty:

The European Commission, which has a virtual monopoly on proposing European legislation, never submits itself to elections. It is an appointed body of unknown bureaucrats and failed national politicians. Nor can British, French, or German parliaments reject or amend the Commission’s laws and regulations or the European court’s decisions. Nor can their voters repeal them. European law is superior to what are still quaintly called “national laws.” And if a national referendum (one of the few escape hatches in this panopticon) rejects a European decision, the voters are asked to vote again until they get it right. In short the EU’s defenses against democratic accountability are pretty watertight.

Just yesterday we saw where the U.S. Supreme Court decided to let a lower court ruling stand which said the U.S. President was trying to suck up too much power.

There comes a point where the actual people yell, Halt!

The Brits did it yesterday.
We’ll see what the Americans do in a few months.


Just north of Mo-zuree

Just a minor, dumb thing, but this always cracks me up.

Local radio station in California, citing Senator Deb Fischer’s pipeline safety bill which was recently signed into law by the President…

… a bill by Senator Deb Fischer of New England that would reauthorize national pipeline safety programs.” (Emphasis added)

Sometimes that NE just confuses you.
(Has Tom Brady ever been accused of playing for the Nebraska Patriots?)


Stay cool

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Ashford: No 14th Amendment for you!

Ashford takes part in First Class sit-in
Ashford takes part in First Class sit-in

2nd District Democrat Rep Brad Ashford was apparently not part of the Democrat sleep over on the floor of the House of Representatives last night.

But Ashford says he was with them in spirit.

Ashford says he wants to, “prohibit suspected terrorists on the federal ‘no fly’ list from purchasing weapons that can be used to commit acts of violence against innocent civilians.”

He goes on to say, “Keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists is a commonsense way to strengthen our national security and ensure that acts of violence are not perpetrated on our communities.”

But that isn’t what the proposed bill does.

People on the No-Fly list aren’t “terrorists”.
They are people put on a list.
Some for good reasons. Some for NOT good reasons.

And the “not good reasons” part is why we have the 5th & 14th Amendments — the government can’t just deny a right (in this case, the 2nd Amednment) without due process. A bureaucrat putting you on a list, generally does not rise to that.

So it would be a nice idea for Ashford to consider what happens when you start to deny Constitutional rights just because someone is on a secret list.

Because you never know what will happen once you find YOURSELF on a list.
And then find out what rights Brad Ashford says you no longer have.


“I don’t think I was ready to be chair.”

Very interesting follow-up on Jane Kleeb’s Bernie Bros embarrassment at the NDP convention.

Finally, the OWH wrote about it — and the Los Angeles Times picked it up as well — and how the Bernie Bros were sooooooo sorry about what happened.

They claim it was a misunderstanding, and uh…. the Latino activist, Marta Nieves, they toppled will be reinstated.

But let’s hear HER side of it:

There was an attempt to put in place a person in the key leadership of the Latino Caucus through a less than procedurally proper manner. Non- members took over the process and elected someone who had never been a part of the caucus and had no knowledge of the positive, effective nature of the caucus leadership and function. This same plan was carried out through out the State Convention.

Now if you only read the LJS, you haven’t seen any of this, so Leavenworth St. is happy to help you.

Then again, the LJS did quote Jane before she changed her mind about running for chair:

“I know I need to learn the inner workings of the party before I would lead it.”

Looks like she was right.



President Obama’s confusion about what the Supreme Court does would be cute if he weren’t a lawyer.

So what’s shameless about the President is that he knows better. He says that the Supreme Court of the United States is somehow making a decision based on their social beliefs — or what the country is “supposed to be like”.

What a freaking crock.

It is Congress’s job to make laws. It is the President’s job to carry them out.

But in the end, the laws — and the edicts from the President — HAVE TO FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION. If they don’t, SCOTUS tells them to knock it off.

The President may think it would be awesome to make Shintoism the religion of the country. He may think that is what our country needs.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court would strike down such a Presidential edict.

And the gist of the recent Supreme Court ruling is also, that the President’s executive action here is an overreach of his executive authority.

So the President saying, “This ruling isn’t what our country should look like…” is actually, “The court won’t let ME decide what the laws are.”

Mind you, the President makes great exasperations about “the country we aspire to be,” but the courts here aren’t addressing that.

What they do address is Obama’s ability, under the Constitution, to decide unilaterally, what the laws should be and how they should operate.

And oh by the way, this decision, which looks at the Separation of Powers between the President and Congress, will come back to the SCOTUS…after the next President picks the next justice.

And President Obama is crying that if only Judge Garland could be confirmed by the Senate. he could get his way.

In case you were wondering how important the election is.


Keep it up

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Wednesday break my heart

First a quick Separated at Birth…

…featuring State Senator (and friend and host to actor Clint Howard, featured on the recent Wheels Down Politics Show podcast) Jim Smith of Papillion and former George H.W Bush Press Secretary, Marlin Fitzwater!




