Gunga Jim

According to the OWH, Jim Esch just returned from a trip to Afghanistan. He spoke to a massive rally of thousands and declared “Ich bin ein Kabuler!” (Oh, wait, that was someone else…)

Esch did not meet with any American troops or with anyone at the U.S. Embassy. He said there were guards posted at his hotel.

There was no word on whether or not his hotel stay came with a free breakfast. We can only hope he was at a Holiday Inn Express, for obvious reasons.

Esch paid for the trip with personal funds, which one assumes, would include the $15,000 he made in 2007 and 2008.


The OWH also reported that Scott Hazelrigg is considering running for Omaha Mayor.
Hmmm. Where have we heard that before ? He wasn’t listed in their original list

Hazelrigg’s forte for the campaign will be fundraising. He lead the fundraising for the SAC Museum in Ashland and continues in that vein today.

While that’s maybe half the battle, the other half will be developing his name ID. Outside the Westside School District, that is probably nil.


Out in the Third District, Rep. Adrian Smith got a little attention while taking part in the “Shadow Session” in the House. The gang at decided to get all fired up and SEND A PETITION to Adrian! That’ll show him.

Of course, the petition, linked here, is interesting in itself. First off, there are no last names on it. So, you know it’s “Bob Z. for Sidney” and “Mary Y. from Grand Island”.

Oh, and when you read on you will find “Bobbi V. from Tel Aviv, NE” — apparently there are new Israeli settlements going up in the third.

And of course, there is “Stanley M. from Lyon France, NE”. It’s nice to know that our French fried friends have finally established an embassy in the Third.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Someone should do a little further research into Hazelrigg’s “forte” for fundraising. Is there any evidence that SAC’s financial situation improved as a result of his fundraising?

  2. Gays for Democrats says:

    Liberate us, Jim! Liberate us, Mello! Liberate us, Barack!

    To steal a line from the imperial Bush, freedom is on the march!

  3. 3rd floor watcher says:

    I say let old tax and spend Hazelrigg into the mayor’s race. In today’s World-Herald Scott approved Westside giving each rich kid a free Apple laptop costing taxpayers $650,000. This is on top of the millions they have spent giving the high schoolers laptops for the past 4 years. What in the world do eighth graders need laptops for!!! I know every retired voter in Westside will not vote for Scott.

  4. Right Wing Professor says:

    The Lincoln Journal Star’s ‘political columnist’ Don Walton also has an interview with Esch; of course, being Walton, contacting Terry to ask him for his take on Esch’s trip would introduce an unnecessary element of balance into a piece of Democrat boosterism.

    According to Walton, Esch wants a unilateral US attack into Pakistan if we can’t get the Pakistanis to act. Er, has he checked with Nancy Pelosi on that one?

    In any case, I suspect Tom Gouttierre will regret getting involved in Congressional politics.

  5. Friends of Susie Buffet says:

    We will help Scott Hazelrigg get elected. We are tired of just giving our money to Planned Parenthood and OPS.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just left the LJS site and I gotta tell you, I think Esch should get back on his ritalin. He is all over the place. He’s in favor of pulling out of Iraq before completing the job because that was a Bush War? But thinks we should go back in and finish “Charlie Wilson’s War” by rebuilding a country that the Taliban has ravaged. I was shocked to hear him say the United States should lead a war in Pakistan!?

    Now I understand why the DCCC refuses to help him. He has no concrete position on anything and his opinions keep contradicting each other. Let me give you a tip Jim, quit sticking your finger up in the air before opening your mouth. It just makes you sound less than honest.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I strongly suggest that if little Jimmy Esch wants to serve his country he should stop by the Army recruiter’s office and sign up for three or four years. We need guys his age.

    SSG William Bosier, U.S. Army Reserve

  8. OmaSteak says:

    I can’t believe it, Jim Esch said something that makes good sense even if he didn’t mean to do so. We should attack Pakistan and remove the taliban’s base of operations. However, we should do so in coordination with India. The Indian army can take care of most of Pakistan while we first remove Pakistan’s nuclear and air forces. While the Indians keep the Pakistani army busy, we obliterate the Taliban. We still have plenty of B52s and “dumb” 500 pounders…we should make use of them before the Taliban gains substantial control of Pakistan.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, let’s ask Lee Terry what we should do with our foreign policy. *Snort!* Talk about being laughed off the world stage — let’s send Lee out with all his various “plans.”

