Nominations for Politician of the Year

With the announcement of Vladamir Putin as the TIME Magazine Man of the Year, that award has officially jumped the shark.

So what’s the buzz at the all the coffee shops about instead? Well, of course, that would be..

The 2007 Leavenworth Street Nebraska Politician of the Year!

(See the 2006 Pol of the Year here.)

As we stated last year

A Politician may be described as “Anyone involved in Nebraska politics”.

Therefore it could be an office holder, a candidate, a campaign worker, a political party worker, a consultant, a member of the media – just about anyone you can think of involved in Nebraska politics.

That person should be judged on their influence making, news making, difference making, interesting-ness or any other thing that you would like to take into account.

Leavenworth Street will then laboriously sift through these suggestions, and any others we may come up with, to announce our Nebraska Politician of the Year.

You can list your nominee, and the reasons behind that nomination, in the comments section, or you can email them directly to us at

We will announce the L. St. Pol of the Year, on December 27th or 28th.

Get to work!


  1. Loyal republican taxpayer says:

    Speaker Mike Flood…At his young age he has not only became speaker but he has happily increased property taxes in Sarpy in Douglas county (ala the learning community) and shifted our tax dollars via limited voting and unelected school board members (taxation without representation) If the learning community is such a good idea prpose it for Madison and Platte County in Columbus and Norfolk. (oh, that’s right it is ok to increase someone elses taxes and get good press) Good luck getting Sarpy or Douglas County Republicans to vote for him in the future. Remember Mike, being popular with the World Herald or Ernie Chambers is not the same with being popular with the voters. Runner up is Brad Ashford. He hid his liberal stripes just long enogh to fool his republican district to get elected.

  2. wally says:

    Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey as Politician of the Year for his unflagging efforts to keep Omaha citizens unarmed and then leading the mourning for the Von Maur victims.

  3. buckturgidson says:

    I say it’s Jon Bruning.

    Bruning courageously stood up to Hagel when it was clear the senator no longer represented conservative republicans. Bruning then courteously deferred to Mike Johanns, saving the party from a costly Primary fight.

    How about it Sweeper?

  4. Incredulous says:

    Never thought I’d say this, but I agree with buck. Also consider that Bruning raised a ridiculous amount of money and established himself as THE frontrunner for senate in 2012 or, more likely, governor in 2014. Good lord, maybe Jon Bruning is the politician of the year. Can it be so?

  5. OmaSteak says:

    Omaha mayor Paul Landow for realizing that Mike Fahey already has the best part-time job in the world and a run for the US Senate would require a full-time candidate/office holder.

  6. One Out In The Third says:

    Tough one to call…Hagel for graciously stepping aside…Nelson for his generous earmark contributions and flip flops…Bruning for “talking the talk…” or Mrs. Kleeb for putting up with “Mr. Non-Committal.”

    Can Heineman win back-to-back? He does such a great soft-shoe around the important issues affecting Nebraskans.

    I would probably have to give it to Hagel.

    Odd no-one has mentioned Johanns.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Johanns? Maybe so.

    For a guy who is constantly being underestimated and deemed too low key, he is sailing through the ether of high politics with power that scares the tar out of would be Nebraska competitors. If results and momentum matter, Johanns has it by a mile.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hands down, without and hesitation and doubt, I nominate Robbie the Intern. Without Robbie the Intern, there may still be a Jon Bruning campaign. He was leading the race until Robbie stuck his nose into his business.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m with incredulous….I dind’t think I’d be agreeing with Buck, but I do.

    Bruning is the guy who said Emperor Hagel has no Republican clothes, and then took one for the team when he deferred to Johanns.

    Now THAT is leadership and courage.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Since when is wimping out of a fight leadership and courage?? I was a bruning guy and was very dissapointed that he did not stand up. He instead let the RNC make the decisions for the nebraska voter!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    No, that is reality and realization of:

    1. I can’t win.
    2. Even if I stayed in and tried to play spoiler no one will hear my message because I’ll have no money coming in.
    3. If I do this, I’ll screw myself out of any future hopes of higher office.
    4. I guess being AG isn’t all that bad. A job in the real world may suck.
    5. Robbie the Intern hosed me good.

