What they said / What they meant

Joe Jordan reports that Lee Terry is courting the Obama Presidential voters.

Jordan reports that Terry said that the “Obama-Terry” voters are:

“People who want the right kind of change.”

What Terry meant was:

“I’m more than happy to accept the votes of people who want to vote for Obama, but realize that Jim Esch has zippo experience and got really excited when people chanted his name a few months ago.”


The Washington Post reports that Senator Chuck Hagel’s wife, Lilibet, contributed $500 to the Obama for President campaign.

Hagel’s press dude, Mike Buttry said:

“Mrs. Hagel is a private citizen who is entitled to decide who she supports and how she supports them…Senator Hagel has not endorsed or supported any candidate in the presidential race.”

What Buttry meant was:

“Do you people even read the friggin’ internets? Do you really think Chuck’s gonna endorse McCain? Why are you bothering me?”


And the OWH reports that Chuck Hagel said:

“I don’t intend to be and don’t expect to be on any ballot this year.
I don’t intend to be or expect to be in any administration next year.”

What Hagel meant was:

“Uh, no. No one has offered anyone anything yet. No I probably won’t be offered the Vice President job. But do you really think I’d turn down a Secretary of State job? Why are you calling me? Move along before I scowl at you once more.”


  1. Pol Observer says:

    Quincy HATE is such a strong word, just say “goodbye Chuck, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of the Senate”…much more polite, do’t you think?

  2. GOP supporter says:

    Quincy & anonymous & pol observer,

    Why do you people hate Chuck so much. He has done so much good for our State. He is a former military guy who gives his all to the State and our Country.
    You should watch Sunday morning news shows & you would understand Chuck.

  3. Tommy J. says:

    Our country is seeing mass migration from the Republican party for political reason.

    If you are a wealthy Republican like Raimando and Hagel you will be called a CAPITALIST PIG if you remain a Republican, but if they become Democrats like Buffett and Gates they instantaneously are GREAT AMERICANS helping our world to be a better place.

    Another case in point. If you are an oil company executive and have income of 10 million dollars a year you are a CP (capitalist pig) but if you are Bill Clinton is extorting foreign governments and businesses there will be no Senate hearings telling the our children what a low like he has become.

    Go figure!!!!

  4. Max says:

    If it weren’t for Warren, Omaha would not have become the prosperous city it is today. It would have remained nothing more than the dirty old river town it was known for nationally.

  5. tommy j. says:

    Max — my point exactly —– Warren makes millions and billions, but he is not a capitalist pig!!!!!!!

    When presidental candidates of 2000 disclosed their tax records. Gore gave a whopping $350 (not even a thousand)to charities and Bush contributed over $250,000, kinda like Buffett but because Bush was not a Dem he is a dirty dog!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    If Lee Terry really thinks he’s going to get Obama’s supporters he’s about as politically savvy as he is an effective congressman. Of course the Obama phenomenon is a huge threat to Terry…but his only shot is to suppress those voters, not think they’ll embrace him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Omaha would be fine without Warren. Yes, he brought Berkshire to Omaha, but what about all the other companies he owns/ holds stock in? The majority of these companies do not have their headquarters in Omaha. He has not fueled the local economy as much as Mutual, UP and FNB have. Yes, Warren is a good guy, but I don’t see the “greatness” he has done for Omaha.

  8. Street Sweeper says:

    We give you people THREE different topics to discuss, and this turns into a a referendum on Warren Bufffet.
    (shaking head)

  9. bigred says:

    Sweeper – it could be seen the last 2 times you have started a thread, it has generated and morphed into something else. Shaking my head.

    At least you have tried.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There could be alot of Ron Paul supporters voting for Obama–to spite McCain. What do they then do for the congressional race? I think they vote for Terry. There definately will be Obama/Terry voters.

    Does Jim Esch have a campaign headquarters yet?

  11. pol observer says:

    I don’t hate Chuck Hagel, his actions made him unworthy to be my Senator. Chuck is a great guy. I think he cares about this state and his country. He in the past 3 years has been wrong on the issues I care about or handled situations poorly in my opinion. Quite frankly I’m upset he wasted so much talent and political capital manuvering to get into the White House. I believe there is a sickness that effects the brain of every Senator…Presidentialitus. It clouds the judgment at first, makes you lash out on Meet the Press against your party and president, and usulally leaves the victim politically irrelevant. Currently there is no cure!!!

