OWH endorses Johanns, Terry

The Omaha World Herald endorsed Mike Johanns for Senate and Lee Terry for Congress in their editorial section on Sunday.

Some bites:

The right leader
Electing Mike Johanns senator would continue proud tradition for Nebraska.

Exon, Kerrey, Nelson, Hagel — all are names highly regarded for conscientious public service that reflected well on their state.

If elected as Nebraska’s newest U.S. senator, Mike Johanns would fit right in with the Nebraska tradition of impressive service.

Johanns had already demonstrated competence as mayor of Lincoln and governor of Nebraska, compiling a record that was unquestionably conservative. During the tight budgetary times of 2001-03, he made clear his determination that the state government must maintain fiscal discipline. As a World-Herald news story stated in December 2004, “he managed a budget crisis of historic proportions.”

At the same time, he showed statewide vision. His administration helped develop strategic policy to address Nebraska’s water needs. Johanns pushed for needed community- based reform of Nebraska’s behavioral health system.

If elected, Johanns — a Republican — would enter the Senate at a time of what is likely to be an extraordinary electoral surge by congressional Democrats. But that is all the more reason to elect a commonsense conservative like Johanns, whose sound judgment — complemented by his even temperament— could help keep the Senate pendulum from swinging too far to the left in its policy decisions.

And for Terry:

Rep. Lee Terry is a conscientious lawmaker. He deserves re-election.

It is ironic that this congressman is mocked so snidely by some in his district, given the reality that he has pursued a serious-minded, unegotistical approach to his public service.

This year, the congressman is facing an honorable and well-spoken challenger. Voters are rightly sizing up the two contenders in what it appears to be a tight race.

It’s hard to get a clear handle on what the challenger actually seeks to do in a lot of cases, though. Nuanced positions can be a reflection of a thoughtful person. But too much nuance can mean too much vagueness. Voters deserve more.

In this contest, the incumbent congressman has demonstrated commendable devotion to his district, state and nation. He deserves the opportunity to continue his work in Washington, where he would build on his seniority.

This congressman is Rep. Lee Terry of Omaha, and he deserves reelection.

So despite all of this good news, we still think that it is most likely the Scott Kleeb and Jim Esch will lose on Election Day. But after the OWH’s endorsements, it may give them hope…


Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman received the the fourth highest rating among governors in the Cato Institute’s 2008 Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors.  (h/t Red State Eclectic.).  In part…

Governor Heineman is an outstanding tax cutter. In 2006, he proposed substantial cuts to personal income tax rates, and the legislature agreed to a compromise that raised income tax brackets. In 2007, Heineman signed into law another array of tax cuts including further income tax cuts and a repeal of the estate tax. He has also supported property tax relief.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! The World Herald endorsed Terry and Johanns. That is almost unbelievable.

    Slow news day? This just shows the lack of positive news for GOP candidates.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just conducted an overnight poll of my own, Sweeper.

    Officially, you’re one of four Nebraskans who still give any weight to the the World-Herald editorials.

    Long live the blogs.

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    The OWH’s is arguably the most “prestigious” of the endorsements, mainly b/c of its statewide reach.

    That being said, does anyone even READ (or get) the jokes we make?

  4. macdaddy says:

    You guys need to get out of cyberspace once in a while. There are lots and lots of Nebraskans who still read the paper and still value what the OWH says. And they go vote.

    I saw another Esch ad about Social Security today. And yet there is nothing on his website about his actual position on Social Security. The OWH editorial was much too kind to Esch because vague isn’t the right word for some of his positions. Lazy is.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The OWH really pulled those out of their Republican asses.

    Johanns showed good “judgement” at the USDA? Sure, he wasted tens of MILLIONS on unnecessary conventions from thousands of USDA staff and campaigned from Republicans on the taxpayer dime, all while closing FSA offices. Good judgement.

    And Terry is unegotistical??? Reall? Must explain why he goes and takes credit for others work that he had no part of and flat out lies about his (lack of a) record.

    What a joke. The OWH should have just admitted their editorial board was a bunch of flaming Republicans because it’s been there out in the open and obvious for a long time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, and I love how one of the reasons the OWH says we should vote for Lee Terry is because he sleeps on a cot in his office. They were really reaching for a reason (any reason!) on why people should vote for him, huh?

    I can’t wait until November 5th — Congressman-elect Jim Esch!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    If they were “reaching” with the cot comment, wouldn’t that be a slap-in-the-face to Esch? If thats the best thing you could say about Terry, then there must be nothing good to say about Esch right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    No, actually it’s a slap in the face to every constituent in the 2nd district that the OWH thinks that we can’t do any better than Lee Terry.

