Bruning Video Sneak Preview

The Jon Bruning for Senate website will be featuring a new video (among other likely changes) and Leavenworth Street has the new vid below. (The vid below gets the last few seconds cut off, so you can see the complete version here.)

Nothing too striking really. The one line we noticed was where Bruning says:

I believe Republicans want a different kind of leader to shake things up in Washington.

This is what we’ve figured Bruning will do — needs to do — to differentiate himself from Mike Johanns. He needs to portray himself as the young go-getter who won’t just be a quiet, behind the scenes person, which Johanns would likely be. Is this what GOP voters want? Who knows, but considering that how the two will vote will likely be the same, Bruning needs another theme. Look to see this one out front.

Now with that in mind…c’mon Bruning campaign! We’re fairly certain we’ve seen the candidate, wearing a jacket, sitting on the desk, with a plant to his right somewhere before. Hmm. Where was it? Could it be…the Johanns video! The same Johanns video that was roundly criticized as dull and lifeless?

Come on guys! Is this that hard? Have him walking. Have video of him talking to people. Maybe some background music. The talking to the camera in an office has been played into the ground. Show that you’ve got something else in the bag of tricks.

If we don’t see Pat Flynn talking to the camera while driving down I-80 on a Harley very soon, we’re going to be severely disappointed…

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