Will Bruning Drop Out?

In her Sunday OWH article, Robynn Tysver asked what many have been speculating for a number of weeks now:

Will Jon Bruning drop out of the U.S. Senate race?
(State Republican hear Senate contenders – OWH – 11/18/07.)

The most recent evidence is Bruning’s appearance at the GOP State Central Committee meeting.

  • No criticism of Johanns.
  • Didn’t address the entire group.
  • Talking about running a kinder,gentler campaign.
  • And when directly confronted, Bruning campaign manager Jordan McGrain appeared to choose his words carefully:

“We’re prepared to go to the end.”

Well, yes, they’re prepared to. But that’s very different from, “We will go to the end…”

Frankly, we’re a little bummed that the fire-breathing, carpet bombing Bruning didn’t show up. But we shouldn’t be surprised.

Bruning may be a lot of things, but he’s not stupid. For one, he has obviously realized that constant attacks on the political equivalent of Mr. Rogers are not going to endear him to Republican voters. And if he loses with that strategy, where does it put him? Would he get full party support for the next office he would run for?

We’re not saying that we think Bruning should get out. Or that he would definitely lose to Johanns.

But we do think that HE’s thinking that very hard.

And where will that put Leavenworth Street?
Well, with very little to write about…


  1. Mike in Omaha says:

    It would be wise for Jon Brunning to get out. He has alienated a Governor, The current Senator, The next Senator Mike Johanns, The President of the United States (Remember the KLIN interview where Jon called Johanns “Bush’s lapdog”), the Nebraska Republican Party, most of the State Senators, many local officials….and in Jon’s corner David Sokol and Chuck Sigerson. My thought is get out of the race and shake Senator Johanns’ hand publicly. Then Jon can spend 4 more years running tax paid internet predator ads to run for Nelson’s seat in 2012. You can keep Jordan McGrain on the payroll like you did with Vicki Powell with some overpaid jod to keep the political machine alive….Just a thought!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does Flynn even believe he has a chance? With all of the talk between Bruning and Johanns, one would think that Flyyn would see the writing on the wall. If Bruning does not stand a chance, he definitely doesn’t. Stop wasting your time and money, or switch parties…then you would be the front runner.

  3. arby says:

    The first time Bruning shows up calm and dignified, everyone assumes he is dead.

    If he had acted this way a year ago, Mike Johanns might not have risked jumping in. Instead, Brunning took shots at fellow Republicans. While Bruning’s fans cheered him on, other Republicans quietly waited for Brunning’s head to explode and his campaign implode.

    Just like a rotten pumpkin. Pop.

  4. OmaSteak says:

    The only ads Bruning needs to run to win the primary is video of Johanns speaking in support of illegal aliens and the comprehensive immigration reform “amensty” bill. Johanns loses in a landslide…bet the farm on it Ag Secretary.

  5. Mike in Omaha says:

    Is that you Chuck Sigerson (Omasteak)???? If you think Jon Brunning is going to win in a landslide, then you are smoking crack,meth and mary jane all at once!!! Tell your boy Jon that as a taxpayer I want my 1 million dollars from the Nelnet scandal, I mean Nelnet settlement. I also want the settlement money Jon B sent to his family’s high schools without allowing other schools to request the funds. Did anybody file an ethics complaint on that incident?

  6. Eric says:

    Don Walton has an article titled Bruning appears set to withdraw which seems to consist mostly of denials by the Bruning campaign. I’m beginning to wonder if this blog is the “informed source” that they are talking about.

    Who knew that the entrance of a boring candidate could make the whole race so utterly boring.

  7. OmaSteak says:

    No, I’m not smoking crack or anything else. Jon can effectively make the case against Johanns that Mike will be just another “go along to get along” rino if elected by backing that up with Johanns speaking about the “benefits” of “undocumented workers in ag” and Mike’s vocal support of the “comprehensive immigration reform” amnesty bill. It’s a fact that the Johanns campaign can’t run away from nor gloss over.

  8. Mike in Omaha says:

    McGrain as communications director at AG’s office? In yesterday’s Omaha World Herald there was a Job posting for communications director in the AG’s office…hmmm The Brunning campaign is set to implode!!!!

  9. moniker says:

    I am definitely in the Johanns camp, and I don’t care for Bruning, but I hope that if he drops out this doesn’t become a trend in Nebraska – that the party leaders pick the candidate instead of having a real primary. That just reeks of an old boy network.

  10. kid gop says:

    I wonder if David Sokol is pouting the way he did when his other boy (Frankie Solich) was ousted?

    Moreover, what will Sokol’s reaction be when it’s announced that NU Coach Bill Callahan will be retained? Look for that news to be announced Saturday or Monday.

  11. mike in omaha says:

    I love it!!!! Shake Down all of David Sokol’s friends in New York then pull out of the race. Saving that money for 2012 Jon?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska is a high tax state.

    With Bruning dropping out, the pattern of machine politics picking GOP heir apparent for key races looks to be continuing. So how do we swap out the carburator of the machine and start actually taking fiscal conservative action?

  13. Ness says:

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.

    Nelnet-gate, Gas Price Gouging-gate (hanging Robbie the Intern out to dry-gate), Fair Housing-gate, and getting personal with certain people when it was strictly business…

    Mr/Madam Street Sweeper – you are right that the AG could be a lot of things, but he is not stupid.

    But he seems to have blown it big time this time and has given plenty of materials to whoever steps in the GOP Primary in 2012 – also – why not challenge him for AG… it’s not personal… let the best man/woman win – right?

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