  12. come on says:

    You guys are delusional. Jon Bruning and courage do not belong in the same sentence. Chuck Hagel has more courage in one hair than Bruning has ever had. Regardless of what you think of Hagel, it took courage to take the positions he did on Iraq. He got the hell kicked out of him by the state and national parties, but it’s what is in his gut, and he stood by it. It did not take courage for Bruning to lob insults at Hagel on an issue Bruning knew he could score points on. And let’s not forget, before he “courageously” stepped aside in the Senate race, Bruning started throwing insults at Johanns, calling him “the President’s lap dog,” among other things…only to find that his negative crap would never work against Johanns, and deciding to get out of the race to save his own skin. I don’t understand why nobody ever asked Bruning why he was critical of Hagel for not supporting the president, and critical of Johanns for supporting the president. Oh, and as funny as it is to talk about Robbie the intern, think about that for a minute: Bruning tried to throw some college kid under the bus for something his office did. He’s the man at the top but he took no responsibility for it, and instead blamed an intern. Real courage. I really wanna follow that guy.

    And for those Republicans who gripe about Hagel, keep in mind he has a 100% pro-life, pro-tax-cut, pro-budiness, pro military spending, free trade record, and has consistently had a rating above 90% from the American Conservative Union. Oh, and voting against No Child Left Behind, the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, and the Farm Bill (twice, in a farm state) – all huge expansions of government – was the conservative vote every time, and took courage every time.

  13. Omaha Repub says:

    Chuck Hagel…his trashing of the President has had Obama today throw his name out as a possible Cabinent pick….way to go Chuck!!!!

  14. BTOsborn says:

    Since when is telling the truth . . . “trashing?”

    I disagree with Chuck Hagel on a lot of things, but what he has said about Bush and his policies on the Iraq Occupation are right on the money. You can’t criticize him for telling the truth.

    Oh wait, I guess you can, but you’re wrong.

  15. Sarpy guy says:

    I agree with Loyal Republican Taxpayer…..Mike Flood really has pissed off a lot of people here in Sarpy County. Not giving people a primary to vote in and limiting their vote to pick only one candiadate on the ballot for the learning committe even though there are 2 seats open is not democratic at all. Only a democrat would support a crazy concept like limited voting. Way to go Speaker Pelosi I mean Flood.

  16. Bucky says:

    Let’s go with the dark horse….serously, this man has taken his office and actually made something of it. I don’t know of one person who hasn’t respected the job that State Auditor Mike Foley has done. He was labeled as a one-issue politician and has quickly revamped the Auditor’s office. He’s not a grandstander–he has provided results. And the state agencies are no doubt watching their books tighter because of him. He has to be the politician of the year.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Flipflopper of the year: Jon Bruning.

    remember his ‘If you make a promise, you keep it.’ line in his commercials.

    oops. I’ll take your money, run for a couple months, make a promise to make it competitive, and then quit. bury him. he has no future in this state.

  18. Dave says:

    Time’s “Person of the Year” jumped the shark last year. “You?”

    I think we can all agree that was a pretty stupid choice.

  19. SNOWBLR says:

    2007 was a non-event, politically speaking, in the state of Nebraska.

    But can I go ahead and submit Ernie Chambers’ name for 2008? I have a feeling his swan song is gonna be a doozy!

  20. KSNE says:

    My vote for politician of the year goes to Tom Osborne. Talk about political leadership… He came in, cleaned house, and is setting up a new regime with what appears to be a vision for the future.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I often wonder if the Athletic Director job, the most important position in this state, is more of a political gig than even Gov. I’m starting to buy into that. I second the nomination of T.O.

  22. bucky says:

    Yes, the AD job is the most political in the state. And like big politics, big money does a lot of talking—-ask Stevie P.

    So, Osborne and Foley are my picks for the top 2.

    Is it the 26th already? Time to fire up the tailgate in anticipation of the unveiling of POY! I’m thinking continue on w/ the leftovers from Christmas (‘holiday’ dinner for all reading libs) dinner…..smoked ham and Captain Morgan!

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