After yesterday’s news about the Donald Trump campaign’s financial situation and a change in the campaign organization, Trump has managed to change the narrative, almost immediately.

In a speech today, Trump gave a rousing criticism of Hillary Clinton, in every which way and why. It has been roundly praised by conservatives and Republicans — including by those who have been part of the #NeverTrump movement for some time.

Of course one speech won’t mollify the crowd who has still declared they want someone else to have the GOP nomination. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said yesterday that delegates should vote their conscience in Cleveland.

But if Trump can do more of the above, and less of the intra-party attacks, the chances of a mutiny in Cleveland get smaller and smaller.



In a shocking editorial, the LJS said how awesome it is that Jane Kleeb is the new chair of the Nebraska Democrats.

And yesterday, after ONE website wrote about it, Kleeb and her cronies reinstated the chair of the NDP’s Latino caucus who they had booted over the weekend. (You’re welcome Nebraska Democrats. Now go tell Jane to apologize for taking the dirty Clinton money.)

Of course Jane playing both sides if just par for her 18 holes of politics.

For instance, Jane whines on the Twitter about the Nebraska GOP blocking her from reading their Twitter account.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.16.24 AM

Oh, ain’t that cute.
Jane thinks she’s a “scary momma bear”.

And we should all be, what?, appalled by the NEGOP’s actions?

Well, please note that YOURS TRULY is blocked by…Jane:


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.42.50 PM


Looks like Leavenworth St. is just too scary for Jane to share with.

Then again, maybe she was confused by Leavenworth St. and Leavenstreet Worth


Sit and spin

So, let’s see…

Senator Ted Cruz stops the Senate and the media gets their dresses up over their heads that Government has halted!!!

But a bunch of Democrats sit on the carpet in the House, and, oh my! Look at their courage! They’re doing…something!

Well, actually the polar opposite.

But State Senator Bill Kintner does make a good point:


What to do?

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Brad Ashford, Republican? “Whatever you want me to be.”

At the Papillion Days parade over the weekend, a citizen by the side of the road asked hand-shaking Congressman Brad Ashford if he was a Republican.

His response:

“Aw, I don’t know. Whatever you want me to be.”

Don’t believe it?
Here it is:

You thought Ashford — who is a card-carrying, Nancy Pelosi-voting Democrat — was trying to be all things to all people? (Even HE knew what he’d just stepped in as he sheepishly grins and the video tracker.)

Heck, here he is lying to his constituent about what party he’s in!

I don’t know“???

Well sure, Ashford has run for Legislature as a Republican, Mayor as an Independent and Congress as a Democrat, so one could understand that he has to check his wallet to see what party he is in today.

Except that lying to the people of the 2nd District is just a bit unseemly.
And then publicly declaring that you’ll just stick your finger in the air and see what the masses are expecting is another pathetic move by this elected official.

We all have known that Brad Ashford will do anything to get elected.
And now he has officially confirmed it.


Broken fingers and bloody nipples: The Ben Sasse Story

The Washington Post is the most recent to do a complete bio on the #NeverTrump leader in the Senate clubhouse, Nebraska’s Ben Sasse. (Both the OWH and LJS have reprinted it.)

If you’ve read Politco’s version or USAToday’s version or many others, you get the gist: won’t vote for Trump; won’t say who he wants; won’t run himself; frustrating local voters.

But give it to the Post for coming up with the most interesting lines to drag you in:

Sasse stood in a middle school parking lot rubbing Vaseline on his nipples.


“He’s got a need for competition,” (his wife) said recently. “Also he’s an idiot.”


Sasse told him he dislikes both candidates equally and hopes to send a signal that Americans are not okay with these kinds of options.

“I don’t care about any of that shit,” the man snarled.

(And don’t miss the quote from the Cornhusker Kickbacker himself!)

The piece ended with a story of Sasse trying to fix a fuse in his truck:

Unfortunately, no amount of futzing with the pin would make the fuse budge. Somebody would soon come by with pliers, and Sasse would just have to wait.

And apparently this was a metaphor for Sasse’s current political stance…maybe?

Dive in and report back to your H.S. English teacher.


Don’t shoot the fundraisers!

Donald Trump’s latest financial woes were the talk of the Twitters today, and likely the rest of the week (at least).

While some have expressed…surprise?…at Trump raising money as if he were running for a County Board seat, others didn’t see it as that much of a shock.

Political fundraisers contacted my Leavenworth St. pointed out that he has bragged over and over about self-funding, so he wasn’t about to become some cash-raising juggernaut in a month. You don’t give your campaign $35M, then expect small dollar donors to come seek you out. (Just ask Senate candidate Pete Ricketts in 2006.)

If you’re going to self-fund, the candidate needs to be the LAST one in, not the first.

