Bizarro Weekend

Oddities of the weekend last:

1) A team known as “South Florida” is number two in the BCS. They must have consolidated Florida, Miami and Florida State and thrown them into the Big East while we weren’t looking.

2) The Drudge Report, which usually concentrates on things like Fred Thompson’s wife and a house with 900 cats, prominently featured the Huskers’ loss on Saturday. Thanks for the attention Matt.

[Update, 5:15pm, 10/15/07. And now Drudge is reporting (in between photos of Vladimir Putin and the French President), that T.O. is going to be the new A.D. They’ve linked to this KPTM story that also says Dave “Remington” (read “Rimington“) will be named to the coaching staff. Feel free to validate ANY of these rumors in the comments section.]

3) Tom Osborne was featured on the front page of the Omaha World Herald, looking like this.

(Our personal favorite is this shot of Creighton basketball coach Dana Altman clapping in the background. You know he has to be thinking, “God, I will holler ‘Woo pig sooie!’ every morning for the rest of my life if you’ll just spare me ever having to dress up like that…”)


  1. One Out In The Third says:

    What can a guy say??? Makes me realize that I’m happy being a common man.

    Wanted: Cave in Wyoming. Would consider a fixer-upper if the price is right.

  2. OmaSteak says:

    TO is the new interim AD at NU…maybe it was worth the funny costume to get those big boosters to make the call to fire Pederson.

  3. mom at home says:

    Like football pants and a funny hat with a cage on the front of it is that different.

    It looks like the WBC just “bedazzled” T.O.’s uniform!

  4. Street Sweeper says:

    Where’d you hear it? On KFAB (at 3:16pm) they’re saying that’s just a rumor. Though, that seems to be the desired outcome.

  5. Street Sweeper says:

    To follow up, at around 4:45pm, KFAB read a rumor that says Tom Osborne will be the interim AD, with former Husker center, Dave Rimington as his assistant.

    We’re hearing similar rumors.

  6. To Omasteak says:

    It probably depends on how big the Sokol’s check is. I think T.O. could make a good interim, but I have to agree with Damon Benning in that recreating history is never a good gameplan.

  7. bobby fidelis says:

    I’m laughing as I type this, but maybe this is a conspiracy plot by the Johanns-Hagel camp to influence Perlman into firing Pederson to hire T.O. to distract him away from his support for Jon Bruning. I feel like Elastic-Man after making that stretch….

  8. Eric says:

    If the Huskers were playing like this a year ago, TO would be governor right now. He’d probably make a better athletic director.

  9. Klev Landstemer says:

    TO will not be interim AD. He will be hired on as a “football advisor” to help the new AD. The new AD has not been chosen, but Rimington’s name is the one mentioned the most.

    Expect more firings by the end of the week. This is not over.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Eric said… If the Huskers were playing like this a year ago, TO would be governor right now. He’d probably make a better athletic director. – – – I disagree. When TO ran for Governor, people were saying then that he was a better coach than he would be Governor. In fact, that was a main criticism. “Just because he was a good coach…”.

  11. Street Sweeper says:

    For those trying to keep up, the LJS is reporting:

    Tom Osborne will be announced as Nebraska’s interim or permanent athletic director — the former coach wouldn’t say which — at a press conference at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday.

    “It’ll all be laid out then,” Osborne said during a telephone interview.


  12. Steve Pederson says:

    Im sorry for running the entire athletic department into the ground. I wish Tom all the best in correcting everything I screwed up.

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