Stop the thinking… the OWH will do it for you

When people enter the booth on Election Day, they look at a candidate’s party ID. This is by far the biggest indicator for most voters on whom they should pick. This doesn’t mean that these voters are mindless partisan hacks that don’t think about their candidates or their issues. It is that they have looked at our two party system, and determined that one suits their political philosophy the best. And when a candidate chooses a party, for better or worse, they are associated with the positions that party espouses.

This is a good thing. If you’re a Democrat, and you generally believe in the things that party stands for, you should generally be comfortable with the candidate that came out of that party’s primary system. And you should generally feel comfortable that that candidate is going to vote the way you feel. He or she is probably going to veer at times, but you accept that.

Well, the Omaha World Herald Editorial Board thinks you’re a dope (Questions for the Senate race – OWH – 7/9/06).

Party affiliation? You’re a sheep.
Majority party in the Senate? Who cares, as long as you get a new bridge.
“Key” issues? The OWH will tell you what the key issues are. And they aren’t the ones that Pete Ricketts is talking about, Bub!

The World Herald’s nauseating faux populism is as honest as Madonna’s English accent. This editorial is condescending and arrogant, and insults their readers. Let’s face it: John Gottschalk and the boys know Ben Nelson, like him and want him keep his job. They’ve met (relatively) young Pete Ricketts and don’t like him. End of story. (Do you remember who the OWH endorsed for GOP Senate Primary? Hint: not Petey.)

So when they want you to think Ben Nelson is a “conservative”, they’ll ask you to ignore the fact that his conservative voting rating is 53% versus Chuck Hagel’s 86%.

They’ll ask you to ignore the fact that if the Senate turns Democrat, Ben Nelson would vote to have Hillary and Kennedy and the rest of the bugaboos decide each and every vote that makes it to the Senate floor.

Many voters think their party ID is an important consideration when they step in the booth. The OWH does not.

And with the case of Ben Nelson (D) they’re going to keep telling you that.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Why no coverage of Meuret leaving as PR Guru for Ricketts? Isn’t this 1 of 3 that left recently? What should be said of the campaign?

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    First of all, it’s spelled “propAganda”. Second of all, we’re not associated to any campaign, party, candidate, office holder, etc.
    Third of all, unless you can come up with SOMETHING we won’t bother to post this kind of worthless comment in the future. You psych out people who are looking for actual comments.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Question – does ricketts have anything else going for him besides an R next to his name? Because he can’t coast on party id. i guess that’s why some of his staff have disembarked for greener pastures.

  4. Street Sweeper says:

    We were wondering why it took so long for this email. We’ll let the Ricketts camp do the talking on this. Naive view of the Ricketts staff shakeup.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ricketts isn’t doing any talking – on anything, least of all his staff issues. I don’t know that it’s naive to think that they have some big problems right now. It’s an observation based on available information. I’ve never heard of a Nebraska campaign that’s lost as many staffers all at once.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    Yes, you’re naive to think that Ricketts’s staff would leave b/c they don’t like his ads.

    And Leavenworth Street will be posting on this uniquely political topic later this afternoon.

    Stay tuned (you too, Haters)!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m just trying to think of what Nelson stands for, come to think of it. He’s on the fence on every issue and seldom have I seen him take a stand on something from the get go. Though I think he’s pro-life, pro-NRA, and pro-business. But I don’t think that’s why democrats are voting for him. Maybe it’s just the “D” behind his name.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Was that Ricketts playing goalie for the French on Sunday? I knew Pierre was hollow but I had no idea he was a sieve too.

  9. Street Sweeper says:

    Listen, WE’LL handle the Separated at Birth postings around here, funny guy. Though we’d note that the Azzurri keeper only fared better b/c of an errant French kick.

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