Hillary’s Hockey Hair

Well, it seems the discussion on the previous post has died down a bit, but we still encourage you to check it out and comment.

In the mean time, while we here on Leavenworth Street usually restrict ourselves to Nebraska matters, this one has been bothering us since the Dem’s Presidential debate in Philadelphia the other day:

Did you catch the MULLET on Hillary? What the hell! And people have been harassing John Edwards about his haircut?

If I didn’t know better, I’d guess Hillary’s going on the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” with Foxworthy, Larry and the boys. That doo is business up front and par-tay in the back!

And frankly her Neck Warmer puts Foxworthy’s to shame.

Of course, upon further research, we discovered that this is actually a “Femullet”.

But don’t fret Hillary supporters. Should she win (and T.O. help us all if she does), she won’t be the first mulleted Democrat to occupy the White House. Get a load of this Shorty-Longback on James K. Polk. The Wisconsin Waterfall was flowing in that Oval Office.


  1. curbfeeler says:

    Hilly has the “Joe Dirt” thing going on. It helps her hide her electoral roots (radical) as well as her scalp roots (black).

  2. barber of seville says:

    So how you cut your hair makes a difference in whether you are capable of leading? Maybe in Republican cirlces.

  3. barber of seville says:

    Evidently my having parted my hair on the right this morning has already affected my ability to type! Jeez — cirlces — circles dagnabit!

  4. TomPaine says:

    Appearance isn’t everything, but it may be 64% of an election, per recent Princeton research that confirms voters assess a candidate’s competence by glancing at his/her face for only a quarter of a second.

    If Ross Perot had not looked so much like a rodent, he’d have done better at the polls.

  5. barber of seville says:

    So John Edwards has the election wrapped up. We might as well all go home and watch Dancing With the Stars and see if our TIVO got the last edition of Surviors.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    What time is “Dancing…” on? I hear Hillary has that all wrapped up too. Well, that is if Bill would stop trying to “revive” Marie Osmond…

  7. Tom Paine says:

    John Edwards looks like he is a quart low on testosterone. Perhaps he appears sufficiently steely eyed to some voters, but he appears oddly feminine to others.

  8. Ness says:

    If a mullet-ed Democratic such as Hillary becomes our President, it definitely will not be because of her hairstyle. (I hope no one will hold this against me – but I actually think when she was young, she was semi good looking, and she learned to speak the language down there in Arkansas – and I am a sucker for southern accents)

    But that aside, if she won, it will be because the Good Lord wanted her to – whether to punish us for the Blue States going crazy, not reading the Good Book regularly, or for other reasons. At any rate, it will be His will.

    I think God does look into this political stuff once in a while. I mean, look what happened with Governor Dave and TO’s race for Guvernator. Without taking away one bit of Governor Dave’s brilliant political gamesmanship (and Carlos’ role in it), God just wanted Coach Osborne to end up where he belonged (at His right side).

    So, if God decided it was to be Hillary in the Oval Office – we’ll suffer through it. And T.O. will always be with us during the perilous times.

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