Democrat ad flood

by Street Sweeper on October 23, 2014

The Nebraska Dems have a new wave of ads up.
Let’s take a look!


Democrat Governor candidate Chuck Hassebrook has a new negative ad up of people pretending to listen to him.
See it here:

Pols from both parties do these spots (though the Dems are taking advantage of them here) and they’re generally terrible.

They get a Coke commercial of “supporters” standing or sitting around them in a weird half circle, and they all stand there with a goofy mannequin half-grin on their faces, their heads nodding in the breeze. They are are certainly not listening to what the candidate is saying, and have that look of, “my sister is never going to believe I’m in a TV commercial!

Hassebrook here is standing (in casual suspenders?) in a park somewhere jawwing on about how poor he was growing up. The ad is literally called, “Pinched pennies“. And you can tell Hassebrook was “poor” because his family couldn’t afford color film and they lived in the era when everyone wore hats.

Don’t worry, you don’t really have to listen to the ad to get the gist.
Here’s the gist: “Pete Ricketts is a RICH guy, and my family all wore hats!

And we will tell you this: The Ricketts camp has a point about the class-warfare stuff in this ad.
Hassebrook comes out saying, “Unlike Pete Ricketts, I wasn’t born to a rich family.

Except that Joe Ricketts didn’t make his money until Pete was much older.
And Hassebrook knows this.

So, your Democrat Regent here is a liar, who knows that he’s lying.

And we can stomach if he says “Pete will do this,” or “Pete said that,” even when those accusations are off base. But lying about someone’s bio is actually pretty low.

Of course, for Dems, that’s nothing new.


And then Hassebrook has another ad claiming that Pete Ricketts is soft on crime, much like Brad Ashford (…wait a minute!).
See it here:

First, you’ll notice that Hassebrook is wearing neither suspenders, nor a hat.

Next, is what Pete’s saying so crazy? The legislature needs to change the law (which we’re guessing he would sign).

And C, someone get Hassebrook out of the street so we can get our car past!

Otherwise, nice visuals from Chuck with the Omaha cops — even though the “buck stops at my desk” was a tired cliche after it was used non-stop the 1940s.


Democrat Brad Ashford has a new ad up for the NE-02 race.
See it here:

As you could guess, the ad from some national Democrat group is all about how Ashford will be a solid vote for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, just like 2nd District voters will want him to be.

Oh wait, no, it’s about Terry saying, “Dang straight.

We at least like the graphics they used with the lines turning on their sides, and such.
We did chuckle when for their “Republicans condemned…” line, they quote…MSNBC? Now THERE’s a news source all Nebraskans trust.

We also crack up at the constipated people they show at the end, in bad lighting.
What’s the casting call?
We need some averagely attractive people — not ugly, mind you — but sort of…frumpy! And we need them to look mildly pissed off! Like someone just made an off-color joke about their nephew. Who we got?!

We would just note that the OWH cries and cries and cries that “Lee Terry can’t run on his record after 16 years???“. Yet here is Brad Ashford, who has spent his life in politics, and he hasn’t had an ad talking about THING ONE he would do as a Congressman.

He hasn’t talked about how he would vote with the Democrats at least 80% of the time — which he would.
He hasn’t talked about all the bills he plans to pass as a Freshman Democrat in the Minority party.
He hasn’t talked about how he wants to use government to achieve more Social Justice.

We are just waiting for THOSE ads in these finals days of the campaign.
(Holding breath….now!)


But as long as we are talking about Nebraska’s 2nd District rase, here is a video of Democrat former-Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle in front of Brad Ashford’s committee, telling Ashford that criminals are getting out of prison and onto the streets of Omaha too early.

And, as you watch in the video, there is Ashford telling Suttle that he is wrong.
That criminals AREN’T getting out too early.

You got that 2nd District voters?
That clear enough for you?

(We aren’t sure if this can be, or will be a TV ad, but boy it should be.)


A local political made a point to us about the whole “Nikko” ad stuff.

You will note that for some reason, the NRCC ads featuring Nikko Jenkins have ben labeled as “racist” because…well, we have yet to hear any specific reason why, exactly. As we have noted, Jenkins is a freaky looking guy because of his tattooed face, not because of his race.

But let’s say, for arguments sake, that it IS racist to put Jenkins face everywhere.
Just in general.

Why does everyone know what he looks like in the first place?
Where did you see that tatted forehead first?

