Ashford: It’s not a Hal thing

State Senator Brad Ashford will not run for Omaha Mayor in 2009.

Or, so he says, right now.

The OWH reports
that Ashford has said he is interested in keeping his seat in the legislature. He will move up in seniority, and believes he can do as much good for Omaha in the Uni as being Mayor (hmm…).

But Ashford says that Hal Daub announcing his run did not influence his decision. “It’s not a Hal thing,” said Ashford. Well, Hal at least influenced him to announce his decision. So Hal was involved a little.

But lets remember that Ashford could pretty much change his mind at any time between now and, say February 2009.

But with Ashford announcing this, it definitely adds intrigue to the 2009 race.


  1. Pol observer says:

    Everyone needs to remember all the citizens in Omaha (well the republican ones) had a chance to vote for Ashford in 1994. He came in a distant 3rd place. He votes to the left of even most democrats. If Hal can come off as more congenial and less abrassive, he wins.

  2. omaha dem says:

    As a dem, I could see myself voting for Brad Ashford. But you proud members of the GOP out there will probaly go for Hal, just to watch him lose to Fahey. It is a real burden being a fortune teller sometimes…

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    That’s an interesting prophecy — but what’s your take assuming Fahey DOESN’T run (which many think will be the case)?

  4. omaha dem says:

    If Fahey doesn’t run… Then it very well could be Hal. No one else on the dem side has the name recognition for that type of thing. Jim vokal could pose a challenge for anyone. Maybe we can dust off Mike Boyle and give that another shot!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    AND let’s not forget that Ashford changes his mind about everything ALL OF THE TIME. His reputation is to flip flop on everything and his legislative record speaks to that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a registered democrat sooner than later. What a joke…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think the picture of Brad Ashford with Fahey says it all. Just what Omaha needs – another liberal “leader” who’s ego is larger than his wallet.

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