    I’m embarrassed to have him be my voice in Washington, DC. You know that image that so many people in the rest of the country have of us here in Nebraska? The one where they think we’re all a bunch of dumb hicks? Well, they look at Lee Terry and say, “Yup, I guess it’s true.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    A newspaper endorsement is a little outdated of a concept. I mean, aren’t journalists supposed to be unbiased? How are we supposed to think that the w-h is going to cover these jokers fairly after they endorse them? Not that anyone thought that the w-h was run by anyone besides extremist right-wing hacks…just saying. And on another topic…did anyone of you get that lee terry flyer with his wife and two kids at their kitchen table? It’s a picture of two of his three kids scarfing down ice cream cones, his wife eating a bowl of ice cream, and the third kid eating a plate containing no less than 23 cookies! Good lord Terrys. Your family’s going to get a little plump with that sort of diet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ah, interesting and very relevant point Anon 1:53! The OWH paints the picture that he is sacrificing himself by sleeping in his office all for the love of Nebraska and so he can stay in touch with Nebraskans better. When in reality he’s only doing it because his wife told him to.

  11. macdaddy says:

    Talk about reaching. His wife and kid would rather be in Nebraska and you guys criticize them. We get it. You don’t like Lee Terry.

    So how’s Jim Esch going to save Social Security?

  12. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Liberals just crack me up … two years ago when they endorsed Kleeb, it was a forward-looking, mainstream newspaper. Today, after slapping their imprimatur on Terry and Johanns, they are a bunch of Republican schmucks with no regard at all for the will of the people.

    And they say O’Reilly can spin …

  13. Mr. Goodsense says:

    The Kleeb endorsement in 2006 had much more to do with the OWH publisher’s ties to western Nebraska (and a certain Sidney politician).

    It was about the elites’ personal agenda against Adrian Smith. And poor Scotty Kleeb thought all those soft Republicans actually liked him and his tight Wranglers.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The OWH editorial endorsement remains significant for lower ballot races as it gives definition to those races beyond what the candidates mail out or deliver. For higher ballot races,esp. partisan races,it only has significance and is usefull if the editorial board goes against their usual positions, such as Kleeb last time. If they endorse republican incumbants, it’s generally ignored by the voting population as are regurgitating longstanding positions.

  15. Uncle Wiggily says:

    “Ride a painted pony – let the spinnin’ wheel spin …”

    … with apologies to David Clayton-Thomas and Blood, Sweat and Tears.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Funny when the OWH picks someone you support they are Great, pic someone your against and they are dirt….

    Oh by the way

    McCain/Johanns/Terry are going to win.

    Feels great to be an American today.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Okay, Anon 3:51, I’m with you on Johanns. I don’t think there is any way he could lose. McCain might pull it off too here in the 2nd district, but I’d bet it goes for Obama. But Terry winning? No way in hell. He better start packing up that cot of his.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Personally I don’t think little Jimmy could hack it as a congressman. It is a TON of work and work for Jim apparently is something he doesn’t do very well.

  19. Anonymous says:

    We pay in 12% to SS, Lee Terry is advocating taking 2% and investing it…it could be backed up by govt bonds. How is that privatizing it? It is not Jim, please stop the lies.

    And Lee Terry doesn’t support veterans…oh please, can I give you a list a mile long. He’s even been endorsed by vets.

    Let’s scare seniors and vets and have them vote for the guy who wants to be a leader in Congress, he just hasn’t done anything yet with his life to prove he is a leader or can be a leader..ya that’s the ticket little Jimmy.

  20. macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:35: That’s not a bad idea. Esch seems to have a lot of support from local Dem bigwigs, why not run for mayor? Or even city council? That looks a lot better on your resume than your last job being 3 years ago.

  21. OmaSteak says:

    Candidate Clueless was on KFAB this morning. He managed to complete the whole segment without answering one single question. Maybe the vagueness the OWH referred to is PC speak for clueless. Esch managed to condemn push-polls and wasn’t aware that his campaign had fielded one. But he’ll “look into it”…LOL!!! When asked about the basis for his current TV spots, Esch couldn’t utter a single coherent thought on what they say and why they say it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Esch is about to crash and burn and meanwhile Terry keeps knocking on doors everyday that it is not raining. This is why Lee Terry will continue to be our Congressman, hopefully right into the next decade so this Congressional District can finally have a Chairman of a Major Committee in Congress. Actually, it would be the first time this District has had a Chairman on any Committee!

    Esch may have more family members with really deep pockets, but he will never out work Lee Terry, just look at their resumes` side by side.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, Anon 9:28 — don’t scare me like that! It’s not even Halloween yet! To have to listen to Lee Terry and see his mug all over for another decade?!? What a nightmare!

    Thank god I have a Jim Esch sign in my yard. Hopefully that will stop Lee from knocking on MY door!

  24. Anonymous says:

    And, I’m sorry. How far is Lee Terry down on the totem pole on his one committee he sits on? Isn’t he like 4th from the bottom? We’d have to wait until he’s like 90 before he’ll have enough seniority to be a chairman.

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