Gel-Head Cheese

You’re not going to find a cheesier clip on the internets than what you can see below.

Scott Kleeb, the guy who got walloped by Congressman Adrian Smith last year, smirks, winks, swallows, frowns, and purses for two solid minutes. We’re not sure, but he may have cried a little too. That’s just how strongly he feels about maybe possibly running for something again. We’re not sure what that may be but…(pause…)…he’ll let us know (probably).

That’s right, he may just grit his teeth again…wait…he just did.

So enjoy this gel-headed, “hunk” of cheese Nebraska and…(really dramatic pause)… have a Merry Cowboy-Ride into the Sunset.

(40 qt h.t. to the NNN)


  1. YoungGun says:

    I just puked in my mouth…a couple times!

    I’m not sure what was cheesier, his solemn tone of voice (he might as well gave that speech in Latin doing Gregorian Chant) or the “patriotic” background music!

    By building a new Nebraska he means something bordering the lines of socialism, correct?

    Well, anyways, good stuff…or something along those lines!

  2. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen your mug on YouTube, Sweeper. For all I know, your head could be Swiss Cheese.

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    Brian, for all you know I AM Scott Kleeb…duh-duh-duuuuuuuuuhhhh!

    (Except that if I WAS Kleeb, that would have been written with many more dramatic pauses, pursed lips, and a slight gravely touch of sincerity…)

  4. Mike in Omaha says:

    Is this video clip for real???? This guy thinks he is the second coming!!! What liberal arrogance from a ranch hand and liberal professor. Message to Scott, you know Mike Johanns will kick your ass all the way back to the Ivy League school you came from. GO HOME!!! Oh one more thing Nice Hair…Did John Edwards give you tips??

  5. Mom with a mouth says:

    The video looks like something thrown out to see how people will respond; if Kleeb can make MJ look like someone who is part of the old brand of politics, in it for “self” and if Kleeb can be accepted as in politics for “service” and part of the “new brand of politics”. Uh…no.

    The poor choice of music and Kleeb’s overdramatized slow speech make the video a joke.

  6. wally says:

    The video is Kleeb’s toe in the water. But he has a hard sell if he intends to run on service.

    Kleeb has lightweight credentials for the high levels of power he seeks. If he was a Mayor Kleeb, he might have something to sell.

    More important here is that the Democratic Party is pinning all its hopes on the weak Kleeb or a Republican Raimundo.

    Competion keeps parties strong and offers voters options. But if Democratic leaders don’t give voters any alternatives worth considering, whose fault is that?

    What Johanns brings to this race is separate from what Democrats lack. Neither Johanns nor the GOP are responsible for Democratic leaders failing to offer voters better candidates.

    Democratic Party leaders fail thier duty to voters. They should quit complaining to Republicans who don’t listen to them and instead get busy offering wiser ideas and better candidates.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see here: Same boring attacks – on looks, on false assumptions – makes ya’ll look like jealous little kids. How pathetic is that! Seriously, though, what if someone else ran for Congress or Senate that had no previous political office experience, but instead brough life experience with them – normal person, working a job, trying to pay the bills – oh, and they were “born and raised” in Nebraska. Would you ever consider them at all? Or would you ignore them because they haven’t done a lifetime of kissing butt and preening for the camera’s in various political offices before going national?

  8. OmaSteak says:

    OMG…I looked up cheesy political novice on Wikipedia and Scott Kleeb’s photo and this video clip are there. Shouldn’t a candidate for the US Senate have some qualifications for the office beyond raw political desire? Since the writer’s are still on strike and TV networks are going to be doing lots more “reality” shows, how about one featuring Scott Kleeb’s unsuccessful campaign for the US Senate in 2008 and they can call it the “Left Wingnut”?

  9. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I was having a hard time getting to sleep last night until I loaded up a YouTube clip of Mike Johanns talking. I’m still tired. That was better than washing down a handful of Tylenol with a couple shots of scotch.

    I wonder if Mike and Scott use the same barber?

  10. Mike in Omaha says:

    You are so wrong Neal…Nebraska wants goodlooking Coyboys with tall hats and no resume for their leaders….lol That’s right Dems, NO RESUME!!! Going to an Ivy league school, attending a Daily Kos conference, or marrying into money means squat!!!

  11. Mike in Omaha says:

    THIS JUST IN…TONI TONI TONE has switched to the Dark Side!!!! How does that make Kleeb and other liberal Dems feel that the Nebraska Democratic Party needs the leadership of a former Republican to field a Senate candidate…..I just can’t stop laughing….Ben Nelson has destroyed your party……rofl…lol

  12. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I read where George Norris won his first election by challenging his opponent, Alma banker, A.C. Shallenberger, to a cornhusking competition.

    Tell you all what . . . come calving season you all show up in Dunning – Scott, Sweeper, Mike, the whole gang – and we’ll see how many of you can pull a calf. That ought to settle all the “Brokeback” questions now shouldn’t it? You might want to watch “City Slickers” again to have an idea what you’re in for.

  13. Strapping Husker says:

    I’d like to beat that lil’ Yale Yuppie-CU-Buffalo-Boy silly.

    I speak on behalf of 90% of Nebraska males — 89.5% of them who would have no problem taking Scottie with one hand tied behind their back.

