Domina bogarts his positions

by Street Sweeper on September 29, 2014

David Domina 001For anyone paying attention to the Nebraska U.S. Senate race, Democrat David Domina showed late last week that his is not a serious campaign.


Well, Domina came out for the legalization of pot.

Oh, was it somewhat more nuanced than that? “We need to consider it…”He’s open to it…

Look, if your campaign is now based on not harshing on someone’s mellow, then you have admitted that you’re going nowhere.
You are not interested in gathering votes. You are not interested in appealing to Likely Voters.

You are pushing what is still a fringe issue in the hopes of…solidifying your base?…or something.

Hey look, it is an interesting discussion. And one that we would argue could be had once the data is in from Colorado. But if your goal is to win an election in conservative Nebraska, this ain’t the path.

We hardly knew ye, Dave.


But just to hammer that point home, Dave was also caught — by Buzzfeed, no less — plagairizing the Ag and Energy positions on his website.

But then Dave went to the local newspapers and was like…

“Dude! We like, totally footnoted that thing! But then some other dude, whose brother like kicks ASS at making websites? That dude was rocking the website, but like, was doing something else, and, like, dropped the footnotes? You know? And then I was like, totally, ‘Whoa! Dude!‘ And he was like, ‘Dude, What?‘ I was like, ‘Dude!‘ and he was totally ‘Dude?‘ So, like, it was there before, but we lost it? You know?”

And then someone turned on the Fantasia DVD (the old one, not the new one) and then it was cool.


Adn as long as we’re harshing on Dave’s mellow, take a look at the Tweet he posted this morning, to…show his solidarity?… with the Hong Kong protestors:

Domina Tweet 092914 01

So, the Chi-Coms must “give all a real chance?” Yeah, that’s what the guy in front of the tank was saying.
Domina toes the Liberal line with, “as long as the Chinese Communists spread the wealth and give up some power to the citizens of Hong Kong, everything will be cool.”

You know, they don’t need, oh we don’t know….DEMOCRACY!
How about VOTING rights?
Of course, the protestors could Tweet that…if only the government allowed Twitter.

Yeah, we are aware of the issues Hong Kong has with aquiring basic items, and such. But the stem of this is Communism vs Democracy. What an idea.

Oh, and by the way, great Tweet about “concentrated wealth” from the Hundred Millionaire.


Many concert-goers watching Neil Young and Willie Nelson (wait a MINUTE! Domina’s weed support is all starting to make sense now!) are still blisfully unaware of the actual science regarding water issues and the Keystone XL Pipeline, pulling out the “Water is more important than oil,” trope.

But Net Nebraska ID’d the real basis behind “protest movements”, be it Occupy Wall St., the People’s Climate March or whatever else requires tie-dye, homemade signs and driving long distances to protest gasoline use:

“Actually, I’m here for the music and the chicks.”

The aforementioned Mike Nash of Omaha noted that he has no opinion about the pipeline.

Godspeed, Mike.


Here is a really nice shot of Democrat Nebraska 2nd District Congressional candidate Brad Ashford at a Planned Parenthood affair:

Ashford and Planned Parenthood 01


Don Walton reports that Republican Pete Ricketts is leading Democrat Chuck Hassebrook in the Nebraska Governor’s race by around 7 points.


And finally, we would just like to say that if we were starting a herbicide company, maybe selling atrazine, we would TOTALLY use Dave Domina’s campaign corn thing for our logo.

Domina Logo 01

It really says corporate agriculture, no?


#NE02 themes and debates

by Street Sweeper on September 26, 2014

First, to start your weekend out right, a litte Separated at Birth, suggested by some Fantasy Football league that my Facebook app keeps suggesting…

Zack Poff - Jordan McGrain - SAB 02

“Zack Poff” and former Nebraska GOP Executive Director, Jordan McGrain!


The National Republican Congressional Committee (that’s the NRCC to you) has a new ad out hitting Brad Ashford.
See it here:

So if you really want to hear what the themes are for a campaign, listen to the candidates’ closing statements in the debate. It is there, when their opponent really can’t or won’t respond, that you hear what they’ll be running.

In last night’s Nebraska 2nd Congressional District debate, you heard Brad Ashford close with his, “I won’t vote to shut down the government and then use the pseduo-expletive,’Dang Straight!’”

And Terry closed with what we see the NRCC using above: Ashford has voted to raise taxes.
Over and over and over and over again.

