Celebrating Independence

Independence_12x8_150resOn this Independence Day weekend, I will pass along a passage from Stephen Ambrose’s book, “Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West”(As I did a few years back…)

In this excellent telling of the exploration by Lewis and Clark, Ambrose gives the following description of July 4, 1804:

On July 4, the men ushered in the day with a firing of the cannon.

At noon, the party pulled ashore at the mouth of a creek of some fifteen yards wide, “coming out of an extensive Prarie” on the left (west) side. As they ate, the captains questioned the voyagers. No, they knew no name for the creek.

The captains thereupon named it, their second experience in bestowing a name. They called it Independence Creek.

The expedition pulled over for the night at the site of an old Kansas Indian town. “We Camped in the plain,” Clark wrote, “one of the most butifull Plains I ever Saw, open & butifully diversified with hills & wallies all presenting themselves to the river covered with grass and a few scattering trees, a handsom Creek meandering thro.”

The captains ordered an extra gill distributed.

As they sipped their portions, they took in their surroundings and were quite overwhelmed. The country was covered with a sweet and nourishing grass, interspersed with copses of trees “Spreding ther lofty branchs over Pools Springs or Brooks of fine water. Groops of Shrubs covered with the most delicious froot is to be seen in every direction, and nature appears to have exerted herself to butify the Senery by the variety of flours Delicately and highly flavered raised above the Grass, which Strikes and profumes the Sensation, and amuses the mind.”

At sunset, the men again fired the cannon.

It was the first-ever Fourth of July celebration west of the Mississippi River.

As you fire up the grill, watch the parades go by and kick back with your favorite beverage while watching the rockets’ red glare, remember Lewis and Clarke and their crew.

Out on the midwest plains they too fired their cannons, had an extra gill of whiskey, and admired the beauty of the land.

Perfect way to celebrate America.

The appropriate way

“Ditch the Rule” ad

The other day, the Nebraska Congressional delegation, along with the Governor, gave a strong critique to the proposed Federal Waters of the U.S. rule. They noted that it is overly broad and hurts farmers and ranchers — and organizations such as the Farm Bureau agree.

So who does the local media go to for a counter position?
Local farmer? State Senator? Scientist?

They of course talk to…Jane Kleeb!

Jane jumped to the mic and declared:

“That rule is about making sure industries like coal plants are not polluting our waterways,” Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska said.

Kleeb said the EPA is doing its job and calls the concerns leveled scare tactics.

“In fact, farms and ranches are exempt from the Clean Water rule,” Kleeb said. “All regular agricultural activities are exempt from it. This is about big polluters.”

Uh huh.
Well, except, no.

Here are some of the many ways, as noted by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the final rule gives the EPA the tools to regulate a farmer’s field:

  • The final rule preamble claims jurisdiction over irrigation canals and the rule fails to exempt irrigation ditches.
  • The final rule excludes waters used for ordinary farming activities from the category of “adjacent” waters, but EPA can claim a “significant nexus.”
  • By allowing remote sensing technology such as LIDAR to identify tributaries, the rule has no meaningful limit on the definition of tributary and can include erosion features on farmers’ fields.
  • The definition of “significant nexus” is so broad it can capture any water feature that holds water, infiltrates groundwater, or is used by animals, birds, and insects.

So no doubt someone, like Jane, thought, “Oh, we will save the environment with these rules!” But not being out in the field, they have no idea of how their proposals affect real people.

And don’t forget: Kleeb isn’t a farmer. And she’s not a government expert.

Yet for some reason, the news media asks for her to comment on things about which she “less than an expert”, to put it lightly.

You know, like about the Ogallala Aquifer.

Yeah, Leavenworth St. is still taking input from the University of Nebraska expert on drilling wells and the Ogallala Aquifer, over her.


And from the pure satire department…

Ernie Chambers says Governor’s actions are inappropriate.


