Parading (part 4)

Our next 4th of July Parade award is for Most Grueling Schedule.
A number of the Omaha area candidates did both the JE George and Ralston parades. And we’re sure that there are others that did a couple around their districts as well. But the award for Most Grueling Schedule easily goes to…

The Mike Johanns for Senate campaign who hit…

The Ralston parade…

Fourth of July town, Seward…

Central City…

And driving the tractor in West Point (on the 5th).

That’s a haul — with volunteers to organize at every stop.Kudos to the staff for putting it together and Mike (and Stephanie) for hiking (and driving) all the way.

Next up, the final award, for Best Overall Entry.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree. I love the tractor — but especially because he HAD to be tired after walking in all those parades the day before!

    I’m not sure if I’m voting for Mike in November yet, but I will give him kudos for giving it his all on the 4th (and 5th!) of July. I know from experience that walking in parades gets old fast!

  2. OmaSteak says:

    But appearing early on the 4th and being interviewed on KFAB at the pancake feed is another entry in the most grueling schedule for Johanns on that day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lets not forget that Mike also attended the Norfolk Big, Bang, Boom on the 5th as well. Stickers could be seen in all directions.

    While not a parade – just adds to grueling schedule.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mike showed up for two days. Hasn’t done anything before and since. I also have to laugh at how SS just gushes about the tractor, but I’m sure you were insulting Kleeb for his appearances on horseback 2 years ago. Both are acts by politicians to appear like the little people. Difference is Mike hasn’t gotten dirt under his fingernails since the 70’s while Kleeb has actually worked on ranches up until the last year or so (currently working with Morgan Ranch as their director selling their Kobe beef).

    Mike walks (or rides) like an annointed king, Scott actually *shock* touches the people!

  5. Street Sweeper says:

    My gawd. We do a happy little post that features every candidate and all you haters do is get on here and bitch and whine about Johanns on a tractor.

    We liked the parade feature. Get over it. It was original for the day. And it looked good.

    Oh, and he walked in THREE other parades and did at least two other functions as well.

    Near as we can tell, your boy Scotty did one parade, then jetted off to Austin to be with his socialist pals from Daily Kos.

    But the main message here is, lighten the hell UP you miserable freaks!

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