1. Anonymous says:

    Heineman and Fortenberry are youthful and intelligent, good for Nebraska and America. I tend to think Ricketts may fit into this fold too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since when did “youthful” qualify as a credential for governing? Isn’t it more about back-bone and courage? It takes more than youth to stand up and do what is right despite political pressure to do otherwise. Sadly, it looks like Nebraskans are more into maintaining the status quo.

  3. Cowpunk says:

    Those Democrats who support Heineman probably think he’s still running against Dave Nabity. Whose fault is that? Dave Hahn, who doesn’t even seem to have a campaign. His crew has been virtually MIA since they kicked off last fall. I like Hahn’s politics, but I can’t figure out what he thinks this campaign strategy, or lack thereof, will accomplish.

    On the other hand, I think Jim Esch is going to surprise a lot of people when his numbers come out. He’s building a powerful grassroots campaign.

    And I completely agree-the status quo with Ben Nelson is the wrong way to go. Don’t count on me sending any bucks to that smarmy pinhead Ricketts, though.

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