Chambers, the state’s leading opponent of capital punishment, said it was inappropriate for the Republican governor to fund the effort after failing to convince the Nebraska Legislature to retain capital punishment.

But Chambers, the same guy who compared the cops to ISIS and suggested shooting cops, thinks it’s totally cool for out-of-state groups to funnel money into the state to prevent Nebraskans from voting on the issue.

They should have done that “Inside Out” movie from inside Ernie’s head. Now THERE’s some comedy.


Hey, email the Gov if you’re from South O and want to be a State Senator!

Preferences include:

  • Being an extremely pasty-complexioned Swede;
  • Desire to vote with the Democrats 99.9% of the time, even though you’re constantly told that the Legislature is non-partisan;
  • A keen eye for seeking out the chance to leave early to cash in for a newer sweet paying gig.

Wait, are we confused about how this works?

Lincoln spoke

MASH-upThe LJS’s Nancy Hicks is at it again.

She decided to dive back into the cesspool of Democrat Mitch Paine for Lincoln City Council campaign’s dirty tricks.

But now, Hicks gives a vigorous defense of the radical environmentalist:

“…Paine, who is an earnest, idealistic young man, a straight arrow who thrives on policy talk, was an unwitting victim of both the political power struggle and his campaign manager’s stupidity.”

Where to begin…

First it should be noted that Nancy Hicks is listed as a “columnist”.
So wash away any pretense of “news” here.
Don’t be under the impression that she will give you what is known in newspaper-ese as “facts.”

But here are a few for ya.

The FACT is that Paine put himself in this situation.

First, he made it the goal of his young life to be an unabashed radical environmentalist. He made it well-known that he sided with those who believe they know what policies will make the world meet their lobbying group’s standards.

So when the Council rejected him from this rung on his climb to power in city and state politics, they were doing so based on HIS positions.

“Green”? That’s cute. Why not just call it the “Feel Good Perfectness Smiling Party”? Because my gosh who could be against THAT?

Yes, the Council was reacting to the inching power grab of the city by the radical environmentalist left. That’s called doing their JOB.

And here’s another FACT:

Paine hired this — unnamed and apparently unknowable — campaign manager. And he is responsible for what happens in his campaign. Otherwise Hick’s White Knight Mayor Beutler wouldn’t have canned Paine’s application.

And the FACT is that we don’t really know if Hicks’ “straight shooter” knew about the website or not. See, what a reporter should have written is, Paine said the website was purchased by his campaign manager without his blessing or knowledge.”

Because, absent at least some confirmation from another source — oh I don’t know, maybe one of the two other people who have not made any statements on this — we don’t have any other corroboration. All we have is Paine’s statement.

And it has been over a week now and still nothing from the LJS on the NAME of the campaign manager? Or on who else knew about it?

Zip? Nada?

Frankly with their effort to sweep this under the rug, you get to wondering how much more of the story the LJS really knows, and isn’t telling you.

In any case, Head Democrat cheerleader Hicks‘ final sentence is the most telling:

The Republican majority has the power to block any project it finds too expensive, too liberal, too green.

Or how about this Nancy:
“Too WRONG for the city.”

The city that elected a majority to the Council to put a check on this Mayor.


As long as we’re talking all things LJS, just a note on their Editorial today, entitled, “Time for ‘stars and bars’ to go”

The OWH had a good history of the various Confederate flags, and everyone’s favorite source, Wikipedia (which cites John Coski of the Harward Press to please you scoffers) succinctly notes:

“The Confederate Battle Flag…is also known as the rebel flag, Dixie flag, and Southern cross and is often incorrectly referred to as the “Stars and Bars”. (The actual “Stars and Bars” is the first national flag, which used an entirely different design.)

So you would think that the Editorial staff of the LJS could at least get that right, but no matter.

But when the LJS cites an internet meme for their newfound enlightenment on this issue? An internet meme???

Yes, an internet meme.