  12. asecurityguard says:

    Well put SS, lets leave buffet out of this. I dont know how a member of the dominant political party for the last decade or so can claim he is the agent of change. for the last year and a half dems have had congress but not a veto proof majority.
    Mrs. Hagel can give to whom she wants, maybe this is her true feelings for how the repubs now that you all turned on chuck because he voiced his opinion and expertise.
    Hagel would not make a good sec. of state or any other cabinet level post in my opinion.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes, God forbid a politician like Hagel have any independent thought, and how dare he speak his mind on issues where he actually knows what he’s talking about – especially when it’s something that has him not regurgitating the party talking points. We WANT politicians that have no real thought and who’s loyalties are completely with Party First!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Esch is going to take Richard Carter’s old HQ–this from his liberal blogger/aide Sund. See the details at newnebraska.net. (Obama/Terry voter post.) What is interesting is all the heat Sund is getting from other liberal bloggers who are asking where Esch is and why he isn’t doing anything. Does anyone know how Esch’s PAC trip to Washington, D.C. went last week? Did he raise much PAC money from sources that he himself, up until a few weeks ago, said were “corrupt”?

  15. genius from Creighton says:

    street sweeper:

    I don’t think you can leave Warren out of the equation whenever you talk about Nebraska & Omaha politics. It seems to me that all the politicians in Nebraska-Omaha are nothing but puppets of Warren.
    Obama is nothing but the Daly machine out of Chicago so are we actually pitting Warren against the Chicago Dem Machine in the upcoming elections?

  16. Anonymous says:

    If Terry keeps doing what he is doing, the race will end up like 04’s numbers against Nancy Thompson. Terry’s energy plan (that he released yesterday) is all over the press–an excellent plan to produce our own energy here to displace foreign oil. What do we have from Esch? Nothing. No ideas for change–and the ones he has–not drilling in ANWR–are the wrong kinds of change. It is as if Esch’s campaign is nonexistent except for gopher Sund’s blogposts.

  17. Harvey Perelman says:

    To Genius from Creighton: Don’t you know the true brain trust in Higher Education is in Lincoln and we don’t serve beer at our games!!!

  18. genius from creighton says:

    harvey perelman: disregarding the fact that you did not acknowledge and accept my original post for pure and intelligent thought process, the true brain trust is within those that are accepted, attend and graduate from the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana.

    Wake up! There is a world outside of Nebraska.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Terry is an idiot if he thinks people are going to vote for him because he has the “right kind of change”. He has been there for 10 years and has been ineffective for 10 years, how at all is that “the right kind of change”? Then again, he has been voted into office for 5 terms, maybe you who voted for him are the idiots and he is the genius. (shaking head)

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper–notice the prior post made at 1:55 am? Must have been from an Esch staffer who just got home from the bars. Was Jim with him/her? I’ll leave it to others to say how swift it is to insult between 55-65 percent of NE2 voters. (Which are the percentages of votes Lee has received over the few cycles.) Any other brilliant tactics coming from the Esch campaign? Was that post hatched at their headquarters, or do they still not have one?

  21. asecurityguard says:

    Why is it that when anybody says anything critical about lee terry or positive about jim esch they are automatically assumed to be in the esch family? BTW, im long lost uncle jim-bob esch

  22. BB says:

    OK, they are not all Esch family members. They could be his high school or college buddies which are the other two legs that form the tripod of Esch’s coalition. Who are the real idots here? The ones who support an experienced Congressman, or the ones who support a party boy who has never held a real job in his life who is driven by his vast ego? I love the arrogance of liberals who think that anyone who has the audacity to have a point of view different than their enlightened one has got to be just stupid. Keep that stance, it will get you a lot of votes. (shaking head)

  23. Anonymous says:

    BB–you’re right on. But look at that post on lefty newnebraska.net. It is the lib bloggers, not us, who are letting Esch have it. We’re coming into June now and he has yet to open an HQ! Their base workers are really pissed at Esch.

    Notice how they claim they want to talk about the issues. Terry introduces a great energy plan–that gets massive press coverage–and they are silent. They have no ideas. They are out of gas, unless Esch is working up his energy plan right now (I assume by cutting and pasting it from a Brookings Institution report).

    The Democrats nominated the wrong guy–Richard Carter has outstanding qualifications to be in Congress.

  24. rog says:

    Hate Hagel? Why not move to Iraq and hate him there? But don’t move into a secure American area. Move into town and get to know your new neighbors. You will find they are real hatrid pros. You might even have to attend hate classes to catch up. Of course, they will all be hating you. But that’s okay because you hate Hagel. He’s that guy who thinks Iraqis don’t want Americans there. But you will show him. You will go to Iraq and spread the love by showing how much you hate.

