Kleeb: historic driving menace

Nebraska Democrat Senate candidate Scott Kleeb is being raked over the coals for the revelation that he apparently keeps a cinder block on the accelerator when he’s out driving.

But this isn’t the first time Kleeb’s had trouble behind the wheel of a campaign vehicle.

Back in 1996 Kleeb, then an undergrad at the University of Colorado in Boulder, was working for ultra-liberal House of Representatives candidate Gene Nichol. (How liberal was Nichol? Even the Boulder Dems thought he was too far left! Just to give you a little more background on Kleeb.)

In any case, Kleeb was navigating the campaign’s 1978 Ford RV, “decked out in blue-and-white campaign banners” towards a bank ATM. And then WHAM! Kleeb knocks off a piece of the drive-though teller overhead.

(We’re not sure, but we’re guessing the RV looked like the one above.)

The cops show up. And Kleeb discovers that he can’t find the the ride’s insurance papers.
And Kleeb is cited.

So are we saying Kleeb is unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate because of his past and recent driving records?

No, we’re saying: should Kleeb get his license back in September, just remember that no where is safe…from the Hot Rancher Road Menace…

(Sourced from the August 12, 1996 Denver Post. We’re not sure of the legality of publishing the whole article, and we don’t have a link…)

And, by the way, today is the nine-month anniversary of Scott Kleeb’s website going up (from our notice, anyway), and there STILL are no issues or policy positions listed. We’ll keep holding our breath…

Well, looky-loo, what a little prodding by L St. did. Senor Kleeb put up an issues page! And who said the internets were no good…


  1. Mike in Omaha says:

    Poor Scott. Can this guy get a break or what? Since he won’t talk about substantive policy issues, I guess we have to discuss ATM abuse and what government can do stop it…lol

  2. BTOsborn says:

    If you want to hear Scott Kleeb talk about substantive policy issues, you’ll have to just open your eyes and ears and let it all in. Of course you can continue to keep your head planted in the sand, or wherever else it is that you’ve been keeping it, and remain blissfully ignorant.

    You could have a very good opportunity to hear Scott discuss his positions, along with those of several other Democratic candidates, this Saturday in Grand Island. They will be speaking at the Grand Island United Veterans’ Club around 11:00 a.m. Unlike many Republican meetings, you don’t have to sign an oath of allegiance to George W. Bush to get in to this one. We like to keep things free, open, and honest.

  3. Street Sweeper says:


    I’m sure all the rest of Nebraskans who don’t live in or near GI would luuuv to visit.

    Unfortunately, lots of us still get our info via newspapers and websites. Sure would be swell if your cowboy Kleeb could put a SINGLE POSITION of his on his site. (Not that we don’t just love voting for logo designs.)

    I belive you’re trying to get your 3rd D candidates to put up sites, no? Maybe you can suggest that Scott enlightnen us on ANY of his positions.


  4. Mike in Omaha says:

    RUN, BELIEVE, CHANGE….Sweeper what more do you need to know about Kleeb. If you believe in change he will run.

  5. OmaSteak says:

    It’s probably very difficult for Kleeb to clearly state his position on any issue. If he does clearly state his liberal/progressive/socialist positions, he knows if means sure defeat. He’s probably still searching for the proper politically correct euphemisms for “I’m going to take more money away from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t”. He represents the philosophy that “need” outweighs “ability”…as taught to him in those bastions of stupidity known as the Ivy League.

  6. BTOsborn says:

    “. . . those bastions of stupidity known as the Ivy League.”

    Omahaburger, isn’t that where your beloved GWB got ‘his’ education?

  7. Street Sweeper says:

    We here at Leavenworth Street are proud to know we can shame a candidate into updating his web page.

    See what Scott could do when he wasn’t busy driving?

  8. Uncle Wiggily says:


    Dunno where you got the pic but that is one UGLY camper … and this is coming from a guy that used to have a homemade rig … an early 60’s Chevy StepVan … so I know ugly.

    BTW – I sent off a list of 15 questions on issues I’m interested in to Kleeb’s campaign a while back. Had to use snail-mail because the campaign has no available email address that I could find. If you want to donate or volunteer they have a Java-powered applet, but if you want to make inquiries or comments, … no way, Jose. I find this … uh … interesting.

