Ashford using US Troops as props for ads

Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford is using Air Force troops as props in his recent political ad. And it is against Air Force and Department of Defense rules.

In his re-election campaign spot, Ashford uses a photo of himself with members of the 55th Wing at RAF Mildenhall in the United Kingdom, who politely stood with him when he was on an official visit.

Here is the image used in the ad:



Now, these military members have reportedly asked Ashford to take down the photo, and Ashford has ignored their demands.

Ashford’s response to KETV‘s Dave Roberts? “We blurred out their faces.

Question, reasonable person:
Do you think these troops are unidentifiable because of a slight blur?

How about this:
Here is a before and after of the same pic with Brad’s face blurred just as much as the military members.


Is Ashford now unidentifiable in that second pic?

And oh by the way, this breaks at least 3 Air Force and Department of Defense rules.

Here is one, for example:

A member of the Armed Forces on active duty shall not..Participate in any radio, television, or other program or group discussion as an advocate for or against a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.

Seems pretty cut and dried, eh? You would think that a member of the Armed Services Committee, such as Ashford, would know and respect this rule.

But apparently in a tough campaign for Brad, not so much.



Anyone else sort of nonplussed by the AP’s story about Governor Pete Ricketts donating $44K to state Legislative races?

Here’s a guy who spent $12 million of his own money to lose to Ben Nelson back in 2006.

And he put in $300K for the campaign to defeat the death penalty repeal…er retain…er, repeal the retaining law? (We’re fairly sure he wants to keep the death penalty, but you’ll have to vote on that question to see what’s in it…)

Heck, he spent $10 million on Ben Zobrist for just one year! (OK, that’s what the Cubs organization spent on the utility player, but one would have to imagine that Pete’s not letting Todd have ALL the fun…)

Dave Heineman gave $7K out of his own pocket in 2014. That’s like…$80 or $90 million when converted to Pete Ricketts dollars!

So giving 9 candidates an average of $5K apiece isn’t too terribly shocking.

And those on the other side of Ricketts’ wrath are finding out what happens when they don’t support his agenda…


Jane says

PBS is doing a series of short pieces on the election year, with Republicans races in Blue states and toss-up issues in Purple states…and Democrats in Red States.

And for that last one, they chose to follow Jane Kleeb, Chair-in-Waiting of the state Democrat Party, around in Nebraska to various events.

She sits down at KFAB with Scott Voorhees…oh, wait, sorry…”Conservative Talk Radio Host, Scott Voorhees”, who compliments her on her pipeline activity.

And then she moseys on into a fundraiser for Dist. 21 Legislative candidate Larry Scherer in Lincoln. And, mimicking Nancy Pelosi who doesn’t know the names of the candidates in the district she is raising money for, Kleeb, mic-ed up, whispers to a supporter:

“Don’t laugh at this, but who the fuck is he running against?”

And then declares…

“Larry’s the guy we need in the State Senate.”

After Jane’s done swearing, quick someone tell her that Nebraska doesn’t HAVE a “State Senate”…oh, and that she’ll be likely dealing with Mike Hilgers in January.

Later when sitting with a picnic table full of Democrats (4?) she tells another that,

“Maybe you should be running for State Senate.”

Ah well. It is a decently put together little 12 minute piece that is chuckle-worthy for, if nothing else, seeing a graying, bearded Scott Kleeb…who is pretty much no longer allowed to have any of his own thoughts or opinions…

Watch it here:


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Back Up! with #NE02-TV

After working all weekend long, memorizing my hosting company’s entire hold-music songbook, Leavenworth St. (and are back up and raring to go!

And just to whet your appetite for a more robust post, here are new spots flying all around Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race!

Three, on a theme, from Republican Don Bacon:

First, “Joyce“:


Next, “Pam“:


Finally, “Chief“:


And after this series of positive spots, you can get an idea of where this campaign is at, with a negative punch from Democrat Brad Ashford:

Of course, Ashford is out and out lying about this, because after Ashford’s politically negligent non-specific question, Bacon gave THREE examples.