    Might want to take the kids too.
    They will learn a lot by basking in the warmth of your hatrid.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the 9:11 pm post (5/29) where a Esch staffer said: “The Obama phenomenon is a huge threat to Terry …”:

    Reseach 2000 poll, 2nd CD, May 08:

    McCain 58%
    Obama 28%
    Undecided 14%

  26. OmaSteak says:

    Lee Terry left one important consideration out of his lofty energy plan. How about removing the $0.54/gallon import tariff on ethanol and then offering a $250-500 tax credit on conversion of vehicles to run on E85 fuel??? Oh wait, I forgot Lee gets campaign dollars from corn and ethanol producers. BTW, I’m definitely not an Esch supporter or voter.

  27. asecurityguard says:

    An experienced Congressman? Your right BB, next time i think a post office needs it name changed i know right where to go. Now if i could only find a pen and some paper i would write that request…

  28. BB says:

    Lee Terry’s experience: private law practice, city council, congress. Jim Esch’s experience:____. It’s funny that Jim lists his profession as a lawyer considering the only word he ever has uttered in a courtroom was “Guilty” when the judge asked him how he wanted to plead to his DUI.

  29. asecurityguard says:

    You see BB, your exact words were “experienced Congressman”, i only wanted to point out his best experience in congress is changing the name of a post office (and not getting his butt kicked by Jesse Jackson Jr.) if you feel you have gotten your taxpayers money worth for 10rs and one name change then you are way to easily pleased. BTW, there are many good things about being a cop, many friends of mine are and i took the test several times. But i can make more money in the private sector doing what i do (though i wouldn’t mind the OPD pension).

  30. asecurityguard says:

    Just out of curiosity, what do you expect from your congressman? America is the best country in the world, though we have our fair share of problems. I want a congressman who can accomplish something, fix a problem, solve a problem before it comes up even. Is it 6 or 8 years he has been on the energy committee? You will say he has all these greeaattt plans (new energy plan, housing relief plan) and when it is blocked you will blame the dems because that is what you do. He couldn’t pass a bill with the GOP in charge and he sure cant do it now. How about a congressman who can push through tough legislation? Name his legislative accomplishments that make you proud he is YOUR congressman. Being a republican robot doesn’t count just so you know.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have a Republican robot in my house. It isn’t as useful as my Democrat toilet brush. Both clean things but not very well.

  32. BB says:

    I am not interested in hearing the merits of your chosen profession. What I would be interested in hearing is what about Jim Esch makes him a suitable replacement for Lee Terry. So far I haven’t heard anything from the Esch Family or his drinking buddies that addresses this. The reason is obvious, it is because there is nothing that you can point to about Jim or his background which suggests he would be. All I hear from you is how much you don’t like Lee Terry and unsubstantiated accusations of a lack of lack of leadership or ineffectiveness. If your support is simply based on shallow partisanship, just admit it. If your entire campaign is based on tearing Lee down and not propping Jim up (because there is nothing to prop him up with), then Jim may as well throw the towel in now.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Unsubstantiated accusations of lack of leadership or ineffectiveness? It’s been pointed out over and over that Lee is ineffective. Only on one committee. No accomplishments after 10 years — most of those in the majority. Only having one bill passed — naming a post office. Coming up with “plans” that will do nothing to help the current situation.

    It seems to me that the only team that can say they only prop up their candidate by dragging the other guy down is the Lee Terry team. It’s interesting. No one on the “pro Terry” side EVER addresses why Lee has done basically nothing in 10 years. They only resort to sarcasm about Jim Esch. Sad.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 9:47 am–the definition if insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result. Nancy Thompson probably spent $200,000 on TV ads hitting Terry on the one-bill and term limits issues. You can see how well that worked for her. But go ahead an roll them out again–and spend alot of money on TV doing it. You’ll get the same result.

    BTW–research “Hill-Terry”–that was the bipartisan legislation last year to raise CAFE standards. It passed and is now law. So is the increase in fuel cell research that is included in the same bill. That was also a Terry proposal.

  35. Anonymous says:

    the only thing I remember about nancy thompson is looking down some hole… still nothing changed about lee terry except 4 more years of doing nothing

  36. Anonymous says:

    One thing is for sure, if the Republicans had been in charge – HILL/Terry would have never seen the light of day with Barton as Chairman of the Energy/Commerce Committee. Furthermore, Terry would not have voted for it or endorsed it.

