Ricketts Campaign Shake

Our thoughts on the Ricketts campaign staff shake-up.

First off, those (Dems, or Nelson supporters, anyway) who have suggested that the Ricketts camp is desperate or is in disarray are obviously unfamiliar with campaigning. Ricketts just won a heated primary and is getting national attention as someone who has a shot of taking down a very popular Senator. But after a primary, you gear up for a different type of campaign, and you may head another direction. If this were October, we might question moves such as this. In July, it’s not unusual, and frankly it’s the right time if you want to make moves.

In detail:

Campaign Manager, Pat Fiske: Pat obviously did a great job in the primary, against two better known opponents. Pat’s only fault is that he’s not from Nebraska, and probably not as keyed into the political landscape. Sometimes when you hit the general election you need to find someone who better knows the history of the state politics, and knows the local players etc. Ricketts will need to keep the Republican Party base in tact to beat Nelson. He recognized they needed a Nebraskan with political experience. Jessica Moenning, former Nebraska GOP Executive Director, and Jeff Fortenberry campaign manager fits it perfectly. She’s tied in with the state party, the Governor and the Hagel camps, who will be essential for Ricketts in the general.

Fundraiser, Melissa Ekberg: We don’t know the entire story on this staffer, but suffice it to say that she had an uphill battle trying to raise money for a candidate who is perceived as self-funding his campaign. The Ricketts camp may have realized this and decided to start with another fundraising group. This isn’t unheard of and funders are very often from outside the campaign. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that Ricketts will be short on cash for the race.

Communications, Trisha Meuret: We have it on good authority that Ms. Meuret truly left on good terms with the campaign, and has even been recently at the campaign HQ helping the staff to transition. We hope the Ricketts camp will be able to function well without someone with her experience, but again, Jessica Moenning has a great deal of experience working with the Nebraska press.

With that, we look forward to hearing more from all the campaigns.


  1. Daily Bulldog says:

    Looks to me like a Nelson-lover is too afraid to show his identity and takes swipes at Ricketts. I’ve always doubted Gentle Ben’s manhood….looks like it spreads through his “support” network….should we call it “The Second Senator’s Club”?

  2. Daily Bulldog says:

    You are correct, Street Sweeper. Due to yesterday’s “fixing” of the site, my comment was to go to a previous posting. Stay tuned for more insightful comments and sorry for the confusion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The irony of someone going after people for not using their names on a ricketts site managed ANONYMOUSLY is delicious.

  4. Street Sweeper says:

    At some point we’re going to stop allowing this stuff: This is not a “Ricketts site”. While we certainly have a viewpoint, we have no connection to Ricketts, or any other candidate, office holder, etc.

    And define irony again about your “anonymous” post about an anonymous complaint.

    (And “delicious”? I don’t even want to touch that…)

  5. Daily Bulldog says:

    Dear Gutless Nelson-lover, my name is Don James. If you would have clicked on my “daily bulldog” link, you would see my profile, which contains of course my name, email and other tidbits. I guess Paul Johnson hasn’t taught all of you that well yet, has he? Maybe the Arkansas heat and humidity is making Paul lag some….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately your contention that this is not a “Ricketts” site is laughable at the very least.

    I have been following your blog for a month now and have yet to see one positive post about a democratic candidate. Yet, you seem to defend Pete Ricketts a lot. This would obviously lead to the conclusion that you are a “Ricketts” site. Even if you are not a Pete Ricketts site, you are hardly unbiased source of information.

  7. Street Sweeper says:

    What’s laughable is how many of you Nelson supporters, or Dems, out there have come to this site saying, “Aha! Your comments have supported one candidate over another! Aha! Aha!”

    If I may quote the Colonel from “Boogie Nights”: Oh ya think so doctor?

    Just so everyone out there sees your logic flow, you state that, “You seem to defend Pete Ricketts a lot. This would obviously lead to the conclusion that you are a ‘Ricketts’ site.” You didn’t do very well on the SAT logic section, huh? “Some dogs are male. Bill is a male. Therefore Bill is a dog,” right? Have you also concluded that the Omaha World Herald is a “Ben Nelson site” too? (Wait, don’t answer that.)

    At no time have we ever claimed that we don’t have a viewpoint. You’ll also note that we’ve posted opinions regarding: the Governor’s race; the Congressional races; Douglas county races; Omaha city government; spending issues; and various other topics. We’ll continue to post our views. And you can work on living with the fact that we’re (all together kids!) not connected to the Ricketts campaign, or any other candidate, office holder or party in any way.

    And you’ve been “following it for a month now” have you? Geee whiz. How diligent of you! Thanks for the hits. Or of course you could just look to your right and see links for EVERY THING THAT HAS EVER BEEN WRITTEN HERE.

    Now go get the refund for those Kaplan courses you took.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Daily bulldog,

    But what is the name of street sweeper? He’s anonymous. I guess you have no problem with THAT.

  9. Daily Bulldog says:

    Gutless Nelson-lover, my beef is with you, not Sweeper. I’m trying to stay independent but Dems (and Rs do this sometimes too) seem to lump folks together and start garbage. The Dem party is a party of anger, hate and misery. It is no wonder you’ve been in the minority so long?? I tinker with giving up my “I” status, but I’m not enticed to go either way at this point.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear Daily bulldog,

    If I am gutless because I don’t reveal my name, isn’t street sweeper just as gutless for the very same reason?

  11. Daily Bulldog says:

    Gutless Nelson-lover, Sweeper is just minding his/her own business. Why drag this individual into it? You know who I am, you are hiding behind a “non-identity” like a spooked rat. Nothing more to say there…on to the next feeble defense of Gentle Benny and his gutless, Paul Johnson/DiMartino-led campaign. This whole race better get out of the gutter or you’ll see record-low turnout this fall.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “Looks to me like a Nelson-lover is too afraid to show his identity and takes swipes at Ricketts.”

    but it’s ok to take swipes at Nelson anonymously ie street sweeper?

    I’m not down on street sweeper, but YOUR hypocrisy is bizarre.

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