Nebraska Caucusers: Look at us! Look at us!

While the Nebraska Dems have been crowing about how the Nebraska caucuses are essentially like having ESPN’s Game Day come in for the Nebraska-USC game, it has turned out to be more like the Big XII Game of the Week. Think Nebraska vs Baylor. (Barack being Nebraska and Chelsea being Baylor.)

Oh sure there are some TV cameras around, and the TV stations have gotten a little richer by having Obama play his generic 30-second spots But the big free-media is pretty much non-existent, and when you look at the national news, they’re already looking past Saturday and to the Potomac Primary Tuesday.

(By the way, MSNBC’s First Read is reporting that Hillary will begin running ads in Nebraska today. Oh no, NOW who are you going to caucus with?????!)

So wasn’t the point of the caucuses for Nebraska to “be on the national stage” and to “get the candidates (plural) to listen to Nebraskans”? That’s what we’ve been hearing. Unfortunately, with Obama’s rise and Hillary’s sudden free-fall in the cash department, it’s become a one-man-show. So (following the previous analogy) instead of a major feature on Sports Center, it’s turned into a 15-second clip of Obama’s five touchdowns. Oh, it’ll be noted on the scoreboard, but let’s not pretend that the rest of the country cares.

But don’t feel bad, Democrats. If the Nebraska Republicans had chosen to have caucuses on the same day, it would have been the same result. A few Romney people milling around, a possible fly-over by McCain, a few Huckabee signs — and Ron Paul supporters running naked in the streets. But no one would have paid it much attention.

We’re not bashing your little Saturday get-togethers. (We’re arguing in favor of major reform of the Presidential Primary system.) Sure the caucuses are a nice party-organizing idea and you’ll give Barack a swell tour of the bowels of the Civic Auditorium. But let’s not pretend it’s Game Day, ok? It makes you look desperate.


And speaking of desperate, how about Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey jumping on the Barack Bandwagon ! Way to be out in front Mikey! Seems to us, you spent some time in Iowa where you could have provided some support for your guy, no? But hey, it’s nice to wait for the winner. We bet you just became a Giants fan too. (Puts a lot of confidence in you to get that stadium issue cleared up lickety-split.)

We also chuckle at Fahey’s reasoning for supporting Obama: “we need a leader who can build a coalition of all Americans.” Yeah, the guy with THE MOST LIBERAL voting record in the Senate. Right, that‘s who is going to be “building coalitions.”


It looks like the Dems have someone to challenge Jeff Fortenberry in the 1st District. His name is Max Yashirin, and the only current info we have is that he’s a “young veteran” and…that’s about it. Sounds suspiciously similar to the guy the Dems came up with in the 2nd District. Hmm, do we see a trend here?


And by the way, in the same Sioux City Journal story by Bret Hayworth, Dem Chairman Matt Connealy says he thinks Kleeb will challenge Tony Raimondo for the Senate nomination. Now THAT would be fun to watch! Who’s your money on? The party Golden Boy with the geled hair and no experience? Or the 68 year old, two-month-ago-a-Republican, businessman who’s best buds with Ben Nelson? We’re sitting down and getting a big bowl of popcorn for that one…


  1. Eric says:

    Other than the military service thing, Carter and Yashirin don’t seem that similar to me. Even the type of military service is pretty dissimilar.

  2. Eric says:

    I’ll let other people who actually know/have met them give the introductions. But c’mon, Carter is a retired Air Force pilot (I think) and Economics teacher while Yashirin is a 25-year old Marine.

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    “C’mon”…what? They have military experience. Great. There are lots and lots of 25 year old former Marines and pilots. Why are these two qualified to be in Congress?

  4. Eric says:

    “C’mon” I just don’t see these guys hanging out together at the officers club – that’s all.

    What qualifies them to be in Congress? I’m sure they’ll be letting us know. There’s plenty of campaigning time left. I’m sure you know how to use the Internet if you want to know more about them in the mean time.

  5. Street Sweeper says:

    Yes, I’m well versed in the internets and am unable to find anything worthwhile.

    The secrecy surrounding these candidates makes us wonder what they’re hiding…

  6. Eric says:

    …dead hookers?

    You don’t really want to know yet do you? That would be like finding your parents’ hidden stash of Christmas presents and then hastily opening them all up on December 18th.

  7. Mike Kennedy says:

    “I think we need to ask ourselves if the time is right”-Scott Kleeb

    For the sake of this Board, YES THE TIME IS RIGHT…lol

    No offense to Toni or Scott but what is the advantage of getting Clobbered by Mike Johanns. I really don’t see how in a presidential year they get any traction. The only races the Dems could be competitive in are in a few Unicameral Seats…Watch REX MOATS in Dist 39. That’s my five star race to watch. Any other races that could put on a show?