  37. asecurityguard says:

    Oh BB, this is fun. You keep referring to me as “arentacop”, clearly (and childishly) as if it is some sort of insult. Keep it up, now your just embarrassing yourself. Would Jim Esch make a mroe effective congressman than Lee Terry? Its impossible to predict the future, we can only go on proven history. Frankly it would be hard to have a more embarrassing record than Lee Terry. Proven history is that after 10 years we have a post office name change for the lee terry record. Extrapolating this over 20 yrs, that is two name changes. He should be voted out of office based on lack of productivity alone. Terry had lots of experience before congress, he has just proven to be over his head on the hill. Even you cannot deny that, but it will be hilarious to see you try. If one of my employees was that “productive” he would have hit the curb long ago. The only thing Terry has going for him is the name “Lee Terry” and the “R” next to it at the ballot box. Really is the republican closet so bare bones that the best repub in CD2 is Terry? Just curious, is your real name on the new post office and that is why you defend him so? An unproven commodity is better than a proven bad one.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, and boy does that show an EFFECTIVE congressperson and a real leader to get his name listed as a co-sponsor on someone else’s bill. (Note – that was sarcasm!) All you need to do that is have your staff call the lead sponsor’s staff and say, “Put my boss’s name on as a co-sponsor.” Wow. Hope Lee didn’t exert himself too much on that one!

  39. Street Sweeper says:

    The bill is known as Hill-Terry.
    Terry is not simply another co-sponsor. Use your friend Google.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 9:29–yes, it is very easy. We go on Leavenworth, see your absurd comments and knock out a post in about 2 minutes. Then we go back to contacting voters. We do this at something called a headquarters–which Jim Esch still does not have.

    Goofballs–as you conduct research, also look at the two sections of last year’s energy bill that deal witth fuel cells and cellulosic ethanol–Terry sponsored both provisions.

    When is Esch cutting/pasting his energy plan from the Brokings Institution?

  41. BB says:

    This is fun! So basicially your whole support of Esch has to do with your hatred of Lee Terry, and not Esch’s qualifications, which you seem to acknowledge he has none. Finally, I got one of you to admit that nothing about Jim suggests he is fit for the office he seeks! And I am the childish one? And let’s talk for a minute about short benches. If Esch is the best you Dems got, its silly that you would criticize the Republican’s bench. As I said before, if Esch was a Republican and wanted to run he would be told to sit back and wait his turn, and in the mean time try to get some life experience beyond being a student and living off his family. Being that you are willing to recklessly risk this country’s future on an “unproven comodity”, I’m guessing you are an Obama and a Kleeb supporter too. One thing is certain, you Dems sure have plenty of unproven commodites to choose from this cycle. You must be so proud.

  42. Pol observer says:


    Read the history of the Hill-Terry legislation. If you don’t think Lee was a major part of this legislation your nuts.

  43. asecurityguard says:

    I support Esch based on his positions, mea culpa for not articulating that. As a socially liberal and fiscally conservative dem I like many of his views, iraq, fiscal responsibility (arent repubs the ones supposed to be in favor of this), immigration, education, energy (though more of a focus on nuclear is needed by everyone with a energy plan), national health care plan to name a few. Esch doesn’t have “congressional experience” but neither does Terry. There isn’t hatred of Lee Terry, there is disgust that he can somehow get away with doing so little for so long. Im not easily satisfied, i want a representative to work as hard as i do, not rename post offices. Lee “1 bill” Terry is ineffective and a failed congressman, and i noticed you havent brought up your fav things about terry, other than the “R” next to his name.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see that pol observer could be so politicall correct and respectful. Must be a Terry campaign staffer.

  45. BB says:

    Esch isn’t just lacking “congressional experience”, he is lacking experience period. It’s as if he just woke up one day and decided it would be cool to be a congressman. I’m sorry, but congress is not an entry-level job. And I know you and the rest of the dems on here are going resort to the “i know you are, but what am I” line of attack in response to this and go on about some gibberish about Lee not having congressional experience. Pol observer makes a good point. Either you are willfully ignorant, or very lazy and you don’t really look at Lee’s records. If you knew anything about being a member of Congress you would know that there is a lot more to the job than just attaching your name to a bill. Much of the work is done quietly outside of the media spotlight. In that regard, Lee has been effective and it will come out in the course of the campaign. If Lee wanted to he could introduce bill after bill with his name on it that he knows has no chance of becoming law just to satisfy the likes of people like you. There is no way Jim’s record (or lack thereof) will stand up against Lee’s and it will be another convincing win for Lee. (Yes, a 10 point win is a convincing win).

