Fahey to announce next week

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey told WOWT Channel 6‘s John Chapman that he will announce next week his decision on whether or not to run for re-election.

The money quote from Fahey was:

“I’ve thought long and hard about it, again, without making a decision here and now, I’m very comfortable with the decision I’ve come to and I’ve enjoyed this job and I continue to enjoy this job. I look forward to working with all the people here for the time that I’ll be in office.”

First, we have been saying here for a while that we don’t think Fahey will run again. We just don’t think his heart has really been in it for a while and the whole stadium thing has worn him out.

And while he states there is more to do in East Omaha, and Chapman points out he’d like to cut the ribbon on the new stadium, we don’t think he’ll run.

Reading his quote, he talks about being “comfortable” with his decision and has “enjoyyyyyyed” the job. Not usually the words of someone gearing up for another campaign.

He could always surprise us, but the money here is that he does not run.

While you’re commenting, be sure to put in your opine on who will get in the race besides Hal Daub (and Van Argyrakis).

Suttle? Vokal? Morgan? Welch? Anyone else we’re missing? Give us your thoughts and we’ll be talking more about it next week.


  1. asecurityguard says:

    I dont think he will run again either. If he were to run again i beleive he would win it all, but for the reasons you mentioned he wont do it. I think J.P. Morgan will throw his hat in the ring, Vokal wants to be mayor (really bad) but join with Daub in it. Welch might and Suttle probably will. I think this time next year we will have Mayor Daub…

  2. OmaSteak says:

    Street Sweeper is probably right that Fahey won’t seek another term since Mike hasn’t started his campaign diet and hair hasn’t darkened yet. I think Fahey is going to run again given appointment of McDonnell as fire chief and McDonnell’s comment about Fahey doing a great job with public safety during his remarks yesterday. Makes it obvious that Fahey still has the fire unions support for another race. Mike will let us know when Landow tells him what to say. Vokal and Suttle may still enter the race even if Fahey runs again and with Daub already in.

  3. OmahaExPat says:

    Fahey’s running. He won’t pass up another bout with Daub, mostly out of pride. They’re not fond of one another.

    Vokal isn’t going to run as he’s young enough to not upset the GOP base by challenging Daub. From what I hear, Welch is not seeking a third term, doesn’t have high political aspirations and may choose to challenge Daub as the new-face. I like that idea. Suttle is in, hands down. I see a Daub-Suttle match up in the off chance Fahey stays out. If it’s a primary with Suttle, Daub, Fahey and the dark horse Welch, I think it’s Fahey v. Daub in the general come May. Exciting times.

  4. ttg says:

    Why not have a casino boss from CB run for Mayor? They seem to be running Omaha’s politicians anyway. One man, one vote, one free trip through the buffet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There is no way Daub wins! I am sorry, but people are so upset with the status quo that a creature from the past won’t play well. ‘Change’ from 2008 will carry over to spring 2009. If he can raise the money, I say Welch v. ‘no so’ Suttle.

  6. susan l. says:

    How ’bout the Pit Bull Thugs who are all about this town?

    It would be refreshing to see a candidate who promises to push through a ban on the four-legged demons. Better yet, we need a mayor who puts human rights above those of animals.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Van “the man” Argyakis. A candidate with a not so good win-loss record and who is not afraid to talk about his medical history. Google him, click on the Gateway interview, you’ll see.

  8. Anonymous says:

    IF terry wipes the floor with Esch, I think Hal would demolish him even more.

    Besides, after the general election Esch will not be able to run for much after this election cycle.

  9. Concerned voter says:

    Brad Ashford??? You are kidding right? He will not even win his unicameral seat in 2 years let alone the mayor’s office. He sold District 66 down the river with the learning community, he is against the death penalty, favors benefits for illegal immigrants, and loves to raise taxes. Oh I forgot, he wants to take away your guns. I’d vote for Paul Landow before Brad Ashford

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope I’m allowed to add my two cents to the conversation.

    Omaha politics is always interesting to watch when you aren’t from the Big O and don’t live there. My brother lives in Elkhorn, which is why I’m interested to find out who the next mayor will be. However my gut feeling tells me that Fahey will run again and that he is just being coy about it. Reason why I feel this way is because of his talk about a potential lite rail system in Omaha and how he would like to see the ball park done under his watch. I would prefer if Suttle would be the next mayor just because I like him. And I would pick Vokal over Daub because I think Daub is a has been, not to mention I think Vokal is a stud.

  11. I Love Omaha says:

    Here is how I see it:

    1.) Fahey will not run because he has managed to piss off about every community in Omaha that he needs to win. The Sokol dust up was the last straw for Fahey – put a fork in him…he is done. If not, then he is truly an idiot of epic proportions.