(So in a sense maybe they’re right. He didn’t give a single example…he gave triple.)

Leavenworth St. gave a nice summary of this debate question, and the OWH’s summary of it as well, here.


The lights are ON!

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Checking the balances

gal-bush-gore-nov09-jpgIt will be a while before we get to Live Tweet a political debate, so we can let that season wash over us. Or take a shower. Whatever works for you.

But my question is, what is with the media and politicians getting their dresses over their heads about Donald Trump saying we’ll have to see if he accepts the election results — and that if he doesn’t it’s “unAmerican”?

Oh yeah? OK, then how about this person who is only…the Senate Minority Leader!:

However, when Reid cited the 2000 election between George W. Bush and then-Vice President Al Gore, he said he did not believe the Supreme Court’s final decision.

“Everyone knows I wasn’t a supporter of George Bush the second. I was a close personal friend, still am, of Al Gore. He got 600,000 more votes than Bush. We believe he won in Florida.”

He is saying the exact thing, that Hillary and others are saying is so outrageous. And he’s not just a sitting Senator, but the Senior most Democrat in Congress!

But crickets.

And here’s a question: What if a warehouse of votes gets torched in a swing county in Pennsylvania? Or what if the FBI discovers a hack of a Florida voting system? Or what if the Democrats decide they don’t like the way a ballot was put together in Colorado?

To say Trump is in-artful, is of course an understatement. But the idea that the voting can’t get screwed up is to somehow ignore the history of the system as recently as 16 years ago, when Al Gore got “snippy” at George W. Bush.



After yesterday’s 2nd District Congressional debate, the person Brad Ashford twice voted for Speaker of the House claimed that the Founders’ concept of “Checks and Balances” in the American system of government is “code for obstruction”.

So Nancy Pelosi, Ashford’s choice for Speaker thinks, as National Review’s David French put it, that America is electing a Queen.

Once again, this is getting to the theme of, if Hillary is considered the slam dunk favorite to win the election, what sort of Congress do the people want? One that will let Hillary and Pelosi’s vision of America slide through?

Or should there be vigorous debate before letting a bill become a law, “so that you can find out what is in it”?

This is what’s at stake 2nd District voters.



Ah, the local Democrats…
They had ONE job!

The Democrats have ONE close race for state Legislature where a Dem is pitted against a Dem. And what do they do, but trip all over themselves to call the other corrupt.

Here is the literature put out by the campaign to elect John Synowiecki in South Omaha’s District 7:


So, because of that, the Douglas County Democrats decided to leave his name off their ballot mail drop, and to include ONLY that of Tony Vargas. They left one of their own candidates off!

Naturally, Labor leaders, backing Synowiecki are freaking out at the party officials — who are now pointing to a divide between Labor and Latinos. In the mean time, it looks like there may have been an actual vote to decide to keep Synowiecki’s name off, simply because of a comparative mailer.

And Vince Powers and Jane Kleeb are sitting back ignorant of the situation because neither apparently owns a cell phone or an email account to have been in touch with party officials who would have made the decision.

But hey Democrats, these are the leaders you have chosen to run things at the granular level.



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At debate, Ashford on treadmill running from Pelosi

Pelosi in Omaha for dinner with Ashford this summer

Democrat Brad Ashford and Republican Don Bacon went head to head in their final Nebraska 2nd Congressional District debate this morning at the Omaha Community Playhouse.

During the debate, Ashford continued his attempt to run from his support of Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi — and her support of him.

But Ashford was like the runner on a treadmill: Lots of movement, but going nowhere.

  • Ashford says he barely supports the Democrat leader.
    He voted for her for Speaker. Twice.
  • Ashford says he barely votes with Nancy Pelosi.
    He voted with her over 70% of the time.

But Ashford DOES admit one thing: He voted with his Democrat leadership over 70% of the time, and he wants “to go back and do it again!


The Ashford record

This was the theme of much of the debate on Wednesday: Ashford on the run from his own record.

