Halloween Separated at Birth!

On this scaaaaariest of days, we here on Leavenworth Street offer you a spoooooky look at the freeeakiest of…Separated at Birth!!!!

First on the right side of the aisle…

Chuck Hagel and Frankenstein’s Monster!
(and Chuck seems to have taken Joe Biden’s VP offer seriously — CNN video here…)

Mike Johanns and Count Dracula!

And…Lee Terry and Eddie Munster!

And on the left side of the aisle…

Ben Nelson and The Incredible Hulk!

Bob Kerrey and Jack Skellington!

And probably the scariest of all…
Scott Kleeb and Dustin Diamond a/k/a Screech from “Saved by the Bell”!

Happy Halloween everyone! Drive safely!


  1. Street Sweeper says:

    I’m not saying you HAVE to comment here. You really don’t. Entirely not necessary. But, you know, if you WANT to, well that’s up to you. Totally up to you. No influence coming from here. Either way is fine. Totally fine. You know, whatever. Rock on, and all that.


  2. EN says:

    Hey Chuck Hagel’s Halloween deal at the Foreign Affairs committee was cool. Joe Biden seemed to enjoy it – hence the VP offer. I like it when politicians go beyond themselves and show they may actually be humans. Laughter helps all – left and right…

    Is Cosmic Bob still Nebraska Politics? I don’t know if anyone still remembers him.

    Didn’t know Scott had a goatie… I bet his wife made him shave it off.

    How about Adrian and Jeffie – no separated at birth for them?

    Keep having fun boys…

  3. OmaSteak says:

    Geez Street Sweeper. Since Joe Biden has 0% chance of being elected President, a VP offer for Hagel is meaningless…hence the sarcastic comment “VP of what”

  4. Street Sweeper says:

    Uh, yeah, I’m aware that it was a joke. And that’s why WE put up the joke. And it referred to Biden’s line at the Dem debate that the GOPer that Biden would want as a VP would be Hagel.
    I’m glad we’re all good here.

  5. Street Sweeper says:

    While we’re working on a new post, just a shout out (or, “at”) to all you COMPLAINERS about the SABs:

    You want someone particular for a SAB, SUBMIT ONE! We put up not one, not two, but six — SIX! –, SAB’s yesterday, and ALL we hear is, “gimme gimme gimme!”

    You’re no better than the 15 year old Trick or Treaters who ring your doorbell at 9:30pm, don’t bother to wear a costume, don’t say “Trick or Treat”, grab a giant handful out of your candy bucket and don’t say thank-you.

    Are you under the impression that it’s EASY to find a good SAB — not to mention one that relates to Halloween? Well here’s a newsflash: it AIN’T easy. And not to mention, this isn’t exactly a full-time job.

    Plenty of people, including Gary Saddlmeyer and Neal Obermeyer, taken the time to submit SABs for us. If YOU’d like to suggest one, one that includes BOTH of the SABs, our email address is right on the page.

    Rant done.

  6. harvey dent for mayor says:

    for the love of god, will someone please make chuck “the laugh riot” hagel go away. Is there some kind of fund we could contribute to?

    to e.n.: if seeing hagel in a biden mask was your idea of wacky and funny, then you, my dear, are a very sad, sad, sad individual. maybe tomorrow, chuck will up the ante of hysterics and start crank-calling senators during their lunch hour! or, maybe, he’ll go around and put “kick me” signs on the backs of his fellow democrat senators! man, that hagel is one, funny, funny, funny liberal!

  7. Eric says:

    I appreciate the SABs Street Sweeper. I have always been impressed. Not only do the people look alike, but you always find just the right photo with heads titled exactly the same way, same facial expression, etc. Genius.

  8. EN says:

    Hey Harvey Dent, thanks for the free psychoanalysis – indeed, I got a kick out of Hagel’s little skit. And you are right… I am sad often – there are a lot of things going on in this world that sadden me, such as hungry and dying children in Darfur, homeless people who instead of fulfiling their potential wait for government handouts and bums on welfare, the fact that illegal immigration has rendered this country’s political system sterile, and so on. I never miss a chance to get a laugh, even it is from Hagel. But keep giving me pointers on how to deal with the sadness. They are always appreciated. E.N.

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