    And what’s up with Lee’s new video on his campaign website? Did a grade schooler put that together for a class project? I certainly hope he didn’t pay anyone for that poor quality. I thought it was bad when he had that horrible video of himself, but this new one just screams amateur!

  10. Right Wing Professor says:

    We should attack Pakistan and remove the taliban’s base of operations. However, we should do so in coordination with India. The Indian army can take care of most of Pakistan while we first remove Pakistan’s nuclear and air forces. While the Indians keep the Pakistani army busy, we obliterate the Taliban. We still have plenty of B52s and “dumb” 500 pounders…we should make use of them before the Taliban gains substantial control of Pakistan.

    Would this be before or after we conquer Russia and China?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jim Esch Declares World War III, Details at 10:

    Jim Esch single handedly might just get us into WWIII. I bet his dad is so proud of him.

    I bet Jim won the bet for who would be the first kid in his afterschool club to go to Afghanistan. All those other dummies decided to do in depth research studies, Dopes! Jim is smarter than you are!

    This race needs to end soon, I cannot take anymore of Jim Esch’s stupidity.

  12. 3.95 unl student says:

    Jimmy isn’t going to get us into any war. Him and Barrack Hussein Obama and Scott Kleeb are going to wave the white flag in front of all the islamists. Our women will all be wearing burquas by this time next year.

    And what’s up with deleting my previous comment street sweeper?

  13. Street Sweeper says:

    We reserve the right to delete any comments we find inappropriate — no matter how tongue-in-cheek you think they may have been…

  14. asecurityguard says:

    Completely off topic here, but check out the numbers for the Federal Deficit for July 2008. Another record for the Bush and the Republicans to brag about!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oh the irony….the kool-aid drinking neo-cons on here criticizing Esch for saying exactly what the neo-con leader, George W. Bush, has been saying for a long time now. Matter of fact, Bush and the Pakistani’s were talking about this same thing just 2 WEEKS AGO, asking for patience from the US, and the US saying “get it done or else”. What hypocrits you all are!

  16. slowdown says:

    In 2006, President Bush made those same exact remarks.

    During an interview with Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room on September 20, 2006:

    BLITZER: You think the Pakistanis could be doing more? Because there is a lot of suspicion that Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mullah Mohammed Omar — they’re someplace in Pakistan, Waziristan, and the Pakistanis, for whatever reason are giving them truce, amnesty. They’re not doing what they should be.

    BUSH: Yeah, that’s not the way I view it. I view that — [Pakistani President Pervez] Musharraf, they — Al Qaeda, that is, tried to kill Musharraf several times. And I view President Musharraf as somebody who would like to bring Al Qaeda to justice. Matter of fact, we’ll be discussing that with him on that subject on Friday at the White House.

    BLITZER: But there are others in Pakistan who may not have this commitment.

    BUSH: Maybe. Maybe. There is no question there is kind of a hostile territory in the remote regions of Pakistan that makes it easier for somebody to hide. But we’re on the hunt. We’ll get him. But remember, protecting America is no [sic] question getting bin Laden or Zawahiri, as you mentioned. But it is also making sure that we understand what the enemy is thinking and getting ready to do to prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

    BLITZER: If you had good, actionable intelligence in Pakistan — where they were — would you give the order to kill him or capture him and go into Pakistan?

    BUSH: Absolutely.

    BLITZER: Even though the Pakistanis say that’s their sovereign territory?

    BUSH: We would take the action necessary to bring him to justice.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So, if we blindly follow Bush, then we are evil.

    If we advocate caution, then we are hypocrits.

    How about we listen to the military leaders as to when we should go into Pakistan-IF ever-and not a bunch of backroom locals?

    BTW, ASG, the Dems are in charge of the budget now and Pelosi in her 100 day agenda promised no deficit spending. How has she done in your book?

