Mike Johanns is (finally) on the air.

Take a look at his new TV ad, entitled “Where I stand”:

We generally like these ads, where the candidates talks right to the camera. They are direct and effective.

Of course the funny thing about this spot is that you could replace Scott Kleeb in this ad, and he could run it word for word, without a change (well, except for the “Proven-Tested-Trusted” part…).

But Kleeb can’t effectively run an ad like this because he is running from behind. This is a safe ad, and Kleeb can’t play safe. 

That’s why he has to play the “doom and gloom” card and claim you’ve been paying eight bucks for a gallon of gas.

By the way, note that this is the FIRST Johanns ad for the general election. Think he has enough cash to run ads non-stop until November? You can bet on it.


We were unable to watch or listen to the Johanns – Kleeb debate today, which was supposed to be streamed online. Ah well.

Here’s the kicker. In the AP’s initial coverage, they note Johanns knocking Kleeb for negative campaigning — with his push-poll calls and the Kleeb stalkerazzi who follows Johanns around.

What that means is, there were no other notable points.

Which means that, assuming he can find some money as he leaves the state on his begging  fundraising tour across America this month, expect Kleeb to go highly negative.

At this point, he may not even be trying to win. He will be trying to avoid full-on national embarrassment.

**UPDATE 3:35 pm**
Here is more debate commentary — all of which focus on Kleeb’s negative campaigning:

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  1. Right Wing Professor says:

    Drive-Time Lincoln on KLIN played Johanns’ statement about the push-polls and the stalking, and made a big deal about it. Kleeb’s response was that Lisa Hannah’s stalking was ‘keeping things honest’.

    Hannah’s obsession with Kleeb and his opponents is, frankly, disturbing, and you’d hope Kleeb would be a little more worried about it.

  2. Uncle Wiggily says:


    Remember you’re talking about a person who is still so angry at Adrian Smith for beating the Scooter two years ago that she runs a blog devoted to nothing but trashing Rep. Smith.

    You’re correct … her obsessive behaviors are “disturbing” at a minimum. I’m frankly surprised that the Kleebie’s haven’t distanced themselves from her – just further evidence of their political ineptness, I guess.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How lucky are we that Nebraska will have Mike “The Quiter” Johanns as Senator?
    What are the chances that he will get bored and resign about 3 years into the term?

    Ricky From Omaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    So you believe that politician shouldn’t be recorded and held accountable, and anyone who does that is somehow…well…insert your own childish name calling here. Seriously, what are all you and Mike Johanns afraid of? How sad you all are. Of course this was just his way to avoid real issues because when he’s being held accountable he’s actually facing his real record rather than the bull he makes up. And you all fall for it blindly.

  5. macdaddy says:

    Lisa Hannah is only following the example of The One. Remember, 30 lawyers descended on Alaska to dig up dirt about Palin, and that’s in addition to God knows how many MSM hacks. Hannah is a piker.

    I’m really not looking forward to the shrieking from the Left beginning Nov. 5th. If The One is willing to stab us in the back and try to negotiate with the Iraqi government, the harpies on the Left are more than willing to try to stab McCain from the front.

  6. Frank says:

    I made a very interesting discovery today after two posts commenting on Don Walton’s article on the debate between Johanns and Kleeb. Unless you are trashing Mike Johanns or Republicans they will not post a comment unless there are already ten posts favoring the Dems.

    How disappointing — I thought Don was above biases and a true journalist. Guess not.

    At least on LS free speech prevails!!!! Most of the time anyway.

    P.S. Lisa all but guaranteed Adrian Smith a second term from day one because of her obsession over Kleeb’s defeat by 10 points. Keep up the good work Lisa, you can do the same for Mike Johanns but the margin could be more like 15 or 20 points this time around.

  7. One Out In The Third says:

    I don’t think Kleeb needs Lisa Hannah to help him lose another election…he is doing a fine job all by himself.

    The irony of Hannah bringing Kleeb down is almost bittersweet.

  8. ronald von schloobies says:

    Yea it is tacky to have a recorder follow MJ around all the time. Kleeb says whats the big deal but I wonder if he wouldn’t mind someone going with him around the country as he raises money? I never thought I would hear myself saying this but Republicans are not stooping to that level. congrats
    i dont think you are going to get a macaca moment out of MJ.

  9. Right Wing Professor says:

    I’ve made an issue of the Journal-Star’s moderatorship policies, and in my case, at least, they’ve gotten a little better. I think the main problem is you have a bunch of activists who blanket any political story with leftist comments, often uninformed ones. For example, one of them claimed Johanns was a Dem when he was mayor (1991-1997}; in fact, Johanns switched in 1988. When I pointed that out, they took the offending comment down.

    If they don’t post a comment, I put it on my blog and draw attention to their refusal to post it. That seems to work.

  10. macdaddy says:

    The OWH seems to have the same policy. Lately I have noticed there have been a few letters in support of McCain and against Obama, so that probably means they are getting 10-20 times the number of letters in support of McCain that they are in support of Obama. Guess they can’t ignore the groundswell.