“…when an Internet meme replaces the stars and bars atop the General Lee car from “The Dukes of Hazzard” with the rainbow-colored gay pride flag, you know opinions have shifted.”

You know opinions have shifted because of an internet meme?


Confederate flags should be removed from official locations. Last time I checked, we all live under the American flag.

And I hate racists whether they use the Confederate Battle flag, the Nazi flag or the American flag to to stand in front of while they take their stupid photos and post them on the internet.

But I would note that 10-year-old me who used to watch the Dukes of Hazzard would have been pleased to know that 10 year olds are now writing the editorials for the LJS.


Democrat State Senator Jeremy Nordquist quit his District yesterday to go work for Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford.

And on the way out the door, Nordquist implored the Governor to replace him with…well, obviously someone just like him.

“Appointing a candidate that does not share their values and does not work in their best interest would certainly be unfortunate (and) an affront to our democracy.”

Curious that Nordquist doesn’t mind affronting democracy when he votes for all matters of other issues a majority of Nebraskans are against.

Of course, one could also argue that it is an affront to democracy, and his district, for Nordquist to quit on the people who elected him.

The good people of South O didn’t vote to have the Governor appoint their Senator. If Nordquist is so keen on democracy being served by someone just like him, he should stay on the job, instead of taking the sweet paying gig with Ashford.

Otherwise, he should just quit, say thank you, and move along.


I think you will enjoy listening to my most recent podcast on The Wheels Down Politics Show with National Review’s Jonah Goldberg. (Fire up that smart phone during your commute or your workout!)

Goldberg delivered a well thought out position on the death penalty, and we hit on many of the different sides of the discussion.

And that is interesting as the “Nebraskans for Public Safety” (that’s rich) group seems to be trying to glom onto Justice Breyer’s half-baked contention that the death penalty is not in the Constitution.

Because you can bet that those pro-voter suppression forces — and their no doubt millions of dollars from outside of Nebraska — will continue to try to come up with ANY idea they can to prevent Nebraskans from voting on this issue.


Going into the wayback machine for those of you were fans of M*A*S*H back in the day…

Remember when Hotlips was getting married to Lt. Col. Donald Penobscott, and the night before, the guys wrapped him in a body cast, so he was trapped in that the day of his wedding?

And the next morning Frank Burns said to him:

Gee, I’m glad I didn’t break my leg while I was asleep.

Anyway, that keeps coming back when reading some of the news coming out of the Blatt Beer & Table restrooms.

The Wheels Down Politics Show – Jonah Goldberg on the Death Penalty

(Click above to play in the browser or Direct download by clicking here, or by searching Wheels Down Politics on iTunes.)

Jonah Goldberg 02Jerry Kratochvil interviews author and columnist Jonah Goldberg on the Death Penalty.

Jerry and Jonah discuss the recent vote by the Nebraska legislature to abolish the Death Penalty, as well as a deeper discussion of the merits of the Death Penalty.

They discuss some of the fallacies of the arguments against — such as government’s role in putting someone to death and the work of the “Innocence Project” —  as well as some of the shortcomings of the arguments for.

Jonah also gives his thoughts on whether support of the Death Penalty is a staple of true conservatism.

A bestselling author and columnist, Jonah Goldberg’s nationally syndicated column appears regularly in scores of newspapers across the United States. He is also a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, a member of the board of contributors to USA Today, a contributor to Fox News, a contributing editor to National Review, the founding editor of National Review Online and a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Jonah Goldberg at…

The National Review Online
The G-File (sign-up via National Review newsletters)
The American Enterprise Institute
Twitter: @JonahNRO
Facebook: JonahGoldbergNR
Jonah’s books at Amazon.com


You can find this, and all of our podcasts at WheelsDownPolitics.com and by searching Wheels Down Politics on iTunes.

You NEED me on that wall!

Borchers on Great WallFormer Creighton University School of Law Dean (and current candidate for Legislature) Pat Borchers visited China recently, where he traveled and gave a few talks on legal subjects.

