Recruiting and polling

Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford has a new ad out. At least it appears to be for Brad. It also might be a “Jerry Ryan” ad. In any case, here it is:

The ad pleads, “Brad Ashford wasn’t there to vote for ObamaCare!”

Right, all he’s done is support the Democrat leader who said we had to pass it to find out what’s in it.

And 20,000 Nebraskans found out that they just lost their health care because of ObamaCare’s failures.

And as the NRCC notes, Ashford “joined Nancy Pelosi in voting against repealing the law’s tax hikes, onerous mandates, and more than $700 billion in cuts to Medicare that hurt our seniors.”

But Ashford’s ad is correct: There were no Republicans in Congress who voted for ObamaCare.

Too bad there wasn’t one less Democrat who did.


Think of the recruits!

The OWH’s sportswriter, Sam McKeown, writes in the paper a woe-is-us article about how tough recruiting will be now that the Governor and some of the Regents have criticized the Husker football players who kneeled during the national anthem.

He writes, “…elected officials tend to tread lightly when it comes to critiquing any aspect of Husker football.

After a laundry-list of writers who don’t agree with Governor Pete Ricketts and Regent Hal Daub, McKeown adds…

When three young black men — who happen to be football players — speak up about their personal experiences and what they perceive to be injustice, consider how it looks nationally when, within roughly 24 hours, two older white elected officials put in their two critical cents.

Oh, now they just “happen to be football players“? Because just a paragraph ago, it was ALL about them being football players.

So don’t let McKeown and others kid themselves: This ALL about them being football players, in their school football uniforms, specifically, at their football game.

So elected officials are supposed to simply sit on their hands and not speak out on what is a political issue at the state run University?

If no one had noticed, or said anything, the players would have considered it a failure. The whole POINT was to get people riled up. Are we to understand that the players were so naive that they did not think they would receive harsh, and sometimes even way out-of-bounds criticism from every yahoo on the internets? They didn’t see THAT coming?

If anyone is concerned about recruiting, it should be the players — who specifically decided to jam a stick into a hornets nest to see what would happen.

These players COULD have expressed their concerns and — if it was really what they were looking for — asked for a meeting with the school President. Or the Regents. Or, heck, why not even the Governor?

There are any number of options they could have chosen instead of kneeling during the National Anthem. But few of those options would have stirred things up as much as this. And they probably wouldn’t have made national news either.

But hey, if you’re a football fan, consider this: Mike Riley can now go out to recruits and tell them, “I’ve got your back. Even though there are haters out there, I won’t let you swing in the wind.” Or some such.

That should REALLY be what they want, right?

They can thank Daub and Ricketts later…


Stumping and polling

trump-in-cb-092916As noted in today’s morning post, Donald Trump came to the Omaha metro area to the message of a cheerful poll in Nebraska’s 2nd District:

Trump: 49%
Hillary: 40%

That is along with the Hillary campaign headquarters (plural), staff, TV and Warren Buffett pledges to give DQ sundaes to every Hillary voter across the metro. (Or did I miss-hear the last part?)

And of course Trump’s numbers are much higher in the 1st, 3rd and statewide.

But it would not be wise for Trump to sit on his Omaha laurels. As a swing-ish district, a Hillary surge could easily make it neck-and-neck. If things change and she starts to pull away, don’t be surprised to see Omaha get very tight.

In the mean time, the Trump train should keep on chugging.


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New poll: Trump leads Hillary in #NE02

img_9186A poll done by Emerson College has Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District:

Trump: 49%
Clinton: 40%

The poll of 700 Likely Voters Statewide was taken September 25-27 — the day of and two days after the first Presidential debate. The MOE was 3.6%.

The Statewide numbers, as well as Nebraska’s other two Congressional Districts looked like this:

Nebraska Statewide:
Trump: 56%
Clinton: 29%
Johnson: 7%
Stein: 1%

Trump: 53%
Clinton: 29%

Trump: 65%
Clinton: 20%

As you know, Nebraska splits its Electoral Votes, and Hillary Clinton is pushing hard to win the single vote in Nebraska’s 2nd District.

