Halloween 2008 Separated at Birth!


Happy Halloween all you Leavenworth Street readers!  On this super scary day, like last year, we offer up to you a chilling example of some Nebraska pols who were, tragically, scarrilly Separated at Birth from their true twin!
It’s frightening, so let’s get right to it…
2nd District Rep. Lee Terry and The Mummy!

Democrat Congressional candidate Jim Esch and Bigfoot!
Governor Dave Heineman and Casper the Friendly Ghost!
GOP Senate candidate, and former Mayor, Governor and Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns and Iron Man!
Democrat Senate candidate Scott Kleeb and the Wichita State Shockers mascot!
and finally…
Omaha City Councilman Jim Suttle and The Phantom of the Opera!
Happy Halloween everyone!  Drive safely!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You want to know what’s scary? Lee Terry taking out a secret loan for $100,000 from a bank in the 3rd district in the last couple of weeks. Apparently he had that amount of his campaign funds in the reserve fund and it was frozen so he couldn’t get access to that money — this all occured right at the same time that he voted for the second bailout. Was he really voting with the country’s best interests in mind, or was he voting for his own personal interests so he could get that money for more negative attacks against Jim Esch?

    Why’d he go to a bank in the 3rd district? At a time when credit is tight, should Lee be using that money for himself?

    Something about all of this smells fishy.

  2. pol observer says:

    Hey anonymous Jackass!!! Lee’s campaign invested in a money market account..and the amount in question would fall under either FDIC or SIPC limits. Therefore the bailout would not affect the payment of those funds. Also many banks outside of Omaha lend in Omaha for business purposes because Omaha has more commercial activity. I’m glad Lee didn’t use a local bank because then the ESCHIES will say conflict of interest. Lee completely disclosed the transaction unlike Esch taking months to file his FEC. Maybe you would have prefered Lee taking the loan from the Omaha Fire Fighters Credit Union..lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Lee should have just grabbed a couple of hundred thousand out of his trust fund to pay for it. Oh, wait a sec.

    The trust fund baby is Esch, not Lee.

    People aren’t going to vote for Esch because they now know the real truth about him: he’s a slacker that mooches off his parents and taxpayers. He has accomplished nothing in his alleged ‘career’. Working just one month over the last three years…what an urban beach bum.

  4. Uncle Wiggily says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha ….

    Brilliant, Sweeper …. especially the Kleeb-Shocker match-up. I laughed till I hurt myself.

    Mucho kudos.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What are the terms of Lee’s loan? Did he have to put up something as collateral? Why didn’t he disclose his own frozen account to the voters when he changed his vote on the bailout bill?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting AP storty today on projected turnout:

    This, according to Randall Adkins, a political science professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha:

    Republican Terry has the advantage of incumbency, Adkins said, and might do better than Republican presidential nominee John McCain in the 2nd District.

    “What I’m expecting to happen is that Obama might run ahead of Esch,’’ Adkins said. “Right now I would say the odds are pretty even for Obama (in the district). They’re not as good for Esch.’’

  7. pol observer says:

    Once again to Anonymous: Lee was in a money market account!!!!! You Dems have no financial clue. The account is insured and not a stock based investment. Any bank will take that loan because the money is insured!!!!!!!! If Lee voted against the 700 billion it woudn’t have made a difference.

    Oh Sweeper, Jim Suttle and Mr. Hanky from South Park should be pictured together!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 11:24:

    What are the terms of the $11 million line of credit the DNC just took? How much of this was sent to Nebraska for Esch? What were the terms of the loan? What is the interest rate on the tainted money? How many homeowners were not able to get a loan since the DNC took $11 million out of the pot? Did Esch take any money from his trust fund after 10/15–specifically, to evade having to report it to the FEC? What kind of job will Jim take after he loses Tuesday–or, will he continue to be a slacker mooching off his parents, trust fund and taxpayers?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Also …

    What if a family loses their home because the DNC line of credit exhausted the loan pool? Will Jim take them in to share his Riverfront loft? Or, will his brother kick him out since Jim has apparent problems paying the rent on time?

    Why won’t Jim release a copy of the credit line agreement–since he got $$$ from the DNC? What is he hiding?

    When does Jim get the next check from Uncle Sam for not farming? How much of it will go to the Bluejay? What’s this about a .223?

    When Jim loses, will he travel the world again, or will he work at a real job? Will he call Creighton Prep up to ask for his old job back, or would that probably not be the wisest thing to do? What do you make of the Omaha Chamber’s comment on Jim to the press–that they could not comment on
    ‘personnel matters’? Sound like he did a bang up job for them 6 years ago, doesn’t it?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8:30, 12:19, 12:32 = Karl Rove Jr aka David Boomer.

    Hey Boomer, don’t you have things you need to be doing right now, like attacking voters, spewing name calling, and basically running your bosses failing campaign? No wonder they ran you out of Connecticut.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 7:06, 11:24, 12:41 aka Esch staffer: Taking a break from ripping down or defacing Terry’s 4 by 8 signs? Must not be much going on at your sinking ship campaign. Maybe Jim will let you travel w/him as his servant when he leaves next Jan. for his next world jaunt!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:14 — why do you say Jim Esch has a “sinking ship campaign?” That doesn’t seem to follow conventional wisdom and all indications.

    Want to release the poll Terry did last weekend? How come we haven’t seen your numbers?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:19–name a poll that has ever shown Esch in the lead. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that the Esch campaign just did a poll that shows Terry leading, yet again. Want to make it public?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m not with the Esch campaign, but with every respected political group (Rothenberg, Cook, etc.) calling this race a “toss up” and the DCCC paying so much attention and money to oust Terry, and the NRCC throwing in so much money to try and save Terry, how in the world can the Terry people say Jim Esch’s campaign is a sinking ship?