  • He said he thinks Legislators get paid to much.
    But he voted for an 80% pay raise for Nebraska State Senators in 2012 (as a comparison, current U.S. Senator, then state Senator Deb Fischer voted against the proposal).
  • He said he thinks Congress should work on the Paris Accords.
    But he won’t admit President Obama’s overreach in trying to bypass Congress and implement them himself.
  • He suggests that he wants to work to cut regulations for small business.
    But he voted against the REINS Act that would require the regulations with the greatest cost to the economy to be approved by Congress and signed by the President before taking effect.

And of course your head is spinning:
Brad Ashford is trying to play both sides of the issue?


The social media campaign

On the one point that the local newsies may glom onto, Ashford brought up the “ISIS hit list” that included Bellevue — and vehemently took the position that he cares deeply about Bellevue. But he also had told the OWH that this was only ISIS propaganda, so who cares?

In the debate, Bacon countered that social media is how ISIS recruits and sends their messages to their cells.

And that the Secretary of the Army had pointed out this list. And the Director of Homeland Security. And that Bellevue Mayor (and Bacon supporter) Rita Sanders had been contacted about Bellevue being on this list.

An interesting stance for Ashford to make.


Pelosi & the DCCC

In the end, for someone who barely votes with Nancy Pelosi (except for that over 70% of the time), Pelosi’s DCCC sure is pouring in the cash to get Brad re-elected.

If she doesn’t get Brad’s support, why fly in to meet with him?
Why pump hundreds of thousands into the campaign effort for him?

Brad Ashford brags that he has chosen lots of different party affiliations: Republican, Democrat, Independent.

But when he ran for Congress, he chose Democrat.
And the Democrat leaders have chosen him.



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Who is supporting Brad?

The NRCC has a new ad out in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race. See it here:

Only in Brad’s mind could voting with Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over 3/4 of the time be considered, “bipartisan”.


But that’s not all.

The Congressional Leadership Fund has a new ad out as well. See it here:

Turns out when one has been in public office for 18 years there are LOTS of votes. How about that.


“Republicans” for Brad

Hey speaking of Brad , he has a new ad out talking about all of the tons of Republicans supporting him. See it here:

Well, 3 “Republicans” anyway.

And hey look, we will just take Brad’s word for it that the young woman with the British flag logo on her denim jacket is a registered Republican — though her name doesn’t come up on a Sarpy or Douglas County voter search. (Could maybe be an alternate spelling…)

But, wait, who is that guy, who we’ve seen before in the middle of Brad’s ad?


Ohhhhh yeah! It’s Democrat Councilman Chris Jerram!

You remember Jerram!

Right! He’s the guy who thought it was hilarious to push a shirt with an image of Mayor Jean Stothert in her underwear on a stripper pole.


Yup, THIS is the guy, who Ashford wants Republicans to know is supporting him.


0 for 2

Another confused story out of the Buffett Omaha World-Herald from Robynn Tysver about Hillary’s latest influx of cash to try to save the foundering Brad Ashford campaign.

Tysver writes:

Clinton has been aggressively working and competing in the Omaha-based district. She has opened two offices in the city and has paid staff members on the ground, organizing phone lines and working with volunteers. Trump has not opened an office in Omaha, although he has some volunteers working out of the Nebraska Republican office in Lincoln.

You hear that, Trump HQ in Omaha at 210 N 78th Street?
That’s open from 9am to 8pm?
That had a party recently (9 days ago)?


Apparently the OWH’s chief political reporter is not aware of your existence — or is not willing to write about it.

Oh, and there’s one other thing about Trump’s Lincoln office: paid staff — not just volunteers.

But other than those two things, great reporting on the local campaign.

Either way, keep on keepin’ on!
Strangely enough, the local fishwrap won’t seem to be providing a fair-shake.


Three weeks

With only 21 days to go, the news and ads will be pouring in.

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Nailing down Brad

Republican 2nd District Congressional nominee retired Brigadier General Don Bacon has a new ad out. See it here:

Bacon is going after Ashford on his questioning during the 2nd debate (with the third coming up Wednesday).

So far Ashford and Bacon has debated about evenly. I would give the edge to Bacon for cleaner answers and much superior presence. But if you argued that Ashford had an edge because he pronounced “Pelosi” better, I wouldn’t really argue.