A few other notes from the poll:

  • Among primary voters in Nebraska, Clinton is getting 57% of Bernie Sander primary voters while Trump is taking 15%.
  • Trump is winning 88% of those who voted for Senator Ted Cruz but only 28% of John Kasich primary voters; 22% of Kasich voters favor Clinton.
  • Trump is also winning Nebraska Independents, 43% to 24%, and 17% of Democrats, compared with Clinton, who has 9% of the Republican vote.
  • Both genders are breaking for Trump by large margins. He leads Clinton 59% to 27% with men and 53% to 32% with women. Trump also leads with all age groups.

Emerson is doing polls throughout the country.


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Daub: I did not say that the three football players should be kicked off the team

Photo by Bill Clemente
Photo by Bill Clemente

Yesterday LJS reporter Chris Dunker interviewed Nebraska Regent, and former Congressman and former Omaha Mayor, Hal Daub regarding the Husker football players kneeling during the national anthem.

Dunker quoted Daub saying, of the players who knelt:

“They know better, and they had better be kicked off the team.”

Very soon after, this quote was picked up by news and sports-news organizations across the country.

And not long after that, Daub denied THAT particular quote — but none of the other quotes.

Daub spoke with WOWT in Omaha:

Daub responded saying that he was misquoted in the article. “I did not say that the three football players should be kicked off the team, my goodness gracious,” said Daub. “How ridiculous. I wouldn’t say that. Daub also told WOWT 6 News sister station 10/11 News in Lincoln that his comments were taken out of context and that he was asking the newspaper for a retraction.

The rest of Daub’s statements haven’t received as much heat — as they aren’t all that different from what other pols have said.

(Though former University of Nebraska Omaha football Coach Sandy Buda said the players should be “benched”.)

But most of the folks who don’t like the rest of Daub’s opinion on the matter (and, no doubt other opinions) claim that Daub realized that he stepped in it and is LYING when he says he didn’t say this.

This morning, the national sports and commentary site, Deadspin, wrote:

Daub apparently called them and tried to tell them he never said a thing he clearly said.

The OWH’s Mike’l Severe Tweeted:

There is no doubt he said it. I trust the LJS printed what he said.

Well, except that at this point, there is no audio evidence that Chris Dunker did accurately report this quote. Personally, my eyebrows went up on the formation of the quote itself. “They had better be…” didn’t sound like a normal phrase.

I went back and forth with Severe this morning on his point on the Twitter. On the above point by me, Severe tweeted back, “Not if you have spent anytime talking with Hal.

Funnily enough I have already met that challenge with Daub — multiplied by probably 100x the hours Severe has spent with him. (This happens when you drive a candidate around and around and around the state.)

And then there was the fact that Chris Dunker also got another point wrong in the original article about Daub — noting that he was a Korean War vet, instead of accurately that he was a Vietnam Era vet, serving in Korea. (Original versions of the story are no longer linked on LJS site.)

Which isn’t to say that everything Dunker wrote is wrong just because he had one mistake. But it simply means that when you are on a cell phone (likely) with Hal Daub, who speaks a million miles an hour, about lots of different ideas, while you’re trying to write, while trying to listen, while trying to comprehend an idea, while trying to come up with your next question — without, presumable, audio backup — it is not unheard of to write down something incorrectly.

And where people like Severe and other suggest that this is the KEY quote of the whole story, one would have hoped that the reporter would have rounded back and confirmed what he said.

Now this isn’t to say that Daub couldn’t have said this. And it is also possible that Dunker is correct and Daub is mis-remembering what he said. That is certainly possible.

But not only did Daub deny saying it — he said that it is ridiculous that he WOULD say it.

