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First up, suggested from a loyal reader, Separated at…Hair:
Tony Raimondo and Ferdinand Marcos!

What else is going on? Well, campaigns are getting up and revving. And that means creating websites, right? But no one, other than probably Mike Johanns, really has their campaign site up and finalized.

Scott Kleeb is asking everyone which logo makes him look most like a real-life cowboy. And Tony Raimondo and Max Yashirin apparently don’t believe in showing people what they look like yet.

Jim Esch has decided that $40,000 wasn’t enough to spend on a website, so he is working on a new one, just waiting to be exposed. As a matter of fact, Jim expressed that one of the things that got him to run again was seeing that his and Barack Obama’s websites “had the same feel”. Wow! Thank God for Al Gore and his internets or Jim wouldn’t be sure when to run.

Moving along, Lee Terry’s new 2008 site won’t be up for another couple weeks. Adrian Smith only has the splash-page working presently. Jeff Fortenberry’s seems to be pretty much 2006.

And the guys running the Recall Mike Fahey site have their own plans on how to spread the word.

Using the site, the folks have made their own shirts to express their desire to…recall Fahey. So let’s take a look at their master plan for getting the message out.

That’s right: website name, in Arial font, on a gray sweatshirt. Hmm. Pretty straight forward, we suppose. Go to the website, right? And you can always cut off the sleeves and rock it Ernie Chambers style!

Then we also like the model-dude sporting the sweatshirt on “view-larger” page and we realized that this was the same pose the Jim Esch is working on his website! Well alll-right! (We’re this close to buying that tie Esch is selling.)

So there you have it, interweb fans. These sites will all probably change in the coming weeks and months, but be sure to look at them now. Because, you know, that’s what Friday afternoons are for, right?

(And, you know, consider it an open-forum on the old comment board at this point. You would anyway…)


  1. Gerard Harbison says:

    I like the ‘Kleeb brand’ campaign. After all, a brand hurts the animal, and leaves permanent damage.

    Scott Kleeb: don’t get burned, Nebraska!

  2. OmaSteak says:

    Esch was just on KFAB with Tom Becka. As much as Becka wants to back Esch since he doesn’t much like Lee Terry, even he had to “guide” Esch into trying to answer “Why are you running after you said you wouldn’t?” without sounding like a moron…and Esch just couldn’t produce anything that sounded like an answer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jim Esch–Clueless as usual on KFAB. He’s not taking PAC money then in the next breath he might have to reconsider it. WOW, you can tell he is committed to something. And even after Becka (the overpaid blow hard) asked him about Obama’s pastor he still said he likes Obama and he says Michelle Obama didn’t mean to say the comment about the first time she was proud to be an American…ya whatever Esch. I’ve been proud to be an American since the day I was born. That’s while I’ll be voting for Lee Terry–one of the good guys in Congress. Esch has no record, no real job and no money…oh except for mommy and daddy’s bank account. Maybe the teacher girlfriend he is shacking up with makes some money…

  4. mike in omaha says:

    I wonder how many pars of shoes Mrs Raimondo has? The marcos hair photo nwas hillarious, Sweeper. No Toni nees to speek English, Spanish and Tagollon….lol Ok for those will say that is a bigoted statement…The Philipines has 3 languages.

  5. Gwen says:

    Gerard —- The game goes on with the Faux Cowboy/Adjunct College Professor. With a loss, He is still taking one for the team — even though being branded as “L”oser, so he can get a good gig in D.C. as long as the “D”s are in the majority.

    I know to the average Nebraskan it sounds berserk — but with Scott’s elitism atitude and running with a group that have thought SUPER DELEGATES were OK for decades, it probably makes sense. GO FIGURE????

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have Jim Esch or Richard Carter even filed their committees yet with the FEC? I can’t find either campaign committee on the FEC web site. What is going on here?

  7. Gwen says:

    Mike — shame on you!!! I didn’t want to go there with Scott and the Village People BI-cause our society is beyond such innuendos.

  8. mike in omaha says:

    What Gwen…they both look good in a hat? Ok I’ll compare Kleeb to Travolta in Urban Cowboy…ok Travolta is a bad choice too…Ah Kleeb and Heath Ledger….ok bad choice on two seperate issues. Are there any good examples of faux cowboys that have no double meanings? At least Esch doesn’t wear a cowboy hat!!!

  9. bob says:

    Philippines has two official languages, Tagalog and English, but not Spanish.

    English is an official language in Asia but not in the USA. That is sad and stupid of Uncle Sam.

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