    Anyone ask Jim if the Poppy crop is doing well in Afghanistan? You know he is very interested in the Family Farming business and all.

    Just to get this straight, is Esch advocating a diversion of funds from U.S. schools,children and seniors health care, roads, bridges, hospitals, and housing to pay for this Marshall Plan that he wants implemented in Afghanistan?

  18. jabba the hut says:

    Did the all 13 approps bills get through the Congress this year?

    Will we see another overloaded, bloated omnibus bill?

    Will Lee vote No on any omnibus bill tha tis loaded with pork and earmarks?

  19. OmaSteak says:

    Right Wing Professor, Russia and China will respond to an attack on Pakistan just like Europe and the USA are responding to the Russian invasion of Georgia…they will make lots of noise while doing nothing of substance. I assume you’d rather wait until the Taliban/Islamic radicals gain control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and we will no longer be able to remove that threat.

  20. Go! says:

    Security Gaurd-
    civics lesson: who actually spends the money? Congress does. Who is in charge? Record deficits, no energy plan, no drilling, appease all enemies, record low approval ratings. Go Nancy! Go Harry! Go Dems! what a record to run on!

  21. Right Wing Professor says:

    There is no significant chance of Islamists taking over the Pakistani government, which is anti-Islamist — in fact, more so than the Pakistani military, some sectors of which have Islamist sympathies. Islamists hold sway only in the former Northwest Territories. Most Pakistanis just want to get ahead.

    While it’s frustrating Al Qaida find succor in the territories, a US invasion won’t help the situation; it will simply alienate our friends.

  22. Right Wing Professor says:

    Uh, Slowdown, there is a difference between a targeted operation to get bin Laden or Zawahiri based on actionable intelligence, and invading the Northwest Territories to ‘expel’ the terrorists, which would take a major land operation.

    That’s OK, I don’t expect Esch knows the difference either. That’s a good reason not to elect a guy whose knowledge of South Asia consists of what he learned on a four day trip to Kabul.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Jeepers, where was all of this excitement when Bruning went to Poppyland? Let me guess, it was a free trip paid for by a group not seeking any political favor. After all, “Johnny Be Good” was trying to see what real terrorists and illegal immigrants looked like. This blog is kind of a bar room discussion of Mr. Pot, and Mr Kettle. Give me a break!!!

  24. 3.95 unl student says:

    That’s stupid. If Jimmy wanted to see what illegals looked like, he could have stayed in Omaha. If he wanted to see terrorists, he would have gone to IRAQ! But, no, he went to Poppyland just like you said. I wonder what he was looking for there…

  25. 3rd floor watcher says:

    I guess Mr. Hazelrigg was seen last night cozying up to the Boyle’s, Brenda Council and the Suzie Buffet crowd at a political event. This is our next REPUBLICAN MAYOR…

  26. asecurityguard says:

    A Common Sense and History lesson:
    The deficits are there because the tax cuts that were pushed through have not expired yet, which they are to do in 2010 i believe. The deficits are there because we are waisting enormous amounts of money fighting a war we never should have started, and yes we did start the Iraq war. The deficits are there because of the irresponsibility. Dems dont have enough votes right now to raise taxes to cover the free wheeling spending that has been going on.

  27. Anonymous says:

    So, ASG, you now seem to understand why the United States does not have a comprehensive energy plan that would have prevented us from having to go into Iraq to take out a dictator that held barrels of oil over our heads, traded the well being of “his” people for oil, and bartered with terrorists against the United States at every turn. Democrats and a handful of “squishy east coast republicans” are the reason we have the energy supply issues that we do right now. Oh, wait, I left out the U.S. Senate that refused for 2 or 3 years in a row to vote on the Energy Bill that the U.S. House passed multiple times.

    It sucks to barely be in the majority and have a bunch of people that are suppose to have similiar philosophical views as you cave in to political pressure. The U.S. Congress is a hot kitchen, stay out if you can’t take the heat!!!

    Go Lee Terry, Go McCain, Go Republicans!!!

