Lee Terry on the air

New Lee Terry ad up. We are told it is a solid two-week buy (unlike the spot-buys by a certain Dem Senate candidate).

Nice piece by a very tanned LT. Clean, clear, good visuals. Talking right to the camera. Name and office. This is a solid, text-book ad.

Your thoughts?


In his Monday morning LJS column (which you should ALWAYS read), Don Walton shared this nugget:

New 2nd District Democratic poll shows Barack Obama and John McCain virtually even in measurements of approval and disapproval.

The figures for Bush tip substantially toward disapproval.

That seems to point toward an effort to tie McCain securely to Bush as Obama seeks a presidential electoral vote in the metropolitan Omaha congressional district.

Jim Esch trailed Lee Terry by a single digit in the poll.

We received further clarification on this. First, note that it is a Dem poll. We don’t know who took the poll or the sample size.

We do know that there were at least five negative “push” statements against Terry and five positive push statements for Esch.

Also, a “single digit” does not (necessarily) mean 1%. The info received is that the Dem poll found Terry ahead of Esch somewhere between 0% and 10% — hence a single digit.

If this info were better, we have a feeling there would be muuuch more crowing going on than a leak to a reporter in the 1st Congressional District…


We will get into the whole business about the lying “Nebraska Matters” group soon, but in the mean time take a look at the New Yorker article about that certain “Hot Ranch Hand”.

Kleeb has a fundraiser at a loft in the Chelsea section of New York City, hosted by ActBlue.

Now, if that’s not Kleeb in his element, we don’t know what is.

But then the cheese just starts dripping like someone overturned the fondue pot.

First, the reporter (who obviously reads Leavenworth Street) describes Kleeb thusly:

Kleeb stood off to the side, his thumbs hooked in the front pockets of his Wranglers. He had on a striped cowboy shirt and dusty boots.

Gee, did he also have a piece of straw in the corner of his mouth and a cowchip in his pocket?

And where did the dust on his boots come from ? The New York subway?

But then get a load of cowchips he’s shoveling to these dewey eyed Manhattanites:

A cowboy is somebody who’s concerned with things in the world in which he lives. The creak of leather as you’re riding a horse. The shadows as the sun sets. Dew on a cow’s back. The smell of rain. The smell of cut hay.

…as he spit some chewin’ tobaccy into a bottle of Perrier. And then the New Yorkers just opened up their checkbooks for Louis L’Amour as their knees buckled a little.


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