Daub is in, who else?

At 9:30 AM (CST) today, Hal Daub will make his re-stab at the Omaha Mayor’s office official.

Daub has an office open at 114th and Center, a campaign manager, Brinker Harding (Tower Kountze is deputy manager) and, frankly, has been going full-bore for a while now.

He has been able to keep his name in the papers while serving as John McCain’s Nebraska chairman, following up from his involvement on the MECA board.

Is he the odds-on favorite at this point? We would have to say yes. Mainly because of his early decision, name ID and likely early fund-raising.

But once he has a full-fledged opponent or two, the race will tighten quickly.

Councilman Jim Suttle is only waiting to formally announce. In the OWH, he said he has raised $180K.

Jim Vokal has yet to “decide” though his buddies started the “Run Jimmy Run” campaign, for that grass-roots groundswell. He also says he will be “prepared.”

So who else is in?

We haven’t heard from Dan Welch, but we have a feeling that with all the other aforementioned in, his name may get crowded out.

Scott Hazelrigg? We have heard that he is out, but then we haven’t really had it confirmed. Anything is possible.

The fact of the matter is there are many in the community who are looking for a strong opponent for Hal Daub. Will they land on Suttle or Vokal? Or are they waiting for someone else?

Things will shake out…soon. This will become a money game.

Who else will ante up?


The news that Barack Obama took Nebraska’s 2nd District Electoral Vote excited his supporters, and they should be commended.

Who shouldn’t be as head-over-heels are the real local Democrats. The ones that vote in every election.

The cult of personality that eventually surrounded Obama is great for electing Barack Obama. But the lack of coattails shows that his supporters will likely only go so far.

They weren’t interested in putting Jim Esch over the top. Apparently many had not even heard of Scott Kleeb.

If Obama’s name isn’t on the ballot (and he isn’t bombarding the local airwaves), and George W. Bush’s face isn’t around, expect the 2010 turnouts to be shockingly lower for the Dems.


The Chuck Hagel sweepstakes are playing one final round. Much talk lately about him in an Obama cabinet post.

But Joe Morton of the OWH caught our attention with this line:

“In the end, the smart money might be that Hagel lends some advice to the new Democratic president but doesn’t land a chair at the Cabinet table.”

Joe, you had us at “smart money”. But we also enjoy the Ben Nelson angle.

Nelson has publicly said that Hagel would be a swell Secretary of Something or Other.

But remember that Nelson was an early backer of Obama in Nebraska — back when Hillary was a foregone conclusion for the nomination.

So if there is any payback for Nelson, not to mention keeping him happy as the leading conservative Democrat, expect Hagel to get black-balled.

And that ball will likely have an “EBN” on it.


  1. OmaSteak says:

    I hope Dan Welch gets into the race. He’s a much better candidate than Vokal and would be a serious alternative to Daub. IMHO, we can’t afford Hal’s grand and taxpayer-funded expensive visions.

  2. Lightfinger says:

    Also look towards Gernandt, due to the Rosenblatt fight and other things happening to look at a run.

    As of now, though, I’m backing Hal. I’d rather have Dan run as an alternative to Lee Terry in 2010.

    On Hagel – Secretary for Veterans Affairs is a cabinet position, but one with little to no power. I’ve been saying it for weeks that’s where he will end up if he gets on the cabinet.

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    For those who may have missed it, we edited the post to note that Brinker Harding is Daub’s campaign manager and Tower Kountze is Deputy.

  4. BB says:

    According to Joe Jordan, Esch is going to run, right? Speaking of Esch, as far as I can tell, NNN has not even acknowledged that Esch and fellow hipster Kleeb lost.

  5. OmaSteak says:

    The OWH website has video of Hal’s announcement speech. While he did try to address his reputation for big taxpayer-funded projects, he carefully left the door wide open for them. Can anybody say “street cars”??? If you define Omaha being great as: (1) not having yet paid one cent of principal on the Qwest/Hilton debt; (2) $500 million in unfunded fire/police pensions; (3) a $1-1.5 billion sewer rebuilding project; (4) losing the city’s AAA revenue bond rating; and (5) building a $200 million ballpark which will be used 10 days a year, then we are in great shape. Hal thinks the current financial and economic problems will be resolved in “months”. I hope his economic advisors have better insights.

