Sokol notes support for Hagel

In yesterday’s press conference, U.S. Senate candidate Jon Bruning pointed out that the Finance Chairman for his campaign is chairman and CEO of MidAmerican Energy, David Sokol of Omaha. (Leavenworth Street pointed out Sokol’s position in this April 26th post.)

But curious that back on March 29, 2007, David L. Sokol sent the following note to U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (and forwarded to us by the Hagel camp) (click the image below to enlarge):

Dear Senator Hagel,

As you are aware I have been, and I continue to be a supporter. If you decide to run again for another term as Senator, I & Peggy will most certainly be a contributor.

I understand your decision to hold off on making this announcement as to Senator or to jump into the Presidential race and I wish you well in your deliberations.

Your friend,

So, what to make of this? Well, it should be noted that this note came AFTER Hagel voted to set a date certain for troop pullout out of Iraq, and AFTER Hagel used the “I” word in Esquire Magazine and on George Stephanopoulos – things that Jon Bruning has said turned him from a “Hagel Guy” to a…“Bruning Guy”.

Now there’s nothing that says Sokol has to move in lock-step with Jon Bruning, but it’s curious nonetheless that Sokol took pretty much the same position as Bob Kerrey – we’ll wait for you Chuck.

So, we suppose the question is, Will David Sokol still be a contributor to a Chuck Hagel for Senate campaign?

And the countdown clock (up above to your right) continues to tick…tick…tick…


  1. One Out In The Third says:


    In the event you should show up in my neighborhood after dark I thought I would let you know that I am prepared…

    I just installed two more dead-bolts on all my doors and filed down my dog’s teeth and have cut his rations.

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    Yeah I saw it.

    Interesting criticism coming from a guy who found it OK to “out” a Senate candidate’s family member last year.

    But ya know, as usual, Leavenworth Street talks about politics and NNN talks about Leavenworth Street…

  3. 'Sker says:

    This piece of literature from Sokol is cause for an illustrative piece of reflection. When such a thing is revealed in the traditional media, it is called “breaking a story”. 60 Minutes and other TV-magazine shows have become famous for such things. Enter a blogger…see how the medium of tomorrow makes different people react in different ways. NNN is having a jealousy attack…LOL…as if he commands an audience. I predict the traditional media will ignore it. The radio will likely comment on it. Keep an eye on how people react as it indicates to where the blogosphere has come lately.

  4. OmaSteak says:

    What did the godfather say??? “Politicians never stay bought.” Plus MidAmerican Energy has grown and moved heavily into parts of the energy industry that are heavily regulated by the FERC and other Federal agencies. It’s just smart to try and keep the HQ’a congressional delegation motivated to provide support as needed in both legislative and regulatory arenas. Sokol’s major interest in that arena for the future is the repeal of PUHCA repealed while keeping MidAmerican Holding privately held so that their financial structures are not subject to Federal inspection. When Bruning is elected, repeal of PUHCA will be one of his legislative “to do’s” although it won’t be mentioned/discussed during the campaign.

  5. mom at home says:

    Just curious, but did you fact check this note? There are more than a few people who doubt its authenticity due to a fairly well known bicker-battle between the 2 for a couple of years.

    Any way you look at it,I’d be ducking if I were you, Cuz the …gonna fly early in this election season!

  6. Street Sweeper says:


    If it wasn’t obvious to you – and it apparently wasn’t to some who seemed to be racking their brains as to where this came from – this was forwarded to us by the Hagel camp. (We’ll say it again for those new to Leavenworth Street, No, we don’t work for Hagel, the GOP or any other political entity or are connected to any of them.)

    And if it helps you, Joe Jordan reported on his blog that he received it as well. (And a certain lefty blog is already backtracking…)

    So here’s our fact check for you: Chuck Hagel sent it to us, and others. If it is not what it seems to be at face value, then others can feel free to say why it’s not.

    We stated what it is: a curious item.
    And we think our audience is insightful enough to infer, as well, that it’s curious that Chuck Hagel decided to make it public.

  7. Pepper Man says:

    Typical David Sokol stunt. He probably told Steve Pederson that he’d continue to donate to NU right up until Frankie S. got canned and Sokol’s plane trips with the football team came to an abrupt halt. Sokol should concentrate on his one city, one school efforts instead.

  8. muckweed says:

    This seems irrelevant. Sokol’s been around town more than once and if he wants to donate to everyone and their dog, then so be it. I really don’t see what the big deal is. If this is Hagel’s ammunition… looks like LL has lost her touch.

  9. Kyle Michaelis says:

    There has been no backtracking at NNN. Several of my “lefty” readers disagree with my finding this leak unprincipled, distasteful, and a dangerous precedent. But, I stand by my opinion and hope SS will reconsider allowing his site to be used like this by his friends in the Hagel camp.

  10. mom at home says:

    The LL reference is what motivated the “fact check” query. Also, just because othe media outlets got it, doesn’t mean it’s real, either.

    SS, you’re a little touchy on this subject. Quit drinking caffiene at night and think about what LL has stooped to in the past to make others look worse than her.

  11. One Out In The Third says:


    A few bits of randomness…

    I thought once one got married that “Hotness” dissipated??? Never viewed “Hottie” as a qualification for the job. Everybody wants a Kennedy or Clinton I guess. I wonder if living in a Ranch style home qualifies you as a “Rancher.”

    In light of the recent immigration fiasco in the House and Senate I will find great difficulty in voting for any incumbent past or present.

    Have you ever considered a Jerry Brown/Bob Kerrey SAB?? Aside from Brown’s decrease in foliage…their similarities are…can I say…very similar.

    I thought KM “went away?”

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