Raimondo "ready to file" for Senate

KMTV is reporting that Tony Raimondo is getting ready to file as a U.S. Senate candidate some time near February 5th (Super Tuesday). They say:

Raimondo, who switched from the Republican Party to the Democrat Party last month tells Action 3 News his Senate plans are “moving forward.”

According to Raimondo: “I’m not ready to file yet, but I’m more enthused every day. I don’t want to file on Super Tuesday (i.e. the news media will be pre-occupied with the Presidential race) but it’ll be pretty close to it.”

They go on to say:

Scott Kleeb’s Senate fever may be fading away. Kleeb is apparently having trouble getting the financial backing needed to make a Senate run.

Tony Raimondo, the pride of the Nebraska Democrats.
(Yes, the same Tony Raimondo who gave the National Republican Senatorial Committee $2,500 just last June…)


  1. OmaSteak says:

    Another politician in the mold of Ben Nelson going for his ideal paid retirement position from which he can enrich himself, his family, his friends and his donors.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oma–do you think Raimondo has a prayer? I will bet my last dollar that he doesn’t get 32%. And those will be people who have no idea who he is, just that he has a “D” next to his name. (but it’s a really soft “D”).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unless KMTV finds a dead hooker in his bath tub, it’s Senator Johanns. Wonder what he’ll do with the $1.5 million?

  4. One Out In The Third says:

    The collective sigh you just heard from east to west across the Corncob State was from all the media outlets. Finally…someone in the Democratic Party with enough money and support to buy ads. Let’s all thank Tony for his contribution to their well-being.

    It was also nice of Tony to take one for the Kleebster.

  5. One Out In The Third says:

    But then again…Dyed-in-the-wool Dem’s have to be left with the burning question…

    Just how much of a Dem’ is old Tony?

    But then again…the whole point could be moot. Just ask the “anon” twins.

    Forget the Presidential Race…I’m tuning in to see how the Nebraska Senate run progresses. A former Dem running as a Republican and a former Republican running as a Dem.

    Ball of Confusion.

  6. GI Judge says:

    We now know the Dems have a big tent. As long as the person coming in the tent has BIG BUCKS they are welcome.

    The question of the day is – “Ben, what are you doing coning Tony” — we thought he was your friend not just “pay back” for Pete giving light to your use of the Behlen plane and getting paid to be on the board.

  7. OmaSteak says:

    Senator Ben was just on KFAB purportedly to talk about last night’s State of the Union speech. In doing so, he outlined Tony’s main campaign strategy against Johanns. Ben says we are becoming overdependent on imported food and that is a potential threat to our national security. He mentioned Johanns “quitting” before the Farm Bill has been completed and how important that bill is to the NE Ag industry/economy. Look for Tony to adopt “Johanns is a serial quitter who doesn’t really care about the ag economy” as his major campaign theme. Unfortunately, the guys on KFAB didn’t ask Ben to address the “food security” issue in terms of his support for biofuels and that impact upon our homegrown food supply. Instead they wasted time asking Ben about his nonexistant potential to be selected as Obama’s VP running mate if he gets the Dem nomination.

  8. Omaha Repub says:

    The only way Mike Johanns will lose to Toni Raimondo is if the old saying comes true “if he is found in bed with a dead girl or a live Scott Kleeb”

  9. Ezekial 25:17 says:

    KLIN is reporting that Pat Flynn just fired his campaign manager and hired a Democrat…I wonder if it’s Barry Rubin!

  10. Paul says:

    Raimnondo can smoke thru all his money and he still will lose…

    And he knows it…. or SHOULD know it.

    He will get VERY little support from Democrats here in Nebraska.

    SO Johanns wins and Tony blows his wad of cash.

    I guess he is just as dumb as Pete Ricketts was.

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