Bruning’s Goat

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is currently making the rounds of the Mideast with the Aspen Institute. A good thing to do, we think, in general. Always good to get an international perspective, particularly if you plan to speak intelligently on those types of issues.

So Bruning met with 3000 year old former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Jordan Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit. But after taking a closer look at photos from those meets, we noticed a few things.

First, Bruning apparently forgot to shave before meeting with Boutros-Ghouly. And then when meeting with Bakhit, Bruning has apparently decided to try out the Road-Trip Goatee!

Awwwwww riiiight!

So when he gets back to Nebraska, we should expect Bruning to look like other famous goateed celebs such as:

KMTV’s Travis Justice

Metallica’s James Hetfield

USSR’s Lenin

Hell’s Satan

Of course, in the end, we have a feeling Bruning may just end up looking like his alter-ego:

Big Boy.


  1. Uncle Wiggily says:


    While my admiration for your discriminatory skills is essentially boundless, still I am forced to ask:

    Are you damn sure that Hetfield photo isn’t Travis Tritt?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Truman won an impossible re-election in part because his opponent had a mustache that made him look like a crook. Facial hair kills political careers.

    Voters vote from their guts not their brains. Educated voters are better at growing reasons to justify what drives their preferences. However, their preferences are still driven by how they feel about the candidate.

    Images, especially facial appearance, bypass the logical part of the brain and hit voters where they feel. Only later do they try to make sense of the visceral impact.

    Moreover, all people intuitively know that facial hair prevents us from reading the truth of another person’s face. Facial hair is perceived to be a disguise and that suggests dishonesty.

    Beyond that, what does this say about Bruning himself? If he is sporting an obviously trimmed goatee in Jordon, what does that mean? Is he trying to appear Arab? Does he morph into whatever his audience is? Or, is he simply taking a break from being accountable for his public image in Nebraska? Some guys act differently when they go to out of town. Most wives don’t like that. Elected officials are wedded to their constituents.

    Growing a beard when you are running for the Senate isn’t a reasonable thing to do. And growing it when you think you are out of sight of the voters isn’t particularly comforting to voters.

    Let’s hope this goatee is computer generated.

    Streetsweeper, you do a great job.
    Keep it coming.

  3. One Out In The Third says:

    Last I checked…this was still the USA and beards/goatees were still optional. Whether it’s Bruning or some unknown Husker lineman that adds a little facial hair…it’s front page news. Nebraska needs to get a life.

    Did anyone think that maybe Bruning left his kitty back home while he was hanging out in the Mideast…or maybe he didn’t bring the converter for his electric razor?

  4. Street Sweeper says:

    OOitT, geez, we’re just havin’ a little fun. Relax already.
    However, looking at the closeup, I’d say he definitely used a razor. I’m hoping for the next official pic he has, he goes with the Apollo Anton Ono soul-patch.

  5. The Equalizer says:

    I thought women were gossipy but you guys take the prize! Keep it coming, you’re hysterical and I need the laughs.

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