You saw it, constantly, on local TV and in the Omaha World-Herald.
Have there been many stories about him that DIDN’T have his mugshot featured?



Hey, and there’s Democrat Dave Domina for U.S. Senate talking at a semi-circle of people with his corporate agriculture herbicide company logo!
Let’s see his bevy of new ads!

First a semi-circle of people, here:

And the 100% take-away is…What’s with the guy with the green coffee cup! No one said beverages were allowed in this shoot! He’s not even looking at Dave while he furiously nods his head! And who’s idea was it to flank Dave with two hipster dudes?! You’re blowing the chick vote!

OK, let’s just move onto the next one here

Again with the green coffee cups!
Who came up with this campaign font?

And what’s that in front of Dave? Is that a water carafe or a GIANT creamer?
Or is Dave just drinking a LOT of coffee?
He has clearly been talking at semi-circles of people for quite some time, so we can see why he needs the extra pick-me-up.

And for this last one, well, we will post it here, and we will try not to be too harsh.

So here is a CLIENT of Domina’s with a disabled child.
We won’t be too mean about someone who is clearly emotional. We don’t really blame her.

But John Edwards did this same stuff Domina is doing here when he was running — showing how much he got from insurance companies for his clients.
So, tell us Dave, was this a Pro-Bono case? Much like we are sure most of your cases have been as you have amassed your $80 million+ fortune, taking 1/3 of the cash from your clients?

No, of course not. It’s a job, and you charge them.
But thanks for throwing a disabled client in there to ask Nebraskans to vote for you.


Right now everyone is talking about their Get Out the Vote mobilization.
Here is an article talking about that for the Colorado race.
We will see to what extent the campaign “ground games” really do-it for the various candidates.

So, on that point, the Washington Post talked to a few experts who have been studying this, about what “ground games” can actually do, and what is effective.

(The whole thing is not that long, and worth your read.)

The gist they come up with is, that with an awesome ground game, a statewide or (probably) even Congressional campaign can hope to make up — MAX — a 3% difference. And that’s with an “awesome” campaign of door-to-door and GOTV and calling supporters and all that.

They note that the most effective strategy is to get those voters who they have I.D.’d as “Very Likely Voters”, who they KNOW are on their side, who wouldn’t otherwise be going to the polls, to go out and vote.

That’s a trick, yeah? And they note that the most effective method is a door-to-door, personal request. They sort of pooh-pooh mail and TV.

We would say that for City Council and state legislative races, this is absolutely the case. You can win one of those races by actually walking door to door to appeal to voters. (And you, reader, have likely experienced this yourself.)

But the story notes to be leery of those campaigns who tell you they will make up the 10 point deficit with their GOTV. If they’re just talking about the final week, it probably ain’t happening.


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Bombing the Waves

by Street Sweeper on October 22, 2014

You can’t watch an episode of “Boating Naked” or “Afraid to Cook Naked” or “Naked with Thomas the Tank Engine” these days without getting hit square in the mug with a political ad.

Let us take a look at a few of the latest!


First, from Lee Terry, a new ad on the topic of the helium reserves.

Hahahaha! We kid! It’s on Brad Ashford’s support of and resistance to change the “Good Time” law, of course.
See “One Bullet” here:

Say what you will about that topic (oh, and OWH, can we get you a nice goat cheese to go with that whine?), but this is an effective ad, delivered well by the Omaha Police Union’s John Wells. It is an in-your-face spot by a strong advocate on the message of the day.

All we can figure is this message MUST be moving the dial for Terry, or they wouldn’t be pounding it over and over again. Look for Ashford to attack more, or to at least pop his head out of the Whack-a-Mole game the DCCC has secured him in. The more you hear him talk, the closer the race will be.


And then Brad Ashford has a new ad up on Part B Medicare Reimbursement.
Hohoho! (Slapping knee.) Of course it’s not! It is on Terry saying “Dang Straight”.
See it here:

How hilarious that they use the OWH’s “We [the all-knowing fact-checkers for you slovenly mouth-breathers] have examined the facts [of which there can be NO disagreement, because WE decide what the facts are, cretins] and endorsed Ashford.”

Funny how often the populace examines the facts and goes the opposite way of the OWH’s endorsements, yeah?

And then the hilarious endorsement from two “Republicans”.

First, it’s Lincoln Senator Kathy Campbell.
What, no Scottsbluff area state Senators to tell the 2nd District voters what to do?