    2.) Everybody who thinks he is anybody (this includes the entire city council) wants to be mayor. The problem is, none of them can raise the amount of money Hal can.

    3.) On the Democrat side, Suttle is a legand in his only mind and will do anything to get more power. Suttle is Omaha’s Barack

    4.) Is Brad Ashford a Republican or Democrat now? I know it is by name only but really – this guy is to the left of John Kerry and wants to be a future mayor of Omaha? Please…Brad does enough damage down in Lincoln.

    5.) PJ Morgan is an empty suit and if he runs, he will be about as popular as Ashford – another liberal who is lost in the corn. PJ needs to stick with his love life and keep his politics to himself.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If Esch rides the Obama wave into Congress, will a defeated Lee Terry run for Mayor (like Daub did after Congress)?

  13. Second hand alphabet says:

    My question is why would Lee Terry want to run for Mayor after being in congress? Isn’t that a step down?

    My Esch comment was a joke. It’d be like Max Yashirin running for Mayor of Lincoln if Buetler steps down. Or Scott Kleeb holding a job where he doesn’t have to shovel horse dung.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Fahey will run and will get smoked by Daub. Daub was polling 5 points above Fahey BEFORE the Sokol debacle.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Jim stated online on KPTM the he thinks Congressman Terry’s energy plan is a great idea!!!! It is on the web and he can’t deny it!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh. You Terry staff are unbelievably funny.

    I watched the Esch interview on KPTM. THAT is what has you all excited? Oh my. You all are starved for praise for your boss, Lee, aren’t you? I should have known by your excitement over the one-liner from Dingell that it doesn’t take much for you all to think people like Lee’s ideas, but sheesh. Obviously you all don’t hear REAL praise about Lee Terry very often.

    Esch made a good point. People should personally thank Lee Terry for all his hard work on the Energy Committee for where we are today — in a HUGE ENERGY MESS!

  17. BB says:

    Jim has to agree because he doesn’t know enough about energy policy to offer a critique. I wonder what web site he lifted “his” energy policy from. Don’t worry, we’ll find it. Although it is so devoid of substance and unoriginal, maybe it did come from his crack policy staff. Does Jim have any professional staff, or are they just family and/or drinking buddies? I can’t imagine he can afford to hire anyone who knows what they are doing and it truly shows. Also, in that same interview Esch says his DUI happened 10 years ago. Actually, it was 7; the not so distant past.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Uh, no, BB. He clearly said the DUI happened seven years ago. The interviewer said 2001, and Jim Esch said seven years ago. Listen to it again if you don’t believe me.

  19. BB says:

    After a second listen with the sound up, I realize you’re right. He did place the time he got behind the wheel when he was over
    2x the legal limit as being 7 years ago.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The OWH is reporting that the announcement will be on Tuesday morning in Hanscom Park. Why would “the neighborhood mayor” announce his retirement in Hanscom Park? It would be a great setting to announce a bid for re-election though.

  21. one in the 2nd says:

    Fahey is announcing, he is not running. Right after, Landow announces he is running and Fahey endorses him.

  22. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Fahey is announcing he is running for Mayor of Lake of the Ozarks. Evidentily over the last 8 years he met Missouri’s residency requirement.

  23. lnk says:

    My question is:

    Will Jim Esch be at Fahey’s event at Hanscom Park–asking for contributions?

    People should know that money they take from their wallet and give to Jim’s campaign will just go into Jim’s wallet through ‘loan repayments’. $8,000 through 6/30.

    Do I need to report Jim’s endorsement of Lee Terry’s energy plan as an in-kind contribution? Since the Esch staff are really on top of FEC matters, could they please advise.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, only if he gets the loony progressives from DAILY KOS to give him the money.

    Did anyone ever notice, those folks want the government to give handouts for nearly everything??

  25. asecurityguard says:

    dear lord ink does everything posted on here have to be somehow connected to Esch and Terry? its really rather sad and pathetic of you.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Neither Fahey, nor Daub will have the Fire Union support. Daub didn’t get it last time, and Fahey will never get it again! The Fire Chief was his last payment for the support “they” gave him.

    My question to the Mayor, was it worth what you did to the people in this community and the unwilling members of the fire union it?

    I guess we will find out on tuesday what kind of an ego Fahey has. I would assume it is rather large given his past history of dating extremely young women. It has to be the money, ‘cuz he definitely ain’t all that hot!

  27. Anonymous says:

    When someone offers to use their connections and power to provide favors to an opponent’s attorney, it seems like an attempted bribe to me. I wonder what Mr. Suttle would call that. More questions to come…probably a little after Dec 1st.

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