Kleeb-TV: Huh?

Scott Kleeb has a new ad out, apparently. It’s entitled “Photos“, and you can see it here:

So I know what you’re asking yourself, whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Bull Moose:

What the hell was that?

We don’t want to be too harsh on ol’ Scott here, but buddy, you ain’t thirty points ahead.

The message here was….um…what was with holding the picture cards again?
At the end of all this, we may just have to do a quick video of all the Kleeb banalities, but…geez.

Just for kicks and giggles, here is a collage of all the photos Kleeb is holding.

Ohhhh, NOW we get it.  They figured if a picture is worth a thousand words, and the spot has twenty-four pictures in it, including an extra two of Scott, well then that’s like an extra 26,000 words jammed into the spot!

OK, Johanns campaign: Sit down, sit down. Don’t get overconfident. Kleeb could swoop in with a legitimate ad any time now.

We’ll just sit here and wait…

(H/t to NNN on the ad.)


The Lee Terry camp announced today that they raised another $115,000 during the past two weeks, to give them over $300,000 cash on hand with two weeks to go.

And we see that the Douglas County Election Commissioner is reporting that Douglas County now has a majority of Democrats registered by about 2,600 over Republicans, with another 60,000 Independents.

Of course the missing info there is rest of the 2nd District — the portion of Sarpy County, that includes Bellevue (as also noted by ABC’s Jake Tapper).

As in all elections, its all going to be about GOTV. (That’s “Get Out The Vote” to you and me.)


A couple of resources on the web.

The Terry-Esch Omaha Press Club debate is available on the NetNebraska site, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And the National Taxpayers Union has a report out on which Senate candidate, according to the proposals he has laid out, would spend more taxpayer money.

We’ll give you a hint:
Kleeb would boost spending by $19.9 billion
Johanns by $6.2 billion…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That taxpayer report is pathetic. Most of what they look at for both candidates is “unknown”, and Johanns has a lot more “unknowns”. So only what they know, which isn’t much, helps thems reach a conclusion, which is just guessing……

  2. BB says:

    We can now link Kleeb to Bill Ayers! This looks like the classic Bob Dylan video for “Subterranian Homesick Blues.” And we all know that song contains the famous lyric “don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” which, of course, is where the Weatherman got their name from. It is offical, Kleeb, like the Messiah, associates with liberal terrorists!

  3. Saul says:

    I usually don’t agree with Kleeb but he does have an accurate picture of the Senate —– “IT IS BROKEN”.

    It will be good for Nebraska to remove half of the Nebraska Senate twins of destruction.

    Can you believe it? Kleeb calls Ben stupid over, and over, and over and he still hosts fundraisers Kleeb. You can tell he is not the brightest bulb when Kleeb wants to fix BEN. OR does Kleeb think we the voters are stupid!!! Hmmmmmmm!!!

    Johanns is our man for taking Nebraska values to D.C. not the wannabe Kleeb!!!!!!!

  4. Pipsisewah says:

    What pictures of Iron Mike would we see? I hope he took photos of the 38 trips he took at Rove’s direction. Once again Johanns shows he is a Republican, Bushanns candidate. Is he a Republican? And did he ever really meet George Bush? You wouldn’t know it by his website.

    Elect Iron Mike, we really need another “connected” career politician in DC. Unethical and illegal. Its the Republican way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A while ago, a former long-time and well respected Public Service Commissioner ran a television advertisement that included the Official State Seal and the commissioner was promptly told by the custodian of the Great Seal to remove the seal from the ad, as it is only to be used for official state business. While I doubt a citation won’t be issued in this particular case, this could be added to the part-time ranchhand’s history of running afoul with our state law. (i.e. speeding tickets)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pipsqueak, I’ll take that as your endorsement of Congressman Lee Terry in the Second District Race. Lee Terry is above ethical reproach (I am sure at the dismay of most in Washington!) and has never been arrested for anything in his entire life. Congressman Lee Terry lives his life with a healthy dose of respect for the people around him and the laws of this community and Country.

    Can his opponent in the 2nd District Race claim as much? No.

    He doesn’t even know what his address is for official forms. Blows through a red light and then blows a .22. Falsely submits government documents-when he gets around to submitting them at all. Lies on Candidate Questionaires, instructs his dad to lie to members of the Press on his behalf while he secretly disappears for a week from this Country to go walk the streets and hang out in hotels in a Country on the State Departments do not travel list.