As one politico noted about Campbell…

…Champion of liberal causes – led the fight for Medicaid expansion and prenatal for illegal aliens. Generally an unreliable vote on important GOP issues like tax cuts, guns, voter ID, winner-take-all, etc. Also generally assumed that she voted with Democrats on committee chairs and leadership votes. Big spending, big government “Republican.”

And “it’s time for Lee Terry to go”?
Well, we will say that’s some freaking nerve from a “Republican” state Senator.

We can sort of understand saying you support your Unicameral colleague. And we see what some local Republicans are doing by sitting on their hands in the race, hoping to get THEIR shot in 2016 — however short-sighted and lacking judgment a view that is.

But, as an office holder, to describe yourself as a “Republican”, and then call for the ouster of the sitting Congressman? If there is a method of excommunication from the Party, it should be exercised. Or maybe exorcised. Something along the lines of, “The Power of Reagan COMPELS you!”


But seriously, we laugh at the new OWH editorial that could not be any whinier, and really just some sort of strange list of talking points from the Ashford campaign.

“Brad Ashford didn’t make Nikko pull the trigger!!!!!
Brad Ashford didn’t behead anyone!!!!!!”

You see voter, the OWH will explain to your feeble mind how to draw a line from A to C.
Now don’t you nevermind letter B there. They will tell you what to do.

Let us now just dig through the OWH archives and find that Editorial about how Lee Terry didn’t cause the Ebola outbreak like the Ashford campaign claims. Darnit! It MUST be in there somewhere…


And as long as we’re piling on the the ads, take a look at Channel 7′s analysis.

Dave Roberts Ch 7

We heard Dave Roberts final thoughts of…

One of the ads in this race gained national attention tonight. The Republican National Committee’s [actually the NRCC, but whatever] attempt to link Ashford to serial killer Nikko Jenkins, another inmate released early for the Good Time law. Democrats call the ad racist and misleading. “TIME” magazine just put it on the list of the “Most Terrifying Ads” of the 2014 Election.

And like your’s, our first reaction was, “There’s still a TIME Magazine?”

But as long as we are talking about how Brad Ashford thinks the Good Time law is just hunky dory, we find it curious that the Democrats call the ad “racist”. Because, why? Because Jenkins is black?

Because what about an ad saying, “Ashford will vote just like…Barack Obama!“, with a picture of Ashford next to the President?

Is THAT racist?

We grant you that Jenkins is a scary looking person.

Nikko Jenkins

TIME Magazine (kids, this is one of those paper products on the back shelves at Walgreens) says the ad is “Terrifying”.
Now, what if Jenkins didn’t look freaky. Would it still be “terrifying”? Or is TIME Magazine racist?

You know who else looks freaking scary?
This guy:

Chris Andersen 02

As far as we know, this guy hasn’t killed anyone.
He makes millions of dollars in the NBA. But he freaks us out every time we look at him.
If he came up to your car late at night, would you ask him for an autograph, or would you roll up the window as quickly as possible?

So let us suggest that the racists ones are the people who think the NRCC ad is somehow derogatory, simply because Jenkins is black.


Onto happier ads, there is the another ad for Terry for pushing renewable energy.
See it here:

We are looking forward to the next OWH editorial:

FACT: Scientists in lab coats do NOT fight against terrorists with RPGs!
FACT: We studied this ad and Brad has waaay more lab coats than Lee Terry.


So the reporter who caught Ebola in Liberia comes to Omaha and is declared “Ebola-free” in a week and a half.
Dude has the organ stewing disease that is currently the scourge of the planet, so he goes to the NU Med Center, downs a few Runzas and is good to go.

On the other hand, we’ve had the same cold for a month and half, and the phlegm cough that never ends.

Does anyone else see the hand of Big Kleenex keeping the cure down?


Two Weeks

by Street Sweeper on October 20, 2014

Chris-Anderson02If you’re on the Ben Sasse Senate campaign right now, you are dreaming of your next gig and how you feel about DC being the most expensive city in the country.

If you’re in the Pete Ricketts for Governor camp, you’re still pounding the pavement, but trying to figure out just exactly what might be available for you in Lincoln.

If you’re with 2nd District Republican Congressman Lee Terry, you better have awoken at 5am and on your third cup of coffee because today is the first day of the rest of the campaign. And it ain’t gettin’ easier.


We at Leavenworth St. have not heard any polling lately. Consider that a good thing for both Terry and his Democrat challenger Brad Ashford. We have heard for a while that Ashford’s daily tracking has him up. The most we have heard from Republicans is that they hope it’s close. The universe of “Likely” voters looks much better for Terry than sort of an overall “Favorability” — which is in the crapper.