He also visited the Great Wall of China where he sported his…

…Shane Osborn for U.S. Senate t-shirt.

Me thinks this was less to try to drum up support from inner and outer Mongolians for Shane’s next campaign, and more to thumb his nose at the Chi-Coms for detaining Shane and his flight crew down on Hainan Island after one of their jets clipped his reconnasiaince aircraft.

As I noted on his Facebook post, maybe a better shirt would have been…

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.54.21 PM

You can see more of Borchers’ photos and stories from China on his Facebook page.


Senator Deb Fischer wrote an Op-Ed in the OWH this weekend with Federal Communications Commission member Ajit Pai.

In it, they spelled out their disagreement with the Obama Administration’s current plans for changing the way the internet operates.

Fishcer and Pai point out that the current plans for “net neutrality”, based on the way telephones have operated since the 1930s, would only hamper the current speed and innovation under which the internet in the U.S. now operates.

Fischer and Pai are in favor of policies that would encourage high-speed broadband development, encourage private investment and re-work how the Universal Service Fund operates.

Read more of the Op-Ed here.


Don Walton of the LJS had a busy weekend. Along with his political wrap-up column he wrote a feature on Governor Pete Rickett’s personal aide, Jessica Moenning.

In an article in which he refers to Moenning as a “rock star”, he notes that she is a privately paid consultant working on various public and political matters in the state.

(Interesting that apparently she is paid by the Gov, but also gets a check from Nebraskans for the Death Penalty, while she helps them organize.)

Interesting as well that Walton didn’t bother to list her other current clients beyond Governor Ricketts — since that is the base of much of the debate around her current position.

But all that aside, one point to quibble: Don notes that Moenning took over the Ricketts for Senate campaign back in 2006 when “it was clear that Ricketts could not win.


That would have been in JULY of 2006. Walton had decided five months before the General that Nelson had it locked up, eh? Funny then that Nelson had many hard-ball negative ads against Ricketts during that time — even though the race was a fore-gone conclusion.

And July 2006 Don Walton didn’t think the race was over:

Although Nelson leads Ricketts in all the early polling, Nebraska’s voter registration numbers dramatize the danger facing the Democratic senator and the Republican challenger’s opportunity.

Republicans: 578,916.

Democrats: 371,037.

Nelson won his first Senate term in 2000 by 15,000 votes when the Republican voter registration advantage was 145,000.

It is 207,000 today.

However, 184,000 registered independents also have an opportunity to choose between Nelson and Ricketts in November.

Also funny that Pete had negative ads running, personally criticizing Nelson, up until Election Day. In other words, he wasn’t just positioning himself for a run at the Governor’s McMansion eight years later.

But then again, we are seldom surprised by revisionist history by Don.

He’s the guy who is currently bitter that there will be too many K.C. Royals on the All-Star team.

Don’t worry Don. We’re sure the Yankees will buy them all up so they can make the All-Star diamond covered in pinstripes next year. (You know, like they always do.)


And yes it’s Day 7 and we’re still waiting to hear who in the Democrat Party knew about the “despicable” dirty tricks in Lincoln…

…And if Congressman Brad Ashford is staffing up his campaign with these same people.

Statements and non-statements

Jefferson-Jackson 01Day 4 of the Nebraska Democrat Dirty Tricks Scandal.

Why the new moniker?

Well, has there been ANY public statement about who exactly is responsible for what Democrat Mayor Chris Beutler and Democrat…er…newspaper Lincoln Journal Star have called “despicable” dirty tricks?

A few anonymous tipsters have pointed at James Pauley — but there has been nothing official, especially from his former employers, the Nebraska Democratic Party, Gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook or Mitch Paine.

Not to mention, Paine has another person who was listed as one of his consultants — like Pauley — who now works for Congressman Brad Ashford. Was he involved, or did he know about this dirty trick? And if so, what is Ashford doing about it?

