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News out of the Jim Esch camp is that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has added the Terry-Esch race to its “Red to Blue” program.  The Dem plan targets certain Congressional races for particular cash influx and/or attention.

Esch has emailed his supporters that the DCCC will provide “access to financial, communications, and strategic support from the national party.”  Does this mean the DCCC will be providing independent TV ads on this race, as they do on other major races in the country?  It is possible, but at this point we still think unlikely.
Esch will probably get a link on the DCCC’s web page for fundraising and may get his name in mass appeals to the George Soros types.
Could it then mean more cash for Esch?  Possibly.  If so, he could go beyond bus benches and ValPak inserts and get cash needed to go on TV (assuming he doesn’t blow the money on bottled water — no small assumption).
What is significant is that the Esch campaign needs all the help it can get right now.  Esch has had no organized media plan and his free-media has been abysmal as well.  In any case, he should receive assistance from the DCCC with his media message, oppo research and possible hands-on consulting from them.  Assuming they do all that, can his campaign be righted in just fifty-some days?
Well, as Lee Terry himself noted, “If Esch wins, it would be because of Obama.”
[A side note from Leavenworth Street to Lee Terry:  Lee, when Joe Jordan sucks you into questions like this, don’t take the bait and play Pundit.  Your job isn’t to handicap your own race.  Your response should be something on the order of, “We’ll let the voters decide if my experience and record of achievement in Congress, fighting for the 2nd District and our country merits their support.”  Or some such.  You should never, EVER prognosticate about your opponent winning.  End side note.]
It seems clear to us that the DCCC’s decision (for what it’s worth) is based on the Obama campaign’s decision to work hard for the 2nd District’s one Electoral Vote.  They likely figure that if Obama is pouring resources in the Omaha market (fifteen paid staffers???) then they may as well double down on Esch.  And no doubt the Obama camp doesn’t mind the Democrat Congressional candidate doing well.  They hope the rising tide floats all their boats.
[On another side note, if the forthcoming Rasmussen poll shows Scott Kleeb still way behind Mike Johanns, disgruntled Kleeb supporters will be looking for someone else to put their efforts behind.  They could provide renewed support for Obama or possibly Esch.]
Of course the flip side of this is the current nature of the Presidential campaign.  The Midwest is always on the end of any waves coming in from the coasts (to stretch the water analogy).  At this point, the tide is going out for Obama and heading in for McPalin.  Would a trip to Omaha seal the 2nd District vote for the GOP?  Maybe.
In any case, look for a renewed message coming from Camp Esch (and probably no more press avails from his Dad).  But as we asked above, can Esch turn things around in a  month and a half?
We are watching… 


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love how Lee Terry’s website tells people to come pick up your own yardsign from his campaign office.

    Jim Esch’s people delivered one right to my door! That is true service. That must be why I only see Jim Esch yard signs as I’m driving around my neighborhood.

  2. Street Sweeper says:

    Uh, Esch’s site also says, “Yard signs are available at the Jim Esch office.”

    You can bet that the Terry people will be planting signs in supporters yards. It’s usually somewhat of a party.

    But way to stay on issue…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love how Jim Esch’s website tells people to buy a bumper sticker or a tshirt. Does he charge people for press pictures of himself?

    Lee Terry’s people bring volunteers t shirts and signs right to the event that they are helping with. That must be why the Terry volunteers seem so much happier at parades.

    FYI, Lee Terry doesn’t sell his bummper stickers, either. They are available at his office and his events.

  4. Anonymous says:

    BTW, I checked out the “Dtrips” website and they don’t list Esch on it, at all. He is listed on ACT Blue, under his paid for by Jim Esch for Congress posting. I wonder how much it cost him to get the $2500 that ACTBlue has sent him. (Which, BTW, is less than even Maxie down in Lincoln has gotten from them!)

    Also, does anyone know what the heck an Orange to Blue designation is? Kleb has it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Jim is not getting much money from ActBlue because potential donors think that you have to change your last name to Esch to get in the clubhouse?

