Suttle on a "journey"

We didn’t count, but we would estimate that at his announcement for Mayor at the Slowdown last night, Jim Suttle talked about his “journey” for Mayor about 89 times. If he had tossed out a few references to the “connections” he has made with voters and passed out some roses, we would have sworn it was an episode of “The Bachelor”.

In any case, Suttle’s announcement wasn’t bad, if not dull. The guy isn’t going to rile anyone up with his speaking skills. As soon as he started talking the room seemed to deflate as he droned on in his sing-song style.

But we’ll give him some kudos for announcing at a semi-interesting venue. His campaign has made it clear that they are hoping to piggy-back onto the Obama campaign’s Omaha efforts — announcing at a spot popular with the kids, taking up residence in the Obama camp’s old HQ.

And it’s an interesting plan. Except Obama’s campaign was built on the cult of personality of its candidate (and hatred of the current office-holder). Neither of these is the case with this Mayor’s campaign. (By the way, ask Congressman Esch how long Obama’s coat tails are…)

We also found it curious that over and over Suttle talked about the one thousand jobs that he would create along the river. Green jobs. High-tech jobs. Jobs like they have out in that rich West Omaha, with their steak and their lobster and their dry martinis and…

Wait, what? Not a single mention of how or where such jobs would come from? Even though he has been planning this run for three out of the four years he has been on the Council? No matter. Hope! Change! O-Suttle! Right?


And then there was Suttle’s attempt to 1) attach himself to outgoing Mayor Mike Fahey and 2) slam on Hal Daub.

Suttle made the shout-out to Fahey (for the benefit of all the Dems in the audience), yet anyone who pays any attention knows that Fahey “dislikes” Suttle. And “growth” along the Missouri corridor? You mean like that based on the new baseball stadium? Well, you’ll remember that Suttle was one of the main opponents of the new stadium, and one of the main thorns in Mike Fahey’s side during that entire debate.

Heck most people that know Mike Fahey, even those who don’t agree with him politically, will tell you that the guy is easy to get along with and that you can sit down with him and enjoy a chilled adult beverage.

So it’s telling that the one guy you hear that Fahey doesn’t get along with is Jim Suttle.

And that dovetails into Suttle’s attempt at cracking on Hal Daub.
You want division and strife coming from elected officials? Well then look no further than Jim Suttle. Many say that Hal Daub has mellowed in his older age. But Suttle is just getting warmed up.

And remember that Suttle would like to bring economic prosperity to the downtown area.

He said he wants to bring improvements to the arts. New music. Make Omaha a destination. Discuss a light-rail line.

Hmmmm. Now when did we seen this actually happen before? It’s associated with a a huge new “center” downtown. It came after P.J. Morgan, but before Mike Fahey. Wait don’t tell us! We’ll come up with it if we just think a little bit…


We say Via Vaya Con Dios to our fellow blogger, PTG of the Plains Feeder who is retiring the blog.
We read you daily, and will find the blogosphere a lesser place due to your absence.

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  1. OmaSteak says:

    It’s hard to take Suttle seriously although I suppose he has HDR’s backing. His 1000 North O jobs “idea” is such obvious and empty pandering to Obama voters, who likely won’t be turning out in record numbers in May 2009. It seems Suttle wants to be seen as a coalition building visionary but he strikes me as a poser…and one who can be vindictive about it when challenged. If it comes down to Daub vs. Suttle, Hal will mop the floor with him.

  2. Uncle Wiggily says:


    Don’t mean to rag on you, but have you done something to your site lately that might affect its loading time? It takes like forever and a day to load (this started a couple weeks ago). Of course, it could also be something wrong with my ‘puter but I haven’t noticed other URL’s slowing down.

    Just wondering ….

  3. Street Sweeper says:

    I think it is b/c of all the YouTube videos.

    Though on my cable connection it’s still pretty quick. I would imagine it’s very slow on dial-up (if that’s your situation).

