Look who is FOR a new stadium

As the “Save Rosenblatt!” and “Recall Fahey!” rhetoric heats up, it is interesting to see who is on which side of the issue.

And as we were browsing the OWH today, we saw this letter in The Public Pulse from the owner of what is arguably the best known ice cream pavillion in college sports:

Look for greater good

My business partner and I are the owners of a modest little Omaha ice cream shop on South 13th Street across from Rosenblatt Stadium called Zesto. Fifty-seven years ago, my father, Tom Kelley, played in the first game dedicating Rosenblatt Sta­dium.

I feel great personal and financial disappointment in the stadium over­sight committee’s decision to build a new stadium. While I hate the decision itself, I very much respect the people who made it.

While the manner in which Mayor Mike Fahey has handled the stadium issue over the past 12 months can be debated, the integrity and intentions of this mayor should not be ques­tioned. We will never have a mayor who is more honest or better-inten­tioned than Fahey.

While I sincerely appreciate the ef­forts of the Save Rosenblatt Commit­tee, it is now time to unite as a city and get behind the new stadium in order to ensure a long-term renewal of the contract with the NCAA for the Col­lege World Series.

We all need to put our own personal agendas aside for the greater good of Omaha. As for Zesto, I can only hope that pandas eat ice cream.

Mike Kelley, Omaha

Now it’s interesting that the owners of one the places that has the most to lose out of the whole new stadium gig are getting behind the new park, not to mention the Mayor. (Of course, you gotta think that there will be some form of “Zesto” in or around the new stadium, right? But it still won’t be the same…)

In any case (assuming he’s not purely profiting from the deal) you’d sure think the Zesto guys would be strong proponents for the “Don’t Recall Fahey” forces. (And would make a nice TV spot…)


  1. Mike in Omaha says:

    Is this the same Mike Kelley that is an attorney and lobbyist? While I agree with his stance, his motives may not be pure. Remember Mike Kelley the lobbyist made second hand smoke safe in Omaha bars by having Keno played there. I hear that if you play keno long enough it will cure the common cold.

  2. Mike in Omaha says:

    Thanks anonymous. But I still think Keno makes second hand smoke healthy at Omaha resturants. Why would the Omaha City Council exempt Keno locations otherwise….lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am trying to get a hold of Mike Kelley anybody know how to do that? I need his permission to re-run his story from the OWH. Help me.

  4. Jim says:

    I would like a follow up on this one. I know several months ago the owner of Zesto’s was opposed to a move. I wonder if the OWH was duped on this one.

  5. curbfeeler says:

    Kelley is a lobbiest with more goo in him than a zesty cone. No wonder he and Fahey stick together.

    Who gets the concessions contract? Fahey has already benefited his family members in other instances.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is the same Mike Kelley that is a lobbyist, attorney, and owns Clancy’s, Club Patrick’s, and Zesto.

    His office is off of 72nd and Pacific. I think it is Kelley and Lehan.

  7. mike in omaha says:

    Mike Kelley owns the building the Douglas County Dems are in!!! He also makes hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying the city, county and state. You can’t sell Ice Cream 12 weeks out of the year to make that up. Want to bet we have Zesto’s at the new park or a Clancy’s across the street. REMEMBER KENO MAKES SMOKE HEALTHY!!!!!

  8. new topic says:

    Any idea what the Zesto guys, Mayor Landow, Fahey’s brother, the Douglas County Dems and the Keno backers think of Hagel’s new book?

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