Bruning to make it official

Harold Reutter of the Grand Island Independent reports that Jon Bruning will announce in June “whether” he will run for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Chuck Hagel. (Bruning to announce political plans in June – GII- 5/24/07.)

(In other breaking news, the sunrise in GI tomorrow will be at 6:08 AM.)

Nonetheless, a couple of interesting quotes from Bruning at the Hall County Republican dinner in the story:

“Nebraskans want somebody else to represent them in the Senate,” Bruning said.

He said he talked to people in Grand Island on Wednesday afternoon. He said he did not have one person profess support for Sen. Hagel. Bruning said he had spent only a few brief hours in Grand Island. But during that time, he said, “I’ve picked up several offers of (campaign) support and several thousand dollars in (financial) commitments.”

What should be interesting is whether Bruning announces his fundraising results at the end of the quarter (June, or into July). Since he is still in “testing the waters” mode, he is not obligated to report the results. Whether he does or not will be a significant indicator of his support. It will show whether donors are really behind him or want to wait for Hagel or Daub, Raimondo or Johanns. (And after he formally announces, “testing the waters’ phase will be over, and in the next period he’ll have to report all the money he has raised.)

Assume that if he does not release the info that his numbers are not where he wants them to be. Remember, no candidate releases bad polling numbers — the same will be true for Bruning’s war chest.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Will he resign from his current job, or will the people of Nebraska have to get by with a part-time attorney general?

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    Way to pull out the lamest argument in politics.

    And I’ll say this for Bruning: he gets more press for the stuff he does as AG than any other current Nebraska pol. It’s ignorant to think that he would somehow benefit from doing nothing as the current AG.

    The last pol I remember who quit his job to campaign full time was Bob Dole. And you can see where that got him…

  3. BuckTurgidson says:

    Will Hagel quit his job to run for president, or will Nebraska have a part-time US Senator?


    Will Hal Daub quit his job to run for senate, or will the GOP have to get by with a part-time national commiteeman?

    Uh, who gives a care?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Exactly. Sarcasm my friend.
    JB will work his backside off to be a good AG if for nothing else it makes him look good. But in reality he is good at his job. Seriously he is regardless of who you support. He cares about his job and so does Hagel. That is fine, but the 11th amendment must die. We have some very poor R’s in power now that need to have another “R” challenge them.
    Sorry folks but ALL of our congress puppets (federal) need to be replaced. I will give a slight deviation to Smith since he is only 5 mos into it. But terry and ESPECIALLY LOUISIANA Jeff Fortenberry are not good.

    Go Mitt!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I guess I see the AG as having more responsibility than the average senetor or congressmen. He is a pol. in that he is elected, but maybe he should be appt. by the executive. That seems to have worked well for our national government.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    “Go Mitt”, a few things:

    1) Lest anyone misunderstand, I’m not necessarily saying what Bruning is doing is great (or not great). What I’m saying is that he is doing lots of AG things, and staying in the press, so the suggestion that he needs to quit in order to run for Senate is silly. (And I’d also add that no one suggests that any sitting office holder needs to quit in order to run for re-election…)

    2) It’s Reagan’s 11th COMMANDMENT (not Amendment), and I couldn’t disagree with you more on your suggestion to clean out the delegation.

  7. big stick marky-mark says:

    Have the Governor appoint an attorney general? Unthinkable! Next you’ll be calling for us to do away with our beloved non-partisan Unicameral — the very apparatus of Nebraska government that allows left-wing pinkos like Norm Wallman, Ray Aguilar, Annette Dubas, Steve Lathrop and Tom White to get elected.

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