    The choice is clear on November
    4th: Lee Terry for Congress!

  7. Klev Landstemer says:

    I’m not sure I understand your point about Bellevue not being counted in the Election Commissioner’s numbers. In my opinion this will widen the Dems lead against Republicans for two reasons:

    1. Many, if not most, Air Force personnel vote via absentee in their home districts, not in Nebaska’s 2nd.

    2. Permanent residents of Bellevue tend to vote Democrat. Even though State Sen Cornett later switched to being a Republican.

  8. BB says:

    You really don’t know much about the military community, especially as it pertains to Offutt. Because of the specialized mission at Offutt, active duty personnel stay there much longer than your average military member stays in one place. It is not unusual for people to do their entire 20 at Offutt. There are a lot of military personnel who claim Nebraska residency and register to vote here. And you are forgeting an important segment of the military population: Retirees. There are a huge number of military members who choose to retire at Offutt because of it’s large health care facility, it’s great resources for retirees, and the fact that there are a lot of civil service jobs on base for them. All this adds up to Sarpy County being solid Republican. And they all know that Lee has taken care of them and remember how Clinton decimated the military in the 90’s. So your assertion is simply wrong and based on your own wishful thinking rather than any factual basis.

  9. OmaSteak says:

    Leaving Kleeb’s lack of accomplishments or qualifications aside, to quote Sweeper “What the hell was that?” is my reaction to all of Kleeb’s commercials. He mentions a litany of “problems” but never a specific solution…just “change”. I think Johanns is going to be a lousy senator and will be almost impossible to remove from office once elected but I haven’t been able to see why Kleeb would be a better choice in any of his commericals.

  10. macdaddy says:

    Omasteak: you made a good point about the lack of specifics in the ad. This ad wouldn’t have been bad in June or July as a “hey, look at me. I’m a cool guy!” ad to try to get people to take a closer look. In late October, they want specifics. This ad was a waste of time.

    And BTW, if we are using the involvement of the national parties as a sign of how close the race is…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:39-1:54: Can you read? And can you see? Kleeb holds up the state flag. He can use that if he wants. And the state seal hasn’t been “updated”. Only the press that made it was replaced. Maybe you should read your own link.

    Omasteak – you say Kleeb gives no specifics in his ad, but then neither does Mikey Bushanns. He just gives the same Republican talking points we’ve heard over and over again for how many years now? “lower taxes, less government”. What the f*@k does that mean?? But then, what can really be done to give conscise ‘details’ in a 30 second ad??? Go to their website and actually look at what they say. You find Mike has a list of platitudes that don’t actually tell you anything. Scott actually has details. Actually gives real data.

    And on top of all that, look at his commitments to Nebraska he made yesterday. He did something like it two years ago. It shows he really does put Nebraska first, not his own self interests. Mike Johanns just wants to get back to his house in Arlington, where Stephanie is living to this day.

  12. Sue says:

    OmaSteak —- I’m bugged!!! (but I will get over it) Kleeb and even Esch jump in a race and that keeps out good viable Democrat candidates.

    We have good people that don’t get orgasmic as Kleeb by going to DailyKOS HATEfests. When I see Lisa Hannah stalking Johanns, that is reason enough to get my sympathy vote!!!

  13. Jane K. says:

    Thanks Leavenstreetworth: Now 18 people are talking about Scott’s campaign. Keep posting our commercials beacuse we are still wating for the DNC’s money to arrive. Schumer said the check was in the mail. Oh well off to shoot another MTV Choose and Lose video. I think we are interviewing Harvey Perelman on the topic of Radical Conservative Intollerance of Academics.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, Sue. Mikey has sent one of his staff (a woman) to Kleeb’s events. Didn’t know that? Probably because Kleeb doesn’t care and is okay with having his statements recorded. Johanns didn’t like being held accountable. Not a good sign for an elected official if he doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s beens saying!

  15. Anonymous says:

    The last time I remember Republicans bitching about taxes in Nebraska. They were saying that military retirees were moving out of state. What is it?? Are they staying or moving??

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anon 3:03, so you want to continue the policies that George W. put in place? Lee Terry sure does. He sure supported George W.’s policies for the last 8 years! Look where our country is right now after the last 8 years of Bush and the last 10 years of Terry. Uh, no thanks. It’s time to try something that might actually work.

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