The Yellow Rose of Kleeb

Oh, Scott Kleeb is-a-sight
Deep in the Heart of Texas!

That’s right politicos. Scott Kleeb just got done touring Carhenge and Chimney Rock, and now that he’s done with all that, what’s he gonna do? He’s goin’ ta TEXAS!

Why would a candidate for the United States Senate from the Cornhusker State be leaving his presumed supporters to spend the weekend in the Lone Star State?

Well, because his REAL supporters, the ones he has the true bond with, are all in Austin for this year’s version of the “Yearly Kos” conference — now known as “Netroots Nation“. Its “premier sponsors” include and the ACLU.

Scott will be rubbing elbows, literally, as he tends bar at the Celebrity Bartender party with:

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga — ultra lib and founder of the screeching ultra lib website, Daily Kos
Matt Stoller — super lib, and main writer of the liberal blog, MyDD and founder of liberal blog, Open Left
John Aravosis — nationally renowned liberal activist

When Kleeb won’t tell you his position on things like whether he is pro-life or pro-choice, or that he’ll consider off-shore drilling, just take a look at his supporters and the events he attends. You rarely hear the local press talk about Kleeb’s out of town fundraisers, like the one a reader pointed us to, as written up on the Politico website.

But take a listen to the shrill screechings of the Kleeb national supporters, and you can get a nice idea of where he really stands.


There was much hooting and hollering the other day about Mr. Kleeb’s new fundraising prowess, since the word is he took in more than his opponent, Mike Johanns for the quarter. Kleeb taking in $698,000 was good for his campaign, and all that. But it should also be put in perspective.

The last quarter should be considered the first real quarter of fundraising for Kleeb. He first needed cash to compete in the primary, and then once he won it, supporters then feel they can give money to the nominee for the general election.

In other words, this is what’s known as low-hanging fruit. It’s the stuff he’s supposed to get. To make a comparison, Jon Bruning made an initial decision to run for Senate last year (remember that?), against a sitting incumbent (who had yet to opt out of re-election). In the second quarter of 2007, Bruning raised $721,000! And of course when you get back to comparing Kleeb’s money to Mike Johanns’s, note that Johanns still has a cash-on-hand advantage of $750,000.

Also one other note. When the Johanns camp announced their fundraising numbers, they noted that 81% of their individual contributors are from Nebraska.
We haven’t heard any of that sort of info from Camp Kleeb. Once the information is online, it will be interesting to take a look to see just how much came from Kleeb’s out-of-state super lib buddies. We’ll wait and see.


And a final note on the pure political stuff that we love to look at: The Kleeb camp has a new website design !
And what color scheme did they decide to go with?
Husker red?
Democrat blue?
A USA flag motif?

No, the answer would be…brown.

That’s right, a brown website. (We could describe the shade of brown they chose, but this is a family blog.)

Now we find the layout to be an improvement over the old one, which was a bit cluttered. But the old site was at least bright and sunny, if not laden with corny photos.

But now? It’s a bit like something you’d scrape off your boot.


  1. One Out In The Third says:

    I apologize for not staying on course with the Yellow Rose story…maybe my diversion is an expression of how important Kleeb is to us out here in the boonies.

    But…I was reading the GI Independent this morning while listening my favorite local political talk show…TOT KGFW Kearney…and I observed at the bottom of the page…in an obscure corner next to the mortuary ad…a news story about Ben Nelson saying he has no problem with Chuck Hagel as a Democrat in the House of Obama.

    Now I can understand Ben’s loyalty to the Chuckster…and how Ben’s ringing endorsement may be news worthy…but what really grabbed me and left me with a chuckle is that the Independent chose to place the story on the bottom of the Obituary page.

    SS…is the staff down at the Independent reading sheep livers and is this an omen of some kind since it appeared on the Obit page???? I seem to be getting a strong signal of Chuck’s future fade into obscurity in Nebraska.

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    We were going to comment on that (the Nelson statement, not the obit part) today, but found we were getting a little long.

    We’ll be putting our $.02 in tomrrow’s post. We’ll reference your point as well.


  3. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    Why should Scott Kleeb give you conservatives any more ammunition to attack him? He is purposefully vague so that you can’t twist his words. All the people need to know is that Kleeb is progressive and he is looking out for the middle class.