  14. Mike Kennedy says:

    Brian..Your a good sport, misguided, but a good sport. You have to admit the Cowboy image is laughable…It is reminscent of the Roling Stone Magazine cover with Al Gore and the “enhanced package” in his jeans

  15. swany says:

    …laughing…can’t catch… breath…

    I rate this video “two drops of pee”

    He’s the best thing that happened to the republican party in years…It’s like having baylor on the FB schedule…

  16. Brian T. Osborn says:

    O.K. you guys are too chicken to take Scott up on the challenge I proposed, but what’s with all the blather about his looks and his choice in clothing?

    What’s the matter kids, don’t you have anything genuine . . . like issues, that you can beat him up on? Try a little harder.

    C’mon, I promised the guys over on the NNN that I’d let up on them for the holidays and I need a viable sparring partner to keep my wit honed. Don’t you guys have anyone?

    And Strap-On Husker, how would you know what 90% of Nebraska’s males think? That’s just the writing on the men’s room walls you’re reading.

  17. Gretchen our West says:

    Brian — did I see the wrong video of Kleeb. You talked of “substance” —- where was it? He talks in generalities and ideals but never HOW he will get anything done. Also as a faithful Democrat — he is cutting down Ben Nelson’s valiant service to Nebraska.

    There are many worthy Democrats to fun for the Senate or House without bringing in a light weight wanntabe like Scott Kleeb. We Democrats of Nebraska are more respectible than our leadership is giving credit.

  18. Gretchen our West says:

    Brian — did I see the wrong video of Kleeb. You talked of “substance” —- where was it? He talks in generalities and ideals but never HOW he will get anything done. Also as a faithful Democrat — he is cutting down Ben Nelson’s valiant service to Nebraska.

    There are many worthy Democrats to fun for the Senate or House without bringing in a light weight wanntabe like Scott Kleeb. We Democrats of Nebraska are more respectible than our leadership is giving credit.

  19. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’d sure like to know who you know that is willing to step up to the plate. I will gladly present them to the State Central Committee if they are good, solid Democrats. Please don’t waste my time with RINOs and DINOs though.

    As for Ben Nelson, he lost me when he voted for the Military Commissions Act, allowing Americans to torture people. I was raised to believe that torture was a barbaric, inhumane practice that only our worst enemies practiced, and I told him that to his face just before he voted for it.

  20. Mike in Omaha says:

    No Brian Torture is watching this Scott Kleeb youtube video. That video will send even John McCain into fits and spasms.

  21. Anonymous says:

    BTO, you are a Democratic Party County Chairman and yet you badmouth your own U. S. Senator and here you tell fellow Democrats you are willing to present any good candidates they find for you. Thats your job.

  22. Ted says:

    It is as if the Dems do not know what to do without marching orders from some supreme faux diety like Howard Dean on who can run for office.

    Last time the Repub had five candidates (three strong and good leaders) in the 3rd District primary and the Dems had a person that had never even voted in Nebraska before.

    Is it just the Nebraska Dems that are sheep that can only follow — no real leaders —- or what?.

  23. HEeeeeYaaaahhhhhhhh! says:

    Anonymous 10:00am:

    Actually, Brian’s job as Dem County Chairman is to continue to push Howard Deans national platform of removing any and all public references to God; assist in promoting homosexual marriages; work towards banning all firearms and creating a national registry; ensure women retain the right to a partial birth abortions; support candidates who want to tax us into oblivion; find a way to socialize the medical profession; and turn over our national sovereignty to the United Nations. Oh, and I almost forgot, provide amnesty to 20 million illegal Mexican nationals.

    Brian, have I forgotten anything?

  24. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Uhhhh, Mr. Anonymouse, Gretchen said she was a Democrat. As for Sen. Nelson, I believe I explained why I don’t consider him to be “my” Senator, and as a U.S. citizen I maintain my right to free speech.

    Ted. You have made some good points, that is why some of us in the NDP seem to be doing battle with it. It is most definitely not against our own best interests. We’d like to make the NDP a party that many of you ex-Democrats, that went over to the dark side, would be proud to come back to.

    Mr. Anonymouse Yeeeeehaw,
    Well, you probably did miss some things in there, but it doesn’t matter since you had them all wrong in the first place. Those are the voices in your head that you are listening to, nothing that I have ever said or written. So please, don’t speak on my behalf, I am more than capable of doing so myself.

  25. macdaddy says:

    Man, that thing was dreadful. He sounded like he was talking to a dog he was about to put to sleep:”It’ll be all right, boy. We had some good times. You’re a good dog. This will hurt me more than it hurts you.”

    I liked the part about us all having to make significant sacrifices if he runs. Yeah, that’ll, like, pull me right in. I’d rather support someone who didn’t need me to make significant sacrifices, but then I’m a heartless Republican.

    Please run for office, Professor Kleeb.

  26. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Yes, anonymous, the epitome of Republican criticism is making fun of someone’s appearance. You remember the bozos back in third grade that got their jollys doing that? They’re still around and making wisecracks on this blog.

    That’s some mighty cutting edge political analysis they’re doing. Well… as good as it gets on this blog anyway.

  27. Street Sweeper says:

    You pulled me in on this fine Sunday morning.

    Tell you what, you find us the slightest bit of substance to Kleeb’s video and we’ll all buy you milkshakes.

    Short of substance, there’s not much more to talk about other than appearance and delivery.
    Hence the comments.

    You’ll note that you’ll be milkshake-less by the end of the day.


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