  6. Aaron says:

    It’s really unfortunate to see, even after Barack Obama’s election and Sarah Palin’s candidacy, that neither a woman nor a person of color is planning on running for Mayor of our great city.

  7. 3rd floor watcher says:

    To OmahaSteak: So you are saying Dan Welch would have voted against the Qwest Center???? Mr. Welch has the same problem as Vokal. Only 60% of 1/7th of the city voted for you and to get through a 3 or 4 person non-partisan primary you have to out Republican Hal Daub!!!! Dan’s base is more republican than Jim’s (Jim won in a democratic district, NICE JOB JIM!!) Dan’s base is Hal’s base and Hal owns those voters city wide. Welch will have to trash Hal to get any traction. Ask Cliff Herd and Mike Cavanaugh how that strategy worked against Franklin Thompson in 2005. Sweeper you are right the odds on favorite is Daub.

  8. Anonymous says:

    An ad? That’s laughable Sweeper. There had been a couple of comments about NNN acting like Esch and Kleeb no longer exist. I was just correcting that mistaken impression.

    Must say – not very neighborly of you. In fact, it’s downright dickheaded (ironic with the rumors of your identity).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let’s start a draft Koneck campaign! Paul Q Koneck is the only one who’d fight (and I mean literally fight) for south Omaha and the working folks.

  10. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Oh also speaking of Franklin Thompson…Change is coming to Dist 6….from probably the most qualified city council challenger in 40 years.

  11. life long Omaha resident says:

    I think Omaha really needs a mayor who embodies the good qualities of the last two mayors.

    We need someone who has the drive, vision, and passion that Hal Daub’s hard-driving achievements represent.

    We also need someone who has Mike Fahey’s personality that focuses on civility and cooperation.

    We need Hal’s vision and Fahey’s people skills.
    Now that would make a great mayor for Omaha!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hal wants to focus his campaign on violence??? This coming from the man who took the gang units out of the city….PLEASE, Omaha….We are smarter than this, as a Republican I want to focus on bringing the city together, Hal is one of the most partisan politicians in this city and talks out of both sides of his mouth…lets move forward not back….NO DAUB, NO DAUB, NO DAUB…I want the future of my home city to be bright!!!!

    PS the reason there is not a challenger is I am sure Daub has threatened many in the party not to run against him

  13. Street Sweeper says:

    Anony @ 1:39.

    Your comments were fine, until you start linking to other blogs. Our “neighbors” can advertise on their own dime.

    However, we are unable to edit comments in part. So the whole thing gets vetoed and we let you simply comment again.

    Though we like to think of this as a “family blog”, so please try to clean it up.


  14. pol observer says:

    Oh I had to post this…go to google. (I was trying to type Jim Esch Mayor) If you have a search field in your browser toolbar, use that start to type “Jim Esch”…in rank order of associated searches 1) Jim Esch dui 2) Jim Esch poll and 3) Jim Esch Lee Terry..maybe those ads were effective!!!

  15. macdaddy says:

    I think Obama would be very wise to appoint Senator Hagel to a Cabinet post. Who could be smarter? I think he’d be a perfect match for the Obama admin.

  16. daubbacker says:

    My contacts confirm for fact that Scott Hazelrigg will not run for Mayor. Furthermore, I can also confirm that he just recently got engaged.

    Jim Vokal has lined up some large business interests behind his run.

    Hal has more energy than anyone I know and a great vision on where to take the city. He has talked to many people in the city and they have told him that we need to focus on crime prevention, property taxes and continuing to grow our economy.

    Whatever his past, as Hal said, we must look to the future and there are extraordinary challenges to our city. However, Hal can meet these challenges as he has the experience, energy and ability to accomplish everything that he spoke of today and will speak of during his campaign.

  17. Chuck says:

    I’ve been seeing some interest — perhaps as a wet dream in the local media — of P.J. Morgan returning to the race for hizzoner. Would Omahans be that forgiving of a man who, a year after being re-elected, saddled them with the bill for another election since he decided to gallivant away to a corporate job out of town?