The Lincoln Journal Star will likely sweep this under the rug.
We won’t.


On other topics to discuss on this Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday…

A new study says there is “little evidence” that marijuana has medicinal value…but more study is needed.


Hal Daub repeated to Matt Hansen of the OWH what he said on the Wheels Down Politics Show a few month back: Omaha would benefit from a light rail system.

Here is a short excerpt from that show where Hal talks about what he thinks would be effective, what it might cost, and how Omaha would benefit.


A frequent reader posed THIS question in light of recent events:

Will Democrats be changing the name of their traditional Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner?
(They dare to break bread in the name of a slave owner and Native American killer?)

Republicans will likely continue to sup with their Lincoln Day dinners…


During her weekly call with the press (which, by the way, is a great service to the people of Nebraska), I asked U.S. Senator Deb Fischer about her thoughts on what some have said is the Supreme Court overstepping their bounds and legislating from the bench on the King v Burwell decision regarding ObamaCare (where the majority re-wrote the law for Congress).

Here is her full response:

That’s a judgment call. I think when I say I’m disappointed in the Court’s decision, that pretty well covers it.

I think Justice Scalia had a good statement when he said, “Words no longer have any meaning.

In my opinion, as a citizen of the United States, it is not the job of the Supreme Court to bow to what they view as public opinion.

They are the highest officers of the Court. It is their job to uphold the Constitution, to uphold the laws of this country. And when they start truly bowing to their interpretation of what is good for the public or bow to public opinion they do all of us a disservice.


And on today’s same-sex marriage ruling, here is U.S. Senator Ben Sasse’s full statement:

Today’s ruling is a disappointment to Nebraskans who understand that marriage brings a wife and husband together so their children can have a mom and dad. The Supreme Court once again overstepped its Constitutional role by acting as a super-legislature and imposing its own definition of marriage on the American people rather than allowing voters to decide in the states.

“As a society, we need to celebrate marriage as the best way to provide stability and opportunity for kids. As President Obama has said, there are good people on both sides of the issue. I hope we all can agree that our neighbors deserve the freedom to live out their religious convictions.”

(Of course President Obama held the same position up until about a year ago, which you always hear the main stream press mention never…)

Annnnd this email update from the Douglas County Clerk immediately following the ruling:

Same-sex marriages are now legal in the State of Nebraska. The Douglas County Clerk/Comptroller’s office is now issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

NDP Silence & Voter Supression TV

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.09.17 AM
James Pauley

Day 3 of the House of Paine Dirty Tricks Campaign…
…and still no word from Paine campaign manager, and former Nebraska Democrat Party and Chuck Hassebrook staffer, James Pauley.

The NDP, Chairman Vince Powers and others seem content to throw Pauley under the bus — but the NDP Tweeted that they won’t say anything until Pauley does.

And that’s fine, since it would also be appropriate for them to discover who else Pauley told about his “despicable” (said the LJS) dirty trick. Was the Paine staffer who is now working for Brad Ashford in on it? What did he know and when?

And did anyone at the Nebraska Democrat Party know? (Assume they’re all trying to figure that out before Pauley speaks…)

Though who knows when or how Pauley will make a statement, since he took down his Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday.


And just a note on Democrat Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler — with a hat tip to Coby Mach from his interview with Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm

When Beutler announced that he was taking Mitch Paine’s name out of contention for the Lincoln Air Quality board, he said

This is another aspect of D.C.-style politics that I abhor…

In other words, he equates the dirty trick of making fun of a former homeless person using the Bum Fights video, with the Lincoln City Council doing their job in vetting a candidate for a city board.

See, a majority of the Lincoln City Council originally objected to Paine being on the Air Quality Board because of his radical environmental views.

And Paine is…SURPRISE!…a protege of Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska!

Paine has spoken on behalf of Bold Nebraska and the Sierra Club at a number of forums around the state, and has served as the Boldies’ photographer — even fossil-fueling it to D.C. photographing their protest in front of the White House. (You remember: Jane let others get hauled off to jail while she sucked the air of freedom.)

