Campaign Parade Pics v 2.0

We asked and received three more sets of parade pics from the main campaigns. While we’d point out that they’re not all from July 4th (as we requested), we’ll take ‘em nonetheless.

First are a couple from Adrian Smith in the 3rd District. First we’ve got Adrian in front of what appears to be the rolling campaign HQ. (Wall to wall carpet and a disco ball in the back of that baby, no doubt.) And since the other one his campaign sent in was fairly lame, we also add a shot of him in the Dick Cheney parade in GI. Because it’s always cool to be hanging around the Secret Service guys.

Next we have the Lee Terry campaign. First we have a shot from the JE George parade in the Dundee/Fairacres area. (The campaigner pictured there was obviously sucking on a lemon at the time.) Then we’ve got a shot of Lee with a particularly exuberant campaigner. (We’d also like to point out that Lee finally has his new campaign site up and running.)

Finally we have Jeff Fortenberry in Seward. Pretty good banner, and we always like the parade balloons. Jeff also sports the obligatory red shirt for the Nebraska campaigner. (Do all the candidates in Tennessee sport orange shirts?) We’d recommend the candidate walk behind the banner, but maybe that’s just us.

Thanks to all the campaigns that sent in photos!
And to those who didn’t? Oh, we’ll be back….


  1. Anonymous says:

    For the love of the FCC, how devoid of a life do you have to be to walk down a public street pimping for a backbenching tool like Terry Lee Junior?

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    With pics from six candidates, why ya hatin’ on Lee? This as a positive post. Save the vitriol for another day.

  3. Daily Bulldog says:

    Anon, you have to be a Dem because of the hate you spew. Now you’re going to go after Terry? I guess this rich little Esch kid needs all of the help he can get. Those little UNO Dems Esch rallies don’t understand that Esch himself was an “R” until just recently and has a higher net worth than Terry. You’re pretty slow, my friend. Glad to be an indy…this Senate race is a gutter bomb and my guess all three House races will go that way, too. It will be nice when Rubin takes his failed methods back to Maryland.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pictures of Lee, Fortenberry, Smith with an added bonus picture of Dr.Evil? Positive? I guess if you’re a typical jackboot Nebraska “independent” it’s positive. Bulldog, you need to lighten up buddy. You’re wound up a bit too tight. Street Sweeper, you’re ok.

  5. Street Sweeper says:

    Since this is v 2.0, note that v 1.0 had Moul, Esch and Ricketts. And invitations for pics went out to all the major candidates. And we were pretty kind on all of the comments. And have promised not to re-use these photos in any negative light.

    Now everyone go out and jump in the pool on this hot Saturday and get away from your computers.

  6. Daily Bulldog says:

    I am wound up because it’s only mid-July and I’m already sick of all of the races. I may just sit out on election day. Our House delegation seems to be a mystery yet the recent turnover may be some help. Overall, it really irks me when candidates or officeholders pass themselves off as something they are not. I know it’s part of the game, but…..

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