Osborne doesn’t get mad…

For those of you who missed the Saturday OWH, Robynn Tysver reported that none other than Dr. Tom Osborne has sent out a fundraising letter for Attorney General Jon Bruning’s U.S. Senate campaign. (Osborne aids fundraising for Bruning’s Senate bid – OWH – 6/16/07.)

Tysver reports that T.O. noted his appreciation for Bruning’s “loyalty” when he ran for Governor against sitting Governor Dave Heineman last year. We’re not real sure what that is supposed to mean (and we admit it is out of context, as we do not yet have a copy of the letter — in case anyone would like to forward it along). Bruning was loyal…to whom? Certainly not to the sitting Governor. We suppose he may have been “loyal” to T.O. when he decided to challenge Heineman, but we’re uncertain on what that loyalty is based. Maybe Bruning pledged his undying support at sometime in the past?

In any case, what this really comes down to is T.O.’s loyalty for Bruning’s support. Oh, and it also stems from the rusty steak knife T.O. feels Chuck Hagel jammed in his back when Hagel made an “early” endorsement of Heineman for Governor.

In case you’ve forgotten, T.O. sort of hemmed and hawed over his decision on whether or not he was going to run for Gov (sort of like another politician we know — see above to the right). At the time, Hagel made the command decision that he wasn’t going to wait for Osborne anymore, and went ahead and endorsed Heineman.

So…now that Hagel is the one who can’t seem to make up his mind, we have no doubt that Osborne felt he gave Hagel plenty of time before he joined the Bruning camp. Oh, and as for Tysver’s note that T.O.’s letter didn’t use the word “endorse”? Yeah, well…whatever.

Like Kevin Chapman said, it is what it is…


  1. One Out In The Third says:

    Could it possibly be that T.O. knows a better man when he sees one? Oh…Oh…here come the Lawrence Phillips reminders.

  2. curbfeeler says:

    Osborne isn’t the best example for Bruning. He started out polling way ahead and then ended up losing to the incumbent.

  3. spike strip says:

    i did not expect that bruning would play the t.o. card (a non-face card) this early. i guess i underestimated how desparate he is.

    however, i look forward to receiving more fundraising letters from the republican political graveyard. as i type, thone, orr and witek are probably writing their “why i don’t like hagel” manifesto. you know, the ones jealous of hagel because he has led the most successful expansion of the nebraska republican party without and despite them.

    they should probably make room for two more: bruning and osborn. they have begun their slow and agonizing political suicide- hopefully taking their second rate political operatives with them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What happens when Johanns gets in? Recall who ran Johanns’ last campaign: Vicki Powell. She is the same lady who ran Osbrone’s campaign. One has to assume Vicki will be supporting her old boss and good friend over Jon Bruning. I doubt Osborne has any allegiance to Vicki Powell, but perhaps there is enough when coupled with the weight of Mike Johanns to cause Osborne to become neutral? Raising money for the only candidate isn’t a big deal…it’s pretty well assumed that Hagel isn’t running. Wait until all the horses are in the race before placing your bets.

  5. braindrain says:

    That picture is perfect – it personifies all that is electioneering and closed door deal making. Democracy or oligarchy?

    Oligarchy = a state governed by a few persons

  6. charliethone says:

    1. who the heck is this flynn guy?

    2. can anyone else smell the hagel/heineman camp seeping through this blog? it could just be me.

    dont’ get me wrong, SS, i love the info and consider you fair, but have picked up a scent downwind.

  7. Street Sweeper says:

    Charlie! My man!
    Don’t shoot the messenger.
    We’re an equal-opportunity criticizer. And we hope we’re also fair when it comes to kudos.
    And, it’s also why this comment board is open and available.
    Keep readin’ and commentin’.

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