    All I can advise is, patience young-ish grasshopper…

  4. Green Voter says:

    1000 green jobs??? What is Suttle talking about? Are we placing windmills on “The BOB” (the chamber’s stupid name for the B. Kerrey bridge)? Maybe the new CWS stadium will have retractible solar panels on the field for the 345 days it is not in use? Maybe Suttle can hire the homeless to dig out the rest of the yards that still have ASARCO lead contamination? Nothing gets the voters fired up like green jobs!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t really relate to city issues although there is a growing Sudanese population in Omaha but a summer ago there was a rally to stop the genocide in Sudan held at Memorial Park. No big shot politicans were there except one– Jim Suttle.

    I think that says a lot about Jim Suttle. He cares about people and how they are treated.

    I don’t know who I am voting for. But, we need more politicans to speak out against Christians being killed for their beliefs which is taking place in Sudan.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jim Suttle is one of the most personable men in Omaha politics and a true leader of the city. No councilman has been a better proponent for Omaha’s 1st district, and no other councilman has been more involved with the larger community as a whole. Suttle happily reaches out to all parts of our city and all demographics. Suttle cares about Omaha and that genuine care will translate into a Mayor that understands that city hall is about neighborhoods, not power struggles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is the crazy deranged Vote third party sign guy. Last Thursday Nov. 20th was the “great American smokeout” to encourage people to go “cold turkey” with their cigarettes….so I told the Creighton fans arriving for the basketball game to elect a mayor that wants to make cigs illegal inside the city limits……the response was overwhelming…..looks like whoever wants to make cigarettes illegal will be the next mayor. Can’t wait for someone to run to adopt this position so I won’t have to.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? Does anyone still read your sad blog? I “fell” onto your page, my mistake. Hey, blogger, nobody gives a rats penis about Omaha politics. You’re a bunch of inbreds. Go watch your football team lose.

  9. Pol Observer says:

    I like your blog Sweeper..Nebraska and Omaha politics are great. In today’s Omaha W-H I found this juicy tidbit

    “Gov. Dave Heineman said Tuesday that he planned to review a policy that requires state employees to help patients at a state hospital buy pornography. The policy came to light in an Omaha World-Herald story Sunday concerning an alleged sexual assault at the Beatrice State Developmental Center.”

    How do you get that job????

  10. pol observer says:



    Wanted: Pornography Shopper

    Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED, Valid Driver’s License, 2 years minimum of expirience in procuring pornography, must be knowledgeable about all forms of pornography to assist state patients in selection of material.

    Salary/Benefits $12.00 an hour, state health insurance and personal allowance to purchase pornagraphic materials for keeping current on information in the field.

    Send resume and list of current Films you have viewed.

    Closing Date 12/12/2008

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love that you’re making jokes about the pornography situation, SO funny. How about instead of doing that, we hold Governor Heineman accountable for Health and Human Services going to shit (or keeping the course Johanns set) while he’s been in office? We don’t take care of our disabled people in this state, and much of that is under the “supervision” of Heineman.

  12. millard repub says:

    How about a discussion on the changes at the NE GOP and Dem Party?

    I have heard from reliable sources that the Governor demanded that Quandahl resign. The Governor was extremely disappointed with our poor performance in the state legislative races and the 2nd CD. I was told that he wanted to stop the bleeding before 2010.

    Going into 2010, the Governor has to worry about the disaster known as HHS, a $350 million deficit, and the Democrats having enough votes to filibuster in the Unicameral. The last thing he needs is a State Party that can’t produce.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Quandahl was ineffective. A monkey could have done a better job.

    When we have such a huge advantage in this state, why would we want to engage the Democrats? We should have a bold vision and stay on the high road. The only way we lose is when we don’t have a vision and only throw mud (ie Pete Rickets, McCain in the 2nd CD, Hal Daub in 01).