And the suggestion that the reporter couldn’t have made a mistake is silly.


Root beer summit

In the mean time, Governor Pete Ricketts, who called the actions by the players “disgraceful and disrespectful” has agreed to meet with Husker player Michael Rose-Ivey to…further discuss the matter? Design an alternate protest? Come up with legislation?

Look, hopefully it’s the latter. Because otherwise, where is all of this going? Maybe it’s just understanding that blacks and other minorities in America feel threatened — and rich whitey in the Governor’s mansion needs to get a better feel for that. OK.

But that doesn’t seem to be the gist of what the protest is about. It has been about police shootings of blacks. Not, apparently about police shootings of non-blacks, or of non-police shootings of any race upon any  race.

So again, one would hope that the goal is more than simply “look at me!” Because when the Kardashians refuse to stand for the National Anthem you’ll realize that, without a specific plan, the effort has gone nowhere.


Air war in #NE02

Onto “regular” politics… the 2nd Congressional District House race is firing along.

The NRCC has a new ad out hammering Democrat Brad Ashford on his votes in the House of Representatives on releasing prisoners from Gitmo. See it here:

Ashford now says that he is against closing Gitmo — like President Obama has promised for years — but that those previous votes were different…for some reason.

In the mean time, the DCCC has their own ads out attacking Republican candidate retired Brigadier General Don Bacon on Social Security. (While the NRCC puts their ads up on YouTube, the DCCC not so much.) Here’s a capture:

The Bacon campaign fired back on this one.

Don Bacon does not support altering or reducing Social Security for those who are currently in or near retirement. But he is of the opinion that we should consider the possibility of adjusting current long-term policies to ensure the viability of Social Security for future generations.

And on Ashford’s support for the ObamaCare policies:

20,000+ people are losing their health insurance after Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska announced last week their decision to leave the individual insurance marketplace. The departure of Blue Cross is further evidence that Obamacare is a failure and can’t be fixed – a law Brad Ashford has voted in favor of keeping.

The Battle for the 2nd should only get more intense.


Omaha Trump HQ

With Donald Trump buzzing into Council Bluffs for a visit, no doubt he will give a shout-out to the Nebraskans in the crowd as HE puts some effort into the fight for the 2nd District Electoral vote.

Leavenworth St. has learned that Trump will be opening an office in Omaha this week, with an open house on Sunday from 1-3pm. The office will be located at 78th and Davenport — just off Dodge, near the old site of the New Tower (which was neither).


Pete & Donald: “Pretty close”

And on that note, Politico reports that not only has Ricketts family patriarch Joe Ricketts thrown his support behind Donald Trump, but (some of) the rest of the family is joining. Todd Ricketts — head of the Ricketts owned Chicago Cubs — is heading up a couple of PACs to garner donations from those zillionaires…who don’t necessarily want to be ID’d as supporting Trump.

And then there were a few other interesting lines in the Politico piece:

But a GOP operative who is familiar with the Ricketts’ efforts characterized their new effort as “all about power.”

The family — and (adviser Brian) Baker — “want to be the main players in Republican big money, and they see that Trump has a chance to win, so they want to be able to take credit if he does,” said the operative.

And then there’s THIS one:

And Pete Ricketts has been in touch with Trump since then, according to a source close to Trump, who said “Pete and Trump are pretty close.”

Well, THERE’s a description that would have been shocking just a few months ago.

Enjoy your political season.



Be sure to read this morning’s post from contributing writer, “Ofc David Kindly” (not his real name), a veteran law enforcement officer in the Omaha Metropolitan area.

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Leavenworth St. Contributing Writer – Law Enforcement & BLM

Police & protesters in Minnesota
Police & protesters in Minnesota

“Ofc. Daniel Kindly” is a veteran law enforcement officer in the Omaha Metropolitan area.
He is a contributing this post to Leavenworth St.