  46. Anonymous says:

    Easy on the real world experience. Lee Terry got into politics b/c he couldn’t hack it as a lawyer. Johanns, although practicing, wasn’t exaclty thriving as an officer of the court either. Esch has never practiced law but did work for two non-profits, Stier group and the Chamber of Commerce. The repeated claims of Esch’s perpetual unemployment are unfounded and flat-out wrong.

    Also, so what if he woke up and decided he wanted to be a Congressman? I didn’t see any pre-requisites stating that you must have a blow-hard former newsman for a father who couldn’t get elected himself in order to be qualified to run…

    Just because someone has held office before doesn’t mean they are automatically enlightened and qualified. I would use Lee Terry as an example in support of that statement, however, b/c he is the subject let’s use another (R) say, John Christensen; Dave Herget…

  47. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Hagel–
    Who controlled the company that counted the votes that gave you the “upset win(?)” over Ben Nelson?

    Until that question is answered, you have no political future.

    PS: To Lilibet, way to go girl with the Obama contribution!

  48. asecurityguard says:

    So that explains it, you are easily pleased and made complacent. I want results from my reresentative, i see the difference

  49. Anonymous says:

    Ben Nelson may indeed be a bag of pork, but:

    1. He’s OUR bag of pork

    2. He’s not a self-righteous hypocrite who refuses to recognize what is, at minimum, the appearance of crossing the line of ethical behavior in how he was elected, then refusing to even consider questioning of his behavior.

    3. He ain’t Pete Ricketts, thank God!

  50. pol observer says:

    To anonymous at 12:04: What kool-aid are you drinking? Mike Johanns was a pretty good trial lawyer before he became Mayor. Also lets look at his offices, County Board, City Council, Mayor, Governor, Ag Sec. Now Lee Terry ran for City Council in a very contested race against Anne Boyle for city council and served 2 terms before running for high office.(the guy had a record before running) Nothing against Jim but he would have been better off running for city council or legislature first.

  51. Jane from Hastings says:

    Come on “pol observer” you can say all you want about Governor Johanns’ virtues and vast experiences ———— but you know he was never on a calender of the best looking studs on Yale Campus.

    Besides, he knows how to drive a tractor and has worked part time as a college teacher.

    So there — now who is drinking kool-aid???????

  52. Good Trial Lawyer says:

    pol observer: how do you know Johanns was a pretty good trial lawyer? Did you have the necessity to retain his services?

    OK… I’m looking at his offices…what about them? Are you referring to his inability to maintain stability of holding office?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Effective??? Why our effective Congressman ranked 321 out of 435. 108 out of 197 of House Republicans. 31st in a class of 34, puts him in the class of David Wu (D-OR), Robin Hayes (R-NC) and Tom Tancredo (R-CO).

    On the Energy and Commerce Committee, he ranks 52nd out of 56.

    Our state ranks 49th out of 50 in the Knowlegis rankings.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 7:14 and 7:26: I take it you think a convicted drunk driver (who never, ever disclosed his criminal record to the voters in 2006) shows leadership? Or is it his abject plagierism–which he lied to a reporter about–that appeals to you? Or, is it his continuing inability to meet basic filing requirements for FEC reports and House financial disclosure forms? Is it one of the above or all three?

    Again, please go up on the air with the 1-bill ad again….please. Nancy T. can tell you how effective it was for her.

  55. pol observer says:

    To good trial lawyer: Johanns has a great reputation in Lincoln in the legal profession. He was supported by BOTH republican and democrat lawyers in Lancaster County. He won three different local offices and the voters promoted him again and again and again. He won how many terms as gov? You notice I also didn’t trash Jim Esch, I suggested he gets some experience before seeking higher office. Your party wastes all this young talent by having them run for races they cannot even hope to win. Smith, Fortenberry, and Terry all held a lower office before running for congress. Maybe there is a pattern here.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Again, you can’t defend Lee, you have nothing else to do but cut down Jim Esch.

    You can’t defend his record of inaction.

    Do you think threatening another member of Congress with bodily harm or the CEO of the WWE shows leadership, that’s a 7th grade mentality.

  57. Terry Lee says:

    More ad ideas:

    Lee Terry (in his best foghorn leghorn): “The congressional payraise is outrageous. The Democrats haven’t done anything. We don’t deserve a payraise.”