This really shouldn’t be a big surprise to 2nd Distrcit voters. Ashford is a Big Government guy who believes that Government should be used to Change Your Life. He is a promoter or “Social Justice”, you see.

And what is Social Justice? Well it’s doing good things (you Neaderthal)!

And what sort of Good Things?
(If you have to ask, you Just Don’t Get It.)

And who decides what things are “Good”?
The Government, dummy.

And how will we implement those Good Things?
Well, we will all have to pitch in and pay our “fair share”, and by the way if you disagree with that concept, we will bring the full force of Government down upon you.

In any case, Brad Ashford is a “Let’s Do Good Things with Government!” kind of guy.
That is just who he is. And probably the real reason he became a Democrat.

And now he wants to show what he can do to, er FOR, you in Washington.
But he’ll never, ever utter the words, “Dang Straight!”
So you have that going for you.


As far as the debate itself went, we will say this:
The OWH’s Mike’l Severe is severly underrated (see what we did there?).

Robynn Tysver may be a decent writer (who occasionally “misrepresents facts”, particularly regarding this here blog), but what she is not, is a debate moderator.

She mismanaged time, cut off Terry and Ashford, let them drag on too long, asked incredibly detailed questions and then asked for 15 second answers.

And on more than one occasion asked them to speed up their 30 second answers to 15 seconds.
On little things like Foreign Poliocy.

The end result was a forum where little “debating” occurred, there were almost no follow-ups and the whole thing was rushed and disjointed. Hopefully the C-Span viewers in Ohio were entertained.

What did we learn?
Brad Ashford is playing it very, very safe.

He said two or three times, “I agree with Congressman Terry.
He favors troops in Afghanistan, airstrikes in Syria and bombing Iran (maybe).
On an issue where he could have simply concurred with every other Midwest lawmaker, he deferred to Terry’s intelligence breifing.

At the end he finally took a shot at Terry on “war on women” stuff, which we think portents another DCCC ad. And of course he closed with refusing to be Dang Straight about anything.

But Ashford still came off as a guy who thinks he is ahead, and wasn’t going to strike out by swinging for the fences. He likely believes his victory lies in not coming off as a nice guy, while slowly chip-chipping away at Terry.

It’s time for a change” is hardly, “I’m the best man for the job.

And said by the guy who came in a distant 4th for Mayor of Omaha.


We want to follow up on the recent Senate debate brouhaha, mainly to, once again, show what happens in the media.

You may have seen that there was a U.S. debate in Hastings. Democrat Dave Domina and the other guys were there, but Ben Sasse was not. And THAT was the news story, in multiple sites. “Where was Ben???”

The Grand Island Independent’s Tracy Overstreet opened her story that “Only three of four U.S. Senate candidates attended a Sunday night debate…“. Joe Jordan at Nebraska Watchdog noted, “Ben Sasse accused of ducking issues again“.

Well, here is the closing paragraph from Yankee Lover, Don Walton, in the LJS after the actual last debate:

Sunday’s debate concluded a series of four forums and debates among Senate candidates.

(Emphasis added.)


Sasse said, after he won the GOP primary that he wanted to have more debates than Senator Deb Fischer and New Yorker Bob Kerrey had. And Sasse proposed 4 debates.

And we remember the political storm and newsstories THAT set off.
Only FOUR!??! Why, we should have 6, or even a half dozen!!!!

No? Not so much?

Right. So for the GII or Joe Jordan to give any creedence to the Democrats demand for more debates at this point — without noting that adding another debate at this point would be political malpractice for any campaign — is journalistic Three-card Monte.

See, the press loves these things because, 1) they get to ask the questions, 2) they get to seem smarter than the candidates, and 3) they get something new to talk about. Hey, we get it. The Beast needs to be fed. But The Beast also needs to be honest with its readers in their follow-up on being bummed that the overwhelming favorite is not going to chuck himself into a partisan forum.

“Partisan?” you ask?

Did ANYONE (in the press) note ANYTHING about the dude, Butch Hughes, who sponsored the “Great Debate”?
Yeah, he is a super anti-Keystone XL Pipeline guy —  and guess who the anti-Pipeline lawyer is —  who also is battling the Gubmint to get rid of…fluoride in the water.

But as Kevin Thomas of KLIN notes, the Hastings debate organizers, by putting up a Ben Sasse name card, microphone and empty chair, and their helpers in the press…

“…went out of their way to make it look like Ben Sasse had stood them up, when they knew full well that he wasn’t going to be there!

