Kleeb Can’t Drive 55!

Scott “Lead Boot” Kleeb’s driver’s license has been yanked.

(Senate hopeful loses his license – OWH – 3/26/08.)

After getting his sixth traffic ticket in twenty-two months, Kleeb can’t get his license back until September at the earliest.

And this is all pretty bone-headed too. Every candidate for a major office has someone drive him or her around. The candidate is usually on the phone, sleeping, reading or thinking about the latest poll, fundraiser or speech. They shouldn’t be driving.

Anyone that thinks this makes Kleeb more of an “ordinary Joe” for driving himself is dopey as well. It’s a danger to himself, a danger to others and a danger to the campaign. Kleeb has had enough professionals around him, including his wife, that someone should have straightened this out long ago.

We don’t know if this is a trend in Kleeb’s campaign or not. He has a website up with nary a position-paper or issue on it. His campaign couldn’t respond to a simple request for his position on the top issue in America today (Iraq). And then they’ve sucked up the bad press for at least a few days (and counting) by not being able to commit to a debate with a very real opponent.

Kleeb has been living it up as the national glamour boy for a race he lost to a not-exactly overpowering opponent, Adrian Smith. And now his campaign, which never really ended after 2006, is still pulling bush-league moves.

It will be interesting to see if the Tony Raimondo camp will capitalize on putting together a more professional and business-like act. And whether Nebraska Democrats respond…

**UPDATE 3/27/08**
Jeff Koterba’s cartoon in the OWH today:


  1. curbfeeler says:

    He who is driving is he who gets the ticket. Kleeb may have many drivers but the laws Kleeb breaks are all broken by himself.

    Can we expect to see Kleeb pedal a Schwin to the debates?

  2. Mike in Omaha says:

    I didn’t know a Prius Hybrid can go that fast!!! Interesting. Imagine how few carbon emissions Scott will make now.

  3. Frightened Driver says:

    I wondered who blew by me on I-80 in a Red Porsche with a Hastings Faculty Parking permit and a “Nebraskans for Peace” bumper sticker. I wonder how much gas he wasted by driving excessively over the speed limit for the last 2 years. Way to save the environment Mr. Kleeb.

  4. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    I think the State Patrol is harrasing Scott Kleeb. We know Mike Johanns has the State Patrol in his back pocket. They went after Ben Nelson and now they are going after Nebraskas next Senator, Scott Kleeb. Shame on you Mike Johanns you will not silence the progressive movement.

    Also frightened driver: What is wrong with a “Nebraskans for Peace” bumper sticker. They are a great organization. They protested at the death penalty vote. Good for them!!! I’m glad Mr. Kleeb supports them as well!!

  5. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Just when you think things can’t get any better ….

    Another example of the liberal elitist “Clintonian” sense of entitlement with which the whole Kleeb-in-the-Midlands melodrama has been festooned. The laws are for the little people, ya know ….

    One wonders how the Scooter will get around now – he can’t drive, and he’s shot himself in the foot so many times it must be getting nearly impossible to walk.

    In closing, may I just observe –

    bwahahahahahahahahahaha ….

  6. Gerard Harbison says:

    6 tickets in 22 months is impressive, but at least he was sober, unlike a couple of recently ticketed DUI Dem. state senators I could name.

  7. Fred says:

    To Lisa (AKA 4.0)

    If the “Nebraskans for Peace” were sincerely interested in “peace” they would be protesting the Islamic Extremist blowing up Down syndrome girls and other innocent people instead of whining about our troops and President Bush.

    Your friend Scott is a “POSER” ——- he doesn’t talk issues. He only talks change. Well I want change too. The Democratic Leadership in Congress spend more time bad mouthing our troops, paying off unions and trial attorneys and debating sports drug use than saving Social Security and other critical issues.

  8. omaha repub says:

    No Gerard, he was high on liberal arrogance. Scott has the elitist Eliot Spitzer mentality except speeding tickets are cheaper that 5 star escorts.

  9. Street Sweeper says:

    No shot meant at Adrian. We had an internal discussion on that point, and all that was meant was that Kleeb didn’t exactly run against Tom Osborne. Adrian was a relatively unknown state Senator at the time, running for an open seat. This is meant to be critical of SK’s “glamour boy” status.
    Any and all apologies for any unintended slights to Adrian Smith.

  10. TH says:

    You know, if only getting cited for 2 accidents, getting 2 speeding tickets and getting arrested for DUI and having driving priviledges revoked temporarily in Maine was considered unfit for public service, we would never had to suffer through GWB pres and the people of texas wouldn’t of had him as Gov. But by god, that ain’t nothing compared to 6 speeding tickets. To think this person sped 6 times and got caught. By golly why couldn’t he of caused a couple accidents and then later get toasted and drive around a little bit.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t the OWH step up and be TOTALLY truthful about Mr. Kleeb. This half truth refuse by the media must stop. Suppression of facts by omission should be above the OWH.

    In her article ROBYNN TYSVER said Scott was the son of a NATIVE Nebraskan. The “rest of the story” is after his father graduated from Kearney State he immediately became part of the infamous Nebraska “brain drain” and is currently living in Colorado.

  12. right wing rant says:

    Now we know what Scott did with those lead weights he stuffed in his Wranglers during his 2006 campaign glamour shots.

  13. Paul M. says:

    To 4.0 or Lisa or whomever you are:

    Your inability to demonstrate even a remedial competency for spelling, sentence structure, syntax, or grammar disallows you to invoke the “4.0” moniker ever again. You’re a miracle, really. Your writing isn’t even cohesive accidentally. In fact, the generic content of your posts are so meaningless and hollow that you make BTO sound like W.F.Buckley.

  14. 3rd Dist reader says:

    The OWH’s story still fell half a page short of their endorsement of Scotty, which was published 23 days in advance of the 2006 election.