  4. Anonymous says:

    OOITT / SS

    Check the OWH headline and placement on McCain’s comments on Hagel too. While you are at it read the AP story that quotes McCain saying Hagel could be in his cabinet… so much for obscurity.

  5. One Out In The Third says:


    I read that story too…it wasn’t on the obit page. Maybe McCain is trying to help Chuck save face…go out with a little grace.

  6. 3.95 unl student says:

    Don’t forget that Scott Kleeb is from Yale where they teach elitist socialism and junk science. That’s really where all his donors come from. Didn’t Kleeb figure it out last time when we didn’t fall for him pretending to be a Nebraskan? Why doesn’t he just go back to Yale where he can sip lattes all day while doing terrorist jabs with Barack Hussein Obama and Chuck “The Shmuck” Hagel?

    Nebraskans aren’t whiners like the rest of the country. We actually realize that the country is in the best position its ever been in economically, and we’re voting for John McCain and Mike Johanns to keep this well oiled machine humming.

  7. BB says:

    A 4.0 UNL student:
    Spoken like a true Marxist. Let us take care of it because we know better and we won’t share our views with you because you are not as enlighten and intelligent as we are and you won’t understand anyway. I’m almost expecting you to next start talking about seizing private property and sending those who disagree with you to a mental institution just like in the good old days of the USSR. Kleeb is not sharing his views because he knows they are unpopular and he would have no chance at being elected. (not that he does anyway) In fact, people like you or him have an ideology that is so unpopular that you had to run away from your real name (liberal) and start calling yourselves “progressives”, whatever the hell that means. So I guess anyone who does not espouse those views is regressive. Man, you people have self-righteousness like some people have bad breathe.

  8. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    To bb: You think because progressives want to increase taxes that makes us Communists. Kleeb and Obama believe that money should be invested in the middle class. How many SUV’s do you need bb? How can you let kids starve while you enjoy your McMansion on the hill. The working class will vote for us because we will give them what they need.

  9. 3.95 unl student says:

    I assume your a socialist whiner?

    Attack me all you want. That’s what people do when they can’t get you on the issues.

  10. whatever says:

    Yes, Kleeb should never leave the state to do anything for his campaign. Of course, Mike Johanns going to Kentucky, Washington DC, Chicago, to name a few, for fundraisers with lobbiest who he will do their bidding for a price, is perfectly fine and dandy.

    Love the stench of hypocrisy at this site.

  11. BB says:

    4.0 UNL student:
    FYI, I don’t own an SUV or a McMansion. You don’t know me, so stop trying to purport that you do. It is patronizing and honestly it makes you look childish. In fact, I am a member of the middle class you so called “progressives” believe your the messiah to. It is no wonder you are so popular with your professors that they give you a 4.0. You are a leeming running off their cliff of liberalism who has not had an original thought in their life. You will either stay that way if you go into academia, or you will get a real job, raise a family, get a mortgage, pay taxes, and start voting Republican.

  12. OmaSteak says:

    So Scott isn’t speaking at the communist/socialist/leftist/progressive blogathon…but his old lady Ms. Jane is scheduled to do so. I wonder if MTV paid for their trip or if they used campaign funds??? Maybe she’s using the trip to see if she can land a post-election defeat media job back in the “progressive” east where they both really belong. FWIW, Mike McGowan, candidate for MUD Board, has a decent campaign website.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Kleeb attending the Nutroots Nation just gave us his position on abortion. I doubt he would be allowed to leave the place alive if he were pro-life. It would certainly be a waste of his time, although Austin is a nice place for a weekend vacation. The brown is certainly curious (although it looked a lot more pink than brown on my computer) but I think fits quite nicely the candidate’s sedated demeanor. I do wonder why he has a picture of an American soldier with his face hidden by a mask on his website, though. Hope that’s not some standard Daily Kos symbol saying that our soldiers are terrorists. But bottom line, though, as SS pointed out, is that if Kleeb doesn’t want to tell us his positions on the issues, we’ll be happy to supply them for him.

  14. asecurityguard says:

    Maybe if 3.95 had a 4.0 he would realize that this country is not in the best economic position its ever been in. Then again, i was nowhere near a 4.0 and i understand it. I would love that explanation though. Please tell me whats so great about our national economic situation?