The 26-year-old Paine had posted on Facebook his belief in “leveraging public policy” for his radical environmental causes. So the Council took him at his word…and rejected him.

But to Mayor Beutler, the Council doing their job and the Paine campaign’s Dirty Tricks are just examples of “DC-style politics”.

Just so you know where Beutler’s head is at, he apologized to Lamm for Paine’s campaign — but not for accusing Lamm of the same “DC-style politics.”


In all this action in Lincoln, discussion of the latest ad from the “Don’t Let Them Vote!” forces got tabled. Let’s pick it back up.

After being infused with (at least!) $400,000 of out-of-state cash, the Voter Suppression forces are going up with this ad:

You will see Senator Colby Coash and Senator Sara Howard’s legislative aide on there deriding the idea that Nebraskans should vote on this (“I’m not signing anything!“).

And if they want to persuade you to vote against the Death Penalty, mazel tov. There are more than enough people who will have that discussion.

But that’s not what Coash and the rest are saying.
They are saying that Nebraskans SHOULD NOT HAVE the right to vote on the Death Penalty.

Which is interesting.
Because, remember, the override on the Governor’s veto passed by ONE vote in the Unicameral.

And let’s focus on ONE vote.
State Senator Robert Hilkemann.

In the 2014 campaign, Hilkemann ran against Stacy Ryan — who, like Hilkemann, described herself as a “conservative.”

But there was a difference between the two, as expressed in their pre-election profile:

“I do not support the death penalty,” Ryan said.

“I think the death penalty is still necessary for the more heinous crimes,” Hilkemann said.

And Hilkemann won the race.

But when he got to Lincoln — to hell with what he told the voters — the 67-year-old Hilkemann voted to repeal the death penalty.

And why is his age noted? Because Hilkemann had approximately 49 years since he was able to vote to think about the death penalty. And giving it that thought, he announced his position to voters. And then 4 months later “changed his mind.”

So now, with the voters deceived by Hilkemann, the “Don’t Sign!” forces think that YOU Nebraskans should not have the right to vote on it.

We keep hearing about Nebraska’s “second house”.

But Coash, the ACLU and a host of others don’t want you to have the keys.

Which Democrat staffer created the Bum Fights-linked website?

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.53.46 AMYesterday, Democrat Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler withdrew the nomination of Mitch Paine to be on a local board because of Paine’s dirty “DC-style” campaign tactics in the recent Lincoln City Council elections.

Paine denied creating the false campaign site of his opponent, Cyndi Lamm, that linked to a “Bum Fights” video.

According to the LJS:

He said his campaign manager apparently purchased the domain and created the website without his knowledge or permission.

And no where does Nancy Hicks of the LJS (an unabashed Democrat cheerleader) ask exactly WHO his manager was and who DID make the site.

Because Paine’s campaign is a Who’s-Who of the Young Turks of the Nebraska Democrat Party.


According to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission, Paine spent 73% of his campaign donations to pay the following three people as consultants for his loss in the Lincoln City Council primary:

James Pauley: $8,000
Nathan Janulewicz: $2,000
Elizabeth Hertzler: $1,354.86
TOTAL: $11,354.86

(By the way, the campaign only raised a total of $15,350, so the other $4K was for mail.)

So who gets the blame for creating the outrageous website?


Let’s note, by the way, that this WAS outrageous and disgusting.

This wasn’t just some “Rick-Roll” where a web viewer thought they were going to a campaign site and instead saw a video of cats playing the piano.

One doesn’t pick the “Bum Fights” video that was linked, out of the blue.

This was specifically tailored to mock Cyndi Lamm’s past as being homeless — before eventually going to law school and becoming a success.

Someone thought they were being very clever.