    Sweeper-Is Socks attending the caucuses?

  8. Mike Kennedy says:

    I wondered why I saw Obama supporters leaving leaflets in a cemetary when I was in Chicago recently…you know he is so Kennedyesque…lol

    Frankly I thought sock was one of the best First Pets.

    My favorite Video of Socks the cat (and the attempted assasination of him)It is hillarious

  9. Jon Rehm says:

    Hat tip on the Socks reference. I was thinking an Onion-style satire would be funny on NNN this morning but you beat me to the punch.

    Speaking as a Democratic activist, somebody had to do something to energize our party. And it looks like harnessing the enthusiasm for Barack and Hillary into the Caucus at least gives us a spark. At least in Lancaster County, the work put into organizing the Caucus has definetly built the party. Our candidates in LDs 21, 25, 27 and 29 are better off for having had the Caucus.

  10. Mad Max says:

    Not too smart a career move on Max’s part……Why sacrifice himself for a bunch of lefty-activists and get a guaranteed 20-point clubbing in his first race?

    Didn’t Fortenberry already trounce the “strongest” Max the NE Democrats had the last time?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for supporting your GOP candidates Mr. Kennedy! Not that Beau McCoy needs your help, what with Governor Heineman and AG Bruning in his corner.

    McCoy will beat Rex Moats like he stole something. Any other dynamite prognostications?

  12. Kyle Michaelis says:

    Poor SS, your weak attempts at mockery do a poor job of masking your jealousy. I sure am sorry your vote in Nebraska’s Republican primary won’t matter at all. It’s a real shame your party was too lazy to give its voters the same opportunity.

  13. Street Sweeper says:

    Hey, looks who’s dropping in! Kyle, shouldn’t you be busy at a Tony Raimondo rally or something?

    The GOP is all good. Are you looking forwrad to that brokered convention? That’s cute that you call it “choice”. I’m sure that was Hillary’s plan all along…

  14. Mike Kennedy says:

    Hey Anonymous, I support the republican candidate. I think Rex Moats is a candidate to watch. The dynamics of that race is intersting. 2 strong, respectable R’s and a well qualified D. It is ok to point out races to watch and not bury our heads in the sand and say “ONLY THE REPUBLICANS WILL WIN”. That is very short sighted. Rex Moats is a good candidate for the dems and if the republican party thinks he is a push over then we are in trouble. HMM let me see isn’t it Republicans that put Ben Nelson in Office?

  15. Mike Kennedy says:

    Another thing Anonymous, I’m not in the business of trashing Democrats because they are Democrats. As republicans we should be going to the voters and letting them know why republican policies are better for them and their families. (our policies and ideas are better!!!) I have friends on both sides of the aisle and their is no place for the baseless trash talk I have been seeing lately.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Personally I am a big, big fan of baseless trash talk, so you and I will have to agree to disagree.

    P.S. I’m not saying only Republicans will win, I’m saying Beau McCoy will win. He is going to smoke Rex Moats like a Christmas ham. Bank it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    From what I have heard, McCoy is not taking Moats lightly at all. Word is that they already have volunteers out walking and McCoy has already hit several hundred doors himself. I’ve also heard that he’s raised over $20,000 this month while Moats is going to take public funds to run his campaign with. Very liberal move for a guy who is supposed to be a successful attorney.

    Moats talks a good game but don’t be fooled. At the end of the day he’ll stand side by side with Steve Lathrop and Tom White.

    Moats will be exposed.

  18. Paul says:

    Yep you are right (not) once again… SS.

    Those poor Nebraska Dems actually got to Choose between 2 different candidates. What will the Nebraska
    GOP get to choose from, well nothing.. Because like always the only choice available in May is to vote for the ONE candidate all the other states actually got to pick.

    That or stay home…

    Considering all the GOP pundits have gotten damn near everything wrong about this election year
    so far, including Rush, your musings here
    on L street don’t merit much attention.

    Then again you are probably all pissed off you won’t get to vote for Huckabee…

  19. Joe Blow says:

    Moats not only cares, but has experience in working with other people in trying to get things done in a positive manner. Say what you will about lawyers, but anyone that discounts Rex really must not know much about the man..he’s a real conservative. Funny how the Dem in this race is the conservative, and the Rep is a lot of a liberal in comparison. Rex over Beau, hands down.

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