    Seriously, would Lee Terry be trolling around North Omaha these days if he wasn’t scared?

  15. Anonymous says:

    The photos of Jim Suttle are so funny. Also, I am rooting for Jim Esch. He’s a good guy, I know him and his family. Good luck to Congressman Terry and thank you for your efforts over the years but I want something new. I know the Esch family and they are good folks.

  16. One Out In The Third says:

    anon 9:41…

    The only poll that matters is Tuesdays…I think Obama’s Tax Redistribution Plan is starting to cave in…Richardson has it down to 120K and the truth of the matter is it will probably have to be lower than that to fund all of Obama…Pelosi and Reid’s grand schemes. American taxpayers saddled with a recession and higher taxes is a double whammy that we as Americans cannot afford. If only we could run back to Mexico.

    With the tightening in the race even “Joe the Bum” is getting nervous…no free mortgages…universal health care…free college taught by the likes of Ayers or Khalidi. I wonder if any of these freebies are retroactive…my wife and I raised two children…put them through college and our house will be paid for by the time the the next President is inaugurated…all on 100K a year or less. I wonder if I can get a refund…me and the millions of other hard working Americans. It’s time to reel in the handouts…not increase them.

    WAKE UP AMERICA! We don’t need the most liberal Dem since Robert Byrd steering our ship or an increase in the number of “social engineers” in the House and Senate.

    I’ll give McCain…Johanns and Smith one more opportunity to uncluster this cluster@#!$ we now call America…then I’m done…I’ll step into the welfare line with the other 50+ percent with their hands out. Ironically…my word verification is “undig.”

  17. macdaddy says:

    One out in the third: truth is there isn’t enough money even if Obama hiked taxes up to 50% on everybody. But then, none of us will have jobs, so who cares? I just wonder how long it will be before President Obama thinks I’ve lived in my house long enough and thinks someone else deserves some time in it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Oh how funny. The Republicans continue to live in lala land thinking that only they know how to do things, thinking that the current state of affairs in the US has nothing to do with them, and are afraid of the big bad Democrats.


    Get ready for President-Elect Barack Obama when you wake up on 11/5.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Zogby poll has McCain up by one point!
    I saw Jim Esch volunteers this morning. I think his campaign is working harder than Terry’s.
    Archbishop Curtiss releases letter on abortion, this could sway some votes to all the pro-life candidates.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Now we arrive at this monster meltdown that is shaking the world like an enormous earthquake, and the BEST thinking from McCain/Palin says they should ATTACK BARACK OBAMA as a SOCIALIST! This is the SAME tactic that was employed from 1932-1945 by the intellectual cretins on the right when they attacked FDR for his social welfare programs. Swimming uphill, against the tide of human progress and evolution seems to be a FAVORITE CONSERVATIVE activity!

    WOW, talk about Evolution. Lee Terry attacks Jim Esch for something in his 20’s. McCain calls Obama a socialist. Name-calling. Jesus, Has this country truly disintigrated into a soundbite that doesn’t care or give a crap about the issues.

    If McCain is elected, there will be riots in the streets and it truly will get ugly. That I’m sure of, it is setting up for something ugly to happen.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Nebraska Republicans. Senator Hagel asked me to stop by and return a few of the knives you’ve stuck into his back over the past three years.

    I’ll be back with the rest later.


    /s Lou Ann Linehan

  22. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Anon 1:26 p.m. Seriously, there will be “riots in the streets” and things will “get ugly” if McCain is elected? Is this some kind of threat? Did you see the “right” rioting in the street and making things “ugly” while we endured eight years of Bill Clinton?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Obviously Julie – you don’t read much. From Drudge:

    “If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it’s not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets.”

    “Bush has transformed America into a police state, from torture to the imprisonment of reporters, to the Patriot Act.”

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Julie, economic prosperity and respect in the world were HORRIBLE to endure during the Clinton years! Thank GOD we’ve had 8 years of Bush policies. We want strife and hatred in the world. We want more under John McCain. Thank God you spoke up and told the truth!

  25. trueamerican says:

    We want more of the same lousy economic policy, education policy, foreign policy, trade policy, science policy, agriculture policy, energy policy and tax policy.

    Yes, Julie, we want more of the same. I hate to tell you at this point in our nation history there are more important issues facing our country than abortion.

    So go back into the hole you came crawling out of and realize that people aren’t going to be scared into voting one way or the other anymore on any issue.

    Did you realize that America currently has the greatest income disparity since the Depression and increasing the national debt by $8.2 trillion (or nearly $75,000 per household). For nearly thirty years, Republicans have chosen to invest in the rich, but not in America and we are witnessing a “quiet collapse in prosperity” as a result. For example, the current United States’ rankings on life expectancy, water quality and infant mortality are 24th, 39th and 41st respectively falling behind countries such as Bosnia, Cuba, Panama, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

    We have lived off the sacrifices of others and let our roads, bridges, water systems and other infrastructure decline to second world levels such that it would cost $1.6 trillion to merely get our current infrastructure to a functional level.

    Do we really want John McCain’s Health Care plan that would not even come close to covering the true cost of my plan that I currently have. Yes, that is right. My current plan is excellent and costs over $8,000 for myself and the employer to pay for this level of coverage. If I have a $5,000 tax credit, I’m still over $3,000 short and would have to choose a plan that doesn’t give me as many options nor as a good of benefit level.

    Thanks John for forcing me onto the government dole for Health Care because if you tax employer based health care (FOR THE 1st time), employers are not going to offer Health Care. Is that not Socialism?

    Yep, that is where Republicans have taken our country. So, when we talk about putting country first, I’m not sure the Republicans have.

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