  15. Uncle Wiggily says:

    What’s up with the Kleebster and booze? Seems like about every other time I see his name he’s either settin’ ’em up or knockin’ ’em back. “Beers and Boots” funders, celebrity bartending, all kinds of campaign-related tippling – I’m guessing he’s not going for the M.A.D.D. or the WCTU vote.

    Someone should point out to him that sober people vote too.

    And, just as an afterthought, mebbe it’s good that the Scooter lost his driver’s license – one less lush out on the highway.

  16. 3.95 unl student says:

    You just think it is a bad economy because thats what the liberal media tells you. They think that a bad economy will get Barack Hussein Obama elected, so that’s what they keep saying. Consumer confidence would be great except they’re out their telling everyone not to be confident, so they’re not. If you’d just be optimistic about it, then the economy would be even better.

    Some people are making lots of money, and US companies are benefiting big time from globalization. Look at all the money being made on oil right now. They have profits through the roof. Its not my fault if you didn’t invest in it.

    Mike Johanns isn’t just going to keep this system humming, he’s going to make it better with more tax cuts and more drilling.

  17. asecurityguard says:

    Clearly 3.95 has a reading comprehension problem. I will repeat my request using the KISS philosophy (again), Please tell me whats so great about our national economic situation?

  18. TedK says:

    3.95, like McCain who admitted he “doesn’t really understand economics”, has no clue about the subject. In his faith based system, all one has to do is think a certain way, and that becomes the result. It the short term, there is some truth to this. The inertia behind the view that “real estate can only go up” kept home prices rising, letting consumers use their homes as an ATM. That is now over. Anyway, it’s impossible to have a discussion with someone who doesn’t comprehend the subject. Go to and learn something.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    What’s so great about our economy? Hmmm, let’s see, we’ve weathered the Internet bubble, a war, Enron, and so far, the housing bubble. Unemployment is 5.5%, which while higher than a few months ago, was still good enough to get Clinton re-elected. It’s way lower than the almost 10% unemployment during the first year of Reagan’s term. Inflation has just started creeping up to 5% despite gas prices that took off when the Democrats took over Congress a year and a half ago. Anybody remember the double digit inflation of the Carter years? We have had 30 straight quarters of growth in the GDP. Personal income per capita has grown every year since 2000. Clinton had some better years, but he benefited from the end of the Cold War, Newt Gingrich, Paul Volker, and Y2K which increased everyone’s business expenses but set up the internet bubble that plagued the first year of Bush’s term. Clinton also set up the current housing crisis by pressuring banks to give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford to pay it back. But I digress. So far, our economy is taking hits from high government expenditures, unsound loans, high oil prices, very aggressive international competition, and a war and we’re still standing. Not wobbling. Standing. But it all matters not because we still see 3.89 at the pump and the Democrats are out of the White House. 3.89 a gallon hurts, and it hurts like hell, but it ain’t gonna kill us. So there you go. And now I have to get back to work.

  20. asecurityguard says:

    Interesting, everything bad that has happened can be blamed on the democratic congress or bill clinton, but the positive things can be shared to include the cold war, Newt, paul volker and the Y2K. Im starting to learn how this works

  21. TedK says:

    macdaddy, quit rewriting history. Easy money for mortgages did not start during Clinton’s term. The Bush deregulatory climate caused this result. When banks held the mortgages they issued, they were much more conservative in making loans. Now they are able to ship them off to Wall Street where they are mixed with other debt making it impossible to determine the quality of this hybrid instrument. Since the bank loses all risk, they are willing to lend to anyone. This entire industry sorely needs more regulation, but I know that that is anathema to you so-called conservatives. The economy looked great in 1929, too, but we know what came next. This party would have ended long ago if China had not been willing to sell us cheap goods for our declining dollar (lost 42% of value compared to Euro since 2000). Did I mention over $9 trillion in debt, more than doubled during Bush’s term. If you dig just a little bit while dropping your ideology, it becomes clear that our economy is becoming very sick.

  22. macdaddy says:

    Oh, and one last thing. Perhaps you don't accept the rosy picture I just painted and you think this economy sucks. Answer me this: how will Obama's economic plan of higher taxes, tariffs on foreign goods and no increased production of oil going to help our economy? I would ask about Kleeb's, but he doesn't have one and would most likely just go along with Obama anyway. One other question: what the &*(*() does investing in the middle class mean? Why would you leave out the lower class? Ok, NOW I have to get to work.