The bombardment of the latest “caught on tape” police encounter is a near daily media occurrence, likely leaving many to wonder: “Are America’s police departments full of out of control racists. Or is something else amiss?”

In order to be an effective law enforcement professional, one must possess the difficult ability to stand back from one’s personal biases and look at an issue from a position of neutrality.

A neutral review of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement from a purely political observer, non-emotional perspective, reveals a “strategy” (intentionally crafted or otherwise) that has been admittedly effective and arguably brilliant.

BLM has a big advantage in this debate. Policing in America, by its very nature, has always been a somewhat controversial industry.

It’s an easy target.

Even the most ardent police supporters bristle when they receive a speeding ticket from a traffic cop. Even the most law abiding parent shudders at the thought of a child or grandchild being arrested with force or jailed. “Use of force”, even when performed legally and perfectly, is a distasteful thing for the average citizen to witness. Normal every day folks are understandably uneducated in its appropriate application.

Toss in a few well timed cell phone video moments saturating us via social media and (Shazam!) a “national policing crisis” is born.

But from this police professional’s perspective, the crucial issue getting lost in this emotionally fueled firestorm of hashtags, riots and pledge of allegiance kneeling sessions is a little thing called the “real problems we are facing as a community”.

The biggest problem we are facing isn’t the disproportionate rate of law enforcement contacts faced by our fellow citizens in economically challenged portion of the black community. That is simply a byproduct of the real problem. Rather the biggest problem is all of the other disproportionate rates of experience faced by too many in America’s poor black communities that create lifestyles that increase the likelihood of having a police interaction.

Poverty. Lack of education. Addiction. Break downs in traditional family structure. Concentration of high crime areas.

The non police driven statistics will make you uncomfortable.

It’s a sad reality that 72% of black children in America are being raised in single parent households, compared to 25% for the nation as a whole. Really think for a moment how that condition alone impacts children.

Nearly 4 out of 10 black American children live in poverty as compared to 2 out of 10 for the rest of the nation.

Black American teenagers experience a teen pregnancy rate double that of white teens and the black infant mortality rates in America are nearly 2 and a half times that of white infants.

In terms of the crucial education gap, black students graduate from high school at a lower rate than their fellow white, Hispanic and Asian classmates. Although black students make up 25% of our US student population, they comprise 50% of expelled students. Finally, although the disparity in college admission rates are recently closing, black students are less likely to graduate college than their fellow white students.

These are only a few the actual “disparities” that are standing in the way of many of our fellow black citizens’ quests to fully enjoy the American dream. And very notably, these disparities have absolutely nothing to do with policing.

Now does this mean that black American’s are “inferior” to other demographics? Absolutely not. The above mentioned statistical challenges are typically relegated to the poverty stricken portions of black community and are the byproduct of generational cycles of poverty pure and simple.

Are black Americans upset with these seemingly unbreakable generational cycles of poverty, educational and family challenges? Yes, and rightfully so. It’s a real national tragedy that deserves all of America’s attention.

But blaming the police (making America’s law enforcement professionals the scape goat) for this serious societal crisis distracts from the real problems. Blaming the police is nearly as nonsensical as vilifying your physician for the serious health condition that necessitates disproportionate health care or higher health care premium rates and hoping that emotional reaction will help you get better. It won’t.

If we, as a nation, do not put our emotions aside, stiffen our backs and actually face these uncomfortable challenges head-on, these problems will not improve. These problems will only get worse.

Have some police officers made mistakes? Yes.

Do police officers need to be held accountable when they make a bad faith mistake or do wrong? Yes. Of course.

Is any loss of life, even via the lawful application of deadly force, a tragedy? Yes.
But what seems to have been forgotten in this melee is that before there was a “Black Lives Matters” movement there already was a group of men and women who already espoused that philosophy, albeit without the hoopla. There has long been men and women who have been keenly aware of the real challenges our fellow poverty stricken black Americans face because they actually interacted with them daily in their homes and neighborhoods.