Where those two cross will be the deciding point for Terry.

One interesting note is that we have heard nothing but how good the numbers for Ashford are, for at least the past few weeks. And Stu Rothenberg has said Terry may be “the most vulnerable incumbent in the entire country.” But considering that everyone thinks Ashford is up, and that Terry’s ad strategy is chucking footballs into the endzone, Rothenberg still does not signal the race as “Lean Democrat”.

It’s still “Pure Tossup.”

At this point, we think the Terry camp will take that.


By the way, we chuckled at the above-the-fold story in the Midlands section that the OWH put up this morning about the “2 Republicans” who don’t like the Lee Terry ad.

A former county attorney and a former county board member.
Neither of whom you could name.

Look, we get it OWH, you don’t like the ad.
But the least you can do is find someone currently in office — or heck, offices most people are familiar with — to make the point, that you set out to make, about how “all Republicans” are down on it.

At least Watchdog found Republican primary loser Dan Frei to criticize it.

Though you could have asked Frei about they way the American flag hangs at Terry’s house, and he would have criticized it.


Heck, if you want to knock Lee Terry, we hate to say but Ben Sasse had the harshest statement that we saw.

In Don Walton’s write-up about the Republican Senator-to-be, he had this line from Sasse, about what sort of legislation he will be pushing once he gets to Washington:

“Not post office-naming bills. That’s fiddling while Rome burns.”


We are guessing that wasn’t intentional, but you all know what the Democrats used to say about Lee Terry’s legislative record.


And about that Senate race, OWH:

Yes the water thing is an interesting note, and David Domina is a wild hypocrite when he says people are overreacting about what the EPA could and couldn’t do (gee, who would use emotion to further their political agenda?).

But is it “stirring up Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race“?
No it is not.


We will update whenever there is news!

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Gloves = Off in #NE02

by Street Sweeper on October 17, 2014

Are you looking forward to some college football with your political ads on Saturday?

You will be likely seeing just a few during the bathroom breaks of the Husker game tomorrow.
Lee Terry has two new ads up today.

The first, which is getting a little Twitter attention, is from the NRCC.
See it here:

The next, on the same theme, is from the Terry camp itself.
See it here:

Our reax?
Well, if anyone thought Terry was going to go light on the “Good Time” law stuff, that is out the window.

Brad Ashford is more or less getting the finger for both Nikko Jensen and Terrorist beheadings.
We won’t mince words here. I think we can all agree that is the impression voters are supposed to leave with from these spots.

You don’t go much harder than that, right?
Effective, or backfire?

If Terry wins this race — and most agree that if he is not behind right now, the race leans Ashford — then the heavy hand on these ads, among other strategies, will be credited.
If he loses, we doubt much blame will come back to these. Most will say it was lost already.

But while Brad Ashford is playing it very close to the vest right now, coming out and claiming your opponent is responsible for the Ebola virus isn’t exactly a victory lap move like, say, Ben Sasse is taking right now.

You can bet that the Ashford tracking shows things still pretty tight.

And then there’s the whole early ballot request matter, pushed from the Minimum Wage pushers. Heck, an interesting Q is, Would we be talking about Congressman Esch if that issue had been up back in those days?


And on yesterday’s middle of the afternoon debate, boy that was helpful, yeah?
We are sure that 2nd District Voters were glued to their screens, at local bars and Burger Kings, seeing those two flesh out the issues.

Oh you didn’t take the time out of your work day to watch the debate?
Well, then enjoy the ads during the football game.

We will keep you updated on anything we hear, in the mean time.


We always chuckle when a pol makes a statement saying that the major political move he made wasn’t political.

That was state Senator Steve Lathrop, on subpoenaing the Governor, on the hot button issue of the day, just before the election.

Now, Republicans, can someone please explain to us why Democrat Steve Lathrop is chairing this committee?


Here is Ben Sasse on Sean Hannity’s radio show from a few days ago.

At this point, it will be interesting to see what Sasse’s goals will be in the Senate.
Sasse’s talks to Hannity about the debt, Mideast conflict and education issues.


We don’t mean to say it’s been radio silence in the Governor’s race, but the most we hear(aside from the press-releasy type stuff) is Ricketts up by 12 points.

So, FWIW, here are a couple of ads, both on education, from the Hassebrook and Ricketts camps.