    Proof that Walter Lippmann and advocacy journalism lived on in the form of one John Gottschalk.

  15. One Out In The Third says:

    This brouhaha is all a political ploy…Raimondo owns the primary and this is Kleeb’s weasel ticket so he can take a run at Smith again. He will portray the role of a “reformed…but victimized” candidate hoping to pull in just enough sympathy votes to put him over the top. It’s Robo-Call/Lawn Sign Relocation all over again. And “He’s a father now.” I wonder if the kids were buckled in???

    The fact of the matter is the NDP is in an out-of-control tail-spin that they can’t pull out of.

    I do have to admit…he would make a good politician with his mindset that he is above the law.

  16. Gerard Harbison says:

    @paul m.

    It takes a little while to appreciate 4.0 unl student. Just consider the possibility he is not entirely what he seems.

  17. Gerard Harbison says:

    Someone on the LJS comments page posted that you shouldn’t judge the guy until you’ve drunk ‘multiple 20 oz vanilla lattés’ with him.

    Boy, things are sure different out there on the range. I wonder if he carries little cans of powdered cinnamon and dark chocolate flakes in his saddle bag, along with a cappuccino machine?

    Still, if he drinks several of those a day, as she says, that may account for the speeding.

  18. 4.0 UNL student says:

    To Paul M: I am not Lisa!!! I am a busy person doing important things and I come to Sweepers Blog for a quick break. It seems you have lots of time to spell and grammar check my posts. Are you unemployed???

    To Gerard: I am what I am…a progressive intellectual, that wants to change our society. Those who have the skills to make informed descisions need to be involved in politics. Joe Six pack is working 60 hrs a week, how is he going to go to congress? But Ivy League trained individuals like Obama and Kleeb can use their knowledge and help the average Joe affoard health care, housing, food and other basic neccesities.

  19. Strong Moderate says:

    One Ticket.. Fine, yu were in a hurry.

    Two Tickets.. A little speedy.

    Three Tickets.. Lead foot.

    Four Tickets.. You must just be crazy or dumb.

    Five Tickets.. You need to a speed limited vehicle – may I suggest the Geo Metro, it also has a tiny carbon footprint.

    Six Tickets.. Driver Re-education Camp in a retirement community full of old ladies in huge Cadillacs doing 15 mph with their indicators on constantly.

  20. Omaha Repub says:

    Ok if you are on the interstate doing 15 or more over you are doing 90 + miles per hour. Furthermore, police officers usually write down the tickets 5 to 10 miles per hour as to get the person to plead guilty. Also an officer will leave an identifying mark on the ticket to reflect this. (it’s usually the writen doen speed circled) He was caught 6 times!!! It’s safe to assume he drives like this on a daily basis. So Kleeb does a 100mph on our state’s highways, how progressive of him. The state was correct in taking this guy off the road before he killed someone. Just ask Janklow in South Dakota what it is like to make a driving mistake.

  21. chrisp says:

    Shame on Scott! Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a poll to find out how many of Nebraska’s officials, politicians, school board members, and attorneys have received (or at least pulled over)a traffic citation not just for speeding (with or without children on board), but for a DUI (with or without children on board), causing an accident in turn causing injury to another driver or passengers?
    Some people just enjoy throwing stones.

  22. Mel says:

    What’s the big bahoo about Scott’s package? It has to be more pleasing to the eye than that old man’s who eats at Red Robin and like to pinch the young gals cheeks….Yuk!

  23. Gerard Harbison says:


    You can’t kid a kidder, lad. Nice schtick, though, a pretty decent caricature of the ‘progressive’ mindset. Just a little over the top, is all.

  24. BTOsborn says:

    Ol’ Leadfoot Scott is just in a hurry to serve all you thankless Republicans by being your next Senator. By the way, he drives an American, union made pickup, not a Prius, not a Porsche.

  25. Lisa Hannah says:

    If by calling 4.0 “Lisa”, I sure as hell hope you mean someone else. He/She’s a bit…well…you get my drift.

    Carry on.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is Kleeb’s name pronounced like James Bond’s adversary Rosa Klebb? Or does does it rhyme with “dweeb”?

    We should know how to pronounce the little hotrod’s name before he fades into political obscurity.

  27. BTOsborn says:

    What’s next for elevating the political commentary on this blog. Are you guys going to start calling Democrats “poopy pants” and “boogernoses?”

    At least Sweeper generally remains in the realm of adult commentary, unlike some of you that obviously repeated kindergarten a few times.

  28. Tim says:

    bto —- I didn’t hear anyone using “poopy pants” and “boogernoses” when PROGRESSIVE pretty much tells the whole story.

    When a PROGRESSIVE DEM tells about helping the “working Joe” and yet wants to take away his secret ballot in the work place, I wonder how “progressive” can be a good thing.

    Big government has screwed up Social Secuity and Medicare — please don’t tell us we need more government. We can’t affort what we already have!!!!!

  29. BTOsborn says:

    Hey Tim,

    I agree with you, except for your mistaken blame laying on Progressive Democrats. I, for one, and I would imagine many other real Democrats, have no desire to take away secret ballots from anyone. In fact, most of us would like to see the ballots cast by “working Joe” actually count and not be hijacked by one of ESS’s electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail.

    George W. Bush has robbed Social Security of many of its funds (Social Security is a trust fund that is OUR money – not tax money) to pay for his endless war and enrich his Halliburton buddies.

    If you must blame anyone for giving us MORE government, you’re going to have to lay it at GWB’s feet. More government intrusion into our personal lives, more government mandates such as No Child Left Behind, more government mismanagement (which costs US more money) and more roundabout taxation of the middle class (if you think $4.20/gal gas isn’t a tax, then you’re a fool.)

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