Before BLM was trendy, and trending, it was America’s law enforcement officers who strived to keep innocent black citizens, black women and black children safe from those in their community who would do them harm.

If black lives truly matter, it’s time to prove it by putting aside the distracting anti-police rhetoric and focusing on the real problems.


Leavenworth St. will have a new post up later today around 1pm.

Ricketts takes on the anthem protests

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-41-14-pmYesterday during his radio call in show, Governor Pete Ricketts addressed the issue of Nebraska football players taking a cue from Colin Kaepernick and kneeling during the national anthem.

Ricketts said,

“I think the way they chose to protest was disgraceful and disrespectful.”

He then went on to say,

“Part of our country is that people have that right to protest and I think that they ought to look for ways that respect our flag and our nation and still be able to get their message across.”

Pretty strong statement from Ricketts, though not likely to cost him much in the way of political capital. But he did decide to wade into the issue, and he now may be the one who gets to address it in more and different ways.

But here’s the thing:

Those who have been using the kneel-protest during the anthem continually point out that they love America, respect the Constitution and those who have fought for their freedoms.


So their protest really is a means for them to “bring attention” to the issues that are important to them. They’re saying, “Hey, look at me! Listen to what I have to say!


Mission accomplished. Now what?

That is the question. And if there were a “call to action”, many more would be willing to listen, debate, etc. But the problem with Kaepernick and the kneeling Huskers is that there is no plan of action. Nebraska college student Michael Rose-Ivey said he wants, “awareness about police brutality, and the recent deaths of black men and women at the hands of police officers.

Well, it would be difficult to avoid being aware of this, if only by watching the local news. So…is there more to the protest than that?

Not to mention, that time after time, people point out the fallacies in the “BLM” arguments. More whites are killed by police, than blacks. Many times police action has been instigated. The resulting protests have been marred by violence, again without any demands.

And of course one can debate those issues as well. But how many times are “dialogues” going to be started without any plan of action behind them?

Rose-Ivey today Tweeted to Governor Ricketts asking to “sit down and further the discussion.”


One would hope that if there is a meeting, an actual plan will be discussed.


L.St. guest writer

When discussion have occurred on “police violence” the opinions of private citizens have generally been the main focus.

Tomorrow on Leavenworth St., you can read some thoughts and opinions on the subject from a law enforcement officer.

Be sure to come back for the guest-writer’s post.


Requiescat in Pace

As long as we’re on the topic of the Huskers, a quick note to say Rest in Peace to former Husker Coach Milt Tenopir.

One of the more enjoyable and interesting times I’ve ever had was after a speaking engagement of his, sitting a having a few adult beverages later into evening at the Bohemian Cafe in Omaha.

Dumplings and kraut, Pilsners and slivovitz, and Husker football stories. It doesn’t get much better than that.

With the Bohemian Cafe now shuttered and Tenopir’s passing, I will cherish those memories even more.


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Debate Round 1

ep-160929583Remember the actual TENSION before the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? There was a tightness in the air, on television and across the Twittersphere.

And it continued for a while — while Trump was calm, Hillary was rattling off her prepared remarks and the everyone was getting in the groove.

Finally we got what was expected: Broad attacks, long-winded defenses and smarmy responses.

And that was just on Twitter!
(ho ho ho)

But the broad consensus is that Trump did well in the first half hour, then Hillary did much better in the final 60 minutes. Instead of attacking Hillary on all the regular recent events, Trump spent the majority of the time defending himself. Hits on emails, Benghazi, servers, Clinton Foundation and “deplorables” all went by the wayside.

Now moderator Lester Holt isn’t innocent in this whole matter. Sure, Trump was Trump and he went down the path that he usually goes down.

But Holt asked the “tough” questions to Trump — and ONLY Trump. He hit him on his taxes, birtherism, argued back and forth on the Iraq war and Hillary’s “look”.