    Again, I am coming back in my next life as a Trust Fund Kid. They get to have all the fun and none of the worries about paying back their student loans.

    Question for Esch, how come you don’t tell people what happens when there is no wind for your windmills and how much energy would be lost trying to transport wind power from Western Nebraska (or Eastern Colorado where your family would be getting their subsidies from)to those poor folks in California that need our help in taking care of their energy consumption problem? Do you not realize that there are already investors harvesting wind energy all by themselves in California.

    I don’t want Chicago’s wind energy in my gas tank, I want Alaska’a oil! Drill here! Drill now!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This drastically alters the Terry/Esch race, with added attention and funds the 2nd district is now in play. Between staying home from the convention to campaign, to ads that could be viewed as negative, Terry is obviously worried about keeping his job. The race has now officially begun.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “drastically changes”? Let us know when Jim has enough in the bank to go up on major network television. Will he cease repaying himself and will he lend himself money again? Just asking because back in February he signed an official looking document with the FEC that he would not be willing to try to buy this congressional seat this time. We all know he has the money to do it. Why doesn’t he?

    Maybe he could borrow against his Trust Fund? Or is that money designated only for purchasing Ag Land and paying back student loans? The voters have been wondering how Jim Esch paid his bills during the 2 years that he did not work or have earned income. The Trust Fund must have paid his rent, utilities and student loan debt.

    I wonder who paid Lee Terry’s student loans, if he had any?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m tellin’ ya. Word on the street here in Omaha in the circles I run is that Terry has A LOT to be nervous about this year.

    I know we’ve never had a Democrat yard sign in our yard before, but we sure do this year. Go Jim Esch!

  9. OmaSteak says:

    Esch on with Becka yesterday said he would be independent of influence/pressure from SanFran Nan, Rohm Emmanuel, etc. and would be able to “vote his heart” on issues. Is he just lying or really a moron? He wouldn’t know what his position on an issue is until/unless the Dem leaders told him what it is. Where do I sign-up for some of the money the Dems seem to want to just throw away on Esch?
    BTW, when your friends don’t believe what you’re saying Jimmy, you are having some very serious problems. Check Chip Maxwell’s blog for reaction to Esch’s sudden stem cell conversion.
    Street Sweeper…best advice for Lee in dealing with dead local tv reporters is to ignore them completely.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well, anon 12:47, it seems to me that I can run in as many circles as I want to. If the people I’m running into in these circles for the most part are saying they’re sick and tired of Lee Terry and voting for Jim Esch this time, you might want to start running in a few more circles yourself.

    You’re going to need to do some networking if you want to find a job next January.

  11. Zachary says:

    ANWR will not get oil into your gas tank! It’d be used for plastics and industrial uses. Sheesh people! Quit being so reactionary.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If I run in the circles that you do will they put me in the Trust Fund too?

    If you haven’t noticed, I really would rather live off of someone else’s hard work than work hard myself. Damn, I almost sound like a Democrat! I need a drink!!!

    FYI, if Jimmy thought that Lee Terry was being unfair and mean by telling likely voters that Jimmy would not uphold a consistently prosanctity view on life and he thought it wasn’t very nice to use Jimmy’s own words to point out what a good plan Congressman Terry has for Energy Independence, then he is going to be really upset when the NRCC and the RNC come to town to defend this seat and this Electoral Ballot. Lee’s dad should watch out, I think Jimmy might be getting ready to have his daddy beat up Lee’s daddy!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey SS, Watch it! That sounded like a snide remark about Cliffy! I liked him. He was annoying and funny, all at the same time and the best episode was when the psychologist had the remote control for the “Bad Behavior” shock collar. Cheers was such a funny show!

    Now back to talking bad about Esch!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Question: Does Richard Carter work for Lee Terry?

    If so, why is his website still up?

    I find it hilarious, the guy who was against Lee and Esch works for Lee and still has his Campaign website actively up.

    Still desire to run Richard?? Hasn’t been updated, hmmmmmmm. Now that you work for Lee, you have gained inside knowledge that could help you in the future.