  14. GOP VOTER says:

    To Millard Repub….Yup Mark Quandahl didn’t do his job!!! Let’s see he took the Gretna and Elkhorn seats in the legislature. Kept Lee Terry in office despite the Obama wave sweeping the second district and he has secured the 1st district with Fortenberry snd the 3rd with Smith…Oh Mike Johanns filled an open seat!!! Yup he is really incompetent.

  15. millard repub says:

    Is that you Mark Quandahl?

    Seriously. For the first time in at least a decade, Dems have 17 seats in the Unicam, and therefore the ability to filibuster. For the first time since 1964, Dems got an electoral vote out of Nebraska. A well-funded, five term congressman won with only 51-52% of the vote against Jim Esch. Mike Johanns won against a made-for-tv cowboy . . . We are making great progress.

    Our Party needs change national and locally. I am glad that Quandahl got forced out as State Chair.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Millard Repub…
    You seriously have NO clue. The Legislative losses had nothing to do with the NEGOP or the NEGOP efforts. When you look at the makeup of the Republicans ellected, it will certainly be a stronger group, more conservative-not RINOs.
    In a year where EVERYTHING was set up to go against Republicans, the GOP outperformed the rest of the country in Nebraska. It took Suzie Buffett dropping a cool million to buy CD 2 for Obama.

    I also find it funny, Millard Repubs talking points look like they come directly from the NNN. Stange source for a Republican.

  17. millard repub says:

    Anon 9:13. . .

    If you are happy with the way things went for our Party in Nebraska that’s fine, but I am not happy. We need to do better than losing ground in the leg and losing the 2nd CD. This is not acceptable. As I said, I am glad that Quandahl got the boot from the Governor.

    If you continue to think things are great, then we will lose more ground in 2010.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just ask yourself . . .

    “Is the State GOP better off than it was two years ago?”

    I don’t no anyone that would say ‘yes’.

    Fahleson will bring much needed change. Thanks Gov for kicking Quandahl out!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    9:13 Anon:

    The GOP outperformed the rest of the country in Nebraska? You’re hanging your hat on that? Wow, you stiffs are really delusional.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Republicans need to change;
    – They can’t always go to war as a first option and brand critics as “unpatriotic”
    – They must drop their narrowmindedness on abortion and be more flexible and “pro-choice”
    – Accept the fact that gays are real people
    – Say something other than “cut taxes”
    – Have more black people and minorities in their party

    or you will continue to lose!

  21. Grassroots says:

    Millard Repub asked for a conversation about the changes at the top of both parties. It should be a different ball game with Quandahl and Achelpohl out of the picture. Quandahl was sacked for underperforming in a state dominated by the republican party. Achelpohl was run out for never performing a damned thing other than being Ben Nelson’s go-fer.
    The lame duck Achelpohl had absolutely nothing to do with any of the successes achieved by the democrats in this past election. Obama achieved success thanks to a lot of hard work by thousands of volunteers and a huge influx of outside money. The gains in the legislature had more to do with term limits than anything else. The NDP didn’t really even help any of the congressional candidates. Esch probably lost because of that. Yashirin and Stoddard lost because they weren’t the kind of candidates that the democrats needed to run in a predominately republican state. If the democrats would have had a real leader, things might easily have been different in at least a couple of those races.
    Word on the street is that Achelpohl was forced out by his own party. His life was becoming a living hell because some members of his party started asking that he be held accountable. Not only was he failing to get democrats elected, but many financial irregularities were brought to light – irregularities that he refused to address. He stonewalled all efforts to have a complete audit performed, a requirement of the party’s rules. None was ever performed in all of his years in office. Somebody should be looking into that.
    Achelpohl ran the party like a private club. If you weren’t in his inner circle, you didn’t get to play. His NDP was a top down organization. You did what you were told. Once the peasants tore down the gates to the palace, he was history.
    Nearly every officer in the NDP was replace during their state convention last summer. Vic Covalt, their new chair, promises transparency, accountability and an organization that taps into the power of the people – a grassroots based organization. If he succeeds with his goals you republicans are in for a world of hurt in 2010. With the kind of organization that Covalt is building, the democrats will probably attract some really strong candidates. Then what will you do?