  28. asecurityguard says:

    Wow. The strength of your argument persuaded me, i am now converted. I can plainly see that you are an idiot and i have recently decided that i will no longer argue with idiots, because they what they are. Come back when you have some basic level of intelligence and maybe we can do this again.
    But I will say this: Even if there was a million barrels of oil coming out of the coasts right now, which is what the government estimates there would be, that would only lower the price of gas 2-3 cents, which is what the experts say. So are we being held hostage by our own government? No, if anything we are being held hostage by political talking points coming from the unintelligent people of America, which you are apart of even though you probably dont realize it. Read this and add a brain cell or two :

  29. Anonymous says:

    Like we all need another hole in our heads! Have you read some of his posts?

    Never, ever, will I vote for another Democrat, ever again. Yes, I did just say that. I will stay home and pick my nose before I will ever vote for a Democrat again no matter who they are and especially, no matte what they say.

  30. Anonymous says:

    There is a great Dem talking points. We don’t need to drill becasue it wont help… Really?? Supply and Demand would say otherwise. The facts are simple more oil = lower costs… Here is the only thing I know about the Esch energy plan…. He stated and I quote.. ” (Its on todd and tyler and KPTM) I like the European way, they are smart…” Just another great quote. I think they pay over $6 a gallon. Yep that is a great plan. The Coolaid Drinkers want us to pay over $4 a gallon and therefor they will feed you as many lines to persuade you not to drill or drive your cars. Lets do it the European way, I mean they are on the cutting edge of 15% unemployment and outrages taxes on just about everything.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The OWH stated Jim paid for the trip with personal funds, again I ask was part of that money he used to pay himself back with??? Anyone have an answer…anyone??? Donate to me so I can take meaningless trips overseas, blah, blah, blah Jim. Lee Terry has raised 1 million dollars and Jim can’t even keep the contributions he’s getting….bye bye Jim, Lee Terry will step on you for the tiny little bug you are.

  32. Anonymous says:

    What I did on my summer vacation by Jim Esch:

    1. I pocketed money my supporters gave me.

    2. I had my daddy answer the hard questions for me.

    3. I got to ride on a plane to a different country. Wheeee!

    4. I still haven’t gotten a job

    5. Still livin’ off the trust fund

    6. I had $1 drinks with some friends.

    7. There’s a guy named Lee Terry, I like parts of his energy plan

  33. Anonymous says:

    The WH story about Jim Esch’s summer vacation stated that Lee went last year with Senator Nelson and has been on a wait list to go yet this year. Apparently, Republican’s don’t get to plan as many CODELS when they are not in the Majority-something about not controlling the pursestrings, probably.

    It wouldn’t matter if he went this year anyway, you all would accuse him of using taxpayer dollars to campaign overseas. It is probably wiser to rely on the expert opinions of the military leaders on the ground there and the military leaders assessing the situation here than to fly over just to look over their shoulder and then come home to second guess their game plan.

    Hey Jim, you know, if this Congress thing doesn’t work out for you again, maybe Bo would like to talk to you every Sunday morning for the rest of the season. You do seem to be an “expert” in every field-according to your career listing on your resume`-maybe you should try College Football Coach for your next job.

    Happy hunting in November, Jim Esch! And I do mean that sincerely.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I would not accuse him of using taxpayer’s dollars for him to go over.

    I don’t care who you are, but I do think that you should educate yourself on the issues.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I just had a chance to flip through today’s OWH over lunch, and I was so glad to see that others in today’s Public Pulse are seeing through Lee Terry’s childish stunt with the mock Congress sessions this August. From personal conversations with others too, I can tell you that A LOT of people are sick of his antics too. So, keep at it Lee! The people are really starting to see your true colors!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous–a “stunt” is wandering the streets of Kabul without any substantive role or purpose.

    As far as Terry, if we get a vote on drilling this fall–it is largely because of the work he and others did to make the D’s look like total idiots.

  37. Anonymous says:

    See, anon 1:09, you just proved my point. The only thing Lee Terry and his staff are interested in doing is making the other side “look like total idiots.” Can’t you understand people are tired of that? The only thing I’ve seen the Lee Terry people do in the last couple of months is attack Jim Esch and try and embarrass him.

