What’s the Nebraska way?

by Street Sweeper on July 4, 2014

Attention Democrat/Liberal readers of Leavenworth St.!

We have a basic question for you — to comment on in the comments section.

It gets to this:

Lately we see the constant stories (mainly sourced from Drudge) where Latin American immigrants are piling in over the border. Much of this seems to have been based on a belief that anyone who comes through now would get amnesty. Or maybe it’s just kids that came through now would get amnesty.

In any case, many are calling it a crisis(!) as immigrants are just pouring through the porous borders and are now being housed in military bases, health issues running rampant, kids being shipped all over the country, etc. etc. etc.

What we here at Leavenworth St. are interested in knowing:

What is the Democrat/Liberal position on all of this?

Is it that America should just take down the border fences and all that and let everyone in?

Or…well…er…eh…we’re trying to get past that one, because we don’t know what the other alternative is.

OK, we have established that you want anyone who entered the country as a child to at least get in-state aid (tuition, driver’s licenses, etc. etc.). But where does it stop?

Or start?

Is there any point to that giant fence?
Or border guards?
Or guys who inspect cantaloupes and limes?

We’re just trying to figure out where you start and stop.

We’ve seen the VERY compelling CNN previews of the show where the guy is in front of Congress — who entered the US as a 12 year old — and gripes to the committee, “Just what do you call an American???!!!!” (or some such).

And we’re like, “Yah, sure he’s an American!”

Uh, but no.
Because if we say HE’S an American, well then what’s the difference between him and the gate crashers at the border now?

Zip? Nil? Nada?

It’s just not clear to us what it is you are hoping for — for illegal immigrants who run the border.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get the whole, “turning Texas purple/Blue with immigrants thing”, but we hope/guess it’s more than that. You do see ALL the implications of open borders, yeah?

So where are you?

And forget all the “Who will pick your oranges and mow your lawns???” arguments.
This is really beyond all that.

With Nancy Pelosi and the rest welcoming in the border crashers, your leadership is saying, “Let EVERYONE in! Drop the walls!”

Do you agree?

And do you understand the ultimate implications of that position?

We are really, honestly, curious.

Weigh in.

(And is there another website in Nebraska where your voice gets a significant presence, read by every mover and shaker? No. No, is the answer.)

So dig in!


So here’s the thing:

We constantly hear that the country needs, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform!”

Conservatives/Republicans hear that as, “Amnesty!”

And maybe that’s true.
But the other side of that, generally, is “secure the border first!”

But as near as we can tell, Democrats/Liberals/Progressives have no real interest in securing the border.

Are we correct?


And we not to be too jingoistic, but frakin’ Joey Chestnut!

Kobayashi was the KING, and Chestnut just yanked it away!


And we’re going to say this to all the World Cup haters:

Are you a crazy hockey fan?
Do you live and die with hockey?
Can you tolerate the low scoring in hockey?

Or are you just an occasional fan?

And do you root on the USA hockey team when they play in the Olympics?
Such as, oh, we don’t know…1980????

Yeah, that’s what we do.
And we do the same with the soccer team in the World Cup.
And we can appreciate great athletes in a great sport.

So just root on the USA, would ya?
(And STFU.)


Nebraska minimum wage expansion?
Looks like it’s coming to a vote.

And we might agree that the min wage should be different between, say, New York and Nebraska.
But what about upstate New York and Manhatten?

And what about Omaha and, say, Beemer?

Does this make sense, that it’s a state issue?

Or should it be a municipal issue?
And would municipalities think a little more about that issue when they want to expand business for employees and companies?

We’re just asking.


Hope you’re having a grand weekend.



by Street Sweeper on June 28, 2014

Here’s what we know.


Democracy isn’t perfect.
Capitalism isn’t perfect.
Markets aren’t perfect.

They’re waaaaaaay better than anything else.


If you download something on a PC, you never know what it’s going to do to your machine.


90% of the argument is about the money.


If Jim Jenkins had been in the Governor’s race, there’s a possibility it could have become interesting.
But he’s in the Senate race, and it won’t be.


You gotta let the meat sit after you take it off the grill.
Otherwise, you’re screwed.


The IRS thing looks to be a real, actual scandal.
The fact that the majority of Democrats are looking the other way on it, considering what it is based on, is outrageous.


The show “Lost” was an interesting idea, but in the end, it sucked.


“Breaking Bad” was the best show on TV ever (including “The Sopranos”, in case you were wondering.) If you haven’t watched it, you should have your TV privileges revoked.


We’re not really clear on how accents work, because dammit if Hugh Jackman doesn’t sound like he’s from Missouri…up until he does a red carpet and pulls out the Australia thing. It’s like he’s just screwing with us.


Somehow Omaha restaurants have come and gone (alas French Cafe).
But then there’s Spaghetti Works.
In the prime location, no less.



We really don’t think Chip Maxwell is going to have an issue getting signatures to get on the ballot.
But still having to reach for them at the Memorial Park concert doesn’t inspire tons of confidence.


