Behlen for Senate

Tony Raimondo has the first ad of the political season (not counting the early Hal Daub ads ) on the airwaves.

First, take a look for yourself, then our critique:

OK, for this little bio piece, to “tell Raimondo’s story”, they used thirteen different speakers. 13!!!
Without watching it again, did any one stick out? Was any memorable? (Well, except for the guy from ZZ Top at the end..)

That’s the first problem.

The next point is that, if at the end instead of “Raimondo for Senate”, they said, “Behlen — Bringing you a better tomorrow, today”, or some other generic corporate tagline, would you have been surprised? Heck at the end, the warehouse full of employees are standing behind a Behlen sign! What, the campaign hasn’t printed a “Tony for Senate” parade banner yet?

And then there’s the fact that it’s not until second 28 of the 30 second ad that you really see who this ad is about. There are a couple distant shots of him, and then he’s sort of one in the giant group of clappers. When Tony finally appears, I’m wondering if that’s really him, or if I was supposed to vote for ZZ.

Finally, the thing that gets us isn’t the clichéd “change Washington” or Tony’s goofy “air punch”. It’s the fact that it’s a room full of his employees talking about him. We’re not saying they were coerced, or that their jobs were on the line, or that there was a break-room full of free bagels waiting for them. We’re just looking for more than the Behlen homers to give a boost. How about some other business people. Or Mayors, or elected people. Trade reps. Someone — anyone — else.

That’s our take. Now here’s a challenge Leavenworth Street reviewers. Give your comments about the ad itself. We’re sure that maybe Tony has great experience or issues, or whatever. But if he doesn’t convey them, no one will pull the lever for him. So, what did you think of the ad?


  1. omaha repub says:

    I need to quit my job and go work for Behlen!!! The people seem so friendly and enthusiastic about their boss. They also pay great wages. By the way is that Boss Toni guy running for office or something?

  2. the ZZ guy says:

    Bagels? Hell no! We had a choice between free Krispy Kremes in the break room for a year, $1,000 bonus for a speaking role and $150 for being in the crowd scene. I took Tony up on all the options.

  3. OmaSteak says:

    Good style without much substance when it comes to why he should be a US Senator. It does really present a clear distinction between himself and his primary opponent, Kleeb. At least he’s had a real job, met a payroll, etc., versus Kleeb whose main talent seems to be running for elective office and getting speeding tickets.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Although not much substance, does portray typical nebraska voter. Much better than Rickett’s telling me he’s tired of buying ads, or Esch wearing a t-shirt.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is a feel-good general election ad being run in a Democratic primary in Nebraska. Tony needs Democrats to vote for him and I see nobody outside of Columbus who can even relate to this ad. For a guy with almost zero name recognition in Nebraska, one has to wonder what the real strategy to win here is…

  6. adman says:

    The Nazi’s made happy newsreels about thier labor camps. Everyone was smiling.

    Tony isn’t the first businessman to use his employees in a work setting. Its smile or the gas chamber. Do these deluded bosses actually think people work for them and not for money? Or that viewers don’t notice this?

  7. BTOsborn says:

    George W likes to fill the background with our military people every opportunity he can when he’s in front of a camera. I doubt that every single one of them does so willingly.

  8. mike honcho says:

    Director: I’d like to make Tony look a little more attractive – how far can you pull back?

    Cameraman: How do you feel about Cleveland?

  9. Guru says:

    The ad became more confusing because of the many changes of speakers. I found myself trying to read who the people were, and there were so many tags I couldn’t hear the message. A little over halfway through I began questioning how he has these employees speaking for him. My thought was that they were required to be there. The air punch was good for me…a little life in him anyway. If he ran this ad every ten minutes it still wouldn’t help his name ID – which is what he needs.

  10. freedomlvr says:

    Off topic, but I gotta say this.

    “China’s human rights record” my butt. The real word is “democide”.

    The greatest mass murdering entity on earth, above Stalin, above the Nazis, is Mao’s government that is still in power in China. They shoot criminals and sell thier organs to Ameircans. And if the San Franciso protests happend in China, they’d shoot them too.

    The GOP stinks on this. Suddenly Communism is okay because business profits trump tyranny. And Bush is sucking Communist China’s testicles for sake of China putting Americans out of work.

    I generally dislike unions and I am for free trade. But somebody needs to remind the GOP and Bush that Free Enterprise begins with the word “free”, as in free from tyranny.

  11. Street Sweeper says:

    There are plenty of other sites across the internets to voice your opinion if you just need to get it out. I’m going to leave this up, only to point out how this has nothing to do with this topic. If you want to hijack a post, do it on your own blog.
    Please refrain from this in the future, or we’ll use the handy delete key.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Nazis, Dubya, and China…I thought the question was “what do you think about Tony Raimondo’s new ad?” Geez, people. No wonder people are sick of politics. Kudos to SS for the rebuke.

    Oh, and about the ad – I thought it was lame.

    p.s. The possessive form of the third-person, personal pronoun is spelled “their” not “thier”.

  13. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    The ad is horrible. So just because he leads a company that makes a profit and provides health insurance doesn’t mean Tony knows anything about the economy or creating jobs. Raimondo will use his republican policies of failure to further deepen this recession/depression we are in. Scott Kleeb has the expirience to set the economy straight and we need him to work with Obama next year on a progressive agenda.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pretty lame ad to get your name out there. OK, so his own employees support Tony, or were paid to support Tony, at least in the commercial. Isn’t this about Tony? It looks like it’s all about Behlens from this ad.

