Hagel to announce plans Monday

U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel’s office has announced that the Senator will announce his plans for his political future on Monday at the Omaha Press Club, 10:00 AM Central time – almost six months to the day after the original non-announcement announcement.

No word yet as to whether CNN and the rest of the networks will be in attendance.

We should note that “Obvious”, in the Leavenworth Street comments section , came closest to correctly guessing this date — the pick was 9/11. However, we were using “Price is Right” rules (it’s in the fine print) and thus since that pick was “over”, no one wins the fine official L. St. gold medallion. Maybe next time…


  1. Street Sweeper says:

    We had originally posted that OmaSteak correctly picked the date — but he put 10/1, and I read it as 9/10. Corrections have been made. Looks like I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue…

  2. Ron Burgundy says:


    You got some press on KETV at 10. The homepage was on the background computer during their Hagel Story right before the story of the water skiing squirrel-Top Notch

    I still think it strange that Hagel will make this announcement with Heineman out of the country and Johanns in the state later in the week. No big deal if he is running agian but ackward if he decides to retire.

    Stay Classy

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joural Star and World Herald are both reporting that Hagel is going to retire so unless he changes his mind once again, the race is on for his replacement.

  4. Swoof says:

    Sounds like he’s out. It should be a very entertaining GOP primary race, esp. once Jon Bruning’s “liberal” views from when he was in law school come to roost. Pass the popcorn.

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