You realize you’re officially old when Blues Traveller, Smashmouth and Sugar Ray are playing…for FREE!
Wha? Huh?


“Chopped Canada” stinks.
We’re fairly sure it’s the lack of Ted.


A cold beer takes the edge off.


We really, really don’t like Hillary Clinton. While she’s generally intelligent, she is a disingenuous fraud. And she would be a terrible President.

That being said, she wouldn’t have been as awful as Barack Obama. And Elizabeth Warren would be much, much. much much worse than both of them. Just horrible.

No idea who comes out for the GOP.
Open it up to you.


It would be nice if the county party chief didn’t come off like an extra from “Fast Times…”.


Even Warren Buffet money can’t turn tofu into well marbled ribeye.

He can tell you how awesome tofu is.
And try to tell you that it’s good for you and tastes great and that you REALLY need it.
But no one if going to believe that it’s a steak.

And yes, we know that this analogy is going to get beat into the ground in the comments.
Have at it.


Summer Solsticing

by Street Sweeper on June 21, 2014

Newish poll out from Public Policy Polling, on behalf of the Chuck Hassebrook for Governor campaign.

Looks like this:

Pete Ricketts………………….42%
Chuck Hassebrook…………..38%
Mark Elworth (sic) (uh…who?)…… 8%
Not sure……………………….13%

Looks like Ricketts is in trouble, yeah?

Yeah, maybe not so much.

Look, we like polls as much as the next bloggers. But anymore, unless the poll is coming from somewhat of an independent source, we say, “Feh!

If they’re put out from a campaign — Republican or Democrat or whatever Chip Maxwell is — we really don’t have much reason to put much down on it.

Oh, we can make some generalizations. In this case, “Pete’s ahead”, is a pretty safe one.
But by how much?

Well, we’d say somewhere between what Hassebrook is willing to say and what Ricketts is willing to put out.

Other than that, just consider this is a cutthroat business, and no one is ever going to put out info that is bad for them.



Sort of interesting story in Roll Call that the NRCC has NOT reserved any air time for Lee Terry in November.

Then again, the DCCC hasn’t done that either for Brad Ashford.

And somewhere Maxwell just declared, “Victory!”


In case you missed it, an absolute MUST read about the world’s most uncomfortable dinner seating with Barack and Michelle and Bill and Hillary.

The key quotes from the story (all of which will be denied within the week),


 “I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who ever lived.”


 “That’s why I never invite that guy over.”


And oh how the Druids in Alliance danced…


At least Terry won his primary

by Street Sweeper on June 13, 2014

Bash n Terry 01At least Lee Terry won.

You can say that about his recent primary victory over his Republican opponent.
You, obviously can’t say the same about the House Majority Leader, who took a shot from a much lesser known and under-financed opponent.

Sound familiar?

At this point there are many who are trying to compare the Cantor situation to Lee Terry’s, but that of course has already flown. The comparative horse has left the barn, and all that.

Had it preceded the Nebraska primary, a comparison could have been made between Cantor’s and Terry’s primary. But the primary is over and Terry won.

But what of Chip Maxwell?“, we’ve heard commentators — and Maxwell — say.

Well, Maxwell would be Cantor now, if Cantor decided to run in the General.
And then the Democrat would win Cantor’s old district.

See how that works?
As the Nate Silver aficionados like to say, “Math!“.


And now, Chip Maxwell has taken to the OWH writers to declare that not only is he NOT a Republican, he barely ever was!

Maxwell has alerted the OWH and anyone else who will listen that he has always been an Independent, and only ran for the County Board as a Republican because he had to.

Well, that’s interesting.

Because we could have sworn that the very first thing we heard Maxwell say in his Congressional campaign roll-out was that he would “caucus” with Republicans if he won.

Too good for Bernie Sanders, we guess.

And to that, we say, “feh”.
Not that we would suggest he do otherwise, because, of course, he won’t be winning.

But by pointing out his Republican-ness, and former party status, he still splits the Republican and conservative Independent vote in the General.

Maxwell didn’t run in the GOP primary because he knew he couldn’t win in a three way race.
The irony is that he still can’t.

A few months back, Maxwell could have been Dave Brat.
Now he’ll just be Ross Perot.


Lee Terry has a long…long, long, long, long, long row to hoe ahead of him in his race.

But we will just note that we still — STILL!!!!!! — wish he would stop reading the stage directions, and stop playing political prognosticator while he is a Congressman.

See Terry’s recent interview with CNN’s Dana Bash here:

Now what should Terry say here, when asked about “compromise”?
He should say…

“I always look at a bill and see if it is good for the people of Nebraska’s 2nd District. If it is good or bad for them, it is probably good or bad for the rest of the country. You take certain values with you to Congress, and you never compromise your values. But that doesn’t mean you can’t speak with members of the other party. But they, and my constituents should know that the people of Nebraska are my first concern, as I represent them and they sent me here.”

Or some such.

Instead, he starts talking about who should compromise and what the political considerations are and….and… JUST STOP IT! You’re not a talking head! This isn’t in private!!!