The crazy thing is, the press figures it can continue to get away with this.
To just make stories up, give them the slant they want, and run with it.

Sure there are places liek this blog, or KLIN where you can get the whole story, but unfortunately, you just won’t always find a link to Leavenworth St. following the GII story.

Be sure to check back often.


The Lee Terry situation

by Street Sweeper on September 24, 2014

First, a quick Separated at Birth with…

Sasse - Disney SAB 03

Nebraska GOP Senate candidate Ben Sasse and a young Walt Disney!

Thanks to reader Justin Myers for Tweeting this one to us.


Yesterday there was quite the information bomb for the race for Congress in Nebraska’s 2nd District.

First, Watchdog’s Deena Winter Tweeted news of a GOP poll (on background) that shows Brad Ashford up on Lee Terry by 5-7%.

Later, Brad Ashford’s latest negative ad went up.
See it here:

We all knew this “issue” was coming, but it’s the creative we were waiting for.

Here, they went with the “16″ birthday cake.
Which is fine, and whatever.

The VA hospital stuff is bogus and they know it. But they wanted to try to tie something to the “Dang straight” line. There is no real corelation, but they needed to come up with something to ding him on with the other. And it comes off disjoined.

Their tag line is an interesting one: “Isn’t 16 years long enough?”

So that’s it? Not, “Terry votes wrong”, or “Terry is against you”. It’s simply that he has been there too many terms (in a legislative body where seniority is everything)? That’s pretty thin gruel, even for the DCCC.

Which isn’t to say this isn’t an effective spot, because of the Terry flub line. They will run this ad non-stop if they can — and they’ve spent enough to jam it down your optic nerve for at least a week.

Because, pretty much, this is all Brad Ashford has to hang his hat on — Lee Terry saying dumb things. Which he has. Often enough. And often enough to mean his election is in jeopardy.


And Terry knows it and the National Republican Congressional Committee knows it too Which is why they have reserved $730K in ad time for Terry’s re-election.

Now the kicker on that “reservation” is whether or not they actually act on it.

Much like Jerry Seinfeld explaining that “anyone can just TAKE reservations.” It’s the HOLDING that is the important part. And for this to make a difference, the NRCC will have to actually spend the money on pro-Terry ads.

Of course the NRCC’s counterpart, the DCCC, has made a similar reservation. Though as Roll Call notes, the DCCC’s $410K reservation could also be used for Omaha area TV for the open Iowa Congressional seat as well.

Point being here, everyone believes Terry is in trouble.

So does that mean Ashford a better candidate than former Democrat challengers Jim Esch, Tom White or John Ewing?

Arguably, yes, on all accounts, for this reason: Ashford is likely seen as a middle of the road squish who Democrats and “Independants” could hold their nose for. And maybe even some Republicans, especially if they feel they could boot Ashford out after a term (which is a poor bet). The previous candidates may have all been a little too liberal for the average Omaha metro voter. But they may have found a weird enough Republi-crat in Ashford.


And as we noted above, Lee Terry is well aware of this. As he spoke last night to the 150 or so Republicans at Douglas County GOP meeting at the Comfort Inn in Omaha, Terry was matter-of-fact in his assessment that many in the crowded room were NOT his supporters. He ticked off the reasons why Ashford could pull out a victory — bond issue, anti-Ricketts, pro-minimum wage raisers all getting out the vote. And he also noted that any who sit on their hands against Lee are simply supporting Ashford.

All true.

And he also noted that a Freshman Ashford will be cowed and cajoled by a Nancy Pelosi.
If that’s what you’re into.

But we will be more than a little surprised if many of the newbies in that room will get off their duffs for Lee. They had no real plan to do so iwhen they first signed-up, and then when their guy got hard-balled in the primary, their duff-sitting calcified.

Of course the funny thing is that we will be surprised to see many hard-core Democrats get off theirs for Ashford. He isn’t seen as “one of them”, and they may feel that they don’t really want to elect a former Republican anyway.

Which side will slouch to victory?


A couple of other notes from the DCRP meet:

There was an appeal or plan or some such to start “raising money” for legislative candidates.
Uh, isn’t now about the time you start SPENDING for those candidates?
Five to six weeks out seems a little tardy to get on that fund raising plan.

