Bloomberg – Hagel…done

The New York Times and CNBC are reporting that the potential Presidential campaign of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel is essentially done-for.

Their source?

Chuck Hagel.

It seems that Hagel is telling any and all that with the emergence of John McCain as the Republican nominee, the odds of Bloomberg getting in the campaign have diminshed greatly — since McCain draws voters that Bloomberg would seek.

Hagel also, officially, tells that Bloomberg DID offer him the Vice Presidential gig if he ran.
(UPDATE: And Bloomberg now DENIES there was ever any such conversation!)

We always figured that Bloomberg’s best chance of getting in were if it was a Giuliani vs Hillary general election. (Why not add another New Yorker in, right?) At least the chances of Rudy have gone by the wayside.

And while one would think that disillusioned conservatives may still be looking for an alternative candidate, it’s unlikely that person would be Bloomberg. (In any case, if that’s what conservatives want to do, they can simply hand the race to the Democrat nominee.)

So, we all enjoyed this little foray that started at the Palm in DC. But the NYTs suggests that maybe we haven’t seen the last of Bloomberg.

And Chuck? You’d think he’ll be pushing hard for a spot in either administration that comes along…


  1. unitybroth says:

    There is no experienced businessperson left seeking the presidency. In this time of economic/educational/environmental trouble, I damn sure think it would be beneficial to have a leader that can make intelligent decisions like Mike Bloomberg.

  2. Strong Moderate says:

    As disappointed as I am at the demise of the possibility of a Bloomberg-Hagel ticket, I am glad that McCain got the Republican nomination. Sen. McCain has shown the ability to work with Democrats (and that pesky “Independent” Democrat). Senator Hagel can definitely find a place in either a McCain or Obama Administration which is a testament to his commitment to service to America (not partisan causes).

  3. angry citizen says:

    Just so everybody knows, the 6 judges that voted to make the electric chair unconstitutional were all Ben Nelson appointees. The sole dissenter was appointed by Heineman. I encourage you here on Leavenworth to vote to not retain the NELSON 6!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re: angry citizen:


    Get your legislature to change the law if they don’t like the result. Otherwise, quit whining about it – it didn’t ban the death penalty, just a method that 49 other states have also gotten rid of.

  5. Angry Citizen says:

    The Nelson 6 bastardized by the law using their own personal preference over the legislature. The unicameral has spoken on the use of the chair and the Supreme Court has ruled it is not cruel and unusual punishment. The Nelson 6 Judges used the state constitution (which mirrors the federal) to use their own standard. They looked to ther states to determine what is appropriate. I will not vote to retain the Nelson activist judges.

  6. Hilarious says:

    My how far Chuck Hagel has fallen that a post about his unconfirmed VP run devolves into a Nelson bashing session.

    It’s gotta drive the Hagel wing of the NEGOP nuts to see Nelson re-elected with 65%, Hagel’s political future disappear, the NDP deciding who gets to be president, and Lee Terry leading the congressional delegation.

    Go on haters.

  7. omaha repub says:

    Those Nelson judges made a big mistake going against the will of the public on the death penalty. I remember Judge Lanphier being ousted by the voters. The Nelson 6must go.

  8. EdCh says:

    Yeah we gotta get rid of those activist judges put in place by the Democrats and replace them with some activist judges put in place by the Republicans. Then they can just ignore the laws and make decisions that favor OUR opinions.

  9. omaha repub says:

    Really the Nelson Judges has screwed up the law here because we have capital murder on the books with no penalty. The same 6 judges ruled the electric chair was constitutional 5 years ago. Gosh 5 years makes a big difference between cruel and unusual.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Word in Dem circles is that Jim Esch is talking about making a run for Congress in 2008. He has told some that the Caucus has inspired him.

  11. oops says:

    The NY Times has updated the Hagel Bloomberg tiff – now Hagel’s office says there was a staff to staff conversation about Hagel being Bloomie’s mate. They claim the Times “overstated” the convo between Hagel and reporter. Interestingly, Times isn’t backing away from their reporting – in fact they’ve reported more directly what Hagel himself said originally.
    How embarrassing.

  12. Strong Moderate says:


    Well.. if we are going to discuss this whole Death Penalty ruling I suppose I should throw this is in: The judges only ruled that the Electric Chair is cruel and unusual, not the death penalty is wrong.

    It seems like maybe some people are just too “angry” to realize this and are therefore not directing their anger correctly.

    More on my blog soon…

  13. irony says:

    he great irony is that the NEGOP has its panties in a snitch about the “Nelson 6” when Nelson is the only Governor in 50 years that has executed anyone.

    That’s right, Heinie, Johanns, Orr and even tough guy Thone didn’t do it. Nelson is the only one.

    Talk about your classic case of projection.

  14. Omaha repub says:

    Hey Irony, I didn’t see Nelson pull the lever on Otey or Joubert. Nelson did appoint the “Nelson 6” and these guys flip floped from their descision 5 years ago saying the Death Penalty was not cruel and unusual punishment. These judges are playing politics because now they have fellow democrats, Steve Lathrop, Tom White, and Brad Ashford on the judiciary committe to get rid of the death penalty. I can’t wait for these guys next election. Nebraska voters are pro death penalty.

  15. Anonymous says:

    As soon as it became clear, to even the dimmest observer, that the “surge” was working well, Hagel’s star burned out completely.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious, you are sadly mistaken to say that Hagel’s political future has disappeared. That is perhaps the farthest thing from the truth. Sen. Hagel will have a prominent role in the next administration, regardless of who wins. Even is he doesn’t feel like working, he has his multi millions he made in the business world to sit back and enjoy his family. Maybe you should try doing something but HATING 🙂

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