Has Hillary quit on the Nebraska caucuses?

Word from various news sources is that Hillary Clinton has essentially conceded the Saturday, February 9th, caucuses and primary, including Nebraska’s, to Barack Obama.
In a conference call with reporters, a Hillary campaign official conceded that Obama was “favored” in all three on Saturday, but that she could win both Ohio and Texas! In other words, she still doesn’t care about the little states.

In the mean time, Obama will be holding his 3:30 pm Thursday rally in Omaha’s Civic Auditorium. Obama couldn’t get the Qwest Center (which holds approximately 17,000, vs the Civic’s approx 10,000) because of another event there. The last time the Civic was involved in Presidential politics was in 1988’s Vice-Presidential debate between Dan Quayle and Lloyd Bentsen. Obama’s wife will also make an appearance in Lincoln.

And whither the Clinton campaign? Well, Bill and Chelsea Clinton both made offers to visit Nebraska back when they were humping Nebraska’s Democrat Super-delegates, but no word on either of them. Apparently no paid staff, at this point, either. And when you go to Hillary’s campaign website, and click on “States” you’ll note that Nebraska is nowhere to be found. (Washington and Louisiana aren’t either, but Virginia and Maryland, which are up on Tuesday, are listed.)

But that’s not to say that there are no events for Hillary in the Cornhusker State. This evening (Wednesday), from 5-6PM, the Hillary partisans will be holding a “Voices Across America” event. And that’ll be at…The Qwest Center? The Fireman’s Hall? Barrett’s Castle? Uh no, you’ll have to head on over to the…Memorial Park, Dodge Street overpass. Be sure to wear your mittens…


We’re still waiting to hear from Democrat Scott Kleeb as to whether he will run for the U.S. Senate, the House, or try to drop into the Nebraska legislature. Kleeb is still playing it coy, stating that it could be any of those three. He says he’s trying to figure out the “best place” to contribute. Is he showing his hand for a Unicameral run? He says his decision won’t be until after Saturday, so who knows. Didn’t we already go through this last summer with Chuck Hagel?


Also no more information yet on the mysterious possible 2nd District Democrat candidate Richard Carter. We personally think that Carter’s website looks like it was created by whomever put together the Tony Raimondo website (consulted by Paul Johnson), but that’s just by eyeing it. We’re also still waiting for the first blurry photo of Carter walking through the woods.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Kleeb going to play it safe and replace Achepohl as Chair of the state DEMs?

    He doesn’t really think he can get elected by the general populace, does he?

  2. OmaSteak says:

    Just heard on local news that Mayor Paul Landow (aka Mike Fahey) has endorsed Obama just in time for his visit to Omaha. I hope President Hillary Clinton doesn’t hold a grudge when it comes to federal dollars for the city.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, what happened to your blog? Your last three posts have been “Democrats are doing this” “Democrats did that.” You having a change of heart Sweeper?

  4. Street Sweeper says:

    If the GOP would do something interesting, politically, we’d talk about them too. Here’s the best I can do for GOP analysis for you:

    Republican John McCain will win the Nebraska Presidential vote in November.
    Republican Mike Johanns will win the Senate seat.
    Republican Jeff Fortenberry will win the 1st Dist House seat.
    Republican Lee Terry will win the 2nd Dist House seat.
    Republican Adrian Smith will win the 3rd Dist House seat.

    See, what’s interesting about that?

  5. JOn Rehm says:

    Actually Ed, it’s Obamamania and it’s running wild among Nebraska Democrats. Agreed that Hillary has thrown in the towel for Nebraska. She just loaned her campaign $5 million. She needs to be spending her time raising money rather than campaigning in states where she will probably lose.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hillary is making her daughter come to Lincoln to campaign. More than likely as punishment for missing curfew, probably out late partying with the fun kids from the Obama campaign after super Tuesday.

  7. Anonymous says:

    For all her faults, President-to-be-Hillary recognizes Nebraska is a politically stagnant pond.

    The rumor is, in 2012, Nebraska will hold its primaries after the general election.

  8. Street Sweeper says:

    Senator-to-be-still Hillary realizes that her politcal sludge of ideas don’t float in the healthy stream that is Nebraska.

    Oh, wait, maybe Chelsea will sell…

  9. Anonymous says:

    So will “TR” be squiring Miss Chelsea around the Cornhusker state or is he Ben’s unofficial Obama VP campaign manager?

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