Along with that, because he has been self-funding, he has no donor base to go to. He needs to buy lists from other candidates, such as Ben Carson, in order to have somewhere to reach.

All that considered, raising $4M (counting the joint RNC money) isn’t bad.

Now, that’s from a fund-raiser angle. In other words, don’t blame the fundraisers for the dismal numbers.

Blame Trump.

Then again, it won’t be too surprising if his June numbers are a little better — but those will come smack in the middle of the GOP Convention. And those numbers could either soothe delegates, or could be a stick to the hornet’s nest.

The open convention argument is still very much out there. Considering it would be TV gold, look for it to continue to pick up steam.


What’d you miss???

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Minority Nebraska Democrats outraged by Jane Kleeb’s caucus purge

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.00.46 PMMembers of the Nebraska Democratic Party’s caucuses are outraged after swarming bands of white. male, Jane Kleeb / Bernie Sanders supporters (aka “Bernie Bros”) voted in their own people at the state convention in Kearney over the weekend.

According to those there,

“…the NDP has different caucus groups like the “NDP Latino Caucus” or the “NDP Black Caucus”, etc. and a group of Bernie Sanders supporters,who are also backing Jane Kleeb, went with a block of mostly white Bernie supporters to each caucus and ousted all of the caucus leaders. Latino, Black, Women, LGBT, Veterans, etc.”

While the local newspapers have chosen to ignore the story — after a half dozen or more stories about the arrival of new chair Jane Kleeb — the social media outrage by rank-and-file Democrats has been telling.

On Twitter:

On Facebook:

They came into the Latino caucus and disrespected us and disrespected our extremely dedicated chairwoman, Marta. So disrespectful, and racist. Those Anglos have never, and will never do anything for the benefit of our community.

FYI they also swarmed the Black caucus with at least two members in full support of this but i squashed that ish real quick, I didn’t win any spot I ran for but I don’t need no stinking title to be an activist! They also tried the same thing at the womens and veterans caucus! the disrespect and white privilege on displayed this weekend was unreal!

This is a mess and they wonder why people of color did not vote for Sanders. This type of privileged attitude is not acceptable and not democratic.

Shameful, disrespectful and even racist (ya know that privileged superiority that some of us white folk don’t think we have) but there it lurks. Please reflect on what you’ve done-any of you who participated in “swarming caucuses” that were not your identity.

It was a travesty what happened at state convention this weekend and what is worse is that some people of color were complicit in what went down in the caucuses and the state party leader elections. I helped to create all the caucuses and unless the Latino Caucus changed their bylaws those white folks couldn’t legally vote! I have already called on Black and Brown people to not give a single Dime to the NDP or the DCDP and to give directly to candidates!

And then a direct challenge to Jane Kleeb:

It is a real shame that some party folks and the new chair refuse to admit that Bernie Folks bum rush the caucuses and their reasoning is that all the executive officers all reflect the demographic of the constituency caucuses. They ran slates and they voted where they couldn’t vote! This wasn’t transparent nor democratic !

So how did new Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb respond?
With a denial.

“This is a rumor.”


Jane eliminates a national female, African American spokesperson 

And then another strange development from the NDP Convention:

Symone Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ national press secretary, Creighton grad and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook’s 2014 press secretary, was scheduled to come to Kearney to speak on behalf of Hassebrook in his campaign to be new chairman — against Jane Kleeb.

Reportedly, Jane Kleeb and national environmental extremist Bill McKibbin pulled all the strings they had in Sanders’ national campaign and stopped Symone Sanders from coming to Kearney.

As one party activist said, “Quite a way to start by silencing a woman of color and ousting all the people who established the minority caucuses.”


More lies?

These reports come on the heels of the breathless stories that Nebraska Democrats are “rejecting” superdelegates to the national convention. Kleeb thumped her chest and cried, “we punched above our weight”

Oh, is that right?

Let’s just read the fine print there, Democrat delegates:

“The nonbinding measure…urges current superdelegates to base their votes at next month’s Democratic National Convention on the results of Nebraska’s March 5 presidential caucus.”

So, in other words, Nebraska superdelegates can continue to do whatever the hell they want, and ignore the Nebraska caucuses or primary or whatever else they’ve got.

So, in summary…

    • Jane Kleeb formed a “unity” ticket to oust all of the sitting Democrat leadership.
    • Jane said she wasn’t ready to be Chair, so she was running as vice-chair.
    • Said “unity” ticket fell apart, and Jane ran for chair.
    • Jane personally prevented a national speaker, on behalf of her opponent, from addressing the convention.
    • Jane was elected with just 55% support of the party delegates.
    • Jane immediately instituted a putsch against her political enemies within the party.
    • Jane announced non-binding resolution as some sort of national victory.

So there you have it state Democrats!
Your new leader!

All this being said, let’s always remember how Jane really feels about the Nebraska online world:


MORE information

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