And we’re not saying every non-science class should be cut, but how DOES Music have such a stronghold in grade school curriculum? We get Art, but Music? We aren’t sure we ever gained anything from that class ever for eight long years of trudging off to the music room.



by Street Sweeper on October 15, 2014

Brad Ashford 001Sure this year’s Nebraska 2nd District Congressional race hasn’t had any lie detector tests (yet), but at least we can mark it down with the most goofball, outrageous claim to date:

Lee Terry caused the Ebola outbreak.

That is what the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (aka DCCC) is claiming this morning. Later they will trot out some local Union members to push it further.

The basis is votes on the Center for Disease Control budget. We suppose that would be an interesting contention, if it happened. But it didn’t — even though President Obama proposed cuts to the CDC in HIS 2012 budget. Oh, and Terry voted for more than $80 million to fight Ebola. But nevermind.

We will see if any newsies ask the Union members how much the CDC’s budget was actually cut.
But if that isn’t part of the DCCC’s talking points, don’t expect an answer.


The Washington Post says, “this line of attack is absurd.”
Then they give it “Four Pinocchios”.
(Hint: That’s calling B.S. on Brad.)


Though we will say that the DCCC has a tight grip on Brad Ashford’s reins.

He and Lee Terry were at a function last night and Channel 6 caught up with them. Lee answered the reporter’s questions about the issue du jour – Ashford’s votes on the Good Time law.

Ashford instead would not answer any of the reporters questions on the subject.

“Ashford wouldn’t answer questions specifically asked about the good time law.”

WOWT - Terry-Ashford - 101414

Ya got that 2nd District? Ashford WON’T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.

We are guessing Ashford might be down for some more hot Ebola talk though.


In the mean time, the Democrats have TWO new attack ads up for Brad Ashford.

(And, once again, let us laugh off this “he doesn’t care about party!” garbage. Funny we don’t find any Republicans running ads for him, yeah?)

See the first attack ad, on the “Dang Straight” line.
See it here:

And then, the second ad, on the “Dang Straight” line, featuring “Helen from Omaha”.
And you can see that here:

You see, Brad Ashford WOULD give you some response about why he opposes reforming the Good Time laws, but what he MEANS to say is, “But didn’t you hear Lee Terry say, ‘Dang Straight’???


Why the press loves “Independents”

October 13, 2014

This past weekend the editorial boards of the Omaha World-Herald and Lincoln Journal Star made endorsements in the 2nd District House of Representatives and U.S. Senate races, respectively. The OWH picked Democrat Brad Ashford over Republican incumbent Congressman Lee Terry. The LJS chose Independent Jim Jenkins over either Republican Ben Sasse or Democrat David Domina for the [...]

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Banking votes

October 10, 2014

The Democrats in Omaha currently have a nearly 8,000 vote absentee ballot request edge on the Republicans. As Watchdog reported, the numbers look like this: Democrat: 10,679, 65% Republican: 3,352, 21% Independent: 2,276, 14% Libertarian: 34, less than 1% We’re not saying some Republicans should be in panic mode, but those numbers spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. How could [...]

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Maxwell speaks out on Terry

October 8, 2014

Former “Independent” 2nd District Congressional candidate Chip Maxwell wrote a post on his blog (a few weeks ago – and since updated) explaining why he is going to vote for Lee Terry in Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional race next month — and why you should too. Except it’s not an “endorsement.” We will let Chip explain… I said [...]

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Fastballs, more cash and polls

October 7, 2014

As we Tweetered last evening, the new Lee Terry for Congress ad is up, hitting Democrat Brad Ashford for supporting the Good Time law. See it here: Now. Is Brad Ashford going to parse this one out? Sure. Is he going to claim it’s all out of context? Sure. But, in the political world, let [...]

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Here comes the hardball

October 6, 2014

To start things off, here is an SAB from @MertTheAvenger, (re–Tweeted by reader Jeanie Kenkel): Nebraska Democrat Senate candidate Dave Domina and Sam the Eagle from The Muppets. *** Let’s just say at this point that Lee Terry is fighting for his political life. And he is not going down playing softball. Hence the latest [...]

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Domina bogarts his positions

September 29, 2014

For anyone paying attention to the Nebraska U.S. Senate race, Democrat David Domina showed late last week that his is not a serious campaign. Why? Well, Domina came out for the legalization of pot. Oh, was it somewhat more nuanced than that? “We need to consider it…” “He’s open to it…” Whatever. Look, if your [...]

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