We’ll update later tonight after Mike Johanns 3:15pm Central time announcement, should he have anything interesting to say.

In the mean time, you can check out MikeJohanns2008.com or you can just watch his intro video here.

The website itself was developed by Thor Schrock of Schrock Innovations. Schrock describes getting the gig on his blog:

Schrock Innovations went head to head against Washington DC design firms to win the bid to do Phase 1.

This is the first website we have done for a candidate seeking Federal office. Phase 1 of the website was pretty straight forward. We had four business days to complete an index page and a contribution page. The site had to be simple, yet appealing to the eye. It was to include a video as well as a form that allows people to subscribe for future updates.

Phase 2 of the website will be bid out again, and we are hopeful that our work on Phase 1 will give us a leg up on Phase 2.

Schrock has since been uploading the video clip to just about every video site possible, including iFilm (where you get a horror-movie trailer before it), Buzly.com and Blip.tv.

While it’s probably not Schrock’s fault, we’re looking forward to a little higher video quality in the future. If we wanted to watch Johanns through a filthy fish-tank, we’d meet him at the dentist’s office.


  1. Crack is Whack says:

    Dear God, Mike Yohanns is a dork. That’s a sweet hair style, dude. This video almost forced me into a boredom-coma.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did he tape this video in a dentist office? What’s with the bookcase? And nothing screams “class” like a plastic shrub in the background.

  3. OmaSteak says:

    Wow! Watching paint dry in both visual and audio form…and they probably paid lots of money for it too.

    If a guy isn’t even smart enough to have a webmaster on his campaign staff makes me wonder if he’s got the stuff to ever accomplish anything significant in DC if elected…like not wasting taxpayer money.

  4. Klev Landsteamer says:

    Wow. Nice that they didn’t even obtain a security certificate for the contributions. I wouldn’t recommend putting your credit card info on that page…there’s no encryption.

    Seems to me that Schrock is a serious liability at this point to the Johanns campaign.

  5. Eric says:

    These people don’t even bother securing their own web page, and we put them in charge of the security of the country? Scary stuff. I have a feeling Schrock isn’t going to be successful in his phase 2 bid.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    The embedded video should work now.

    I have a feeling they are adjusting it as they go.

    But the audio is still lame.

    While I wouldn’t make the jump that this means Johanns can’t be trusted to vote on Medicare issues, I do wonder why the campaign didn’t put up a more porfessional video for their introduction.

  7. K.T. says:

    Has anyone else noticed the welcome page on Mike Johanns…sorry…Mike Yohanns page? The part about “Nebraska Values.” That is taken straight off of Pete Ricketts campaign literature.

    Are they that poorly organized that they’re already resorting to cribbing Pete Ricketts campaign themes?

  8. Intern the Robbie says:

    Is it just me or does Mike Yohanns seem like he’s going for the Christopher Walken delivery style in that video?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think Johanns’ laid back style is properly Senatorial – it makes him seem logical, thoughtful and deliberate. Boring too, but also those other things.
    Whereas Bruning’s “I’ll punch you in the stomach and throw you under the bus you sonofa*&@^%!” style seems better suited to the House or a firm of ambulance chasers.

    If Johanns comes out of the gate strong and rakes in a huge amount of contributions (enough to dwarf Bruning’s) – will Bruning consider dropping out?

  10. Karl Hungus says:

    “When I shot my introductory campaign video in a make-shift office once used in a porno shoot, I took Nebraska with me.”

  11. Miyagi says:

    Come on, anonymous…be serious for a minute. that video is the single worst, remedial, lifeless, banal and painfully dreadful thing I’ve seen in some time. It has all the sophistication and framework of a 7th grade school project on civil service.

    At least Bruning is passionate and possessing of enough common sense not to release a video that reeks of the late ’80s.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just busted a gut thinking of Bruning cutting a promo like those the pro wrasslers do.

    Can you imagine him coming out there in spandex tights and start calling out Yohanns and challanging him to a cage match at Pershing at the Pay Per View in May.

    Whacha gonna do Yohanns! Whacha gonna do, when Bruningmania runs wild on you!