You know, like mocking Ben Sasse’s campaign RV:

Breaking Sasse
Go ahead, click to see where this was posted…

See, that is sort of clever. And it doesn’t really hurt anyone — I suppose some could question the taste of comparing a Senate campaign to a meth-operation, but it isn’t particularly mean-spirited

But the person — or people — who came up with linking Cyndi Lamm to drunken homeless people fighting, while the person filming giggles, thought they were being very clever. Heck, they knew they were being clever by changing “cyndi” to “cindy” in the URL.

And where do such campaign folk get that experience?
Mayor Beutler called it DC-style tactics.



James Pauley lists himself as CURRENTLY working for the Nebraska Democrat Party. (@Vince_Powers Tweeted that Pauley “has not worked for the NDP since approximately Dec 2013.“)

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.45.34 AM


Nathan Janulewicz lists himself as CURRENTLY working for Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.46.44 AM


Elizabeth Hertzler lists herself as CURRENTLY an aide to Democrat state Senator, and leader of the Democrats in the Unicameral, Heath Mello.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.47.36 AM

**See Update for Elizabeth Hertzler below**

So, if Mitch Paine says he didn’t do it, and a campaign staffer did…WHICH ONE DID IT?

Is Vince Powers of the Nebraska Democrats asking?
Is Congressman Brad Ashford asking?
Is Senator Heath Mello asking?
(And while we’re at it, lets also include Bob Kerrey, Chuck Hassebrook, Jim Suttle, Tom White and Ben Nelson, all of whom these three list as employers on LinkedIn.)

Or are they OK with making fun of Cyndi Lamm’s past?


And, oh by the way, you don’t light a candle, and put it under a bushel.

Once you make this oh-so-clever website, you TELL people about it.
At least you tell those with whom you work closely.

And guess what? The site (cindyforthecity.com) was up until JUST today.
And now, SOMEONE has taken it down.

So who did know about it for the past four months?
And why did they let it stay up?

So Chris Beutler and Vince Powers and Brad Ashford and Heath Mello, are you asking your staffers these questions?

And if not, why not?


**UPDATE at 12:40pm**

Leavenworth St. received the following statement from Elizabeth Hertzler:

June 24, 2015

“Mitch Paine was my client as an independent financial and compliance consultant. In my capacity, I had no knowledge of this level of campaign strategy or decision making. The actions taken by the campaign do not reflect my work and my personal ethical standard. I would hope that discussions do not continue to incorrectly connect me with this deplorable action. Any further questions should be directed to the Campaign Manager, James Pauley.”

­Elizabeth Hertzler

Lincoln Democrat caught using dirty campaign tricks and offensive video

Mitch Paine 001Twenty-six year old Mitch Paine works for the Nebraska Natural Resources Department.

He ran, and lost, for Lincoln City Council against Cyndi Lamm.
Democrat Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler now wants to appoint him to the Air Quality Board (whatever that is).

Cyndi Lamm, you will note, spells her name with a “Y then I”, and her campaign website was “www.CyndiForTheCity.com“.

However, in the Democrat Dity Tricks playbook, “CindyForTheCity.com” — using “I then Y” — took advantage of those who don’t know how she spells her name.

But it didn’t stop there.

They then redirected users to the crasss, distasteful, racist and patently offensive video on YouTube entitled “Bum Fights“, showing just what it is entitled, with giggling videographers behind it.

And what makes this especially offensive, is that Cyndi Lamm was herself once homeless. A point which apparently Paine finds hillarious.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.39.27 AMThe website CURRENTLY redirects to the Bum Fights video. Click it yourself and find out. Type it out yourself. (Don’t worry, in case it is taken down at some point, I have a video screen capture.)

Here is the kicker: You can dissguise who purchsed a webpage by using a “Domains By Proxy” which essentially hides who paid for a site.

But not always.

Here is the smoking gun:

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.26.02 AM


In the realm of Democrats calling for resignations and responsibility, this is the top of the mountain.