But that makes the point: Ashford, at BEST, has a slight edge — in a gig he has been doing for 18 years. He has been debating in the legislature, for a bunch of different offices — Legislature, Mayor, Congress — yet he can’t put away a career military man in a speaking forum?

I guess we will have to see if Pelosi’s man in Nebraska can pull it together.


Before or After?

Hey, you have heard about how Brad Ashford likes to play it both ways on just about every issue, yeah?

He voted for closing Gitmo before he voted against it.

He has been a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, no a Democrat — whatever will get him elected.

And now on the top issue of the day on the state ballot — Brad wants to you to know what he firmly comes down on both sides — or is it neither?

KETV asked both 2nd District Congressional candidates how they come down on the Death Penalty.

General Bacon gave a direct answer:

“I support the death penalty,” Bacon said. “I think life is very precious and went to life is taken, first-degree murder, and you know the guilt of the individual, I think you show value to that life by punishing the person who did the murder with their own life.”

Hey, maybe you agree with him on this issue, maybe you don’t. But he gave a direct, sincere answer.

How about Brad Ashford?
Well, in the world of cell phones and Facetime, he…wasn’t available.

But his office instead wrote out an answer.
And this is what they came up with:

“It is clear that the Nebraska death penalty is a broken system that must be addressed. I believe it is an issue that each voter must decide after reflection and significant deliberation. We must maintain the federal death penalty for criminals and terrorists who attack our communities.”

Let us summarize that answer:
It’s bad, but YOU decide.
Uh…federal death penalty is good!

Seem like a strange answer from someone like Ashford?

Well, that’s because when Brad was spending those 14 years in the Nebraska Legislature, HERE was Ashford’s position (according to KETV):

Ashford voted as a state senator to advance a bill repealing Nebraska’s death penalty in 2013.

“Public safety is not enhanced by having the death penalty on the books, and the cost is great,” Ashford said on public radio at that time.

I know, I know.
The room is spinning, right?
Brad Ashford? Trying to play both sides of the issue?
Not giving a straight answer.



The rights of SJWs

And for some entertainment value, here is a video that has been making the rounds on The Facebook and various places.

SJW woman decided that she would show some guy, who had a pro-Trump sign in his lawn, just how much she hated him. So she pulled up, flipped him off and yelled F-U!

Guy gets in his car, follows her to get a pic of her license plate.

And then , as the police get involved, she pulls out her phone and starts videoing her encounter. (And notice the patience and politeness of the cop.)

The funny thing is, she clearly feels like she is in the right — so much so that she posted the video.

Now, the reason it was forwarded to me is, someone suggested a Separated at Birth with the woman in the video, and a Nebraska Democrat.

Can you guess who that SAB would be with?
HINT: Her org rhymes with, Cold Alaska.


3 weeks

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No influence to see here. Move along. MOVE ALONG!
No influence to see here. Move along. MOVE ALONG!

Some action this Monday morning…

The OWH has issued their endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. They bend over backwards to point out that while this is the first Democrat they’ve endorsed since FDR (the didn’t endorse in Johnson v. Goldwater — apparently at Johnson’s behest) it has NOTHING to do with Warren Buffett.

As you may know, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway own’s the OWH. And of course you know, Buffett not only endorses Hillary, but their relationship goes back much farther than his stumping for her at North High this summer.

I’ve told before how my then fiancee and I went into Borsheims one evening back in 2000, to check on our wedding registry. As we walked through the doors, just before closing, I noticed the bemuscled dudes at the door with tubes coming out of their ears. Then upon entering, we noticed the fully-staffed store, and only two customers there (other than my future wife and me) : Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffett.

They later went up to a private fundraiser in Regency. But if there was any doubt as to whom Warren had close ties to, that was my personal signal.

So the OWH’s Terry Kroeger wrote up an extra message with the editorial that said, OH, Warren had NOTHING to do with this endorsement! Why, he NEVER says anything to us! He tells us to be INDEPENDENT!

