Mike Foley: Defining Semi-Formal

Well, political fans, never let it be said that Leavenworth Street is not an equal-opportunity mocker of both sides of the aisle.

We were watching Channel 7’s little report on the Auditor race – nice summary of the candidates and their general positions, of course initially focusing on Kate Witek’s party-hopping.

Then they shifted to an interview of Republican candidate, State Senator Mike Foley – apparently interviewed by KETV’s Todd Andrews on Foley’s back patio.

So we see Foley, suit jacket, colorful tie, sitting very erect, making a good point… then BAM! The camera pans back and we see Foley’s legs under the picnic table and what’s he got on? Jeans, white socks and red tennis shoes!

What the suit pants and Florsheims were at the cleaners? Did Todd arrive for the interview mid-wardrobe change and insist Foley sit right away? From the waist up, with his giant forehead, he looks like he’s ready for Meet the Press, and below deck he looks like he’s ready to meet Ralph Malph and Potsie.

Hey Mike! Ronald McDonald called and he wants his shoes back!


  1. Street Sweeper says:

    A lot? You think so? Why didn’t he just go pants-less then? Maybe next time a skirt? Or maybe, just maybe, he’s very punk-rock.

  2. Bill O says:

    It’s all part of the elite media liberal bias. Note how they didn’t do that to that far left Democrat Kate Witek? Is there now any doubt the mainsteam media is composed of far left bomb throwers like Todd Andrews?Hmmmmmmm?

  3. Anonymous says:

    SS, good funny…Ronald McDonald, etc. Very entertaining post.

    Foley has always been known as straight-laced, maybe kind of “Leave it to Beaver”. Though he’s from Lincoln, I’ll bet he kills her out west.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Which would you rather have as State Auditor? Someone who does not have a college degree, or someone who lies to legislative colleagues (and in turn constituents) about the intent of a legislative budget amendment?

  5. Daily Bulldog says:


    That was good…he keeps it “business” on the front so his co-workers take him seriously, then it’s “party” on the back/bottom so his fellow mullet-tiods don’t suspect anything. Although I would have to give Foley a 5.5 for mullet-tude and a 2.0 for agressiveness.

    A suave mullet, a sensitive mullet, a modern mullet….yet still a mullet.

    Maybe Foley thought he was getting his class picture taken at the frat house, or was trying to pull a Ted Baxter/Ron Burgundy. Is that a glass of Cutty and water in his right hand??

  6. Anonymous says:

    By all means, let’s concentrate on what Senator Foley was wearing instead of what he was saying. That’s becoming par for this country. Come on people. Brighten up!!!

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