It was used during the campaign and is still up.
It is patently offensive and wrong.
Paine holds a gig with a state office.
Paine is gunning for an appointment for the Democrat Mayor.

So lets hear it Democrats!
Let’s hear a quick, certain denouncement of this in no uncertain terms, from EVERY Democrat office holder and leader in the state!

And what should happen to Paine? Tell us!

(The Nebraska GOP has demanded that at the very least Beutler remove Paine from consideration for the appointment.)

If you Democrats DON’T denounce everything associated with this, we will consider it an endorsement.

Your move.

**UPDATE at 2pm**

From Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler:

“Our concern about D.C.-style politics being used in Lincoln has not changed. We have not allowed partisan bickering and the undue influence of special interest groups to keep our community from moving forward, and we should never adopt that way of doing the City’s business.

“What has changed is the situation concerning my nomination of Mitch Paine to the Air Pollution Advisory Board. My office found out for the first time today that a member of Mitch’s campaign staff used a negative and highly offensive campaign tactic against Cyndi Lamm during the City Council campaign. This is another aspect of D.C.-style politics that I abhor, and I have reached out to Cyndi to express my disappointment with respect to this campaign tactic.

“I have also withdrawn my support for Mitch’s appointment, and I will ask the Council to remove his name from consideration for this advisory board.”

“Campaign staff”?
For Lincoln City Council?
So who was it?
And what did Mitch know and when did he know it?

Organized Voter Suppression

voter-suppression-300x233A George Soros funded group — Proteus Action League — which is an arm of the Proteus Fund, which uses a web of groups and donors to launder the cash for their “progressive” pet projects, donated $400,000 to keep Nebraskans from voting on the Death Penalty.

Oh but wait! They’re just “educating” voters about the evils of the Death Penalty, right?

Uh, no.


Heck, you want to talk about voter suppression? You want to talk about keeping people from voting? Forget about some Texas lady who couldn’t figure out a state I.D.

Here are billionaires from across the country who think Nebraskans are so stupid that they want to take away their right to vote on an issue.

As the OWH notes regarding former State Senator Danielle Conrad…

Conrad said Friday that her group (the ACLU) has hired a national consultant, Fieldworks, to organize opposition to the referendum.

That’s OPPOSITION, not “education” as Ms. Conrad tries to weasel.

Hey Democrat Party? Where’s the outrage?
Hey progressives? Where’s the march? Where’s the chant?
The Whole World’s Watching!
Let Them Vote!
(Or some such.)

See, just like they favor “free speech” — when it is speech they like — the Left favors voting — as long as it is voting on issues they like.

This is an absolute crock.


And the Monday LJS Don Walton column always gets things going:

“the nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature truly is nonpartisan”

“party labels are mostly checked at the door”

“you can’t be sure what’s going to happen”

Wrong, wrong and wrong.
Anyone who can read and count can tell you EXACTLY what will happen.

2015 Conservative Scorecard NELEG DEMS
Courtesy John Orr

The Democrats in the Legislature will vote as a unified BLOCK.
They do not vote “independently”.
The are STRICTLY partisan.

And frankly, they are a complete affront to whatever angelic principle Don finds in George Norris’s Unicameral.


Oh, and just for accuracy’s sake…

Don noted…

“Members of Congress caucus together based simply on their partisan political affiliation…”

Actually there are 275 Congressional Caucuses (according to Wikipedia) that range from “A” Appalachian Caucus to “Z” Zero Capital Gains Tax Caucus.


By the way, back in Barack Obama’s first term as President he hammered through a Health Care law that no member had read or understood.

But, with both Houses a majority Democrat, he didn’t hammer through whatever anti-gun measures he thinks would cure what he thinks ails America.

Enjoying the finger wagging in the mean time though.

(Oh, and the President’s claim that “this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency,” got a rating of “Mostly False” from Politifact.)



State Senator John Murante announced that he will NOT be running for Congress (NE-02) in 2016, and will instead be running for re-election to the legislature.