  11. macdaddy says:

    The OWH seems to have the same policy. Lately I have noticed there have been a few letters in support of McCain and against Obama, so that probably means they are getting 10-20 times the number of letters in support of McCain that they are in support of Obama. Guess they can’t ignore the groundswell.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What’s funny is that there are people following Kleeb around and other Democratic candidates, along with people following other Republican candidates, all over this country. Mike must really be getting nervous, and all of you as well, if he’s so worried about his words being documented. Wonder why that is? That fact that he and you are all obsessed over this in your long months and years of obsession of Kleeb and somewhat homoerotic obsession of his looks, clearly indicates that Johanns is a piss poor candidate with a record that must be avoided. The economy is falling apart and everyone is suddenly worried that a politician ia actually getting their statements documented. How horrible!

  13. Right Wing Professor says:

    So, 9:23, could you tell us the name of the person you claim is stalking Kleeb? Maybe even a couple of photos to document your claim?

    I didn’t think so.

  14. macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:23: you use the term “homoerotic” as if that’s a bad thing. You may want to check with the DNC before you make similar comments. I’d hate for Dems to get a reputation for being bigots.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Who cares what the name is. Here’s the difference: Scott Kleeb has nothing to hide. What does Mike Johanns have to hide? But then, Republicans are great at getting to fake outrage cause they know they like to lie regularly and repeatedly. Johanns is no exception. They don’t want to be held accountable.

  16. Right Wing Professor says:

    Following someone around hoping you can catch them in some sort of misstatement or gaffe is a heck of a long way from ‘keeping them honest’. I myself have depressingly little to hide, but I don’t want to be stalked.

    It’s funny to hear ‘if you’re not doing anything illegal, why do you care if we search your house without a warrant, tap your phones, and spy on your bank account?’ from a Dem.. Haven’t y’all spent the last 6 years whining about ‘Bush’s assaults on civil liberties’? As usual, it’s wrong only if the other guys are doing it. Your privacy is sacred; Johanns has none.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So Mike Johanns, in public events that anyone can attend, should be left alone? he should be protected because, well, he’s wanting to continue getting his paychecks from taxpayers, but he shouldn’t have to have his words recorded and reviewed? Are you guys serious? Are you really that afraid and that concerned that your poor Republican is actually going to be heard and maybe held accountable for his lies that he repeats? You all are just sad! I know, maybe we should get rid of all 24 hour news, and go back to only newspapers and 30 minute news broadcasts at noon, 6 and 10, and that is the extent of any and all coverage. Right? PLEASE!

  18. Street Sweeper says:

    Hey loud SHOUTERS…

    For all the miles and videotape that the Dems’ stalkerazzi has racked up, we have yet to see any results.

    What, no “Macacca moment”?

  19. Anonymous says:

    So….why are you and Mike Johanns so worried? Why is this even an issue for all you? Or is this just another example of Republicans having to find a way to avoid real issues? Come on….someone gets hired and told to record a politician and that make them an obsessed stalker? Is that what ever researching blogger and campaign staffer is? Hasn’t David Bloomer proven himself to be an “obsessed stalker” over his months of (no longer) anonymous daily posts about Jim Esch? Get some perspective, people, and stop being such tools!

  20. Street Sweeper says:

    Hey look, I’m only quoting the Kleebian who wrote that the stalkerazzi you pay for (and by “you” I mean YOU who contribute to the Dem party for this) will make Johanns “accountable for his lies that he repeats”.

    So there must be some video of this from her right? Let’s see it!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:47, Your constant use of the term “tool” tells me your age and makes me wonder how obsessed you are with yours! (“tool”, not age)

    Knowing more about your opponent than their supporters do is a sign of a good campaign manager. In fact, it might just make you wonder how much more Boomer knows about Little Jimmy than you do and when he might release those juicy bits to the Press.

    If I understand by your definition, you are the one that is a “tool” because you have been taken in by Jimmy’s banter.

  22. Gretchen says:

    When I think of Lisa imbedded in a campaign ——- this should be against the Geneva Convention or some other international law. Stalking by Lisa is torture only surpassed by waterboarding torture.

    Since many do not know who she is or what she looks like, will someone take pics of her stalking MJ with her recorder in hand and show how frightening she can be.

    As I read other blogs around the nation I see stalking by the dems is becoming frequent procedure.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sooo happy that streetsweeper posted a Johanns ad.
    Like I would click on that?!
    What is it about Republican blogs and radio shows that feel the need to play ads for free that local radio gets paid to run?
    Get some imagination!

    Ricky From Omaha

  24. Street Sweeper says:

    Gee Ricky, I imagined that we put the Democrat’s ad in the previous post.

    And the fact that we had the Johanns ad on here before it aired.

    But thanks for reading Ricky…

  25. 4.0 UNL Student says:

    I think Lisa Hannah is AWESOME!!! She is so dedicated to the progressive movement. Scott Kleeb is worth it Hannah, KEEP IT UP!!!

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