Bizarro Nebraska

Remember the Seinfeld episode with “Bizarro Jerry”? The bizarro Jerry was Elaine’s boyfriend who was the opposite of Jerry — thoughtful, considerate, well read. There was a bizarro George, bizarro Kramer and a bizarro Newman — who instead of a mailman was an efficient, FedEx carrier.

Well, Nebraska politics has hit the bizarro level full force. First there’s a former Democrat (Johanns) as the juggernauted Republican Senate candidate. (OK, not that bizarre.) Then there’s the Democratic party scouring the ranks of Republicans for candidates at all levels. (A little more bizarre.) Then the likely Democrat Senate candidate was a Republican just six weeks ago. (Pretty bizarre.)

And now for the cats and dogs living together point, our sources tell us that Pat Flynn — the generally evangelical fringe GOP Senate candidate, who is basing his candidacy on his faith, and features churches and babies in the womb on his campaign website — has canned his campaign manager and has picked up as his new manager…

… a Democratic.

Nothing like completely ostracizing your “base” there, Pat.

(Update: Yup, the original rumor was David Hahn, but the latest word is that that’s not true. Looks like we’ll have to wait for the offical word from Pat himself. OK Pat, you got us to look, but only for a moment.)

Has there been a more bizarre year in Nebraska politics?
Next thing you know they’ll be talking about Ben Nelson for veep…


And it’s never to early to start talking about…2009!

As reported in the OWH and other places, Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey ended his state of the city (city of the state?) address on Tuesday saying that he’s looking forward to serving Omaha for a long time. Many assume this means he’s leaning hard at a re-election campaign.

This is probably bad news for the many challengers who would like the third floor office to themselves. Councilmen Jims Vokal and Suttle would both like the gig (though, at least Vokal says he is unlikely to challenge Fahey; Suttle, not a great friend of Fahey’s, maybe).

Then there’s the elephant who’s always in the room, Hal Daub.
Again, our sources say Daub is IN for the 2009 race.

Think the new CWS stadium won’t be a political football?


And we missed it a few weeks back, but we here on Leavenworth Street had our second birthday back on January 17th. So, ya know, happy birthday to us and all that. And we sincerely thank you for continuing to read the stuff we write.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Word is that Jim Suttle is telling supporters that he is running for mayor in 2009 no matter what.

    If he challenges Fahey, Vokal and others will get in.

  2. Eric says:

    The secretary of state’s website lists one guy named Richard Carter in Douglas County who is a registered Republican and one in Sarpy who is a Democrat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    David Hahn has been advising flynn, but isn’t on the payroll. it was Hahn that suggested Flynn dump his current staff and hire the democratic consultant.

  4. OmaSteak says:

    How can anyone be even mildly surprised that Mayor Landow wants another term? He’s already had at least one major fundraiser and there will be lots of “goodies” to hand out if the downtown ballpark gets a green light in the next couple of weeks. Fahey even is giving up his beloved failed community policing strategy as announced in his state of the city speech in recognition of the departure of his ineffective chief of police. Suttle is going to take a long look since he’ll have the backing of HDR to make sure they keep their corporate fingers deep in our taxpaying pockets. I doubt Hal will get in unless he gets lots of up-front financial support, since it’s likely to cost $1.0-$1.5 million for the race…and Fahey will have no hesitation in paying $15-$20/vote on his side. He’ll have the fire union’s money, manpower and dirty tricks plus the OWH will publish nothing but love notes about him.

  5. Omaha repub says:

    Dick Carter is running against Lee Terry as a democrat. Scott Kleeb was speaking in front of a group of supporters discussing why he likes Dick.

  6. Street Sweeper says:

    Omaha Repub,
    I believe (though not sure) he goes by “Rich”. Soak it in, b/c that’s the last time that joke gets through.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry SS. I stepped on your chastisement in progress.

    However glad to see the joke was let through. For whereas it is wrong for bloggers to flog other bloggers, it is more than right to bash the bejesus out of anyone with the gall to even talk about running for public office. They aren’t just fair game. They are targets deserving of all that is thrown at them simply because there is a potential tyrant in every ego that seeks power.

    Besides, calling one’s self Rich doesn’t make one really rich, just as calling one’s self…

  8. Sarpy Resident says:

    He goes by Rich or Richard, or Sir if you reported to Mr. Carter. He has served his country honorably and has been an advocate for veterans. He will make a great candidate for congress. I won’t dignify what Omaha Repub said. Just because Mr. Carter advocates that “don’t ask, don’t tell” should be abolished and people should openly serve their country, doesn’t mean you can besmerch his good name.

  9. Lisa Hannah says:

    Lee Terry against a military veteran who continues to serve honorably – I, for one, will be fascinated by that race! They certainly won’t be able to say that Capt. Rich Carter will support the terrorists, given he’s served on active duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

  10. One Out In The Third says:

    Well by golly…there are Democrats in the military. I hope Mr. Carter is home so he can truly participate in the upcoming caca-us. Unlike his brethren and sistern currently serving overseas and away from home. You know…those being denied the opportunity to fairly and collectively voice their support for their next CIC. If viability is not an option…then count the absentee ballots statewide and the winner is reported as the choice from a single site.

