1. Daily Bulldog says:

    Nelson-lover, doesn’t Mr. Walton get paid to write? Sweeper probably doesn’t….I know I don’t. This is not a for-profit site that I know of.

    Talk about ruthless…you Nelson folks need only to look in the mirror. Comparing a blog to a long-time editorial writer??

  2. nepolwatcher says:

    Hey DB – what’s with the homophobia? Good thing you don’t get paid to write – you can’t. And real astute assessment of Don Walton. He’s been around forever but I don’t think he’s an “editorial writer” -his articles appear in the news section.
    The only other campaign in AMERICA that has changed the top leadership as Ricketts has is the Katherine Harris campaign in Florida. Google that – and understand what these changes really mean.
    can you enter T-A-I-L-S-P-I-N without a typo?

  3. nepolwatcher says:

    SS- Bulldog has no idea if anonymous is male/female. His postings all over the site include personal insults directed toward others. He [and I use “he” because he identifies himself as a male] repeatedly uses “Nelson-lover” as an insult to denigrate both Nelson and other posters. And though he has trouble with writing, his intentions are clear. I don’t think anyone would mistake “Nelson-lover” as a moniker for true love between a man and a woman as defined by the Nebraska Unicameral.

  4. Daily Bulldog says:

    NEpol, awwwww, what’s the matter? Did I offend you? When you hear “ban gay marriage”, does the hair on your neck stand on end? If you don’t like my opnions, don’t read my postings. And no, since I am not writing a college term paper or getting paid to do this, I won’t put forth my best writing efforts…geez, there go the hateful Dems again. Perhaps I’ll buy you a nice pink hankerchef (sp) set to comfort you.

  5. nepolwatcher says:

    you would have to make a cogent argument to offend me. So dont worry.
    I find it hilarious that someone who uses personal insults and gay bashing as a literary crutch would whine like a piglet about namecalling.
    A double standard worthy of the Ricketts campaign platform.

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