And no one should have any reason to think that Buffett tries to strong arm the OWH’s editorial staff.

He’s smarter than that.

But to insist that there is NO influence from Buffett is silliness on wheels.

Here is the OWH’s boss’s closest political ally at the door of the White House.
Here is the boss personally stumping for his candidate in his home town.
Here is the boss offering to personally drive voters to the polls in Omaha for his candidate.

Think of the embarrassment if the hometown newspaper, which Buffett used to deliver as a paperboy, which he now OWNS, which has a running column called “Warren Watch“, did not endorse the candidate whom he could not have been tighter with for at least the past 15-20 years.

And here’s the thing: their endorsement wasn’t anything special. It was what every Democrat on TV, pretty much every media source (but I repeat myself) has been saying for the past six to nine months. It wasn’t as if they came up with some new line of attack on Donald Trump.

So better if Terry Kroeger simply wrote up the little endorsement, and leave out the, “oh, my we could never be influenced by our boss, the richest man in America, who is also a close personal friend of Hillary! Never!

That’s why you have the funny pages.


Stothert for Bacon

Speaking of endorsements, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert endorsed General Don Bacon for Congress this morning:

“I am proud to endorse Don Bacon for the United States Congress. As an Air Force General, Don has the national security expertise that is needed during a time when this country faces threats from every corner of the globe.

I am confident that when Don is elected, he will tackle Washington’s out of control government spending and fight to reduce taxes so that Nebraskans can keep more of their hard earned money. General Bacon was a strong leader in the military and I have no doubt he will be a strong leader in Congress.”

And Bacon responded…

“I’ve studied leadership my whole adult life, and worked with many superb leaders during my three decades in the Air Force. Jean Stothert leads with character, strong vision, and a tremendous work ethic. Omaha is the best place to live in our nation and she continues to make it even better.”



Stothert’s endorsement comes after a weekend of more and more outlets claiming that the election for President is over, and that Hillary has already won.

As that is happening, others are looking at the Congressional map and coming to another conclusion:


If the media is going to start talking about “landslides”, they better start talking about the effects of one in this unusual year…


More later!
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Before we get started on this Friday, a little Separated at Birth for you, submitted by a reader:

Debater, Brad Ashford, and Incredibles angry Insurance boss, Gilbert Huph!



Safe Bacon

On the trail of the 2nd District campaign, Don Bacon has a new ad out.
See it here:

With voters starting to focus even more, camp Bacon gives a bio spot — with a little slam on Ashford.

And in endorsement news, Bacon was just given the nod by the President of the Omaha Police Officer’s Association, John Wells. That’s another union endorsement for the GOP candidate.

Also included in Bacon’s law enforcement endorsements are Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning, Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis, and Washington County Sheriff Mike Robinson.



Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer and Colorado Senator Cory Gardner penned an Op-Ed for TIME Magazine about the “Treasury Judgement Fund.”

This is federal fund for the Federal government to use to pay judgements again them.

However, the Obama Administration has been using it as a slush-fund to pay off ObamaCare debts and Iranian bribes.

Fischer and Gardner suggest just a little oversight.

They wrote:

We want to believe Judgment Fund payments are aboveboard. But the government is rarely administered by angels; it is run by human beings, specifically, those in the executive branch. Increasingly, we hear fears from both the left and right that the executive branch has become too secretive and more expansive. President Obama himself made this point, telling New York Magazine his “one wish” for future presidents was for an end to the imperial presidency.

Congress should grant him that wish. The legislative branch can, and must, assert its Article I power of the purse. It holds a responsibility to conduct oversight of the executive branch and ensure taxpayer dollars are used responsibly. Sending our Judgment Fund Transparency Act to the president’s desk is a strong first step.

We will update you with the Lady Gaga counterpoint in this issue.


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Honesty in the fishwrap

bacon-ashford-03In this morning’s post, Leavenworth St. talked about the timing of some of the news, and how some are looking to make a direct affect on the politics of the day.

For instance, we now see that NBC knew about the Billy Bush video for some time — possibly 10 weeks — but held on to it so as to make the biggest splash before the debate.