  23. BennyJ says:

    4.0 ———— I wish we in our lavish 2 bedroom ranch McMansions could get into more affordable housing like the president of UNL with all the perks or the affordable housing of that hard working middle class democrat Bill Gates.

    4.0, you are the greatest thinker I have ever read!!!!! Your grasp of reality is beyond mere human capacity.

  24. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    To Bennyj: It’s time you pay your fair share for your war to feed your SUV. Mr. Kleeb will ensure we use less energy and protect our natural resources. He will set those wasteful farmers and ranchers straight and pass laws for sustainable agriculture.

  25. Brian T. Osborn says:


    Hmmm, damn Yaley’s!

    Where would our country be if it weren’t for all them damned latte sipping liberals that took all those damned elitist, socialist, junk science classes? Folks like: George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Gerald Ford, Samuel Alito, John Ashcroft, Joe Liebermann, Paul Bremer, and William F. Buckley.

    Buncha Yaley S.O.B.s!

    What? What do you mean they aren’t liberals? But, but, but . . .

    I guess that shoots your theory right out of the water, 3.95. Better go back and hit those books before you rant again.

    Tell me, 3.95, what kind of whiners ARE Nebraskans? The ones I mainly hear whining around here are all the farmers driving the brand new Dodge Ram pickups they got with their government subsidy checks.

  26. asecurityguard says:

    Rosy picture??? My god your serious aren’t you? It would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic. ” our economy is taking hits from high government expenditures, unsound loans, high oil prices, very aggressive international competition, and a war…” These are your words, and all of these problems are to be blamed on Bush and the pet poodle repub congress he had for 6 years. The lack of oversight led to these bad loans, as has already been pointed out to you. Oil prices had been going up before the dems took over, lack of oversight can also share be blame for this as well (oil speculators), increased demand from China and India plays a part, and the fact that the oil companies no longer get subsidies {why would or should a industry like that get subsidies?) The deficit situation is atrocious (wasn’t he supposed to be a fiscal conservative?) Thats all i will say about that because my views on the deficit are well known on this blog. Obama will lower and get rid of this deficit, national health care will lower the costs for the individual tax payer, employers wont have to pay co-pays any longer (my company pays %75 of my monthly insurance), a little economics info would go a great deal in helping you in life and this is it. Money borrowed has to be repaid, and in order to repay this it will come out of future taxes, which will have to be higher to pay for them. Read it slower if you dont get it, if it still doesn’t click come back here and i will try it again.

  27. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    To BTO: You go get 3.95 Brian!!! These ranchers need to follow the Natural Resource Defense Council’s position papers on sustainable agriculture. We need to cut beef production for more sustainable agriculture practices

  28. Anonymous says:

    Me thinks BTO is against the Farm Bill and other government programs that help people in his district. What would they think?

  29. blah blah blah says:

    Ranchers don’t get direct payments or subsidies, farmers do. Most Ranchers in the 3rd that get no checks. Most everyone of the guys in the sandhills get very little.

    Although I don’t agree with Brian on much I do agree with him on the farm bill. That’s why I’m guessing him and 4.0 will be supporting Johanns since he tried to put a hard cap on subsidies and put more of the farm bill towards conservation and rural development. But the bill was hijacked by BOTH sides of the aisle into another gov’t handout.

  30. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    Johanns favors extensive Beef production and Kleeb favors reduced production. We need to conserve our resources and move away from Beef as a major export item.

