See You Later, Hal Daub…

…as opposed to “good bye”.

Hal wrapped up his statement today quoting a gray-haired football coach: “Don’t close the locker-room door on me yet. I still have a few good games left in me.”

While some still believe that the leaked NRSC “poll” forced Daub’s decision, his earlier statements and his vehement charge about the accuracy of the poll (“bogus”), leads us to believe he was being honest when talking about the money. (And also, he said six months ago that he didn’t think Johanns would run, which affected his decisions.)

Consider that he spent his own cash on: His 93 county tour; a plane to fly across the state on his announcement tour; a media assistant; website design and website; TV and radio ad production; TV and radio ad time (at least $30,000); print materials; and probably a bunch of other stuff we’re missing.

That ain’t chump change for someone who’s not independently wealthy.

So what does this all mean for the rest of the field?

The road from New York to DC via Nebraska just got rockier for Bob Kerrey (if you believe Daub’s exit will make it smoother for Mike Johanns). Kerrey, who’s been playing footsy with the idea of running is thankfully going to make his decision soon. Depending on whom you read, Kerrey is “excited” about running, but it’s probably no, unless it’s yes.

He’s talking to farmers and ranchers, calling Don Walton and emailing Steve Brown and thinks Nebraskans should “worry” about the withdrawal of Chuck Hagel. (At least we think he means Hagel. It would make more sense if he meant Daub, but Daub served four terms. Larry Craig?)

So with Kerrey, the rest will just have to wait until the other Hsu drops.

And Dems, Mike Fahey is, for all intents and purposes, out. He ain’t gonna do it. So are you willing to support Earl B. Nelson’s BFF Tony Toni Tone Raimondo? Or will you just amp yourself up for the Mr. and Mrs. Kleeb campaign? (And you know the former Jane Fleming is just dying to show the cornhusking rubes what a real campaign is all about.)

And here’s a final question for the GOP faithful: Does Daub’s farewell fare better for Mike Johanns or Jon Bruning?

Some say it will help to clear the field for Johanns to jog in with fewer dogs nipping at his ankles. Others think Bruning can now focus on Johanns and avoid the Daub distraction. (And if you’re convinced that it helps Pat Flynn, well then be prepared for the volley of jokes that follow on the boards.)

Have a great weekend and say a prayer of redemption for the Blackshirts.


  1. Rolly says:

    I am saddened that Hal Daub is out of the Senate race before he got in.

    Several years ago I heard him (radio talk show) speaking about the social security system. I was ready to vote for him then.

    With his withdrawal the Senate race will be as exciting as the Dole – Clinton presidential election.

    I get to choose which weapon with which to commit suicide.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Daub is a sad occasion, cause he takes away the democracy from the race! As for Flynn…he was a joke from day one, as everyone else has predicted…Bruning, even more of a joke for even trying!

  3. Jon Rehm says:

    Random thoughts on the Senate races:

    1. Say what you will about Bruning, but he has balls and he’s entertaining. I’m fully expecting some sort of redux of the Johanns = pornography gambit Congressmen Virgin Slayer pulled in 1998.

    2. Johanns has reportedly flipped on immigration. He’ll likely get away with it too, just like he did with his flip on the spending lid in 1998.

    3. Two years ago everyone thought a Governor Osborne was a sure thing.

    4. Make up your mind already, Bob.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You may think Johanns has flipped on immigration but Bruning has flipped on everything he believes in. I think Leavenworth can remind us of that.

  5. bogart says:

    Mike Johanns used to be a democrat and at one time was efforting a leadership role in the party. Doesn’t that fact sort of render Bruning’s beliefs in college a little moot?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bruning only believes in one thing…Robbie the Intern.

    Oh, wait. Never mind. I guess he doesn’t believe in Robbie the Intern anymore either.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tony Raimondo is a GOPer. He’s not going to run as a Democrat–plain and simple. If you’re going to wrap Nelson around his neck, how about doing the same with his friendship with Duane Acklie?

  8. Street Sweeper says:

    Tony and Ben have wrapped each other around their necks. Don’t blame us for observing.

    In the mean time we’re STILL waiting for Tony’s decision. Last we heard from him, he said he was going to get in if Hagel dropped out…

  9. bigredmachine95 says:

    At least Duane Acklie has been heavily involved in GOP politics for years. It would be quite interesting to see Raimondo run, I must say.

  10. One Out In The Third says:

    Funny world those Democratic backers…Hsu turns up missing…then is found…now his partner Winkle Paw is MIA. What a world…and what stories will be told along the campaign trail.

  11. Street Sweeper says:

    Well, b/c we wrote this post before that article.

    But if it helps, Hal’s numbers said, Johanns “mid-40s”, Daub and Bruning both “about 17”.

    And the NRSC says their poll wasn’t pushed.

    But, with Hal out, all those numbers change, right?

  12. One Out In The Third says:


    The numbers changing with Daub’s departure was my first thought too…

    Were there any “Undecideds” in this poll? All I read was percentages for the three. Republicans must be a pretty decisive bunch.

    The Reverend Cosmic Bob is supposed to announce this week according to Jordan on Politics.

  13. One Out In the Third says:

    Forgive the faux paux…It was the Sioux City Journal that reported Cosmic would make an announcement this week.

  14. Idiot Out In The Third says:

    I have faux pauxed again…I will refrain from posting for two weeks as penance…the percentage totals did show 14 points undecided or other.

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