Leaven Street Worth?

First a little Separated at Birth of Democrat operative, Scott’s wife, and fellow blogger…

Jane Fleming Kleeb and actress Jeanne Tripplehorn

We dedicated this SAB to Jane, because of her shout-out to us on her V-log on MTV.com’s politico site. She is the “Street” correspondent for Nebraska, talking about general stuff and political stuff. She propped our little blog the other day…and…well, we’ll give you the audio here:

She goes on to say how much she likes the Separated at Birth section, and she does give the correct name in the link.

See the entire video piece, and others here:

Thanks Jane.

(Now if we can just get that endorsement from “Friday Night Videos”…)


Speaking of the Kleebians, we see on Daily Kos they’re continuing to beg for money by bashing “Republican who just recently decided to run in the Democratic primary” Tony Raimondo and his former Republicanness.

Hey weren’t these the same people who embraced Kate Witek the last time around?


And New Yorker Bob Kerrey is keeping his nose in Nebraska politics. This time he’s the “Campaign Finance Chairman” for the 1st District Max Yashirin Congressional campaign.

Wonder if Cosmic Bob’s support will have the same effect on Max’s campaign that his endorsement had on Hillary’s caucus results…


  1. Jane Fleming Kleeb says:

    Hi all…sorry about the wrong name in the vlog, the right link is up on the vlog though. Scott and I do have a sense of humor, so we do enjoy reading the posts here. I am Nebraska’s rep for MTV’s Street Team, so if you have story ideas you can send them to me on think.mtv.com/janeflemingkleeb.

    See you all on the campaign trail.

  2. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Chumming up with the Rootin’ Tootin’ Road Warrior and his lady, Sweeper?

    Dang – now I’m gonna have to start washing up after I visit here.

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    Hey, nothing wrong with being polite.

    You’ll note that in the very next entry, we’re back to our old polito-snarky selves…

  4. Anonymous says:

    MTV advances a political agenda that parallels the beliefs of most Nebraskans, who of course love violent music and angst wrapped lyrics sung by people who believe the answers to all problems can be found in a recording booth.

    Remember what your mother told you about musicians.

  5. BTOsborn says:


    I come here for the humor as well. Some of these guys say the darndest things! It’s always good for a chuckle.

    I find many of the bloggers on NNN are too self-important, give their own political acumen far too much heft, and fall back on lengthy self-congratulatory nonsense when they have nothing else to blather on about.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of you and “Leadfoot” out this way. If Scott runs his campaign the way he drives he’ll cross the finish line before Johanns gets out of second gear.

  6. Paul M. says:

    Jane: judging by your husband’s answer to Joe Jordan on abortion we are all well aware of his sense of humor and lack of respect for Nebraska voters.

  7. BTOsborn says:


    Your boy, Heineman, has certainly demonstrated his level of hilarity with the way he has handled the Beatrice State Development Center issue. He’s even got the feds chuckling along with him . . . doesn’t he?

  8. Anonymous says:

    So much for factual reporting at Yale maybe Jane can give them some pointers.
    Is castrating cattle a hobby that Scott does between classes at Hastings College???

    “He is a legitimate cowboy from a ranch from Nebraska, where he spends his time castrating cattle,” said history professor Charles Hill, who taught Kleeb.


  9. BTOsborn says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that the closest most of you tinhorns here have ever gotten to a bull’s balls are the ones they serve up down at the Elks Lodge on stag night. I’m sure Scott would gladly show you how its done, if you’d have the stomach for it.

    Any volunteers?

  10. bart says:

    “Your boy, Heineman” is an interesting phrase. If we apply that to your boy Obama, is that a hate crime that gets us a double prison sentence? Or only half because he is half white? Or, if we discover Heineman has African ancestry, can we put you in jail?

  11. OmaSteak says:

    Mrs. Kleeb,
    Why don’t you do a story about the socialist workers paradise you and your husband dream about? Like say Cuba, where the populace has just been granted permission on an experimental basis to purchase microwave ovens. Just be sure to investigate and document how the political class lives versus those bothersome masses who will tie themselves onto an inner tube to float 90 miles to real capitalist freedome in the USA…at least while it’s remnants still exist here. Or are you like the UNO professor and Cuba expert who recently spoke in glowing terms about Cuba when he said happily, “they are all equally poor”???

  12. Brian T. Osborn says:

    OK Bart,

    You’re absolutely right (far right).

    Let me rephrase the pertinent part of my question so that your tender sensibilities won’t be damaged:

    Your pudgy, middle-aged, grey-haired, short-sighted, gentleman, Mr. Heineman, has certainly demonstrated his level of hilarity . . .

    Now, before your hypersensitive PC meter pegs, let me say that I am a pudgy, middle-aged, sho-sighted (albeit Liberal), gentleman (sometimes).

  13. Mike in Omaha says:

    To those who think Esch, Kleeb, Carter or Raimondo will win this fall. Also to 4.0 UNL Student (hey buddy transfer Iowa):

    U of I study seeks pot smokers

    IOWA CITY — A group of University of Iowa scientists is looking for marijuana smokers to help gain insight into the drug’s effects — and they plan to pay subjects as much as $600 to smoke their pot.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm Mike in Omaha….A new Fundraising idea for Kleeb. Imagine getting $600 from every pot smoking Student Democrat at Creighton, UNO, UNL, and UNK. Scott could raise a cool million easily…lol

    I know what the results of the study will be “Marijuana causes irrational political thought, delusions of grandure, and a big desire to eat chewy chips ahoy’s”…lol

    Query, where does the Ranch Hand Stand on Ditch weed???

  15. red headed prophet says:

    mike in omaha (aka anonymous):

    Do you know the difference between a true republican and a “wannabe” republican?

  16. Scott says:

    Agree with Uncle Wiggily. The MTV lady – actually a hard bitten Democratic Party national activist who wouldn’t give SS the time of day if she weren’t intent on cramming her husband down Nebraska voters’ throats — strokes SS’s thigh and bingo! She’s so pretty and sweet.

    There are many forms of flattery. Falling for any of them is the sign of a political ass.

  17. Gerard Harbison says:

    Query, where does the Ranch Hand Stand on Ditch weed???

    He stands on ditchweed in Hastings, mostly.

    At least, until it gets too tall. Then he stands beside it.

  18. Fred says:

    BTO — I “volunteer” to watch a YOUTube of Boy Wonder Ranch Hand getting his hands all bloody cutting a bull calf.

    The question is —- who has the real balls?????

    Can you or Miss Jane produce so we can all watch? We know he “luvs” cameras!!!!

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