2008 Final spots

Closing Lee Terry ad, a surprise endorsement (sort of)…
See it here:

We like the spot with Governor Dave. And the positive testimonials are good.

What we’re not crazy about is describing Jim Esch as “just another politician”.

That’s being too complimentary. In order to be a politician, he’d have to have held a job as such. When you haven’t held a job, then run for office you’re a…wanna be.

Calling him a politician gives a bad name to politicians…


Et Tu, Lou Ann?

The Esch for Congress camp introduced their October/November surprise by getting the “endorsement” of one Lou Ann Linehan.

Linehan used to be Chief of Staff for Senator Chuck Hagel. She even ran the GOP’s statewide election efforts back in 2006. Of late she has been in Iraq, working in the Green Zone as a “computer specialist” for the State Department. To our knowledge she is not a Nebraska voter.

Does she know Jim Esch? Has she met Jim Esch? We don’t know.

But we do know that her DAUGHTER works for the Jim Esch campaign.

So the Linehan endorsement, as it were, is essentially a Full Employment Act push for the Linehan family.

But you know, nice job of Linehan abusing her old job title so her kid can try to swing a job in Congress. Interesting way to close out her career in Republican politics.

In the end we believe the impact of this endorsement will be right up there with Chuck Hagel’s wife’s push for Obama.


And Scott Kleeb finished out his campaign with one final banality.
In this one he stands in front of Chimney Rock. See it here:

Wow, we’re speechless. What a campaign.

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  1. OmaSteak says:

    Thank you NE democrats for nominating Esch and Kleeb. In a year when Dems are going to pickup quite a number of seats in both the House and Senate, you managed to nominate and waste lots of campaign funds on two grossly unqualified and incompetent candidates that even a large Dem turnout in Douglas county won’t lift to victory. The NE Republican party should host a “Thank you” gathering for your state party leaders.

  2. Kenny Brockelstein says:

    Kleeb’s opening line with Chimney Rock is “when (people) saw this they knew they were going the right way” Look, carpet bagger, when people saw Chimney Rock, they knew that had passed through 400 miles of Nebraska (territory or state) and only had a little ways to go until they died trying to get over the mountains. An inept campaign and campaign message from the start.

    Look, just get through Tuesday and you’ll no longer be beholden to staying here. You will be a two time loser and thus politically poisoned, even for Democrats.

  3. Ryan the Angry Midget says:

    Kleeb is going to lose. Esch will unseat Terry by a small margin. Republicans should really try harder to get decent incumbents instead of making it so easy for us to run these guys and beat you. Incumbent Republicans shouldn’t be in a close race with someone who has not political experience in Nebraska. I wouldn’t exactly be proud if I were a Republican.

  4. Anonymous says:

    SS, you should also mention that Lou Ann Linehan served as campaign manager to Terry during the city council days. Her backstab is even more personal than you describe.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh, do tell us more about the Lou Ann/Terry connection. I didn’t know she used to be campaign manager for him. I can just imagine the clash between Lou Ann and Robyn Terry!! I bet those were fun times.

    And, yes. For you Republicans who love to criticize Jim Esch so much, what does it say to you that he is so close to beating your boss, or best yet, that he WILL beat Lee Terry on Tuesday? What does THAT say about Lee Terry?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone seen the hillarious cartoon that was in the Lincoln Journal Star today about “Do nothing Lee Terry”?? It was so funny. It highlights how Lee said in the OWH on Friday that he doesn’t like to “brag” about himself. That’s why no one knows about any of his accomplishments. But then later in the same article he calls himself a “key player” in the $700 billion bail out bill. What a loser!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The only thing more insignificant than Lou Ann’s endorsement is Lilabet’s endorsement of Obama.

    Its like if a tree falls in the woods do you hear it?

  8. One Out In The Third says:

    The GI Indpendent reported this morning that Kleeb stated he is running “neck and neck with Johanns”…based on his polling. When did we hear that line before? If Kleeb’s internal poling was even within 10 points he would have been crowing to high heaven. It won’t be an election until you dust off the Robocaller and blame it on Johanns…we await the whining.

