Maxine Attacks!

As pointed out by an alert Leavenworth Street reader (you people really need to use something other than “Anonymous” for your comments – just so we can i.d. you…) Democrat 1st Dist House candidate Maxine Moul has started new ads that bear a striking resemblance to ads by some guy named Baron Hill in Indiana.

Moul’s ad tries to tie Jeff Fortenberry’s receipt of contributions into his love for criminals and corruption (or something like that) — while Baron Hill tries the same with Rep. Mike Sodrel. So since Moul is apparently short on cash (according to Barry Rubin) she’s hopefully getting a discounted rate from the ad agency which has put pretty much zero effort in making her an original ad (much like Ben Nelson did recently).

The ads first point out that both House freshman have taken apparently “dirty” money:

Then they ask the same question to YOU the voter (using poor grammar – what are they charging by the word? Would it kill them to make it “DO you…”?)!
Finally each presents their sign-off of the ad – where we find out that Moul is not only sharing ads, but tag lines as well! Maxine puts “Nebraska Families First” while her pal Baron apparently plans to put “Hoosier Families First” (which begs the question whether Maxine dissed the idea of putting “Cornhusker Familes First”…).
So congratulations to Ms. Moul and Baron Hill on saving some cash in their attack ads (now back to your regularly scheduled Ben Nelson hunting commercial).


  1. Anonymous says:

    The real irony here is that Democrats in Nebraska (excepting Nelson) continuously say that Republicans are just rubber stamps for their party. After seeing this cookie-cutter creativity, irony may not be a strong enough word. Fortenberry has done a good job, Moul will be a Democrat lap dog (that’s another cute little “irony” Dems coined).

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    You guys should really get a different host and use WordPress or something. Then you can force people to not be anonymous if you want to.

    Blogger “blogspot” is really becoming the “” of blogging anyway.

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    Thanks. It’s something we would consider, though I’m fairly certain we can force people to log-in to comment here. But that’s not really the goal, and would sort of discourage people from commenting, we think. And being Anonymous isn’t really a big deal — it’s just that people don’t use a moniker that you can follow, which sometimes would be nice. But so far Blogger works, it’s easy, blah blah blah. But we’re happy to take any suggestions you have, and feel free to email directly if you wish.

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