But let us shift over to the coverage of local politics by the local news, to check their influence.

If you watched the 2nd District Congressional debate on Tuesday between Don Bacon and Brad Ashford, consider yourself among the wonkiest of the wonk political nerds of polinerdom.

It’s not necessarily a compliment.
It is not derogatory either.

The average long-time, high frequency voter doesn’t even watch this stuff — let alone the undecided voter. If someone hasn’t decided on the Congressional race, do you REALLY think they’re going to sit down and watch for an hour at 6pm on a Tuesday?

Anyway, the point is that most people — who want the news but aren’t going to sit through a 60 minute slog for Congress — are going to get their debate coverage from the local TV, drive-time radio and the newspaper.

So…about the local newspaper.

Let’s look at the OWH’s Robynn Tysver’s write-up of a few of the debate issues.

She wrote, generally, that it was an even split. Sort of summarizing answers.

Except when she decided to editorialize. She wrote…

“Ashford asked Bacon to name three things about which he disagreed with congressional Republicans. Bacon struggled, citing as one example his disagreement with Trump’s criticism of NATO.”

Well, those are two interesting points…except that she missed them both.

First, Bacon immediately rattled off his answer citing two specific instances. This isn’t an out-of-the-blue type question and Bacon clearly had an answer prepared. Watching it, he never “stumbled”. The suggestion does not make any sense.

But that’s what happens when you are a reporter projecting your thoughts on someone else’s response.

But about the question itself…

Ashford did NOT ask where Bacon disagree with “congressional Republicans.” How do we know that? BECAUSE THE DEBATE VIDEO IS STILL UP!

Ashford asked:

“Would you pick three Republican initiatives or issues where you would buck your party. Tell me what they are.”

Why is that key? Because after Bacon gave two examples — and then was interrupted — Ashford claimed these weren’t “Republican” positions.

Yet, Bacon cited the NATO position of the Republican Presidential nominee and he cited positions on Syria presented by many Republicans.

But Ashford didn’t like those positions. He  said those were positions of GOP members of the House Armed Services Committee.

And when Bacon was allowed to finish his answer, he added another regarding immigration where he disagreed with Republicans.

So Ashford had weeks to prepare for his question to Bacon, but didn’t make it specific — and therefore didn’t like the answer to his own non-specific question.

And the OWH’s reporter jumped on that for the top of her article.

Got it.

And oh hey, let’s look at the last point in the OWH article, about Bacon asking what Nebraska city was listed on an ISIS “hit list”. She wrote:

When asked after the debate where he got the information, Bacon noted that it came from a newspaper article published last year.

The Islamic State has distributed through social media a number of “hit lists” that purport to target military people and others for violence. The lists cover thousands of people and dozens of cities, and Bellevue was on one list.

Got that? “A newspaper article.”
WHAT newspaper?
That would be Tysver’s Omaha World-Herald.

Oh, and just for good measure, this issue was also covered by a local TV station.
You know, the TV station that co-hosted the debate.

Chip-chip-chip away. That’s how these things work.


The landslide bring you down

Noting this morning’s post again, it will be surprising if these latest allegations against Trump simply turn into some he-said-she-said type if situation. They will damage Trump’s chances, no matter what the situation.

And oh by the way, they are very likely not the last hits to come on Trump before the election.

So, here is a scenario:

What if, say a week before Election Day, it looks like Hillary will win in a landslide? Maybe a solid ten points or more. And everyone sees it, and gets sort of resigned to it.

What does that do to the Congressional races?

Conventional wisdom, from previous elections, is that Hillary’s coattails would bring her in new House members, and maybe even flip the Senate.

But remember that while many cite Trump’s divisiveness, Hillary’s unfavorables are also off the chart — a reason why she’s not “50 points ahead!”.

So if voters see that she is inevitable as the next President, long before Election Day, they may start thinking about a counter to her already. It did not take long for voters to give the House to Republicans after Bill Clinton was in office. And the same happened eventually happened with the Senate and Barack Obama. But what if they decide even sooner that Hillary needs a check and a balance?