  18. Anonymous says:

    We need a mayor to keep the city’s finances in order (keep us from debt), provide decent basic efficent city services (streets, lights, pools, parks, etc), help create a better more positive image of our city (progressive, growing, nice place to live), to cooperate with the city council (not engage in petty partisan fights), create a sense of one community (we are family-west, north, south Omaha), work with neighborhoods and police to reduce crime (kids killing kids has got to stop), and to create a business friendly environment (encourage new businesses to locate here and to assist small business), etc..

    Omaha is a great city. Let’s keep improving it. This is where we live, let’s take pride in it and show it off to the world.

    Let’s really challenge our mayorial candidates and let’s do our homework. Let the best person win.

    Focus on the issues, the city, the future…

  19. Anonymous says:

    eople who should consider running for Mayor of Omaha…

    Del Weber
    Dave Nabity
    John or Tom Cavanaugh
    David Krammer
    Anne Boyle
    Chip Maxwell
    Eric Crouch
    Brad Ashford

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dear Omaha,this is the Vote 3rd Party guy..
    please vote for a mayor that wants to tax trans-fat.
    Please vote for a mayor with the foresight to see massive inflation coming and is willing to prepare in advance so we don’t lose our fine public employees because the private sector can wave money QUICKER and streal our best public employees away.

  21. OmaSteak says:

    You can take Chip Maxwell’s name off any list of potential candidates for Mayor in 2009. He’s a big fan of Hal Daub and isn’t tough enough to mix it up with Daub/Vokal/Suttle.

  22. 3rd floor watcher says:

    I believe both Kennedy and Maxwell were at Daub’s announcement. Plus neither them nor Eric Crouch has expressed an interest…lol There are only 2 top tier candidates (Suttle and Daub) None of anonymous’s other names could be placed higher than Vokal or Welch (the 2nd tier). We will have to wait and see.

  23. Anonymous says:

    In a Daub, Vokal, Suttle Primary, Daub and Vokal get through the race. Vokal pulls both Republicans and Dems from his district. Plus, he is about 30 years younger than these two senior citizens. Vokal gets the under 45 year vote, regardless of voter party affiliation. Same would hold true for Welch but he’s not in the race and the big boys are starting to back Vokal. Daub will surround himself with only those who drink his kool aid and Suttle has been flailing for four years. Heck, his own party won’t support him!

  24. 3rd floor watcher says:

    To anonymous: I’m not Jim Suttle. Jim is in the top tier for 2 reasons. No other Dem is running and he has 180k in the bank. He would be lowered if Fahey was running. Folks this is a non partisan race and short cycle election with just over a month between the primary and general. Subtle walks in with the Dem vote. Hal and any other Republican challenger will fight for the Repubs. So the question you have to ask in dealing with a Vokal or a Welch candidacy is 1) who is the stonger repub city wide? 2) if you are not the top R, who do you attack to get votes Hal or Suttle (or both) 3) do you have enogh money to push both name ID, Message, and contrast yourself against another candidate? So can Jim Vokal or Dan Welch out Republican Hal Daub? My money is on Hal

  25. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Jim Vokal does not have a lock on the under 45 vote and Dems from his 1/7th of a city District. Anne Boyle had a lot of votes and this is a mayor’s race after a very partisan election. Vokal will not pull more than 10 to 15%% of the Dem vote. No one in West Omaha knows Jim and when goes after R’s out west he wil alienate D’s in the east.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Steve Brown for Mayor!! Live and Local Baby!!! He will bring back smoking, guns, Ted Nugent music, fishing, etc…He can tell us stories of when he knew the Beach Boys and the good old days at Peony Park…KOIL radio…just don’t mention the police auditor or Steve will explode!!!!!!!!!

  27. William says:

    This is the vote third party, ron paul sign guy.the guy that tries to influence public opinion outside the Qwest center and other public events…. JERRY ODOM has announced his running for mayor. He is on the side of law enforcement and so he is on my side…..and I am the biggest loudmouth in town.

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