  15. Kyle Michaelis says:


    You’re absolutely right to question Lee Terry’s playing pundit in his own race. But, the real problem is that Terry can’t make a bold statement like that you suggest. If Terry leaves it to voters to decide “if my experience and record of achievement in Congress…merits their support,” he doesn’t have a chance in hell in this election.

    At least by pre-emptively blaming Obama for his potentially losing this seat, Terry doesn’t have to admit that it’s his own failures and inadequacies as a represenative of his district that could cost him his wasted seat in Congress.

  16. Street Sweeper says:

    Don’t knock the Sunny D, man.

    And Kyle, thanks for commenting here. Unfortunately, Political Guy tells me that he’s been locked out of your site. Are you dissing on the 1st Amendment, dude? Afraid? What’s up?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am calling the ACLU! I wish the original recipient of the email would post it, name and all. I would love to cross check that name. It looks like Kyle and Lisa are all about censorship. I wonder how they feel when they demand info from the gov’t under FOI Act and then all the good stuff has sharpie all over it?

  18. Truth Squad says:

    David Boomer has to be the the screen name STREET SWEEPER, in Connecticut he worked blogs the same way or had his flunkies doing it. All I look forward to is the TRUTH getting out about David Boomer, Lee Terry has to have some E&O insurance or at least some form of liability insurance on Mr. Boomer. Heck Lee probably posted Boomers bond allowing him to leave the state of Connecticut. Dont worry peaceful town of Omaha in the lovely Midwest, Connecticut interviews are coming your way on the LOW DOWN DIRTY ways BOOMER does business, he is a PIG we should put LIPSTICK on and let some farm boy make him squeal!!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    “You can bet that the Terry people will be planting signs in supporters yards. It’s usually somewhat of a party.”

    Are you paid to go to the party? Why all the Lee Terry love?

  20. Anonymous says:

    It would seem that “Truth Squad” is pushing the envelope on slander, or is it libel? Damn, I never can remember which one is for written and which one is for spoken!

    Anywho, while you may say what you want about Congressman Terry and he can’t sue you for it because he is a Public Figure, David Boomer is not a Public Figure as definition would require.

    I would suggest the Bovine Mary Kay put away her lipstick comments before an attorney gets a court order for SS records and hauls her fat ass into court. Then, David Boomer could set up a Trust Fund for all us poor little Republicans to live off of for a few decades!

    Yeah, you know who.

  21. macdaddy says:

    Still no mention of Esch on the Red to Blue program website. Did he get that promise in writing?

    Of course, I’m sure the DCCC’s resources may have recently been diverted to other things…like trying to prevent the free fall that is the Obama campaign.

  22. Ben Jr. says:

    MACDADDY —– when you have people like Mrs. Buffett prepaying reparations —– the DEMS will never run out of money.

    I guess Obama increasing FICA tax on the rich won’t have much affect on Warren (and his other rich friends that Obama thinks should pay more) — since his income is $1 per year at Berkshire. What a great guy paying his fair share. Right???? He is right up there with George Soros taking his company off shore to save his tax payments — so we middle class families in Nebraska can subsidize these billionaire Democrats. WHAT A COUNTRY!!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Did you get that Boomer, Bovine Mary Kay wants you to sue her for libel, but I’ll bet $10 she hasn’t kept her mouth shut since she typed it!

    I know that the 2nd district has some phenominal attorneys. You should call one!

    Thanks for the assist, Caprisun!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Still no sign of Jimmy on the DCCC playground. I am sure that he would not have been stupid enough to tell his donors an outright lie, so I have to assume that the Democrat Leader of the House Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee is to busy delaying a Floor Vote on Drilling to get to his website updates.

    Not to worry Jimmy, your buddy Chris will have plenty of time tomorrow to put you on the Comp List at the “Dtrips” clubhouse.

    Now go blow your nose and run out to play!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Even Esch agrees that the only way he can win is by sitting on Obama’s coattails (OWH). BTW, I saw the Big o on tv the other day and his coattails seem to be shrinking!