  13. kevin cosgrove says:

    if i were yohanns, i’d pay shrock twice original production costs just to take this video off of all the share sites they were sticking it on. good lawd.

    nealo, hungus, and anony(bruningmania version), you guys crack me up.

    on a serious note, what serves nebraska better? having an AARP member former governor that might just get two terms squeaked out as a junior senator before the paint finally dries. or, sending a dynamic, shoot-from-the-hip youngun out east who easily could get several terms and potentially build some serious longterm clout for the state?

  14. One Out In The Third says:

    He needs to “earn our trust again?” What’s that about? Did he lose it when he took the SecAg job? He obviously is getting some feedback that says Nebraskan’s don’t trust him.

    Mr. Rogers…my SAB nominee…is more animated than Yawnhanns.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sure Bruning “could potentially build some clout” as a Senator. But A) he’d lose to Kerrey anyway and B) Yohanns ALREADY has Senate connections in Washington from being Ag Sec.

    Plus Bruning is a freakin’ tool. I’ll take a boring boring guy over a tool any day.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This race = all the proof anyone needs of Nebraska’s “brain-drain” problems. Uggggggggg.

    Nothing makes us look like the middle of nowhere quite like letting someone as unqualified as Bruning go to the Senate. Tell the kid to wait a few years and build his resume.

    (And writing for the Daily Nebraskan doesn’t count.)

  17. The Nightwatchman says:

    Bruning is a hothead who is too self-serving to serve in the Senate. Just look at his actions from Pop Warner football to flip-flopping on gas station owners. This man doesn’t move until his wet finger tells him which way the wind is blowing. BTW – If he’s a rassler, he’s either Adrian Adonis or Koko B. Ware. Either way, he is a non-starter.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Is that Mister Rogers without the sweater? People want to replace Chuck Hagel with that? Folks, despite the denials of his supporters, Johanns has a race on his hands in the primary. Bruning’s personality and position on immigration vis-a-vis Johanns’ will provide a nice contrast for voters to consider next May.

  19. Anonymous says:

    >Johanns has a race on his hands in the primary

    I’ll bet you $100 Johanns get 4 times as much in contributions as Bruning. Race my a**. There was only money behind Bruning when it could be used to push Chuck out. Now that he’s out, the funds will go with Johanns, not Bruning. Bruning was a pawn.

    He still is.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I doubt Schrock had much to do with the decsion making in the video. As for posting video content all over the web that’s called “internet marketing.” It was a bit far away for a window that small but it looks fine to me. As for the video content, it’s a senate election not a circus.

  21. Street Sweeper says:


    You should move your comments to the next post. These get stale fast.

    Since I may be one of the few people left reading this comment, I’ll bite:

    1) I agree that TS may not have done the vid, but then maybe he did. He’s welcome to comment here. But he’s apparently still responsible for putting it up.

    2) I have no problem with marketing it on the web. Just pointing it out for the readers.

    3) You’re right, it IS too small. As you may have noticed, they tried to zoom it in on a few of the posted versions, but then the quality was terrible. The audio is awful as well. It is amateurish and needs to be re-done.

    Unfortunately, there’s probably no time to do that within the next few days with MJ himself. I’d suggest a mash-up, with music, of his various speeches from yesterday and today. That would be a challenge, but is very do-able and would be significantly better.

    No it’s not a circus, but this is a big-time campaign, and it should look and sound as such.

  22. The Nightwatchman says:

    I was at one of Johanns’s events today. He is no more dynamic in person than he is on video. I went with high hopes and he fell flat. If you can’t create energy and buzz now, when will you get it. He appears to be running because he thinks that is what he should be doing, not because he wants to. Very disappointing. Being 32, I might keep attending though, because I feel very young at these things. I am now very torn in this primary.

  23. One Out In The Third says:

    “mash his speeches with some music?” Does this mean that Muzak has finally found it’s niche???

    Meanwhile…Cosmic Bob keeps the squirming puppy Kleeb at bay…or does Kleeb not want to commit political suicide? Somebody in the Dem. Party needs to grow a pair.

  24. Street Sweeper says:

    Sure, you know, some “Girl from Impanema” on flugelhorn in the background.

    Seriously, how difficult would it be for some iMac toting kid to put together 5-10 clips from his announcement speeches, to some (appropriate) background music?

    That would be ten times better than what’s up there now.

  25. One Out In The Third says:


    There are a lot of 4th graders out there with more than adequate skills to make Yawnhanns shine.
    I’ll hold off on my Fred Rogers SAB nomination until Yawnhanns catches up.

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