And one point of light in the county GOP was legislative candidate Gwenn Aspen.
She is up against Democrat State Senator Burke Haar in District 8 (north-mid-townish Omaha), in a district that a Republican hasn’t held for around 30 years. She really came off as a smart, knowledgable candidate who could shake things up.

The ground game makes all the difference in those races.


We would add that it has been a bit curious with all of the anti-Terry sentiments coming from apparently GOP politicos lately. The Hill quotes a GOP source saying of Terry, “He’s in trouble — not deep trouble, but he’s getting there,” said one national GOP strategist. “The district is great. It’s just him, he’s terrible.”

Add that to Deena Winter’s GOP source who is spilling bad-GOP poll numbers, and we do wonder a bit about who is so bitter.

Look, we get that Terry has pissed off consultants, many long-running, who he has dumped as of late. (And it is our understanding that this info is mainly coming out of D.C.) But who wants to hire a consultant or operative who will later take a dump on you if you don’t stay married to his or her firm for their entire political life? We know things are said in private, but we are a little surprised, and dismayed, at those who take it to the press.

He’s terrible“? Grinding that axe down to the nub, are we?


Radio passion

by Street Sweeper on September 23, 2014

Apparently a radio show was done simultaneously in Lincoln and Alberta, Canada recently on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

And, wouldya know it, the Anti-Pipeliners are STILL pulling out the same defeated arguments about the pipe:

The discussion often came back to the environment and the Ogallala Aquifer. Winston argued that water will be the most valuable resource in the 21st century and said the pipeline threatens that resource.

“You can live without oil,” he said. “You can’t live without water.”

Surely clear heads ruled during this discussion, yeah?

“You can feel it,” she said. “You can feel the passion and the emotion of the issue for (the people affected by the pipeline), and I think that came across very well.”

Well, as long as there is emotion and passion, that trumps logic, reason and science, right?

The aquifer is in great danger from those oil steamers from the north, right???

Well, let’s hear it, once again, from former UNL hydrologist, Jim Goeke:

Any leak would have minimal impact on the Ogallala Aquifer.

Wait, Mr. Goeke, What the hell do YOU know about the Aquifer?

I have been able to drill more than 1,000 test holes into the Ogallala formation.

Hmm. OK.

Well, what about that other guy from Nebraska who said a spill would be baaaaad???

UNL environmental engineer John Stansbury’s report (on worst-case consequences of a spill, released in July) makes the incorrect assumption that the Ogallala Aquifer is uniform sand in all directions and right below the surface. The calculations of a projected 15-mile plume (of leaked oil) did not take into consideration the geology of the aquifer.

Yeah, but what if it was a really baaad spill?

The pipeline alignment goes over a far eastern segment of the subsurface Ogallala. Roughly 75 to 80 percent of the aquifer is upgradient to the west. That unrelenting eastward water flow means that it would be a physical impossibility for any oil spill to reach the vast majority of the aquifer to the west.

But please let us have some more emotion on the subject.
Because emotion is always much more imporant.

Oh, and it’s better radio.


New #NE02 and #NEGOV spots!

by Street Sweeper on September 17, 2014

Lee Terry has a new TV spot out.
See it here:

This is Terry’s 3rd testimonial ad and again, it is solid.

The Veteran speaking makes it clear that he backs Terry and all of Terry’s work for Vets.
And we are sure that Terry has other ads ready to roll, but we would suggest that he cannot go wrong with an ad showing his support for the military. It is a no-brainer, and these days, we would also suggest that Lee letting other people do the talking ain’t a bad idea either.


Chuck Hassebrook, who early on had promoted his idea of an all positive campaign has his SECOND negative ad out against Pete Ricketts.

See it here:

The funny thing is all of this has already been refuted by Ricketts. You look to see what he has proposed and what is on his website and it’s none of this stuff. Hassebrook feels he has some sort of ace in the hole with the Platte Institute stuff, but it won’t fly.

We will let the Ricketts camp continue…

False Claim #1: Chuck’s ad says Ricketts is making false attacks.Fact: Ricketts has yet to run an ad mentioning his opponent. His radio and television ads have focused solely on his own qualifications for being governor and why he has earned the support of groups like the Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Cattlemen.

False Claim #2: Chuck’s ad says Ricketts “avoided paying taxes.”

Fact: Ricketts has never tried to avoid paying his taxes. On two occasions in the past, he challenged the assessment of his home as thousands of Nebraskans do every year. The Douglas County assessor agreed that Pete’s assessment was too high and the valuation was reassessed.

