Mr. Smith Going to Washington?

Republican 3rd District Congressional candidate Adrian Smith today released a poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for his campaign over September 9-10 and 12, 2006. The poll queried 400 likely 3rd District voters, and had a margin of error of +/- 4.9%.

The findings:

Adrian Smith (R) – 51%
Scott Kleeb (D) – 24%
Undecided – 24%

Name Recognition / Favorable / Unfavorable

Adrian Smith – 74% / 36% / 13%
Scott Kleeb – 47% / 18% / 5%

“Regardless of which candidate you are voting for, which political party would you prefer see control the United States House of Representatives?”

Republican – 58%
Democrat – 30%

Many Dems (such as Bob Kerrey) were expecting the brainy/movie star/cowboy Kleeb to be their knight in shining armor. This seems not to be. With the President’s polls rising, and the 3rd still solidly GOP, Smith just needs to not trip over himself through Election Day.

Leavenworth Street doesn’t really care to argue about the merits of the poll itself here. It’s by a reputable company and it’s results aren’t terribly surprising. We take into account that it was done for one candidate, but certainly don’t discount it because of that.


  1. TH says:

    I think this is great for Kleeb; the republican is only polling at 51 and there is a huge number of undecided. And I think you will see that number close b/w the two because Kleeb is still relativily unknown. I hope kleeb pulls it off. I will be voting for him. I think it will be close.

  2. Daily Bulldog says:

    Uh, yeah….you and 35% of the voters in the third district will vote for Prom King Kleeb.

    Bless your little hearts out there.

  3. Daily Bulldog says:


    You are right, and I know what happened.

    The guy who was elected prom king was killed in a Carrie-like “accident” on the way to the prom, and Kleeb was appointed.

    My fault, sorry,

    DJ out!

  4. TH says:

    I just saw a new poll with Smith at 41 and Kleeb at 37 with a MOE of 4.7. That is awesome. We have a choice between an uber-conservitive republican and a populist/conservitive democrat.I am thankful that more and more nebraskans are looking at the democrat and are not just voting based on party for the house. We have been good at voting Dems to the gov and to the senate thank god it looks like we may start voting them to the house of reps.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You can’t find them any dumber than Smith. Congrats to the 3rd District on finding somebody with even less gray matter than Fortenberry or Terry Lee.

  6. Daily Bulldog says:

    Congrats to the 3rd District for “finding” Kleeb? The 3rd District found Kleeb?

    No, he found the 3rd District when he saw an open Congressional seat and an open couch at his parents’ place on which to crash.

  7. mom at home says:

    Actually, Kleeb didn’t find the 3rd, Bob Kerrey refound Nebraska and sought out one of his most liberal cuteypies from “NEW YORK CITY!?” to pretend to love dear old Nebraska. Too bad that neither Kleeb nor Kerrey can bring themselves to root for Dear Old Nebraska in football or politics-Kleeb announced in August that he will be rooting for the Buffs!

    What a loser-speaking of “anonymous”!

  8. Anonymous says:

    We have a choice between a sweet talking stud muffin and a seasoned politician who has shown his policy positions consistantly the last 8 years. The real issue is if you support our federal policies at this time. Washington is the home of partisan politics. It makes no sense to vote for stud muffin and have him oppose the president if you really support our present government policies

  9. Street Sweeper says:

    Great comment, but try re-submitting on Friday, 11/3, when we put up our odds for this race. This post is a little dated.

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