And what did Hillary get from Holt?

You can argue that Hillary kept Trump “on his heels”, etc. etc. and that he should have been more on offense. But when it’s 2 against 1, the game changes.

Could Trump have still hit Hillary harder and better? Of course. But Hillary also had the luxury of no hard questions from the “independent” moderator. And she got to have Holt do the dirty work while she stood by doing her shimmy-dance thing.

Hillary supporters know this happened.
But Holt wasn’t about to end up with the same fate as Matt Lauer — or heck, even Jimmy Falon. So hammer Trump he did.

Debate panelists felt Hillary won easily. But it’s questionable how much “undecideds” watched past the first 30 minutes. The estimation here is that it did little to move the needle much either way.

Feel free to give an edge to Hillary.
Question is, did she need more than that?



Solace for Hillary fans:

A focus group of 29 undecided Ohioans gave it:

Hillary: 17
Trump: 0
Neither: 11

Solace for Trump fans:

Same focus group said NONE of the undecideds were moved to one side or the other by the debate.



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Ashford: Pelosi got me elected, so I’ll vote for her

Pelosi comes to Omaha for Brad

In a somewhat stunning fit of honesty, Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford told the OWH that no matter what Nancy Pelosi stands for, he’ll vote for her for Speaker because she “helped me get elected.”

He went on to say…

“I don’t have to agree with Nancy Pelosi on anything, really, in order to vote for her for speaker.”

He said it folks.

If you help get Brad elected, it doesn’t matter WHAT you stand for. He doesn’t have to agree with you on “ANYTHING” — he will still vote for you.

Brad Ashford has shown time after time that he has no real principles. He won’t tell you what party he is from. He won’t tell you who he supports for President.

Now he says, blatantly, that he is simply voting for the Speaker of the House of Representatives — not on his or her positions, votes, or basic outlook on government — but on whether or not they helped get him elected.

Looks like Nancy Pelosi bought a vote in 2014.
Wonder if she’ll be able to buy another this year.



On Friday afternoon, Texas Senator Ted Cruz stunned many political observers by changing his mind about endorsing Donald Trump for President.

Many viewed Cruz’s move as a strategic one — Trump is doing much better nationally, and certainly in Texas. And there has been more talk of a primary challenge for him in 2018 as well.

But Nebraska’s junior Senator Ben Sasse — a leader of the #NeverTrump movement — was having none of it.

Sasse took to the Twitters and delivered a not-so-subtle response to those who believe he may be next:

That would be Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down“.

(Whatever Sasse’s feelings, it is regrettable that he chose a horrible song from Petty’s 3-chord solo career for this Tweet. What song choice to use instead? Maybe just go with “Refugee” and let people read into it whatever they want. “Honey, it don’t make no difference to me baby. Everybody has to fight to be free, you see.“)

Unlike Cruz, there is not a real benefit for Sasse to soften his stance at this point. There are certainly arguments that he could be more specific on how voters should “go bigger” in the voting booth. And the questions of how he goes forward in the party. But he isn’t up for re-election until 2020.

With this Tweet, almost ANY moderation by Sasse on Trump will be seen as capitulation.



And because there have been very few polls in Nebraska, one of the few to even look at is 538’s “Election Forecast”.

Now keep in mind for the 2nd District, it is based solely on, “After calculating each candidate’s projected vote share, the polls-only forecast simulates the election 10,000 times to get each candidate’s chance of winning:




So how about the 1st and 3rd, and statewide?





Of course there is pretty much zero discussion of Hillary winning anything other than the 2nd. But the Hillary camp (and Warren) are pretty much all-in for her in the 2nd.

As noted above, these numbers on 538 move around constantly, so enjoy for “info” sake.



And of course it’s DEBATE NIGHT!

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Name that politician! (In the middle...)
Name that politician! (In the middle…)

Who ever knows how much an endorsement affects anyone’s actual vote these days. It seems like a decent indicator of a candidate’s, but probably is more of effective where a candidate is unknown and needs to get their ID up.