    Speaking of high heaven…the lovely Miss Jane declared over at NNN the other day that they attend church in GI because they like Fr. Mike. Could it be that Bishop Bruskewitz disinvited ol’ Speedy from the Lincoln Diocese and that’s why they like Fr. Mike??? The GI Diocese must be a little more liberal.

    If he thinks he can come back and run against Smith in two years he better rethink his strategy…two years of a Democrat controlled House and Senate and Smith’s stock will be that much higher out here in the Third. Pack your bags faux cowpoke.

  9. Angry Republican says:

    Who licks the soles of Chuck Hagel’s boots???? I think someone is helping the Dems to get a job if Obama wins…Nice job LouAnn…I never want to hear the word Reagan come out of their mouths again.

  10. asecurityguard says:

    Do you by chance have first hand knowledge that they were told not to come back or are you just spouting off at the mouth (actually very likely considering you are you).
    But “disinvited”? That doesn’t sound like the catholic church i know, and i went to catholic schools k-12.

  11. One Out In The Third says:


    Can’t prove it but knowing how strongly the Lincoln Diocese stands on abortion I would make an “assumption” that it is a very…very good possibility the Kleebs were disinvited. There has to be some difference of opinion because ol’ Speedy has snubbed/hidden from the Nebraska Catholic Conference on his last two losing runs for office.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Way to spread the rumors with no reals facts, 1/3rd. Yet again Republicans have to make up lies because they have no souls. Scott and Jane made a decision to go to Grand Island when they moved to Hastings nearly 2 years ago, after attending and checking out the Catholic churches in the area, and it was that simple. Their decision. You’re an idiot, by the way.

  13. GOD says:

    Now, now, my children. I love you all – equally. I really don’t care which house you choose to worship me from. I really don’t care which religion you worship me from. I don’t even care if you adhere to a religion. I just want you to love me and fear me.

  14. asecurityguard says:

    Why should i fear you? My God is not vengeful or spiteful. My God is one that preaches love and understanding and peace.

  15. One Out In The Third says:

    I wasn’t spreading rumors…I was speculating just like 99.9 percent of the other folks that come here. Keep in mind asguard that even the Catholic Church has rules…and the Lincoln Diocese is strong on rules. I know for fact that other families get disinvited from the Lincoln Diocese for a lot less. So your speculations carry no more weight than mine.

  16. Pipsisewah says:

    What it really boils down to is the Repubs have to push their “Right to Life” agenda as the only talking point they have. They have been in charge more since Roe V, and haven’t made one serious attempt to get rid of it. They have to have it to survive. Electors who are incapable of thinking or studying issues just vote “Right to Life”, and go home. Life is so easy and simple for a Republican.

  17. Pipsisewah says:

    Tell me one out, what did the Lincoln Diocese have to say to Mike Johanns after his first marriage? Was he not a Catholic? Was he uninvited? Just because you share the communion cup of the religous right, neither makes you more Christian, or right.

  18. One Out In The Third says:


    I am pretty certain (there I go speculating again) that if Johanns is a practicing Catholic in the Lincoln Diocese or any other Diocese he has gone through the annulment process with a Diocesan Tribunal to again recieve full sacraments. I admit there are “fringee’s” in the Catholic Church…as well as in other religions…that look the other way…and we can all provide examples of that.

    I do believe that the majority of Americans believe and follow the rules of their church and this nation. Without rules there is chaos…although in the last 50 years we are finding that too many rules also brings chaos.

    You are correct…RTL is a single issue…but it is a very important issue that some of us out here hold very close to our heart. Where you are wrong is in your assumption that it is the only consideration when picking a candidate. We of the narrow-minded set also weigh candidates views on the economy…quality of life…the protection of our freedoms and the present war we are in to name just a few.

    I do believe in respecting life… whether it is in the womb or that of a Muslim…Buddhist …Hindu or my neighbor down the street. All life is sacred and must be respected.

    And by the way…I have never… ever… proclaimed or thought myself to be more Christian than anyone…repeat…anyone. Because the very instant I do…I will be wrong.

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