  26. Anonymous says:

    What a class act some of you are. The name calling really suits your 1st grade mentality. Boomer is a public figure as the campaign manager for Lee Terry and he can’t run from his own words. Keep doing what you’re all doing, though. You just prove the point that Republicans aren’t worthy of consideration through your very words.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I would check with an attorney before deciding that a campaign manager constitutes a public figure and therefore your words (whether spoken or written) are protected.

    You might be surprised by what you can learn from an attorney. Just ask your boss, he passed the Bar, right?

  28. Anonymous says:

    The OWH gives Jim a front page (though it is at the bottom) news article, and no mention of the DCCC. If the rumors are true then I would expect even more front page coverage, tha spells more trouble for Terry.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmmmm, who started throwing mud first??

    Seems to me Rep. Terry.

    Usually the first to go negative loses an election.

    Scared, Lee?

  30. Anonymous says:

    There is a difference between mud and slander or libel. One costs you money, the other gets your hands dirty. You should probably figure out the outcome of your words before you expell them.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Listen to the Republican whiners. Their own words are given daylight and they whine, whine, whine. Run along to daddy Lee Terry and cry to him how the liberals are being a bunch of big meanies, and that he has to do something about it!

  32. Kyle Michaelis says:

    Political Guy tells me that he’s been locked out of your site. Are you dissing on the 1st Amendment, dude? Afraid? What’s up?


    I can assure you that your friend David Boomer has not been locked out of NNN. If anything, that’s an order that came down from Lee Terry, or the dude just forgot his password amidst all the lies and personal attacks he’s been concocting. But, he’s still a registered user, and his asinine comments are still very much welcome.

  33. Anonymous says:

    “Allowed” back in? He was never out! This was obviously yet another LIE from Boomer and you fell for it, SS!! At least we know who you take your marching orders from. Talk about being a tool!

  34. Anonymous says:

    It sure shows a lot about Lee Terry’s values when he hires an out-of-state dirty campaigner to be his campaign manager.

    What? Lee couldn’t find a Nebraskan who is slimy enough to run things for him?

  35. Anonymous says:

    And speaking of his income, does Boomer still receive a paycheck from the lobbying firm he works for while he’s also collecting paychecks from Lee Terry?

  36. Street Sweeper says:

    Who the hell cares? He’s not running for office. Where’s your faux outrage over Scott Kleeb’s Wisconsinite manager?

    You wanted to know if Boomer has a NE background. He does. Not that it matters much, frankly. Campaigners are vagabonds. You go where the work is.

    Now why don’t you go gin up some more outraged emails over Boomer saying “balls”. That should keep you busy for a while…

  37. Anonymous says:

    Who cares? I do!

    He sweeps into town and sets the tone for the whole race and uses dirty politicking to try and tell me and all my neighbors who we should elect to represent us in DC. He’s a paid lobbyist who has never even lived in this district, but he thinks he can tell us what is best for those of us who do live and work here. He’s known to use dirty, slimy methods working for dirty, slimy politicians to try and get them elected. One of the people he worked for the longest ended up in the Connecticut state pen.

    Why do I care? Because the person who is representing me in Congress right now seems to think this is the type of person who is worthy to represent him in this race. This just shows the type of slimy politics that Lee Terry approves of, endorses, and uses himself.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I’m a republican and I voted for Terry when I moved to Omaha. Just as a company is responsible for its employees’ actions when it comes to work related activities, Terry is also responsible for his campaign staff. He is the ultimate boss. If I employed somebody who treated my customers (even ones not happy with my service) with as much disrespect as Boomer as treated some voters, I would get rid of them. Getting rid of Boomer is just the right thing to do.

  39. Street Sweeper says:

    What, pray tell, is it that you think Boomer did that was so awful?
    And who ever said that he spoke to voter? Or that said person didn’t have it coming?

    And come up with at least something other than “Anonymous” for your name, or we’ll simply delete and let you try again. (Since this seems to be game-playing day.)

  40. Anonymous says:

    The truth is he acted unprofessionally. Acting unprofessionally doesn’t help Terry’s image; only hurts it. Why are we defending Boomer here if all of this is indeed true?