False Claim #3: Chuck’s ad says that Pete “will raise taxes on family farmers and 80 percent of Nebraskans and lower taxes for corporations like his.”

Fact: The ad cites Platte Institute policies Ricketts has refuted, and an OpenSky Institute report on LBs 405 and 406, tax bills that Ricketts opposed. Tax reform for the benefit of all Nebraskans has been a main tenet of the Ricketts campaign. Ricketts has released detailed plans for property tax reform, which would be the top priority of a Ricketts administration.

False Claim #4: Chuck’s ad says Ricketts wants to “lower taxes for rich people like him.” The ad cites a newspaper report on LBs 405 and 406.

Fact: Again, Ricketts has publicly denounced the two bills in question, stating their impacts on Nebraskans and the state’s largest industries, agriculture and manufacturing, would be detrimental to the state. Instead, he wants to focus tax reform efforts on lowering the tax burden for all Nebraska farmers, small businesses, and middle-class families.

Now, on the other hand, if the Dems want to run someone, we are ready to get behind this Melvin Luetchens of Murdock, Nebraska!

Mel Luetchens

He seems like the kind of Democrat who is not afraid to stand up in front of a red barn and speak his piece! Will he say whatever the Hassebrook people tell him? Yes he will!

So there ya go, voters. It’s Ricketts vs Luetchens.
May the best actual candidate win.


Speaking of the Gov’s race, we still aren’t sure what will happen with that ballot stuff.
We would say, it’s federal law regarding getting the ballots out by Friday.
If there was a ruling, and then a Supremes ruling, boy that’s not giving the printer much time.


Lancaster County District Judge Lori Maret dismissed the case, saying Secretary of State John Gale had no clear legal duty to refuse the request to substitute Mike Foley’s name for Lavon Heidemann’s, so she could not order him to reverse the decision.

No word yet on an appeal.


Oh, and in case you were following all of the Neil Young – Daryl Hannah news, you can now note that Neil’s real beef with the Keystone XL Pipeline is all about how he thinks tar sands oil production will affect Alberta, Canada.

It ain’t got nothing to do with Nebraska landowners, no matter how many times Neil tells you how much he loves farmers and/or Rockin’ in the Free World.

(And Daryl Hannah? Really? We could see Daryl Hall, or even John Oates. But her with Neil???)


Whither the ballot?

September 16, 2014

The LJS today features a personal letter written by Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers to Secretary of State John Gale concerning Gale’s decision to put Mike’ Foley’s name on the ballot as the Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate. Chambers spent 13 pages on his IBM Selectric (we are assuming he has an electric typewriter) quoting humor [...]

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Polls: Sasse and Ricketts with solid leads

September 11, 2014

New polls commissioned by the New York Times / CBS News / YouGov Battleground Tracker for the 2014 Nebraska Senate and Governor’s races show Republicans Ben Sasse and Pete Ricketts with solid leads. Here are the topline results: More to come… *** Our takeaways: Ricketts and Sasse both lead in every age group and in [...]

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New TV, radio and Lieutenant Governor

September 11, 2014

Lee Terry and Brad Ashford each have new TV spots out — Ashford his recent negative spot, and Terry TWO TV ads. We are going to intersperse them through this post, lest they get too cumbersome for you to handle in a bunch (sort of like going back and forth to bring the groceries in). [...]

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Lt Gov

September 9, 2014

FWIW, we are hearing Mike Foley for the new Ricketts pick. Could be off, we’ll know in a half hour (1:30pm CST). Stay tuned. **UPDATE at 1:30** And Pete confirms it. Oh, and our suggestion is now let Foley and his brood live in the McMansion in Lincoln…

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Running behind

September 8, 2014

As we noted on our Twitter feed on Friday (which we know you follow, right?) the Republican Governors Association has a new ad up knocking Democrat Nebraska Governor candidate Chuck Hassebrook. See it here: Here’s the thing: We expect to hear Hassebrook complaining about this ad and Who paid for it? and, oh they are [...]

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Hassebrook goes negative

September 4, 2014

Democrat Nebraska Governor candidate Chuck Hassebrook wasted no time going negative against Pete Ricketts. See his recent ad here: Hassebrook rolls out a bunch of talking points that Ricketts knocked down, one by one, in the debate that no one watched. So we will let the Ricketts camp plow through those again below. But let [...]

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