    Reporter: What did you do with your payraise Congressman?

    LT: “I kept it.”

    Chyron: Lee Terry: Doofus Hypocrite

    And you could do an ad about Lee on earmarks:

    LT: I’m for them, vigorously

    Congress Changes Hands

    LT: Earmarks are bad

    Lee Takes media heat

    LT: Maybe earmarks are good

    Lee Gets call from David Sokol and Walter Scott

    LT Press Release: Lee Secures Earmarks for Omaha

    End with video of Cheney and Bush calling him Terry Lee.

    too easy, maybe even for Jim esch.

  58. BB says:

    Comparing Esch to Nancy Thompson is unfair…to Nancy Thompson. Esch is more like Michael Scott without the cocaine. Although maybe Richard Carter would argue with that point.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Ben Nelson takes your money, he then gives it to other people for which he takes credit and personal political advantage for himself. He prides himself in his pork.

    To stupid people, that seems honest. There is no law against being stupid. But your stupidity is like second hand smoke.

    Stupid people also believe the second bullet theory… regarding Dallas of course.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Terry Lee–go for it! Get the Esch staff together at the HQ (oops, I forgot–you don’t have one), create the spots, shoot ’em and put ’em up on the air ASAP. 1,500 pts minimum–hurry! Don’t worry about spending all of your dough (or actually the Esch clans’ dough)in one shot. Really potent stuff.

    I understand the OPD officer’s report on Jim’s arrest is very interesting reading. Want to do an ad on that?

  61. Anonymous says:

    To the Esch staffers: Look back at the above posts–we’ve given you three pieces of legislation that Terry was the lead sponsor on that have been enacted into law the past two years (Hill-Terry, fuel cells, cellulosic ethanol). Three public laws in the last year. Not bad. And that’s gonna be a great ad.

    Again, go up with the “1 Bill Lee” ad–please.

  62. Anonymous says:

    ANGRY Lee yelling on the floor at another member. WOOOOOOOOOO!! Trusted Leadership at Work.

    HA! HA! HA!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Anoyn 8:23Am – how about we do an ad with Terry threatening another member and talking tough with Vince McMahon.

  64. Anonymous says:

    So you all say Terry worked very hard on the HILL fuel efficiency bill, but offer no proof. let me guess, Lee himself told you how hard he worked. good for ol’ one bill himself

  65. Anonymous says:

    If my memory is right, and the world herald has written a story every year about it, the pay raises have been voted down every time they were a stand alone, but then the leadership of both parties, in a narrowly divided house for the last decade and a half, have put them into an omnibus spending package that had good things in it that most Members would vote for.

    However, how many Omnibus Bills has Congressman Terry voted against. I think I remember that he votes against the “kitchen sink” style spending bills?

  66. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 7:41–not our problem that you don’t know how to do research. The back-up is there–widespread coverage of “Hill-Terry”–Lee’s outstanding success in raising CAFE standards. Just dig a bit.

    Once you get an HQ w/internet–you can do your research there!

  67. Anonymous says:

    How about you try and back up your statemnets about Lee and all his hard work on Barron Hill’s Bill. i wait

  68. Anonymous says:

    “I Wait”: read the prior posts–we’ve told you where the backup is–now, just go to Jim’s HQ (oops, sorry I forgot–you don’t have one) and do the research on the internet. And try to avoid plagierizing…

    Hill–Terry is probably the most significant environemtnal legislaiton passed in the last two years–CAFE standards hadn’t been raised since the 1970’s.

    Great work by Lee Terry!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Anony at 9:04,

    Make that Congressman Lee Terry, or Honorable, if you prefer. Either way you will be describing not only, who he is, but what he is also:)

  70. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous–5:54 a.m. Maybe you should hold off researching for a while–since you can’t seem to get the handle of it. Instead, why don’t you help out Sund w/a little elbow grease and move the desks, computers and equipment into the new HQ. I assume that’s being done this weekend, isn’t it?

    Name any legitimate campaign that doesn’t have something as basic as an HQ one month after a primary! (Tuesday, June 10).

  71. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 1:17 am–just home from the bars, huh? Did Jim have a good time?

    Let’s do change the subject–where is Esch’s financial disclosure form? Why hasn’t he filed it w/the U.S. House as required by law?

    I bet it shows that all his earnings are all trust-fund related and that, essentially, he’s a 32-year old who lives on mom and dad’s dime.

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