  41. Street Sweeper says:

    Wait, so what was it that was disrespectful? Or is it unprofessional? Please, be specific.

    The readers are dying to know why your feelings are so hurt.

  42. Sweeper wants a name says:

    Translation of SS’s statement: Ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    Plug your ears, close your eyes, and pretend ignorance. That’s how you survive having reality hit you in the face! But then, according to Boomer, you apparently don’t have the “balls” to do much because you won’t tell us who you are.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hey, my feelings aren’t hurt, I just want to know why Lee Terry found it necessary to bring in an east-coast guy who has a very long track record of running dirty campaigns and doing underhanded things to help a guy headed to the state pen.

    Why should we re-elect Lee Terry when his very hiring of this guy proves he likes to work in shady ways? Is this the kind of man the 2nd district voters want to send to Washington? Lee better watch out. Dave Boomer doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to former bosses.

  44. Street Sweeper says:

    SWAN and other guy,

    We’re all still waiting for the details on your hurt feelings and outrage.

    Please, my breath is bated. Bated!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Funny. I’m still waiting with bated breath for answers to these questions:

    1) How many months of the year in 2005-2007 did Dave Boomer live in Lincoln?
    2) Is Dave Boomer still being paid by the Kowalski Group while he’s being paid by Lee Terry?
    3) Is Lee Terry proud of the reputation David Boomer has made for himself in Connecticut?
    4) Why didn’t Lee Terry hire someone from the 2nd district of Nebraska to run his campaign to serve the 2nd district of Nebraska?

    There’s plenty more, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

    (Sweeper, you can answer these if you want. You seem to know so much about Mr. Boomer and think so highly of him apparently.)

  46. Street Sweeper says:

    Here, I’ll answer your questions about your obsession with David Boomer, if you’ll answer mine about your frailty:

    1) 88 (since the point of this question deserves a similar answer)

    2) ever heard of having 2 jobs? (I mean at the same time — not like what Esch and Kleeb have had in their whole lives, though obviously not currently

    3) do you mean as a tough and successful campaigner and hard worker? I would think yes. Why, did David do something wrong there? If so, please elaborate for all of us.

    4) he probably wanted the same guy who ran his successful ’04 campaign

  47. Anonymous says:


    Honestly, David Boomer’s past and his campaign tactics are just another reason why I won’t be voting for Lee Terry this year. My feelings aren’t “hurt” and I’m not sure what you mean about my “frailty,” but I just think it speaks volumes about what kind of man Lee Terry is.

    You like to make jokes about Jim Esch’s family being involved in his campaign. I would much rather vote for someone who has a strong family unit who works together, than someone who wants to hire some outsider who is known to be a dirty campaigner.

  48. Anonymous says:

    What are you asking? Why is he disrespectful and unprofessional?

    That hasn’t been answered 100 times over already? It frankly kind of scares me that his behavior and reputation all seem so normal to you.

    But, in any case:

    1) Disrespectful — answering e-mails to your campaign’s constituents who have legitimate gripes about your campaign ads telling them to get some “balls” and then to never contact your campaign again. Also, calling people loathesome names that are on the other side of the political spectrum from you is also lovely. Oh, and another, constantly taking the low road in his attacks against Lee’s opponent and twisting his words rather than sticking to the issues and trying to prop up Lee rather than just trying to knock Jim down.
    2) Unprofessional — um, pretty much everything I listed in #1 above.

  49. Street Sweeper says:

    1) How is some Anonymous email came “from a constituent”? He’s not there to answer Anonymous comments.
    (That’s apparently MY job…)

    2) The profession of politics IS hardball. Welcome.

  50. Anonymous says:

    He’s not there to answer anonymous comments?? He sure does it a whole heck of a lot on the blogs all day! There’s a professional campaign manager for ya!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t we be focusing on the candidates? Jim Esch is relying on Obama and the DCCC to get him elected when Lee Terry, despite what the Eschies will admit, it running on his committement to the 2nd district, his record and his accountability. Again I ask, so Jim what have you done? Going to go all negative on Lee? That will backfire bigtime. Good luck with that.

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