Fahey is out

In a SHORT speech…Fahey is out.

“Promises have been fulfilled…

I have decided not too seek a third term as Mayor of the City of Omaha…

It’s time for a new Mayor to take up where I left off.”


  1. OmaSteak says:

    If Hal hasn’t already tied up the big R donors, look for Dan Welch to enter the race in the Fall. Suttle is already running and Vokal will not run.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Leavenworth Street has heard now from a number of sources that Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey has decided that he WILL run for re-election.”

    Yet another rumor from the ever UNreliable “sources” of Leavenworth Street, aka gossip columnists.

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    Hey Anony,

    They were ALL rumors, until Fahey announced. We spelled out our opinion, that we didn’t think he would run, quite some time ago.

    Recently we had people in high up places in Omaha tell us that he WAS going to run. And we told that to you. More information is better than less information, I say.

    Then you form your own opinion.

    And thanks for reading.


  4. asecurirtyguard says:

    Sorry to see you go Mike. We know you would have won and we know you would have been great, just as you have been. Take care and good luck in life and God bless the Irish!

  5. pol observer says:

    Fahey did not make his descision 30days ago as he told the OWH. He was testing the waters the last few weeks and found his base of support has shrunk rapidly. Sweeper usually has good information and from what I heard the Fahey camp were not telling donors and supporters he was out. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SWEEPER!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did Jim Esch attend? Or did he blow this off like he did the N. Omaha rally recently?

    The OWH story lists those of prominence who attended–no mention of Jim.

    What’s the deal?

  7. Anonymous says:

    “I think he’s done an incredible job. I’ve seen him bring Omaha from a cow pen to a metropolis. He put Omaha on the map.”
    – Tommie Wilson, president of the Omaha chapter of the NAACP Is that the gang-related crime map or the permanent welfare-class map?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The reason the OWH listed “those of prominence” and did not list Jim Esch is because…HE IS NO ONE OF PROMINENCE ANYWHERE BUT HIS PARENTS HOUSE AND HIS OWN HEAD!!!LOL,LOL,LOL!!!

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