Terry has always done this, and it’s not getting any better.

If his campaign and office staff have any hair left in their heads after yanking at it every time Lee makes one of these statements, we’d be just as shocked.


We aren’t sure if we specifically predicted that Chuck Hagel would end up being the Obama Administration’s fall-guy in the Pentagon, back when he was nominated. But others certainly did.

And now, look who’s taking the blame for the President’s severely questioned decision to trade Taliban leaders for Bowe Bergdahl.

When it was all parents and heros, it was Obama in the Rose Garden.
When things went south, it was Hagel in front of a Congressional committee.



Hey, and then there is poor Hillary Clinton.
And we mean POOR!

Di you hear her? She and Bill were flat-broke when they loaded up the U-Haul truck and headed back to Arkansas…and then pulled a quick U-ey and carpet-bagged it up to Chappaqua.

You see, Hillary and Bill were just working to make ends meet — of course $10 million at a time on their post-Presidency speeches and the like.

Now, the GOP has shown that they’re not buying that kind of crap.
Mitt Romney was rich, but he never tried to pretend that he was struggling.
He always pushed the narrative of working hard.

But when Bill and Hillary’s cash comes from making speeches and selling books based off their time in government, it is pretty tough to try to pretend they’re all about the hard work.

Be interesting to see if Dems reject that crap now, like they rejected her 8 years ago.
But who would they take?
Joe Biden?
Elizabeth “You didn’t build that!” Warren?

Heckuva team they’ve got working there.


Our favorite weekend of the year coming up.

See ya at T.D. Ameritrade.


Ashford #NE02 poll shows tie with Terry; skips Maxwell

by Street Sweeper on June 4, 2014

NE02 November 01Democrat Brad Ashford’s campaign has released a poll showing him tied with Congressman Lee Terry in the Nebraska 2nd District Congressional race.

However, the poll summary released by Ashford suspiciously leaves out any question involving “Independent” Chip Maxwell.

The stats given are:

Lee Terry (R)………..41%
Brad Ashford (D)…..41%
Steve Laird (L)……….4%

The fact that the unknown Laird gets more than “misc” is an indication that another decently known candidate can get a decent percent of the electorate.

Which makes it VERY suspicious that Ashford would leave him out.
And makes us think with Maxwell in, the Ashford numbers don’t look as good.

And do you REALLY think they would have polled without asking about Maxwell?

We really don’t know what Maxwell polls in this case, but we do know that his name on the ballot will affect things.
Which way, how much and from whom are all big questions involved.


From that whole poll, the most dangerous number for Lee Terry is the 63% Unfavorable job performance number.

Of course, that number may have also been after a series of leading questions from this Dem pollster, so you never really know what you’re getting here.

Nonetheless, if Terry’s Unfavorables are anywhere close to that, he will have a LOT of ground to cover before November.


In the mean time, Maxwell has gotten out of the gate by deleting his blog post where he says that a third party candidate in the House race is a fool’s errand.

Now, he is trying to bob and weave with Joe Jordan, after he essentially told Jordan the same thing a few months ago…on camera.

See Jordan’s Watchdog report here:

Unfortunately for Maxwell, he is unable to delete Jordan’s interviews.


Note that Kent Grisham is Terry’s new campaign manager.

Though we haven’t seen it in the other news stories, Grisham was Charles Herbster’s and then Beau McCoy’s manager in the past Gubernatorial primary.

He should be good and wired into the Nebraska campaign scene.


Interesting pick by Pete Ricketts of Lavon Heidemann for his Lieutenant Governor.

Boring pick. Balanced pick.
Smart pick.

Fills in the areas Ricketts lacks.
Harkens back to Dave Heineman.

And as we have noted before, was Separated at Birth from Grover Norquist.

Heidemann - Norquist SAB 01


You knew that once a Democrat got involved, the LJS’s Don Walton would find civility and honor in the Nebraska Senate race.

In his review of the recent Ben Sasse – Dave Domina forum, Walton led off:

“Ben Sasse and David Domina engaged Monday night in an unusually civil and intellectual discussion…”

Right. Because the previous Republican debates were all vegetable throwing and fisticuffs.

Here’s a shocker for ya: You can have a more reigned rained-in discussion with two candidates than you can with four.

And in case you missed it, Domina…

  • Loves the new EPA regs
  • Hates the Keystone pipeline
  • Loves ObamaCare

So there’s that.


Oh, and on those new EPA regs from the President, just to quote Congressman Terry’s Tweet:

I’d like to see the Administration provide a thoughtful study of the environmental and economic consequences of this proposed rule the same way they deliberated the KeystoneXL pipeline.


With all of the hourly breaking news on the White House’s actions on Sgt. Bergdahl, we won’t bother piling on…

…except to note this image of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

We’ll blame Hagel’s Virginia residency for that look…


Maxwell’s Ship of Selfish Fools

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New #NEGOV poll

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Republicans who want a Democrat to represent them

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The Ricketts win

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