  15. your next president says:

    Scott and Obama’s ideas of setting the economy straight involve pulling out the checkbook for bigger government and more taxes. Enough with the word progressive. It sure sounds nice, but Cowboy Scott and Obama have not added any substance to the words progressive and change. For Scott to know how to add jobs to the economy, it might help to hold a full-time job first. If Scott has the experience to set the economy straight, I have the experience necessary to run for President.

  16. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    To Your next President:

    You don’t have to run a corporation to create jobs. I’m sure Tony really cares about the janitor he pays minimum wage to why he makes millions a year. That janitor has the same right to the profits of Behlen as Tony does. You conservatives bitch and moan about taxes. What you don’t talk about is those taxes from people who don’t even need the money are invested in the people that actually produce the wealth in our society. Get a clue about how economics really works!!!!

  17. freedomlvr says:

    I don’t think I can hijack a blog when my words can be deleted.

    Raimundo’s ad is politically retarded. He will do anything to gain power. I hope he loses all his money and then even the Democrats won’t take him. Tony is a poopy pants.

    Is that better?

  18. next pres. says:

    Economics= the rich paying taxes so your liberal social programs can be funded. Fine, take away the rich, but where will the money come to pay for healthcare, social security and other social programs? If everyone from a CEO to a janitor made the same amount of money, there would be less of a tax base. You’d probably have to raise taxes again. We bitch and moan about taxes because we don’t like to be told how to spend the money that WE earned.

    I’ll read up on how economics really works, while you read up on when you are supposed to use “is” or “are”. Until then, please change your name to 2.5 unl student.

  19. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    To next pres: You fail to take into account that your government spent money to get your cheap oil and exploit all those 3rd world countries to sell your products to. So instead of keeping 5 million a year you only have 4.5 million after a slight tax increase. Do you really need an 8,000 square foot house? Do you need to drive a new SUV every other year? It’s really sad that the tax money you whine about went to pay some poor child’s health insurance because you paid his father $8.00 an hour. Oh and Next Prez Don’t worry when the educated class takes over we will ensure you pay you fair share!!! Go Kleeb!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ask people from northeast Nebraska and they will speak highly of Tony and what he has done for Behlen and the area. Pete Ricketts lost votes because he attacked Nelson (Tony) and Behlen during the ’06 race. Has anyone on here ever talked to someone who has ever worked at Behlen? Most workers from Behlen I have talked to only say good thing about Tony. I’m not supporting Tony but come on, get out of Omaha and Lincoln once in a while and maybe you will see how outstate Nebraskans feel.

  21. OmaSteak says:

    4.0 UNL,
    You are not a “progressive”, you are a communist. You have no grasp of capitalism and the amazing benefits it has and continues to produce in this country. That esteemed institution you attend is supported by taxing the income and property of “capitalist swine” so your professors who couldn’t get an honest job in the private sector can instead fill young empty minds like yours with mush. Tony Raimondo wasn’t born wealthy or owning Behlen, he worked hard to do so. If you spouted your progressive crap in a job interview there, you wouldn’t even get a janitor’s position since you are obviously unacquainted with the idea of certain jobs having a certain value….and how do you know that the janitor at Behlen isn’t someone working their way through school or someone for whom that is the best work they are qualified to do???

  22. Street Sweeper says:

    I’m going to try again, this time quoting from the post:

    “So, what did you think of the ad?”

    Tony may be the greatest thing since fabricated metal, but if he doesn’t get his message out, he’s like so much discarded pig-iron…

  23. Sweet Willis says:

    Sweeper, how’s this?

    If I hear one more Nebraska candidate talk about “changing Washington” I very well might French kiss the working end of a double-barrel shotgun. Daub. Raimondo. Kleeb. Flynn. Johanns. Enough already!

    No one believes some Podunk Congressman or Senator from Nebraska is going to single-handedly re-organize the culture in Washington, DC. What a good political ad needs isn’t more meaningless clichés but ideas and compelling reasons to vote for said-candidate. And a sophisticated talking caveman or gratuitous shot of a swimsuit model wouldn’t hurt either.

    But then again what do I know? I’ve only won the award for Best Political Ad in the World for the last 11 years.

  24. Street Sweeper says:


    Where ya been???
    What happened to your blog?

    I’m just hoping ONE of the candidates will give us an animated Ben Nelson demolishing turkeys…

  25. omaha repub says:

    Hey Daub’s smile in his Senate ad was priceless. Plus if Hal says change he means it. (look at the Downtown) Tony however looks like a deer in the headlights. If he wins the primary, he’ll more than likely pull a Gene Spence and go duck hunting or something a week before the election. At least he can’t pick Kate Witek as a running mate. Does anybody remember that race? Sorry Sweeper I digress. The ad Sucks!!!

  26. omaha repub says:

    Oh I ‘ll give tony this, he didn’t try to retread that 1996 Dresner/Wickers ad of Chuck Hagel’s. How many people used that script or a similar version over the past 12 years. Wait I can see the Cool Ranch Hand looking at Chiminey Rock and pointing out his back yard or even better his mother can hand him a bag of trash (that’s right he has no family here).

  27. Omaha repub says:

    Wait that was McAulffie that did the Hagel ad in 96. Damn those races just run together. Wickers just copied it…lol

  28. Anonymous says:

    I thought the ad wasn’t all that bad, but about 20 seconds in, I started thinking, “How happy are these folks going to be when their boss goes to DC and votes for President Obama’s tax increases? Easy come, easy go.” But then maybe they were blowing sunshine up our a**es to get rid of their “beloved” boss.

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