Could it mean a much stronger showing in Congressional races — say like the 2nd District in Nebraska (and 3rd in Iowa)?

Not the craziest idea.
I’ll take your answers off the air.


Leaking KXL

More wiki-leaks stuff continues to hit. (Will ANYONE in government or politics use email anymore after this? Politicos are going to turn into Mafia Dons who only talk in hushed tones while strolling near sidestreet delis…)

Of local interest was the latest from Democrat adviser John Podesta, where he characterizes President Obama’s position on the issue as,

“I hate this chicken shit issue; now let me tell you what I think about the important issues of climate change and clean energy.”

And then in another one, Hillary purportedly was telling her private audiences that the Russians were supporting fake environmentalist groups, “to stand against any effort, oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem for you…”

So the Russian zillionaires trying to damage American energy policy. Hmm.

There are people already starting to ask, since the death of Bold Nebraska’s chief funder Dick Holland, where Jane Kleeb’s now expanded org will be getting their funding…


Keep on keepin’ up

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This election…

trump-signAfter the Billy Bush video broke, and then Donald Trump had a fairly successful debate performance, Leavenworth St. wrote the following:

So while he is a master communicator, and these days can seemingly escape any situation…there is almost no way the Democrats have finished with their oppo-dump.

Lo and behold!

Amazingly, by pure coincidence, three women, on the same evening, have accused Trump of sexual assault or otherwise unwanted sexual advances.

What are the odds!?

Sure these women, who have been holding on to these accusations for ten years or more, could have come out with their stories the day Trump rode down the elevator at Trump Tower for his campaign announcement, and killed, or at least severely damaged his campaign at the start.

And they could have come out before any of the primaries started, throwing that process, with the the 17 candidates into disarray.

And they could have come out after Trump started winning primaries, getting rid of him and allowing Republican voters to have that information to vote for another Republican.

And they could have come out before Trump accepted the Republican nomination, giving delegates the opportunity to choose a different nominee, possibly turning that process on its head, but still allowing the information to be used for America.

But no, they waited until we are just 25 days before election day.

Does making this coordinated attack make their accusations less credible?

No, not necessarily. But they do come off as not only political, but being used as an election-trick. The proverbial “October surprise.” Not just against Trump — but against Republicans.

And since the late campaign surprise plan is clearly their strategy, one would also assume that they’re doing it late so that Trump and others will make that claim, fight back…and of course NOT drop out, which would hurt Hillary’s chances.

Because they way this looks is that it isn’t so much an announcement that aimed to hurt and hit back at Donald Trump. If that was the aim, they could have done it any time since Trump’s first announcement.

Instead, these assault allegations are being used specifically to help the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign.

If that doesn’t breed cynicism, its not clear what else would.



Writer Ben Shapiro tweeted this exchange, between Anderson Cooper and Donald Trump, after the 2nd debate:

It’s almost as if Cooper KNEW that there would be specific allegations about this where he was specifically trying to nail Trump down.

But then Cooper would have had to have that information, collude with the campaign, and then sat on the info he had prior to it coming out yesterday.

But come on! What would be the odds of that happening?



Trump will be hammered from all directions on this, and it would seem to be something that would be extremely difficult to bounce back on.

The Billy Bush video was damning enough showing a crass and vulgar Trump, but it was fair to say that this was just asshole and bluster talk in private between two guys, each egging the other on.

Trump’s very bad political problem is that he is now being accused of exactly the things he bragged about doing.

This is right up there with O.J. claiming he’d “never wear those ugly-ass shoes,” then having a photo of him wearing a pair of the Bruno Maglis.

The polls for Trump post video/pre-debate were bad. There are some out today, after the debate, that seem to be better for him.

But now, 25 days out…could he possibly come back?
There would almost have to be something catastrophic occur.

And, oh by the way, you can’t believe this is the last oppo that Hillary and the press have…



An interesting view how the LOCAL press is handling a campaign by twisting events, and some (maybe contrarian) thoughts on what a potential Hillary landslide could mean…for Congress, coming this afternoon, 1pm-ish CT.

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