    Didn’t you ever learn that when you point your finger at somebody, you have four fingers pointing right back at ya? Lee Terry is a goof. He’s been in Congress for the past ten years with, what, 7 or 8 of those on the Energy Committee? Most people can understand that HE is the cause of the problem of where we are now. Childish antics on the Floor of the House are worthless, embarrasing for Nebraska, and totally pointless.

  38. BB says:

    Anon @ 1:27;

    We don’t have to try to make Esch look like a total idiot. He does a very good job of that himself. And the more he touts his 4 days “on the ground” in Afghanistan as giving him some unique insight into the conflict there the more he will make himself look like an idiot. I realize you are in the unenviable position of trying to prop up someone who has no accomplishments and lots of baggage (to include a criminal record), but to blame others for exposing your candidates many flaws is utterly foolish.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:27–see, you proved my point.

    Terry and the R’s want drilling. The public agrees–but Pelosi holds it up. Now she’s buckling because of the pressure Terry and others brought as a result of the August House sessions.

    It’s called getting things done.

    Like Hill-Terry.

  40. Anonymous says:

    How much fuel did Jim waste on his Kabul trip?

    I wonder if his contributors will appreciate knowing how he spends their $$$.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Army privates who clean toilet seats have more security access than Jim Esch. It isn’t possible for Esch to know anything substantial about our enemy or his intentions. But Esch acts like he knows.

  42. asecurityguard says:

    Alot of people are for drilling, Repubs and Dems. I myself am in favor for it, but lets start with the 68 million acres that the oil companies alreadyn have access to, 68 million acres with proven oil reserves. How many more acres do they need before the drilling starts??? If the repubs had supported the legislation that would force the oil companies to drill, we would have drilling right now. Go educate yourself and then come back

  43. Right Wing Professor says:

    Actually, Esch is now claiming to have spent ‘about a week’ in the country. Unfortunately, his account stops with his arrival at his hotel, and there’s no description of where else he went, what dignitaries he met, what he discussed, or anything else of any substance, over the four days, or week, or whatever he spent there.

  44. That Guy says:

    Why did the NE GOP start up What is Jim Esch Hiding when this blog has become dedicated to just that? After all this time, who’da thunk David Boomer is Street Sweeper?

    Seriously, I could give two pence about this race. Isn’t there anything interesting going on in Nebraska Politics?

  45. lnk says:

    That guy–look at it this way–you can have two sites to get good info on Esch rather than just one.

    Glad you checked Quandahl’s site–feel free to click away.

  46. lnk says:

    Anyone notice how there are virtually no comment posts anymore on NNN?

    Even the lib bloggers are tired of it, apparently.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Jim Esch’s trip really does make some sense.

    The Democrats in Congress took a five-week vacation. Esch followed suit, if even for a few days to wander around Kabul.

    Maybe they’ll both get back to work sometime. (Opps, sorry. I know “work” and “Esch” are a contradiction in terms.)

  48. Anonymous says:

    Here’s something interesting…

    There have been 515 posts by people commenting on the 15 most recent LS articles.

    Only 117 posts on NNN’s 15 latest articles.

    Does this mean, in general, that Republicans are 4.7 times more interesting than Democrats?

  49. Right Wing Professor says:

    Well, that’s really odd. The LJS says he spent 4 days there; the OWH says he left Aug 4, which would have put him in Kabul Monday morning, and stayed until Saturday morning. Somebody has it wrong.

  50. Anonymous says:

    NNN’s people have real jobs, and are spending their free time doing real campaign work for their candidates. Unlike the LS people who appear to have no jobs, hang out talking trash all day, and think they’re actually making a difference by surfing from their basements day and night. Get up, get a shower, and join society again!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:36–like when NNN people spent all weekend attacking each other on the “why are we angry” post on NNN? At the same time, the Repubs were hitting 15 precincts in W.O. for Voter ID.

    You clowns are all talk–no work. Your “talk” of big registration increases is just that, talk. Show something, for once.

    Terry has had an incredible ground war this summer. Esch didn’t do squat–and that’s one reason he’s gonna lose on 11/4.

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