  22. Anonymous says:

    The Democrats have won the White House and the Congress but have lost their souls. They will never have the moral authority or credibility to speak out for human rights when they turn a blind eye on the horror of abortion. They need more courageous people like the former Democratic mayor of Boston Raymond Flynn or the late Governor of Pennsylvannia Bob Casey Sr who were both for the poor and pro-life!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Last I knew, the majority of Americans are pro-choice…..or at least more moderate on the issue than most of the far, far right.

  24. keep the kids says:

    The Republicans sold their souls years ago when they decided to make abortion a perpetual political talking point rather than actually do anything about it. So long as they can make points by arguing what beasts the Democrats are, they will never do a damned thing to actually eliminate it. They had their chances and they did absolutely nothing.

    Democrats believe that abortion will never go away, whether it is legal or not. The best thing we can do is to create a society wherein abortions become less and less desirable. When young men and women can receive factual information about how their bodies work, how having babies can effect their lives, and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies – things will change.

    Young adults have always had the urge to procreate and they always will. God made it feel too good to “just say no.” Hell, Sarah Palin’s daughter was brought up by an “abstinence only” mother. We all know how well that worked out.

    You want to end abortion? Then provide a society that will allow young women to understand and have free access to birth control. Provide a health care system that will make bringing a child to full term less risky for the poor. Make adoptions easier to get and, if you are one of those that insist all abortions must be made illegal, put your friggin’ money where your mouth is and adopt a couple of those unwanted children. Otherwise, just shut up!

  25. Anonymous says:

    There are 1.3 million abortions a year and there have been around 40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. That’s a lot of babies killed.

  26. keep the kids says:

    You betcha it is, so what have you Republicans done to stop it? You had the presidency and the congress, yet you did nothing. It is a lot easier for you to sit around and bitch at Democrats. That’s why you always keep the abortion issue on the table.
    If you guys hadn’t been so self-centered, always worrying about how much you were being taxed, always letting Rush Limbaugh blow smoke up your asses, and allowing Bush to kill thousands of our kids in order to protect Cheney’s Haliburton profits, maybe you could have gotten something done about it. But you didn’t.
    Now all you want to do is sit around and bitch at Democrats. If you really want to know why there are so many abortions, you’d have to look at the failed policies of the Republican party, and we know you can’t do that because you’d see guilt in yourself. It does little good to run around thumping your bibles if you don’t actually pay any attention to what is written in it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    My thoughts on changes in the Local Republican Party.

    1. Put a chairman in Douglas County that will let the ED make decisions for Douglas county. The current ED is a machine and the reigns need to be off. Also, As long as the state party is in shambles they should stay out of Douglas County. This election proved that.

    2. Stop wasting party time and money to elect a republican that is running against another republican. Yes, that did in fact happen this year and other races suffered because of it.

    3. Practice what we preach. If we are going to run a low taxes, small govt then do it!

    4. Take control of the unicameral. With hat many R’s down there why are we running against each other for committee seats? It slips the republican vote and allows the dems some control of seats.

    ON a separate note: It is no secret now that Buffets ground game group is going to make a comeback. No doubt to help suttle and any other democrat running in 09. Everyone better be planning on organizing their own ground game for the Mayor race. With this many R’s in the fold the county party will not be much help.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The Mayor’s race will be interesting. Daub will be a monster, so Suttle better bring his A game.
    Daub was McCain’s Nebraska campaign manager, Suttle should run as the “Obama” candidate.
    I don’t see Vokal having the stature yet, I think he will not be a significant player.
    I’d like to see David Kramer take a bigger role in local Republican politics, he is more moderate, progressive and not part of the crazy, right-wing faction.
    I’d like a candidate for mayor who will keep our financial house in order yet keep growing the city, take a more progressive view of things. After the baseball stadium and the trolley cars, we need to redo the Gene Leahy Mall.
    If you want to help small business, help south Omaha.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Chip Maxwell is thinking of running for Jim Vokal’s City Council seat. Are there any Democrats running? Its a majority Democrat district. Come on Dems, get someone to run!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone recall Vokal’s early attempts at making friends in neighborhoods? From the W-H, in it’s 2005 endorsement of Vokal’s opponent, Anne Boyle:

    “In the Woolworth Avenue controversy, perhaps the district’s hottest issue, Vokal took a pass, waving a statement by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission that his Field Club mem- bership constituted a conflict of interest.

    “Later, he got egg on his face over a street painting that poked fun at his non-vote. Vokal initially said he did not sic the city on the painters. But he later admitted that he asked a council aide to forward complaints he said he received from other people. Eventually, the city apologized to the painters.”

    Yeah, we need him in the mayor’s office. NOT!

  31. macdaddy says:

    Keep the kids: The number of abortions in this country fell by 8% between 2000 and 2005. The abortion rate fell by 9%. Republicans have pushed for parental notification laws, abstinence education, and a ban on partial birth abortion. They have appointed judges who are constructionists and who don’t think the Constitution is a living breathing document. One day, this will pay off, but it takes time. We haven’t had the luxury that the abortion lobby had of an activist court that makes up new rights and far-fetched applications. Contrary to the screeching on the Left, we prefer to work via laws. So now, Obama plans on signing the Freedom of Choice Act which will wipe away any and all efforts at decreasing the abortion rate. But then, why would you care? Apparently this election meant nothing when it comes to abortion, right?

  32. keep the kids says:

    MacDaddy – Republicans work within the law? You’ve got to be kidding me! I can easily see your lobotomy was successful.

  33. OmaSteak says:

    Vokal stumbles right out of the gate. His mayoral campaign starts with 70,000 robocalls and a telephone conference call “town hall” meeting. The call started with, “Hello, this is city councilman Jim Vokal and I’m running for mayor…”. Way to step on your own annoucement later today Jim. On the upside, you’ve got third place already sowed up if there are only three candidates.

  34. Street Sweeper says:

    Um…I mean…Yeah! That’s what I meant: “Via with God.” It should make perfect sense…
    (It was my understanding there would be no translating exercises on this blog…)

  35. Anonymous says:

    The Republicans will split their primary vote. Hal Daub doesn’t play in the minor league kids and he doesn’t play fair so look for Vokal to be bloodied in a very negative primary which will help Suttle.

    There should be a Democratic takeover of Vokal’s seat and Peter Festersen could hold onto Suttle’s seat.

    Omaha will become a little bluer in the spring.

    Republicans on the decline…

    Obama = Suttle
    McCain = Daub

    city council pickup Dem +1 (Vokal’s seat will turn Dem)

  36. Anonymous says:

    3rd floor . .

    I don’t know where you are getting your information. The truth is that the Governor forced Mark Quandahl to resign. He is not happy about Mark’s performance.

  37. 3rd floor watcher says:

    Realy Mr. Anonymous? You are BFF of Gov. Dave???? Don’t think so buddy, I think you are a washed up republican or democratic hack that has an Ax to grind against Mark. Quandahl was a great conservative senator and a successful chair of the GOP. Mark instead of paying lipservice to candidates like some chairs was out puting up signs for GOP candidates until 1 am in a pick-up. Are you sure you are not Mike Skinner?

  38. macdaddy says:

    Keep the kids: Wow! Another zinger! You’re on a roll. Does the kid who sits next to you in 7th grade English write your material?

  39. Anonymous says:

    3rd floor . . .

    We need to keep Mark Quandahl out putting up signs and away from anyting that resembles decision making for the Party.

  40. keep the kids says:

    Macdaddy, just because you got your education from looking at the other kids’ papers, doesn’t mean that we all did. But, then you are a Republican, and that is to be expected.

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