    I only wish the NDC had the stones to truthfully provide a state-wide report of military caucus participants that were given ample notification and were provided applications in time to meet the January 15th deadline. I bet it can be counted on one hand with fingers to spare. It sounds to me that the inclusion of our troops in this process was an afterthought…or worse…

    Bring back the ballot…all voices heard…each allowed a vote…no one left out whether they be in the military…out of town…at work…away at college or homebound. I thought this was America.

    I thought the Democratic Party was all inclusive? Appears that the times they are a’ changin’…and in many ways.

  11. Eric says:


    All those military Democrats will still be able to vote in the Democratic primary whether or not they attend the caucus. Both the Nebraska Democrats and the Nebraska Republicans have exactly the same number of delegates at stake that day: zero. At least the Democrats give them a chance to participate in the process.

  12. Anonymous says:

    One out . . .

    You would be surprised how many Democrats there are currently in the military. You evidently choose to ignore how many of them have served honorably, and how many Democrats have died in past wars, to ensure the freedoms you enjoy today.

    Just a reminder, that includes little ol’ six year Viet Nam era U.S. Navy vet . . . me. It also includes my father and three of my brothers . . . Liberal Democrats each and every one.

  13. BTOsborn says:

    One out . . .

    That wasn’t meant to be anonymous in the previous post. It is that Liberal troublemaker BTOsborn.

    I just hit the return button too quick.

  14. Informed Republican says:


    Let me preface this by saying that I’m a Republican.

    Having said that, do your homework. You clearly have no idea how our party’s selection process works.

    None of the Nebraska Republicans serving overseas will have a chance to voice their support or choice for a CIC. The Republican Primary is non-binding, so unless they can get a quick trip back to Nebraska for their county convention, and get elected as a delegate to the State Convention, they have no say anyway.

    The only difference between the Dem’s selection method and the Rep’s selection method is that the dems are choosing at their caucuses in February and the reps ar choosing at their county conventions in June. The May primary is merely a straw poll for the reps–the results have no bearing on who delegates select at the caucuses.

    So, actually it could be argued that the dems are being more inclusive by at least allowing the possiblity for the military folks to participate via absentee. Because they sure as heck can’t participate in the reps county and state conventions via absentee.

  15. Pete says:

    BTO —- tell me are you the liberal type that wants to keep ROTC off of campuses, military presence out of San Francisco and Berkeley or are you courageous enough to tolerate diversity of all walks of life —- not just your own LIBERAL friends?

  16. re-pete says:

    BTO —- tell me something that I can easily dismiss using my handy Republican party issued talking points. I can’t find anything wrong with the argument you just made, but I sure do know that I hate you and your LIBERAL friends.

  17. BTOsborn says:


    Of course I only follow the orders that George Soros, Jane Fonda, and Barbara Streisand dictate to me. What did you think?

    Jeez, I have enough to deal with those in my own party that operate without the benefit of a brain. Do I have to deal with you too?

  18. Anonymous says:

    OmaSteak – usually i find you to be the most effing annoying wanna be republican in the room. your “predictions” ALWAYS suck and you’re crazy bitter. but i’ll give you this one: He’ll have the fire union’s money, manpower and dirty tricks plus the OWH will publish nothing but love notes about him.

  19. One Out In The Third says:


    So in other words…votes cast by Nebraska Republican and Democrat voters in past primaries are meaningless? And by “non-binding” it means that the party hacks control who gets the delegate support…despite the possibility they may not be synchronized with the majority of voting public from their party?

    Boy did I just arrive on the tuna boat or what? Why bother to vote in the Primary? The Dems in Nebraska voted to narrow a field of 6 Presidential contenders to Al Gore in the 2004 Primary…for what reason?

    Why does a list of potential candidates even appear on the Primary ballot if the party hacks have already decided for you? To increase #2 pencil sales in Nebraska? Aha! The Pencil Manufacturers Assn. is behind this.

    I thought the idea behind the Primary was to pick the top dog so delegates could head off to their respective convention and represent the will of those back home. Boy was I wrong…and I don’t see the caca-us as being an improvement by any stretch of the imagination.

    BTO…a.k.a Anon Anchor Clanker…

    I was being facetious. I know there are Democrats from Nebraska in the military. I was trying to make the point that the NDP did not make a good choice by switching to a caca-us that excludes military personnel still registered in Nebraska as Democrats.

    As it appears…there aren’t that many regular/active duty reserve military personnel registered to vote in Nebraska. As it turns out I am only defending the rights of a few hundred…just a few hundred Nebraskans defending our Constitution and currently serving our country beyond our state border.

    I acknowledge that the caca-us is new to your party this year…but I am left with the strong impression that the NDP runs parallel to the old “Our Gang” episode where Spanky and Alfalfa impulsively decide to “put on a show.”