A few cases in point…

Governor Pete Ricketts is continuing his barnstorming for various legislative candidates in Nebraska.

The latest is in Kearney, where, according to the OWH, he has endorsed John Lowe over Bob Lammers for term-limited Galen Hadley’s seat.

Both are Republicans, so this is not without a little controversy.
One good quote:

“Ricketts, when asked earlier this week, said that he doesn’t expect candidates to agree with him on every issue…”

Hahaha! Ho…ho! Whewwww!
Good one!

He doesn’t EXPECT that you’ll agree with him on every issue, but if you DON’T, expect a call out, by name, at the state GOP Convention.

Now to be fair here, Lowe, whom Ricketts endorsed, was his county county chairman for his 2014 campaign. That’s not for nothing.

And then Lammers has said he is…
For the Gas Tax…
For licenses for DREAMers
Against Charter Schools.

So what ever Lammers was hoping for, a Ricketts endorsement with those stats shouldn’t have been terribly expected.

But here is the funny line from Lammers:

“I’ll be looking for what’s right for Kearney and the State of Nebraska and not necessarily what’s right for an Omaha governor who is going to make decisions for my opponent.”

That is always chuckleworthy for the Omahan who has NO IDEA how much enmity is directed at Omahans from those in “Greater Nebraska.” (Greater than what?)

Personally, I always laughed back in the campaign days when I’d be somewhere in central Nebraska and get asked my background…

“Did ya go to The University?”


(Strike one…)

“Where are you from?”


(Strike two….)

“Where did ya go to high school?”

“Creighton Prep.”

(Strike Three!)

It would be surprising to see Kearneyites (Kearnians?) not being influenced by the Governor’s endorsement. But then again, hatred for Omaha can go a long way.

Lowe v. Lammers.
We’ll keep you updated.


The College vote

And Republican Congressional candidate Don Bacon today announced the endorsement he received from a collegiate “Students for Bacon” group.

Notable in the endorsement is the point that “Brad Ashford not only refused to debate before military ballots went out, but he refused to even acknowledge a debate invitation from the student government of the largest collegiate institution in town.”

Why is Brad hiding?



After Governor Ricketts’ dad — a significant #NeverTrumper — switched his allegiance to Donald Trump for the campaign, one of the kids made her position clear.

Laura, the lone sister in the Ricketts clan of Chicago Cubs owners, went to Wrigley, but didn’t sport her Cubbies lid:


Unknown if the rest of the kids will try to mutiny against Dad’s pick.
Thanksgiving just got THAT much more uncomfortable…

Maybe Joe will bring in Ted Cruz to even things out…


Always working

And Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer, during her weekly Nebraska press call, gave a little more info about her recent discussion with Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, during a meeting with fellow female legislators in Washington:

“We talked about Ivanka’s passion in dealing with family issues specifically on equal pay, paid family leave, and child care. And about my equal pay and paid family leave bills in the Senate.

I was very pleased to talk to Ivanka about that, and see her passion for building and maintaining and helping our families grow stronger. It’s a great platform that she has as the daughter of nominee and I am excited to discuss this and work with her in the future.

We have some different views on some of the points, but I am pleased she is a spokesperson for them. She is articulate and does a good job and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Fischer also noted that she was looking forward to her fly-around with Governor Ricketts and former Governor Kay Orr to discuss the upcoming roads and transportation projects pursuant to her Build Nebraska Act.

Oh, and that’s Fischer’s grade-school pic, up on the right, that she Tweeted earlier in the week…


Team Trump in Lincoln

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture is holding its annual convention this week in Lincoln.

According to Politico:

“…on Thursday, the group passed what it has dubbed the “Call to Action to 2020: Advancing Agriculture through Enhanced Partnerships,” to underscore the importance of cooperative federalism and a true federal-state partnership.