  31. Macdaddy says:

    You got me on the government deficit and I am more than happy to give Bush and the Republican Congress most of that blame, but I didn’t see ANY Democrats saying, “Naw, we’re spending too much.” Bush’s spending spree was more like a bribe to get the Dems to go along with the Iraq war. Obama’s response to the deficit will be to raise taxes. He will not cut spending one iota. He can end the Iraq war on January 22nd and we will not see one less cent in government spending because any savings we have will get eaten up by the massive spending programs he has proposed. Higher taxes means that rich people will shift their investments to lower their tax liability and tax revenues will drop. How many times do we need to learn this lesson? Even Bill Clinton figured it out. Remember the luxury tax? Clinton repealed that. Obama’s health care plan will shift the costs from you and your employer to you alone. And if you don’t get the insurance, you will be punished. Do you think your employer will raise your salary with their savings? Plus, do you think that health care in Europe or Canada is actually free? It comes from the taxpayer through payroll taxes. You’re not getting out of any of the bill despite what Obama says. You will get a choice, though: rationing or a huge tax liability. As far as oil goes, you are very right that China and India are increasing demand. Therefore, we need more supply in order to lower prices. It’s a novel concept, called supply-and-demand. Obama doesn’t want us to increase our supply. He wants us to decrease our demand. Last I looked, China and India were independent countries, poor ones at that, eager to bring up their standard of living. Think Obama can get them to decrease their demand? Thanks for playing! And aren’t liberals supposed to want higher gas prices to save the Earth? Why, yes. Even Lord Obama Himself admitted it. He just didn’t want them to rise so suddenly. Oh, wait, we’ll get us some good, clean energy to replace the oil. Yeah, that’s the ticket! But getting back to the deficit. If you want to be a deficit hawk, great! McCain is your man. He’s against earmarks and would stand up to Congress on spending, unlike Obama who seems to have done a whole lot of go-along-to-get-along in his short political career. But I’m sure Kleeb will get his back on the spending cuts.

  32. juwann says:

    I feel like I cannot vote for Johanns. James Exon —- even after he has been six feet under for three years is giving to the Kleebster.

    There are always allegations of dead people voting, but a dead person funding a campaign this is spooky.

  33. sergio says:

    The thing I admire and respect most about Scott Kleeb’s tactics is he never uses his own money.

    If you look back for his 2006 and now 2008 campaign he never bought a meal, a beer or a tank of gas with his own money for his campaign.

    This guy knows how to work the system and live off the land —- I mean contributors.

    Keep milking Scott baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Sorry 4.0, I’m going to disagree with you. I live in the heart of feedlot country and that is what drives the economy here.

    Besides that, I am a carnivore. Steak! Yum!

    Only thing better than a nice juicy T-Bone is eating Republicans for breakfast.

  35. One Out In The Third says:


    Considering some of the restaurants in Holdrege…eating a Republican would be a treat…and likely healthier.

  36. Brian T. Osborn says:


    Now, now. There are some good eats in Holdrege. However, I would have to admit that the best place for a steak is at The Speakeasy in beautiful downtown Sacramento.

    Best breakfast anywhere in Nebraska can be found at the cafe in Wilcox. I ate there the other day and the breakfast special ($4.85) included two huge sausage patties, a pile of hash-browns as big as two of my fists, two eggs, a separate plate of four bisquits covered in some very tasty gravy, and toast. Their pancakes are bigger than the plate!

    I can only hope that the sausages are made of ground up Republicans, but it wouldn’t surprise me that Jim is one. It’s a wonder he lets me eat in there! 😉

  37. One Out In The Third says:


    It’s good to see we are in agreement on one thing…the Speakeasy is a great place for a steak and cold refreshing beverage.

    I am thinking that maybe a breakfast in Wilcox is in order.

    Maybe if a few Republicans…Democrats and Independents got together for a cold refreshing beverage the world would be a better place.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hey BTO,What the hockey stick is a farmer suppose to drive, a Prius?  As for using their stimulus check to get a new Pick up truck, that was probably economically and environmentally sound in that the new one probably gets better gas mileage. You libs and your desire for people to cripple their ability to do business by being greener than the next guy make me want to scream.  Last year I traded my Tahoe for a crossover with better gas mileage.  I now have no storage room and frequently have to make 2 trips to run errands with my kids.  It is over 70% full of people more than half the time and to go on a driving vacation, I have to use a car top carrier that trashes my gas mileage.  Live in the real world where some jobs and families require “a big, gas guzzling, suv or pickup truck”.  Or perhaps you would like to pay 3 times the price to get your HVAC fixed because they have to bring it to your house in pieces, in multiple vehicles, and assemble it on site using 2 or 3 techs and 2 or 3 days time.  I guess that would be an answer to unemployment to you though, wouldn’t it!A Mom With A Purpose

  39. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anony 8:55,

    My wheels are a ’95 Chevy S10 with a four banger. I get by just fine.

    Figuring out a better way to resolve all your hypothetical problems would require a more finely tuned intellect. You are excused.

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