    I will leave you with a quote that might provide a clue of where I spent my time from 1968-1979.

    “A ship without Marines is like a coat without buttons.” – Adm. Farragut

    This Jarhead thanks you and your family for their military service…and the free boat rides.

    Every citizen gets one ballot and one vote…we count the numbers and we all live with the majority pick until the next go-around.

  20. BTOsborn says:

    Jarhead in the 3rd,

    We sailors keep giving you guys rides to the beach, but you keep floating back. 😉

    Seriously though, thanks to anyone that has ever served, in any capacity.

  21. Eric says:

    You’re still wrong OOITT. The Nebraska Republicans are the ones who don’t tie their delegates to the primary. In the past, Democrats did have delegates attached to the primary, but this year, they don’t since they’re all tied to the caucus or superdelegates. So if you’ve voted in Nebraska Democratic presidential primaries, you were actually voting for a slate of delegates who voted for that candidate at the national convention. If you voted (or will vote this year) in the Republic primary, you’re participating in a beauty contest.

    There are a few other Republican state parties still use this archaic method (like the Illinois Republican primary which will be on Tuesday), but Nebraska is in the very small minority. Most other state Republican parties distribute their delegates proportionally or winner-take-all based on the actual results of the primary or caucus.

  22. Lisa Hannah says:

    “Anonymous”, obsessed with me much? And be careful about making up lies. There is such a thing as libel. Street Sweeper has a good site here, so why try to bring it down?

    As for Rich Carter, you have no clue who or what he is, and you’re starting with the falsehoods to detract from him.

    My understanding he’s had residences in Nebraska since at LEAST 2002, maybe sooner. In the mean time, he’s been servicing our country and doing tours in war zones. Good luck trying to say he’s not “Nebraskan” enough. And way to go insulting his service by trying to suggest as much.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lisa,Who EXACTLY has he been “servicing”-inquiring minds want to know?!And, is that what he means by getting rid of that silly “policy” in the military?

  24. Mike in omaha says:

    So Richard Carter is in favor of Code Pink harrasing our Marine Recruiters because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Unbelievable!!!! Lee Terry will wipe the floor with him and make Michael Scott look like a viable candidate.

  25. One Out In The Third says:


    Not only did I just arrive on the Tuna boat…but I obviously fell off the hay wagon on the way into town.

    Either way you cut it the selection process of both parties is full of holes that require repair. Delegates should be delegates…carrying the will of the voters to the convention either in the form of total support for the top dog…or split proportionately for those still standing after the primary/caucus.

    Delegate support should not hinge on what appears to be the political aspirations of a number of super delegates looking for a handout or appointment either. Super delegates reek of the good-ol’-boy odor.

    I am beginning to think this isn’t a Democracy anymore ToTo.

  26. Mike in Omaha says:

    The Military is not a social experiment. If Richard Carter thinks it is then I see him getting beat by 30 points. The Soldiers at Offut and the Military Retirees here won’t stand for it. Does he side with Nancy Pelosi or the current leadership in the Pentagon? Come on Mr. Carter let’s hear your position!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Republicans – they support the military, but only if they don’t rock the boat. As soon as they disagree with a soldier, that soldier is worthless. So much for “we support the troops”. So these same ones are afraid of gay people, yet have no problem with uneducated high school dropouts with drug problems being recruited to serve. In the mean time, while US men are afraid of their own manhood, other countries have no ban: Canada, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Australia, Spain, Greece, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Mexico, South Africa, etc. The only problems that have been found in the US with gays serving is with straight men: they tend to use violence to show their fear of gays being present. Not one report of a gay acting inappropriatly. Maybe it’s the straights that need the help.

  28. Eric says:

    I’m with you on that One Out. I’m not sure how they’re going to get away with not reforming the primary schedule before 2012, so let’s hope they fix the process while they’re at it.

  29. Multi-issue voter says:

    So why is Richard Carter so big on lifting “don’t ask, don’t tell”? Isn’t there other issues that are important to him? Sounds like he should be a part of an advocacy group than running for congress.

  30. BTOsborn says:

    Sounds to me like some of Sweeper’s readers are closeted gays that are pounding their chests so hard in order to prove their “manliness” that they are in danger of collapsing a lung.

    Where, oh where, did this issue of gays in the military come from? I doubt that is the overarching issue that Mr. Carter is running on. It seems more like a bunch of Swift-Boaters eager to sink his candidacy with unfounded rumors. That is typical behavior for the NeoCons; truth is the first thing to suffer once they enter the argument.

  31. One Out In The Third says:


    I don’t understand all the gay innuendo either. Maybe the SS (funny how the reference to the SS has changed since the 40’s) should impose a moratorium to posts making gay allegations.

    And where is the SS…out working on his caucus costume?

  32. omaha voter says:

    I don’t care if Richard Carter is gay or not. I will assume he is not. It is a fair issue if he touts his military expirience and the wants to change military service policies regarding don’t ask, don’t tell.

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