Under the Obama administration, states have been instructed to enforce new clean water standards on large tracts of land, overhaul farm worker training programs and implement some of the most ambitious changes to food safety rules in decades. In each case, they’ve been given little chance to provide input in advance, and few funds to complete the job. That’s not a relationship the groups want repeated for the next four years.

Donald Trump’s National Ag Chairman, Charles W. Herbster of Falls City, Nebraska, will be meeting with group of state agriculture commissioners at the convention.

Politico says that the Hillary Clinton campaign does NOT have any events planned with ag commissioners during the NASDA meeting.


Get well soon!

Hey, a Get Well Soon to Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert who wiped out during Summer Iditarod training!

Back injuries are miserable, but the Mayor will no doubt bounce back from this setback — though hopefully with fewer dogs on the traces.

We will keep you updated on her campaign announcements when we get them.


Mayor Stothert posted on FB that she will NOT have to have surgery on her back. Good news.



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Sasse on Trump…and Hillary

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse sent an email to supporters yesterday attempting to clarify his position on the Presidential race.

After Hillary Clinton used one of Sasse’s many anti-Donald Trump statements in a TV ad, Sasse sought to set the record straight:

Ben never agreed to have his face in any ad for the Clinton campaign and he never would.

Ben’s statements were made months before we had a Republican nominee, and they had nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton or her campaign.

Ben has made clear that he will NEVER support Hillary Clinton, because she is one of the most dishonest candidates in American history.

He goes on to state…

She is dishonest, and her election would be a tragedy for America.

The problem Senator Sasse has is that he has made an equivalence between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as evidenced by his interview yesterday on WNAX:

Neither of these people are exemplars of what we want out kids to understand about what America means…

You have to have somebody who you support who you believe understands why we have separation of powers, why we have limited government…

And both of these candidates have said at different times in different ways that they think Barack Obama has paved a new way as far as Executive Unilateralism, and they think that would be a model to get a lot done…

So while he emailed to his supporters that Hillary’s election would be a tragedy…he has also stated…

That he’d rather watch dumpster fires than attend the GOP Convention in Cleveland — attended by Senator Fischer, Governor Ricketts and row after row of Nebraska delegates. That he feels Republicans should draft “an adult”.

And as Sasse wrote on The Facebook back in May:

“This is America. If both choices stink, we reject them and go bigger.”

But like it or not, Sasse is not invited on the talk shows and interviews to share how much he dislikes Hillary. It’s all about Trump.

In the mean time, Sasse has not presented some scenario where people will go into the voting booth in November and “go bigger”. He has rejected Trump, Hillary and Gary Johnson — and presumably Jill Stein. To date he has not presented a write-in alternative, even just for effect.

So while it is understandable where, in Sasse’s mind, he is critical of ALL of the candidates…we are often reminded that the Harvard and Yale grad is intelligent enough. He should have been capable of understanding how his anti-Trump statements would get used.

And he should understand that his email to supporters won’t get to the millions in the swing states who see his face looking like a Hillary supporter.

But according to Sasse, it doesn’t really matter whether Trump or Hillary takes the Oval Office. For him, the “stink” will be the same.


Mrs. Roboto

Speaking of Hillary, if you haven’t seen her latest video, it is worth a look. It seems to have been made for supporters in Nevada — and while hopped up on…something.

You be the judge on the normality of this delivery.


Hilltop Dialogue

And on the other side of supporters, Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer, along with a number of other female lawmakers in Washington, met with Trump’s daughter Ivanka to discuss issues particularly important to women.

The nearly hourlong meeting covered topics ranging from equal pay and workplace flexibility to increased take home pay, sources in the meeting said.

Ivanka Trump took detailed notes as lawmakers shared their own ideas with the campaign, sources said.

Senator Fischer Tweeted out a photo from the meeting:


And Ivanka Trump tweeted back her thanks to Fischer:


Networking Socially

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