  9. Omaha Repub says:

    Oh sweeper this is too much here is a snipet of Scott’s environment posting

    “As a person who has earned a paycheck working in the outdoors, I am a natural conservationist. As a hunter who worries about the shrinking migratory duck population, I am concerned about global warming. Whether from farmers, ranchers or hunters, our government could take a few lessons from our way of life and once again show respect for our traditions and heritage.”

    WTF does that mean!!!!

  10. Omaha Repub says:

    Even better on the tax code. IS HE FOR THE FAIR TAX?????

    “Simplify the Tax Code: A simplified tax filing process for the millions of Americans and small businesses – who spend upwards of $2 billion a year on tax preparer fees – would go a long way to easing the growing burden while stimulating increased long-term growth to our economy.”

    Sounds like the Huckster to me!

  11. One Out In the Third says:

    Kleeb will be doing a lot of “running” the next few months now that his license to drive has been pulled. Soccer Mom Jane will be pulling extra duty.

  12. jwb says:

    Kleeb’s published views appear to be based on the assumption that people are bad and incapable of being good without government teaching them right and wrong. A classic difference between utopians and realists.

    Realists believe people are bad but government is worse. Our Constitution agrees by limiting government.

    Utopians like Kleeb believe government can improve people. Karl Marx believed this. So too did Nazi thinkers. Kleeb thinks he is doing good. So did they.

  13. BTOsborn says:


    You just violated Godwin’s Law. Stop, pull over, and surrender your blogging license.

    I’m one of those guys that likes to set my cruise control at a mile UNDER the speed limit just because I hate giving needless donations to the state, it only encourages them to grow the government bigger. I have to wonder why it is that the majority of those who pass me like I’m standing still have ‘Bush in 04’ bumper stickers on their cars? Maybe they’re just your garden variety hypocrites?

  14. Paul M. says:

    Yes, Brian, I’m sure I-80 is over loaded with reckless speeders with Bush stickers tagged on their cars. Could your ridiculous anecdote be any less scientific.

  15. BTOsborn says:

    Geez Paul,

    I hardly submitted a freaking peer reviewed article to the Scientific American there. It was just my observation. I’m sorry that my opinions don’t carry all the mighty ‘scientific’ clout that yours obviously must.

    Could I please take a look at your nitpicker’s license? Oh, and while you’re at it, could you dig out your spelling and grammar enforcer’s badge as well.

  16. One Out In The Third says:


    They kind of did it that way in the Hall County Caca-us this year. The County Head Dem went around panhandling the Caucuseers for donations…”to help pay Caca-us expenses.” (Beer and pizza.) I am thinking that the collected funds were redirected to help pay Kleeb’s speeding tickets or establish a defense fund…or was it for taxi fare?

  17. DMV says:

    Anyone else wondering how Kleeb got a NE license in 2003 but didn’t move to NE until 2005? Was that Matt Miltenberger I saw going through files at the Department of Motor Vehicles?

  18. Lisa Hannah says:

    dmv –

    Scott worked at the McGinn Ranch (the family ranch) full-time for 1 1/2 years before getting into grad school at Yale. That was his home address while attending Yale, as well. So that’s why he had a Nebraska license and address.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Was it “full-time” at the ranch or just when he wasn’t on his National Park Tour? Of course in his alter ego role as “Speed Racer” he could probably have visited all National Parks of the Great American West, in say, 2 weeks?

    I read the local news story of the candidate forum and it was the same old story, “My daughter started out with 30K federal debt” and “We need change.” Non-committal. I thought the Kleeb’s had two children? He never mentions the other child? Evidently she doesn’t owe as much.

  20. Lisa Hannah says:


    Yes, it was full time. Butch McGinn will tell you (he was the boss, and a well respected rancher in Custer County – kinda reminds me of my own grandfather in his mannerism – the down to earth Nebraska farmer/rancher). A question was posed, I simply answered it. Too many people wanted to believe otherwise, but that was always the facts.

    Scott has one daughter. Maya is his first. I’m sure the birth of your first child has an impact, don’t you think? There’s is also Jane’s daughter, his stepdaughter. When I’ve heard him talk, it’s about the impact of the birth of his child. If you think he should be including his stepdaughter in those stories, then tell him yourself.

    National Parks? I know enough of his dissertation to know that there were no National Parks involved. Why the need to makes up more stuff? It really boggles the mind.

    By the way, I’m staying neutral in this race between Raimondo and Kleeb. I just hate when people feel they have to make stuff up to try and get ahead. It shows a lack of confidence in their own choice of candidate.

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